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    Finally found a store who stocks this and picked it up yesterday. Awesome, handy little tool for anyone looking at purchasing. Needs 12.0ah batteries though but it runs well and has decent run time with the 9's. I haven't used it much but it feels less torquey than the cordless 9" Metabo grinder, I find that when the grinder is at full speed it feels more powerful when cutting. The Dewalt is much more comfortable to hold when chopping and wall sawing even though the Metabo has the 3 position handle and rotating arm. The brake is super fast and it actually feels quite well built. I just wish the guard was able to be positioned like a normal demo saw (just pull or push into desired position as opposed to 5 fixed positions). It seems to have a safety mechanism (not sure if mechanical or electronic?) but I had a tungsten circular saw blade on it for part of the day whilst cutting timber and when it jammed it cut the power instantly which was nice.
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    Bosch 3/8" impact wrench. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Hikoki Multivolt battery 5.0ah/2.5ah. I chose this over the 8.0ah/4.0ah for it's smaller size and lower price ($40/22% cheaper). I don't have any Multivolt tools yet, but I've been holding off getting a 6.0ah to use on the 18V reciprocating saw knowing these weren't too far away (for the fuel gauge!). Great to have 36V without the weight. Future Multivolt tool purchases will likely include the circular saw and grinder unless the reviews are saying they aren't very good.
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    Metabo HTP is coming out with a Multivolt 10 inch table saw. Normal Metabo has a 10 in but it isn't sold over here yet.
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    No he is quite literally talking about a 1000 and 2000 ?
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    I’d like to see side by side comparison of these majestic Hilti tools. I think they are overrated. Id bet the Dewalt worm style would outperform hilti pictured
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    Lee valley veritas goodness today. Bench dogs, planing stop, and Wonder dog. Veritas tools are so we'll made. You do yourself a disservice if you don't consider them first. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I got mine from toolnut.com a couple weeks ago. I think they made a mistake shipping it but I'm not complaining.
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    Just Purchased a 6x12 enclosed trailer and plan to outfit the trailer with 2 tall van racking systems with multiple boxes as well as locations for mitersaw on rolling stand, table saw on rolling stand. Air Lines,compressor,nail guns, tools , etc. Just wanted to check with the community on a few things before I begin to start purchasing and will update this post as the build goes along. 1. Where/how should I purchase the toughsystem to recieve the best price? 2. Anybody have a trailer/van setup have good products or ideas that work well for them (pics please) Any and All information is much appreciated
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    New lumber racks. Grizzlies version of the portamate. $26 plus shipping each. Half the price of portamate. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    In the field I use fast chargers to maintain productivity, and over the weekend I typically use the slower 2 amp chargers that come with drills etc to do maintenance cycles. Every Dewalt 20v charger will perform an 8hour maintenance cycle if the pack is left on charger, and I’ve found (just a personal observation not tested) that batteries perform better after letting them cycle. The Dewalt battery literature states to maintenance cycle once ever four charges for maximum health if memory serves.
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    This is meant to clean up after your ass after you have drilled some holes at a customer's place. Aws Would only make it more expensive and people will use it for dust extraction on tools for which it isn't strong enough
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    While not directly part of the miter station it is right above it. I added some grizzly tools lumber racks to the garage today. One above the miter station. The second one replaced my previous lumber rack. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Good luck Sent from my E6810 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah best to ignore the obvious troll really. Altho I agree that x3 or x4 shouldn't be done
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    Ordered one from sale on Friday night, will probably arrive on Wednesday or Tuesday
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    Got this to be my cordless option for Dremel-type applications. Specs pretty close to the die grinder for $50 less and comes with a 1/8” collet out of the box, so we’ll see how it does.
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    The van is WAY quieter than the cargo version so my intent was to have everything I needed but not do any modification if necessary to the actual van. I wanted to keep it 'travel friendly' and keep the passenger look as much as possible. I have the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats that I can put in for road trips, camping, etc. In less than 10 minutes, I can completely unload everything work related and in another 10 minutes, have the seats in and be ready to roll with up to 6 other passengers. Pretty happy with the switch. If anyone is looking for a van that will carry 4'x8' material, fit in virtually any parking garage and still be family friendly, this is a great option.
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    At the back I keep my "98% cart". It's a stack of Tstaks that typically has virtually anything I need for most installs. I have a ratchet strap going through the various attachment points in the floor and it keeps the Tstaks in place when driving. The access panel on the right is removable. It's for the jack but has a ton of room for my caulk gun & silicone, some sockets, drill & tap set, etc. I put a couple of squares of the 'hook' side of Velcro on the back of the Stabila levels and they stay in place nicely on the carpeted area. Pics were taken before I mounted the hooks for the ladder and work platform....
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    Previously, I had my parts organizers sitting on top of the Tstaks and they were kept in place by stretching a bungee over top of them. It worked fine, but to access the contents, I'd have to pull one of the organizers completely out, set it on the Tstaks, open it, get what I needed, and then shimmy it back under the bungee. Not a huge deal, but when you're going back for stuff a few times, it gets irritating. So I wound up taking the same bungee and stretching it across both of them while they're open. Then I can just close the organizers and latch them and they stay in place perfectly. When I want to access them, just flip the latches, open the organizer and everything is accessible and the bungee keeps it in place.
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    Drill drawer update. My drill bit/12v drill storage is atrocious and I need to get it organized. I made a "simple" holder for the drills/impacts/batteries/and attachments for the flexiclick. Turned out alright. They still fit tight. I originally had them facing downward but it was too tall for the drawer that way. If I was going to do it this way I would have used the next size up in forstner bit. Oh well. I'll hit it with sand paper and a rasp. Next was the forstner bits. Half of my bits we're in a case and the rest were still on the blister packs. Those of course do not store well. Using another piece of scrap plywood I cut it to width and then made a grid. I then laid out the pieces with approximate equal spacing. Much faster than mathing it all out. Last was the bit storage for the self centering bits, countersink bits, and plug cutters. I had a good spot on the right side of the drawer for this. I elevated the holder for easier access and replacement of the bits. I made another grid and drilled an 8mm hole (just bigger than the 1/4" shank) and drilled out my spacing. I drilled more than needed so I can add more pieces and move things around if needed. There was a lot of tear out even with the Brad point bits I was using. Overall I am MUCH happier with how this turned out. I had been scratching my head for the longest time about a solution to the drawer. I got everything back in except for the milescraft drill guide. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Yeah seriously. If operating the functions of your mitre saw/reading your manual is too hard then perhaps you shouldn't be using power tools
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    Created an account to show you guys how to "fix" your 22.5° beveled stuck Makita miter saw. There is a black switch at the back which is turned 45° clockwise. This enables the 22.5° and 33.9° fixed bevels. Slightly move the head of your miter saw to release the pressure on this black switch (else you can't move it), now you can pull it back with your other hand and turn it 45° counterclockwise. Problem solved. Hope this helps some people.
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    If Lowes goes under I'd like to see Home Depot buy the empty stores and convert them into a new line of Home Depot stores called Home Depot Pro. The standard HD could be for the average person who isn't expected to buy anything more than diy/homeowner grade stuff. The HD Pro could have all the premium stuff that contractors/tradesman want.