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    Actually disregard @Babysaw comments. This is is a forum for members to post. For members that may feel they need to guide, direct or otherwise offer non constructive criticism or jabs I would highly suggest you write your comments on a piece of toilet paper and blow your nose into said notes. Do not use the forum to spread disrespect to other members. Thanks, Chris.
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    DeWALT DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit The DeWALT DCS355D1 Type 2 20V MAX XR oscillating saw kit I purchased included a N276779 tool box with assorted parts, a 2.0Ah battery, a 2.0A charger and a tool bag. I also purchased a DWA4216 5-piece accessory kit. These two kits complement each other, with both being a great starting point for the oscillating saw. A DeWALT DWST17807 TSTAK II flat top toolbox and a sheet of 2¼" thick Kaisen foam with the perimeter that is custom-cut to the TSTAK toolbox was purchased for this tool. I used a pair of snap knives for my custom foam cuts. The DeWALT N268241 belt hook was purchased separately and added to the DCS355 tool. A M3 0.5 Nylock nut was additionally required for mounting the belt hook to the tool. That Nylock nut was scavenged from another DeWALT 20V MAX XR tool that had two when only one was required. These replies show the toolbox, foam sheet, accessory kits, knives and belt hook. DeWalt DWST17807 TSTAK II Flat Top Toolbox - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201398 Kaisen Foam Sheet - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201399 DeWALT N276779 and DWA4216 Oscillating Saw Tool Kits - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201410 Irwin 2086100 9mm and 2086102 18mm Standard Snap Knives - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201395 20V MAX XR Belt Hook and Tool Holder - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14432-wingless-20v-max-xr-belt-hook-and-tool-holder/ The plan for this tool was to use the TSTAK toolbox w/ custom-cut Kaisen foam instead of the medium tool bag. I didn't use the DCB112 2.0A charger that came with the kit and instead used a DCB115 4.0A charger from a different tool. The rough layout without the foam is shown. I found an interior toolbox side-wall tab near the planned location for the N276779 blade box, leading me to shift the position sideways slightly to clear that tab. The images show the plan view outline, the blade box draft and the actual foam cut outline. I used a Sharpie and blue painter's tape to permit marking the tool outline. Three device cuts are through the entire foam sheet, for the N276779 blade box, the DWA4216 accessory kit box and for the DCB115 charger. The sidewall cutouts are vertical on the two boxes while some of the DCB115 cutout sidewalls have slopes to match the part. The cutout for the DCS355 tool is through the entire foam sheet at the handle and the battery. The handle cutout is wider than the tool to permit grabbing the tool for removal from the foam. The cutout at the head has different depths and sloping sidewalls to match the tool. For those partial foam removal areas, the sides are cut deeper than required, then fingers are used as a "shovel" to scrape / separate the foam to the desired depth. The result is a "rough" bottom surface. The top black layer was removed from the plug, then placed into the base of the cutout. The 9mm and the 18mm snap knives were ideally suited for this foam cutting. The DCS355D1 kit includes a cut guide block and arm. That cut guide block has three (almost) orthoganal holes that permit flexibility for the cut guide arm. The images show the cut guide arm in the different orientations.
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    The Lie Nielsen 5-1/2 and the Ridgid oscillation benchtop were from my beautiful Wife for Christmas!
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    ...that was the challenge. Lots of tools with not a lot of space, so had to keep everything as compact as possible. Bought five lateral filing cabinets. They work great for storage (paint, yard chemicals, automotive supplies, work supplies, etc.). I can't think of a better system - for me anyway. My larger tools fit nicely in a row up on top and are easily accessible.The shelf to the left holds the miter saw stand, both blowers, the tripod light, drill, impact, bandsaw, circular saws. The boxes are the large socket set, wall scanner, and other misc items. The tool chest on the right is a husky with a DeWalt label on it. 😇 Both cars still easily fit which was the end goal. Epoxied and flaked the floor over the last few days...hopefully that holds up.
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    This is probably a 'your mileage may vary' deal, but my Home Depot had one of these DeWalt inflators WITH battery for $79. It was in a cart labeled "last one". Might be worth checking your local HD.
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    And seeing as I’ve never seen a CXT tool on a site I can’t imagine many people getting one. 18v would have been another story M12 and 20v Max are fairly ubiquitous which makes their inflators a smarter choice. Not to mention I already thought the M12 duty cycle was poor; this Makita is even worse.
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    I would like to take this time to wish everyone in the Crew and their family's a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You guys make this place what it is. Thank you for being part of this great community. Regopit
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    Merry Christmas bro I haven’t been on here much just trying to find a house has been so time consuming but other than that I stop by to see what’s going on, anyways before I blab I’m more. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL THE AWESOME TIA CREW HERE!!!
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    Just bought a new vac, a Festool CTL 26. I was going to go with the DEWALT as I have mostly DEWALT tools and figured they’d connect better but I really dislike the cartridge filters going into the drum design. This is replacing an old Dyson that I use currently which blocks to easily when using it with fine dust.
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    My sysrock, guide rail stop, pica dry pencil, and 4 port fast charger arrived yesterday. I also picked up a Tough System tote with handle and a DeWALT DCGG571B grease gun from Builders/DoitBest today. Wanted the tote to keep empty in the vehicle for if I need to fill it with loose stuff from work to use at the jobsite. Beats using cardboard boxes. Also going to use the grease gun for future use on some new equipment I am planning on buying. Neither were on sale but the prices weren't bad.
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    I'm restoring some windows and used the vac as a dust collector firstly on my Metabo ls724, then the milwaukee cordless RO and then my Bosch GOP300. After completely stripping back the window to bare timber the hepa filter was clogged, but the vac still sucked quite well. I thought I'd pick up a dyson cinetic today and use it as a separator in line with the vac. Just test fit it all now and will post results for those interested in the next few days. Need to make a support of some kind for the bin though as the inlet is at the bottom.
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    Not bought today but I did get a Ryobi Uproar for myself for Xmas. And for those who don't know what an Uproar is...it's an R/C truck that runs off of Ryobi 18v batteries. And it's fast...
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    The tools have not yet been announced but the PDF catalog has already been updated to its 2019 version. https://egopowerplus.co.uk/sites/default/files/2018-12/42788_UK_EGO Trade Bro_A4_96pp_2019_AW_LR-compressed_0.pdf Among the recent additions : New options for the multi tool system (cultivator, short hedge trimmers) Two smaller mowers adapted to small yards (46cm and a SP variant), but nothing with dual battery option yet A new blower that replaces the 5750, 5800E (probably the european version of the US model that has been released last year) A standalone trimmer (ST1530E) with more RPM (7000), less vibration and counter-clockwise rotation compared to the ST1500. (could in fact correspond to the multi-tool with trimmer attachment) A standalone trimmer with powerload head, ST1510E, no mention of a carbon fiber shaft A professional trimmer with a D grip. 12v grass shears (introduction of a new compact battery system?)
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    DeWalt N268241 Belt Hook and DeWalt N268199 Bit Holder Several of my DeWalt 20V MAX XR tools came with belt hooks, some did not. Most of those tools included the M3 0.5 Nylock nuts within the body for the belt hook screws, one did not include that nut at the two mounting locations. None of those tools included a tool holder clip to hold drive bits. My solution was to purchase the DeWalt N268241 belt hook for the tools without that part and the DeWalt N268199 bit holder for the drill and for the impact driver. The parts I purchased all came with the M3 0.5 10mm pan head Phillips head screw. In every instance that screw was ideally suited to the application with a perfect fit for attaching these parts. These black screws included a dab of blue thread locker even though the factory-installed mating nut is a Nylock fastener. Both the drill and the impact driver got both the belt hook and the tool holder, all other tools just got the belt hook. My oscillating multi-tool did not have factory-installed M3 0.5 Nylock nuts in the belt hook holes. My worklight had that nut in both holes. I pressed out one of those nuts from the worklight, then slid / pressed / pulled that nut into the cavity on my oscillating multi-tool. FWIW the measurements of that OEM Nylock nut are 5.4mm flat-to-flat width and 3.9mm height. In all instances I installed the belt hook onto the left side of the tool and the tool holder was installed on the right. I selected that orientation so that a longer bit wouldn't be extending past the rear of the handle. Now that the drill and the impact driver have that tool holder on the right those tools no longer sit flat within their toolboxes. For the drill the toolbox lid closure is unaffected. For the impact driver the cover now requires a slight flexing to fully close. My initial impression is that the tool holder clip force is excessive, making insertion / removal more difficult than acceptable. This may change with usage. The tool holder has a wider opening at the tip end, to accept wider bits. [
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    Thank you! Thank you. Yeah, the Ryobi vac is pretty decent. If a black and yellow one comes out, I'll replace it, but for now, it serves its purpose. I've got pics of my van HERE.
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    That is clearly a misprint. It should say TAPE. They want you to tie and and insulate those two wires together. I prefer a wire nut to tape. To clarify what is going on, draw the 120 and 240 wiring diagrams on paper. Now add a coil between terminals 1 & 2 and another between 3&4. Those are the two windings inside the motor, that the numbered wires go to. On 120 the two windings are in parallel so there is 120 across both of them. On 240 the windings are in series, so there is still 120 on each winding. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Hey folks! Am getting back into woodworking and am setting up shop in my garage. Hoping to find some good advice and possibly advice on fixing up some of my older machines from those with experience. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Nice setup, I haven't used kaizen foam either, but need to get some to set up the myriad modular boxes with. The 20v Max OMT is great! I bought one for the free 6.0Ah XR battery promo last year, then got a little used kit my wife bought for a project. I used to have the PC 18v version which was useful but nowhere near as refined.
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    That little guy has some torque! I was driving lag bolts, 4 in screws for 4 hours! Blows my 18 volt makita out of the water.
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    Happy New Year to the crew. I hope that you have a lot of new tools in your future.
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    Rrich1. Deck looks fantastic. How has it held up being it's now Dec 2018?
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    At the back I keep my "98% cart". It's a stack of Tstaks that typically has virtually anything I need for most installs. I have a ratchet strap going through the various attachment points in the floor and it keeps the Tstaks in place when driving. The access panel on the right is removable. It's for the jack but has a ton of room for my caulk gun & silicone, some sockets, drill & tap set, etc. I put a couple of squares of the 'hook' side of Velcro on the back of the Stabila levels and they stay in place nicely on the carpeted area. Pics were taken before I mounted the hooks for the ladder and work platform....