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    I guess I should ignore the superior power I get from my FlexVolt tools with 15x 21700 cells compared to my Makita tools powered by 10x 18650. 20x 18650 isn’t too bad but let’s get real. 21700 has a number of advantages over 18650.
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    Once you go to the 4 port even the single yellow chargers become obsolete
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    I scored this off 5miles for $230. Super happy with it. I've seen lots of differing opinions on this mower. Some have made it sound like it's a piece of junk....namely the ridiculous video Dirt Monkey did calling it '1st place for the worst mower of the year' while proceeding to run it in mulching mode through deep, wet grass. Ok, news flash - pretty sure DeWalt didn't intend it to perform in heavy wet grass. It's not a head-to-head competitor for gas mowers. It's advertised as 'perfect for properties up to 1/4 acre'. Common sense would also indicate that since it's battery powered, that 1/4 acre wouldn't be comprised of high wet grass. Dan and Eric noted how run time sucked with the 5ah batteries. I definitely believe that. With the Flexvolt batteries though, it's great. I ran it with the 9ah Flexvolt batteries and was able to mow my entire yard with juice to spare. I then took those same two batteries out of the mower and put one in the new Flexvolt blower and the other in the 20v trimmer and was able to trim, edge and blow everything and still had juice left. So does this thing suck? With the 5ah batteries, yeah, the RUN TIME probably does. With the 9ah though, it's great. I have about 10 Flexvolt batteries and after reading/watching the "horror stories", I figured I'd be going through all of my batteries. Pretty happy that one pair gave me enough juice to mow, trim, edge and blow. The cut quality is also very good. I have thick St. Augustine grass and it cut great. The mower is also very light, even with the steel deck. Bottom line, I love this thing and am completely happy with it.
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    Got tired of not having a hook on my reciprocating saw. Put on a hook made for hitachi air gun. Hook cost $12 on ebay.
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    I’ll be tied up for a while and will not be checking in as frequently as I do for a while. We had a new addition to our family and my daughter, Lillian, decided to come to us early like her Big Brother William. We will be in the NICU for a while, diagonally across from Williams NICU room but my beautiful Wife and Daughter are getting better. Reach out to @Eric - TIA if there are any issues if I don’t respond to requests. Thanks, Chris
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    A bolt torqued to 250 ft/lbs takes more than 250 ft/lbs to break it loose. Static friction vs kinetic friction.
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    Old lxt tools didn't have protection circuitry built in I believe, so they could not handle higher ah batteries. If the tool does not have the star, or the terminal connection part is yellow as seen on the other tool not all batteries will work. I believe only 3ah batteries will fit on these older tools. If you are now using other batteries on these tools I think you just need to be careful not to over discharge them.
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    While the 5.0ah with 18650 cells is pretty good combination of size and runtime there are definately tools that can benefit from higher ah batteries. I personally think this newest wave of compact 4.0ah and 8.0ah batteries with the 21700 cells will be a game changer on my jobsites. Makita is free to do what they want but I think they're doing their customers a disservice ignoring battery tech that's out and available.
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    Yesterday my new TD171 from Japan has arrived. The unit is great but I found out that bit has about 5 mm in/out play in chuck. Then I found this photo: Chuck is deeper to be able to use longer NZ type bits (I haven't seen this bits yet). Is anybody using the 322279-6 "bit-piece" with impact driver? Does it eliminate the in/out play? BTW I love that there is nearly zero wobble play even with longer bits. The double bearing setup at the chuck is big improvement.
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    When my business was larger and I had guys working for me I would buy Ryobi all day long. Theses guys didn't care how they abused them and they didn't have to pay for them. They worked well got the job done and when it took a dump it was cheap to replace. Fast forward to today it's just me and a helper I'm deep into Milwaukee but I have a few of the other colors thrown in there. The bottom line is buy what you like and what works best for you.
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    Hey fellas. Please accept my sincere apologies. I'm typically a very non confrontational guy and possess a true passion to both learn from others and also offer knowledge when I can. I tried to express that in earlier posts in this thread while undergoing some badgering. A few too many personal digs towards me allowed me to react very negatively. I do not apologize even slightly to who it was directed at, but to the many good members of this forum and the moderators I'm genuinely sorry. I will prove my worth on this forum to y'all. I value everyone's opinions and contributions as I always have. Differences of opinion can be very constructive when approached in the right manner. I'm making it a point to learn from this and look forward to learning many things to come from all of y'all that share my passion.
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    Sad to see this unfold, I'm not as active as I once was. I appreciate all of the modern tool systems, being just old enough to have used fairly archaic cordless tools in the past (DeWalt/B&D Univolt--have my Ranger kit in the garage as I type this, though the batteries are shot as should be expected). I took my Gen 1 M18 Fuel saw (2731?) and my Flexvolt wormdrive-style saw outside yesterday to cut up some treated 2x6" for the fire pit. Both worked fine, though the latter was noticeably more powerful. The last time I used my Ridgid brushless circular saw I was impressed, though it lacked the power of either of the aforementioned saws. In short, we can't go wrong with any of the primary modern brands. I own DW 20v, 12v, 8v, and a sole 18v recip saw; M12 and M18, Ridgid 18v, and Ryobi 18v. Had a Bosch 12v drill but gave it to my daughter. If I were still in construction I'd be glad to use any of my platforms...based on what I own, though, I'd use Milwaukee if I were still an auto or material handling equipment tech.
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    Email Ridgid a video of yourself explaining that your the ultimate Ridgid fanboy and keep your fingers crossed. Was also sent some Ridgid thongs for the Mrs but I decided to toss them in the old tool trailer and use them for dust masks.
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    Perhaps Dewalt figures a person with a blower is just going to charge at end of day and leave overnight, so a slower charge would be healthier for the battery.
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    Picked one up yesterday. Took a pic to show how it compares in size to the others. It's the longest with the previous 60v next, then the 20v. The thing moves a ton of air and feels more balanced and less bulky than the previous 60v one.
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    Uh oh Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Well I was hoping milwaukee would put a 3/8" anvil on the gen 2 m12 impact driver, stubbys are great but too fat for my daily use, but after nps19 I see I'll have to wait an other year for that. I was kind of eyeing up the new makita 12v brushless impact wrench but this new 12v dewalt impact wrench might have just taken the lead in satisfying my impact wrench obsession.
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    Even with lithium ion batteries, if you're pushing a tool you'll typically notice some drop in performance as the battery drains. In this video he has the lug torqued to 250ft/lbs which is the stubbys max nut busting torque, and "nut busting" is kind of marketing bs. So to get 250ft/lbs you're going to need a fully charged XC battery and in the video his battery was down to 2 bars.
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    Hey Makita. Maybe you do not care. I own many Makita tools. It’s my go to brand but... if you do not come out with high output batteries I am gone. To another brand that has high output batteries. So get off your ass and stop coming out with tools and drop everything and come out with batteries with heuovos
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    They do need to make some forward progress on this. In my book it wouldn’t take much. With X2 out there they don’t at all need 12Ah batteries. But a number of their single-battery tools would benefit from say 8 or 9Ah units. I really think they should take that step.
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    Yep you read that right... 88V !!
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    Even has PB Swiss, the man knows his screwdrivers 👍👍👍
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    All of my batteries (1.5, 3, and 4 A-h) fit on the saw. It's only with the jig saw that I have to worry about over-discharging - right?
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    Finally something I'm remotely interested in, up until I saw this post I was thinking nps19 was going to be pretty lame for me. From everything else I've seen it looks like a good year for guys that work with wood though.
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    The current generation of M12 has been around about 2 years, they are more than capable tools. I would hope Milwaukee would focus on improving older brushed models and other areas where tools are needed than redesigning drills that don’t need it. Today is their New Product Symposium so we may find out today the answer to your question. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Well, I purchased this morning, at FFX as they had some good prices on there 7 day deals Arriving tomorrow Wednesday DWS778 + stand + Freud blades 80T & 60T Hope its good
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    The saw was almost never used, no sign of wear near the cord entrance. Will wiggle and try, just to be sure. Thank you.
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    I would have to research model numbers but something like these would fit your needs but they are not DIY units they are pro grade just like the DeWALTs. Bosch Glide Makita's Miter saw comes in 10 in or 12 in with cordless and corded models available. 12 in cordless might not be available yet but the other 3 should be. Festool Kapex. Expensive but good quality. We only have the 120 mm model in North America but there are a lot more options in the European market. Delta Cruzer. I don't know how quality this brand is now. I don't know how good this saw is but it might be an option. It is similar to the Bosch. Hikoki(Metabo HPT in North America) used to be Hitachi sells quite a few rail forward options. In both corded and cordless options. Any of these should fit your needs. I would look at each option and pick whichever one you think will be best for your needs. I think you will be pleased with any of these brands compact rail sliding miter saws.
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    thanks ok, what model would you recommend, given my original post
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    Along with another brand that many love to bash. Lol
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    If I had to provide tools to guys Ryobi would be on the top of the list. If it gets broken or stolen yeah it sucks but your not out the big bucks like major tool brand. Also they just have so many tools. The only time is when you need something big like a hole hawg or bigger saw you have to jump to a bigger brand.
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    I own a couple corded belt sanders but this little fella would be perfect for making small adjustments to counter tops and vanity tops. On my radar as a tool to pick up for sure.
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    You seriously have that? Where did you find them? I’ve been looking everywhere for some!
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    Looks like you will have to get the gen 2 tough system. I don't know much info on them yet.
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    I Put this on the Door today. Easy access will probably add another one my service center has them on sale for 24 bucks
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    Let's ask Dewalt to settle this! 🙂
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    There's nothing decent about Dewalt trickle chargers. As Bremon says if it's not yellow, it's garbage.
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    I don’t understand why dewalt never put one on to begin with Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Paulengr I appreciate the thought-out post and numerous examples, but all these tool companies based in every corner of the world didn’t all arrive at the same solution in a vacuum. China isn’t automatically merely “cheap” anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time...they have made tremendous advancements in expanding their manufacturing quality and control and can do things at prices corporations marketing tools and everything else would be foolish to not utilize. Where else in the world can you reliably or even feasibly manufacture 4K TVs, cell phones, etc with such levels of accuracy, reliability, and quantity at prices remotely reasonable to bring to the market? The simultaneous existence of less-impressive business practices also found in China doesn’t negate all that any more than it does when we talk about shady used car salesmen in the US who happens to sell a few F150s. Although I completely agree things will change just as you suggest as China becomes wealthier and their labor becomes more expensive. But that’s a separate issue from these tariffs. China outsourcing production elsewhere in Asia in recent years has everything to do with their increased domestic production costs and essentially nothing to do with any tariffs. On that note, I do agree with BMack37’s take that increasing manufacturing in Mexico among other countries south of the US border could come around to making a lot of sense. I even think it would be smart politics but that would delve into...well...politics.
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    I'm curious how it's the same size as the 6. Got to be new cells, because there's no way you're adding 21700s in the same form factor. I'm surprised this has gone under the radar, given the battery wars as of late. Ditching 18650s was broadcast by almost every brand. I still find the sweet spot on 20v to be the 5s, personally. I'll throw a 6 on the 3 speed, or the 1/2" impact, but they are considerably larger than the 4/5s. I actually down graded the deep cut band saw to the new slim 3ah though, helps on weight and seems to do just fine. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I usually just hang it by its battery, but I'll probably copy your setup here. I like that. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    i agree. craftsman is just a name. thats it. as of late, craftsman was just rebranded chinese tools. stanley black and decker paid big for that name, but there is nothing behind it. i'm not sure why stanley is wasting their time with that brand. take lowes for example, they removed most stanley tools, just to rename them to craftsman, like there'd be a waiting line for people to buy them. consumers arent stupid.
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    New garage fan from Menards. Very powerful. I put it on low and still feel it across the garage. Already been using it during my hand planing. [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    The storage bed is finally finished and my 4 year old loves it. I originally planned to get it finished last month but some shop upgrades slowed the build down a little. The rear drawers will be used for long term storage. The bed completes the set for my son. The set consisted of a bed, chest of drawers, night stand, and hamper. Instead of using drawer pulls on the drawers I routed in a handle pull like on the hamper. This does two things. 1. It ties the hamper and bed together and 2. It keeps my kids from ripping the handles off, skinning their shins, or using them as steps. Overall I'm happy with how the bed turned out. The drawers slide easily and my son can get in and out without much issue. He will hit a growth spurt shortly I'm sure anyways. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Yea all of the IR impacts look nice and I've been tempted many times but different battery platform along with the price tag has kept me from trying one.
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    Well I made the leap and picked up my very own M18 table saw! Wow this is a really nice machine, I checked it for square and also the 45 degree adjustment and only made very minor adjustments. I'd have to say that the biggest adjustment I had to make was to the scale for the fence but even it was off probably 1/16th at the most. Used it for a quick project in the house over the weekend, and though I validated the measurements I used the installed (and recently calibrated scale) for my setup and it cut the exact measurement perfectly! Had to order the stand separate since they were all out at my local HD but I am liking this baby. I installed a 40 tooth Diablo blade since it makes such gorgeous cuts and have been very satisfied with the results. Can't wait to put to some real use. I am not in the business I'm a DIYer but I will be leading a group of guys as we do some major renovations to our newly acquired church so anticipating the need I wanted to get this thing home and get it adjusted and tested so when our project starts it's ready to go.
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