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    I thought I was going to let my small set of bosch tools die off but a couple good ebay deals and my addiction got the best of me. I'm kind of impressed with how much smaller the bosch 8.0 is vs dewalt and m18 6.0. But I did find out with the old regular charger it takes 3.5 hrs to charge. Once I drain it I'll see if the old fast charger does any better.
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    Among many things I’m inferring from the video: -21700 cells finally being utilized -not too ridiculous in size...akin to Bosche’s Core batteries edit: -natively operates at 36V -press release in Australia https://www.makita.com.au/Next-Generation-Technology
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    now on the web site with lots of details also shown some nice pictures ==> also coming to USA https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/polishers-shears-and-nibblers/20v-max-xr-7-in-180mm-cordless-variable-speed-rotary-polisher-kit/dcm849p2
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    Picked up the Makita 118" guide rail fro tool nut. Tool but running $50 orders over $200. Shippjng was only $25. Acme amd other places charge a freight fee over $100. Shipped from Makita and arrived in 2 days by Fed ex semi. Woot! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Did a little labor day shopping.
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    Hope some of the crew can win some of these prizes
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    I haven't seen a statement and I recently noticed a possible clue this may not be true. On the NZ and Australia makita product pages there is a new, empty, box on the banner of the LXT battery sizes that tools are compatible with (see pic). I think it previously stopped at 6.0, but am not positive when the change occurred. Maybe the empty box was added for aesthetics, but seems unlikely?
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    I'd second paulengr. When they first came out I thought I had to have one so I bought the ½" stubby. I thought it was the tool that would make me carry m12 on my service truck but it didn't. For my work I find that often it's too wide to fit into corners to tighten fasteners on a flange. I use the slimmer compact impact wrenches 90% of the time. Every once in a while you run across a fastener that the stubby is the tool to use but its few and far between for me. An auto guy might have a different opinion though.
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    I don’t see myself buying into XGT. LXT with X2 has me covered. It’s a wonderfully complete tool system that has almost all my needs covered at this point. The ONLY shortcoming with LXT is the lack of 8Ah batteries. Lots of 18V tools could use the extra run time. I’m aware of the noise suggesting they have no intention of going that way, and it wouldn’t shock me at all if they may be of this mind right now. But even if such is the case, it’s a bad decision only for as long as they stick to it. I just don’t see any good reason for it. Actually scratch that...the ONE reason I can see that could conceivably justify it is if they have too many tools that are so tightly spec’d to the current limits of their 18650 packs that they could fail prematurely if run on the increased current flow that 21700 cells are capable of. But that would require a lot of design oversight that would seem uncharacteristic for Makita...so i’m doubting it. I don’t think Makita’s toying with whether or not they can manhandle buyers into picking up entire new lines of tools to the same degree some others have. They’ve already been supporting a lot of different lines around the world while growing their LXT line. They’re still entirely invested in growing their CXT line...which is nowhere near as established as LXT. They have some 2 dozen new LXT tools slated for release over the next year. So I’m not worried. One thing that does cross my mind with XGT is if Makita’s just placating the types of buyers who are simply inflexible to the notion of sticking more than one battery pack on a tool at one time with X2. Maybe, maybe not. I see/hear those sentiments getting thrown around and frankly it usually comes off as petty. Sticking two batteries on a tool instead of one is not some high-level academic challenge. It’s an elegant solution that provides a concrete performance outcome with very little extra investment on the part of the buyer.
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    the adapter is so the LXT batteries can charge in the XGT chargers. I'm kinda disappointed. Makita was the last of the big 3 to not go to a new battery platform and they finally gave in and halfway failed. Flexvolt is a new battery platform and so is High Output but they at least work with their regular line of 18v tools.
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    Personally I don't need a 10 in and don't see why one needs to be released. The current Flexvolt table saw is big enough. How many times am I going to need a 10 in table saw? 99% of the time you probably aren't cutting anything more than 2-1/2 inches which the flexvolt is more than capable.
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    Picked up a second 8.0 battery. I did put this one on the old "30 minute charger" and it charged in under 1½ hrs which should be sufficient for me.
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    Man, every time I look at Milwaukee, the prices keep going up. They are officially more expensive than Hilti now. I am in Canada so I am assuming it’s worse in the US. Looking at Hilti 22v, the bare impact is $169. The Milwaukee Fuel M18 equivalent is $199. I was looking for some 12v compact stuff and the M12 Fuel impact / hammer drill combo was $299 CAD, with 1x 2.0 and 1x 4.0 battery. I got the Hilti 12v Impact, hammer drill, light and recip saw for $420, with 2x 4.0 batteries. The Hilti 22v rotary hammer is $349 CAD, the Milwaukee Fuel M18 is $379 CAD. What the hell? I get Milwaukee is popular, but they aren’t worth that much. Hilti warranty still decimates theirs. I guess they are trying to make up for all the free shit they have given away over the years! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Manufacturing and consumers in the states are a mixed bag or Milwaukee would be out of business. In a true free market such as commodities with no competitive advantage it is purely a supply and demand game. This is great for consumers because nobody makes any money and the price is as low as possible. It is awful for manufacturers though because they will have maybe 2-3% margins at best when the stock markets demand at least 10% or better. They will soon be out of business. That is where a lot of Asian tool brands are at and what you see all over ebay and Amazon. They pop up and disappear for a reason. What you want/need as a manufacturer is a competitive advantage. You have to sell your name and reputation, superior product, better customer support, something. This is the opposite of a free market. Lower prices only works long term as long as somehow nobody else can beat you on manufacturing costs. There has to be a reason and it has to be some kind of natural geographical feature that cannot be duplicated. Otherwise that is strictly a short term game. This is why Australia beats the world when it comes to delivered price for coal and iron to China...shipping cost advantages being “next door”, even though those are commodities. Australia is home to BHP for a reason and BHP is the largest mining company in the world. Premium tools are an oligopoly. The market is dominated by a small number of competitors. In that market we get Sweezys kinked demand model. Prices are set by watching each other. If you lower prices so do your competitors and everyone loses money instead of picking up market share. If you raise prices the competitors let you and you lose market share. This keeps prices in line. Occasionally competitors will run sales or threaten a price increase and test the water to see if the competitors will follow. Or something happens to raise or lower costs and then everyone tends to go up or down until they all settle down again. It may appear to be a free market but in reality it is right on the edge between a true free market and an unfree one. Hence as s consumer you can see how free markets keep everyone honest and the system is as fair as possible. As a manufacturer the goal is to constantly find new ways to “beat the system” to make more money. I’ve worked for years on the engineering side of things. I am really good at lean manufacturing... finding ways to reduce costs. But I have never, ever seen a company cost reduce themselves into profitability. That is the sirens call of lean manufacturing but it is an illusion. Again your competitors will just follow your lead. My competitors can’t hide their secrets from me for long and vice versa. It is a big financial benefit and worthwhile to improve manufacturing but to make large margins you have to have a competitive advantage, some new technology or something. Cost reduction alone is a proven failure. Harvard MBAs have been pushing this idea of squeezing every last drop of profit out of everything across the world and they have absolutely nothing to show for it but the dried up husks of once powerful and innovative companies they left behind them. When these locusts move in the first thing they do is get rid of all “extra” costs. Not just wages and benefits. They also dump or strip R&D, all new product development, all customer support, and strip sales down to a web site. They grind down and remove every spare clerk, foreman, you name it. They infest the company with low paid cheap staff that either can’t or have no interest in product quality. They get rid of accessories and add on products or price them off the market. After a few rounds of this the company is sold off or deemed unprofitable and goes bankrupt. They even call themselves manufacturing efficiency consultants. There is some good in all of it but largely it’s a scam. Ever heard of Engelhard, Griffin Pipe, or Dravo? Those are ones I worked at. Or the king if them all, GE? All eaten by Harvard locusts. So I understand your attitude that price rules everything. Price is very important but if it is all that matters then both the manufacturer and the consumer eventually lose.
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    Dewalt per usual waits for other manufacturers to create leading edge designs for them to rip from. Flexvolt was the only time in the last, what, 15 years that hasn't been the case and they've done practically nothing with it since. Who wants to own the market and take majority share when we can struggle to keep up. 🙄🤦‍♂️
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    All sorted--- turns out all i had to do was push the battery on further into the charger where it clicked locked into place . not obvious to durrbrain boy here at first . Screwfix were more than happy to replace said battery or indeed refund me all of my money, thats a sign of good company service
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    Thinking of picking up another battery and can get 2 2ah batteries in a pack or the 3ah and a charger for about the same price... Wondering what the better choice would be, leaning toward the 3ah and selling the charger after since I have 4 already.
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    Hi new product release (Q4-2019) still this year in several EU countries (18V cordless) no info on USA launch; would be cordless 20V max ppt slide show shows release November 2019 DCM848 brushless 125mm dual action polisher DCM849 brushless rotary polisher will post more info once availabledcm848.pdfdcm848.pdf
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    I just saw it on the Dewalt website. Tool Nut will be shipping the 8ah batteries Oct 18th. I don't know when the compact 4ah will available. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    I am waiting for these to be available. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Go with the 3amp, you will love it.
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    Like I don't need 2 more batteries but a new 3ah to me be great, good runtime, good power and smaller and lighter then all my other batteries...
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    I'm just a diy guy... And I have 1 4ah, 4 5ah, 1 6ah and 1 1.5ah... I'd like to have a smaller compact that's more useful then the old 1.5 ah from 2012 lol
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    It was user error, I pushed it too hard. In first gear it generates huge amounts of torque, enough to snap its own neck. I've also got two cordless rotary hammer drills waiting for repairs.
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    It’s not backwards compatible, it’s pretty clear it isn’t. It will be just another platform in makita’s line. Can’t see then ditching their 18v line. It’s possible the tools are multi voltage and 18v batteries will work on these new tools. There is an adapter being shown, but just speculation at the moment. The global press release is in a few days
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    I bought a bosch brushless grinder and it was raining so I thought i would compare it to some of my other grinders to see how it performs. I pretty much just switched back and forth between grinders cleaning up the welding table so it was nothing more than playing with my toys. What I found wasn't anything too surprising the new bosch is pretty much right on par with the m18 fuel and the dewalt 20v brushless. I have to say I give credit to the tools review guys as I'm sure it takes a lot of time and work to push the tools to a point of seeing a difference between them. At the same time I would say its almost splitting hairs between the three "18v" brushless grinders that I have and I don't really see one being superior to the others. The ergonomics is one area that could be debated but that is probably more a personal preference thing. As far as power is concerned the dewalt 60v is still the king of 4.5-5" grinders, it just has the power to keep the rpms up and that's even with the 2/6ah flexvolt battery. The new m18 2981 is close and a step up from the others but its not the 60v and I personally don't really care for the ergonomics of it as it feels to long. The old brushed grinders all get a performance bump from having new big high performance batteries but even with them they're still a step down from the brushless grinders with 5.0ah batteries.
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    Err........ I'm gonna have to come clean and take this one squarely on the chin! I was using it with a dry diamond core cutter, approx 50mm diameter. She snagged and the top section just kinda rolled off. Took a fair while for that to happen, I've cored with it quite a few times. Lesson learnt though. New clamshell ordered, she'll be right as rain soon enough.
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    I have a Packout (bought with a tool) but I don’t use it. It’s so bulky and doesn’t hold much. All my stuff is in Toughsystem boxes. I looked at T-Stak which is cheaper but it just looks chintzy. At the time when I was buying a lot Packout wasn’t very available, I like their bolt bin box but nothing else in the line. My bigger bolt bin is a Toughsystem as are my bigger lugs. All my small lugs, wire nuts, and self tapping screws are in the half width clear Dewalt stacking boxes that don’t have a name and don’t stack with anything except themselves. They fit inside the Toughsystem rolling box nicely. The big thing for me is organization and capacity. Second is I drive a truck so weather is a concern, I have my major tools and parts bins kitted out, I can set the rolling bin with my “general construction” tools in it down. Then stack whatever specialty tools and boxes on top. Then stack an open tote on top and load it with parts then throw my tool bag on top. Clip a work light on the handle and then I can wheel everything right to the job site in one load. If it’s a big fabrication job might take two trips max. This is way better than a half dozen trips to the truck. The boxes also double as a bench seat, stool, or table. And I lose a lot less tools now I can easily put them all back, and find a tool on the truck in seconds instead of hunting for 15 minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Didn't buy it today, but definitely wrecked it today!
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    Redoing the sunroom and putting up new drywall so I picked up a Makita brushless screw gun. Also got a Klein tools multimeter. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. [emoji38] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    there is also 2 cordless polishers.
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    Flexvolt "Rotex Style" sander?
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    Fantastic and noble work you and your non profit do! Assuming a conversion could be done at the very least it would require the nail magazine to be replaced and the cost would be prohibitive. I agree with @JakeDewalt look at the used market like Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, letgo, and offerup, or in my area we have Menards that currently is selling their house brand framer for just $70 and they do ship. https://www.menards.com/main/p-1444448120166.htm?utm_campaign=40A-2019&utm_content=Octoberfest&utm_source=flipp&utm_medium=flyer_hosted
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    I cannot comment on the 20v but I now only run 3.0 compacts and Flexvolt 6.0/9.0 on my 20v tools. I sold all of my other batteries. Just a space management decision. The FV6.0 is big but I never run out of juice with those on.
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    I would prefer the 60v you never know when you may pick up a 60v tool and it’s just nice to know that the battery will work in any tool you buy.
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    Was trying to gage value.... blade seems extremely sharp thanks for your help!
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    Hey there, I'm Matt from Ladysmith BC Canada. I have my own property management company, we mainly do renos and remodeling and general maintenance. I'm mainly a dewalt guy for cordless my corded tools split between Ridgid and Makita mainly. Looking forward to gaining some new knowledge and talking to like minded people. Thanks
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    I think generally speaking hilti is still more expensive in the US than milwaukee. I think about a year ago the tariff war here caused or allowed both dewalt and milwaukee to increase pricing by about 10%. The other thing I've noticed is about the time of their marketing launch of "22v" tools, hilti has become much more price competitive. There's still a bit of a premium but it's gotten close enough I've seriously considered buying a set.
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    ... and the fact that the Ridgid and some of the other fans also run on 120vac adds to their value. I keep some of my batteries at the manufacturers recommended 50% charge when I store them for a while and use the fan to discharge them down to that level when needed.
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    @Dexter Lawn care is the way to go. While it is still manual labor you are your own boss and you get to pick the amount of workload you want to take on as long as you are doing a good job and receiving customers. Another benefit is the pay is decent and it is reasonably easy to start. You just need a mower, blower, trimmer, and a means to get customers. A trailer and a pickup would also be a good idea. I have heard the real money comes from the extra services like laying mulch, pruning bushes, etc.
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    1. There is a big difference between a security clearance such as for a military post or a prison and say security guard for a warehouse. 2. The best thing about security guards is if you combine it with going to school for an even better job. The security jobs that are slow enough give you plenty of time to “pass the time”. In other words studying for college! 3. Stop wasting your time aiming low. Think about what you want to do long term and work towards that goal. High paying jobs are the ones that are low in supply like require special skills or credentials. There is a big reason lawyers and doctors make lots of money and it’s not working harder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is virtually impossible to have a monopoly in the US without government intervention. As soon as one gets close another knocks them down. As #2 you simply target the best customers not the whole market. The biggest has to eat the worst customers to stay the biggest. So Walmart will fall eventually just as Sears and K-Mart have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That sound is the sanding Festool gods raining unholy hell upon what lay beneath the Rotex. I have a Rotex 150 and when you have the gear driven mode on it sounds like a big block V8 with open headers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welp I'm just about done with a remodel after the client had a fire. We took this house down to the studs and changed the floor plan to open up the kitchen and living room and also increase from 2 bedrooms to 4. I just have to redo to front and rear decks then it's complete.
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    That is a great design! Exactly what I was hoping to see. Ryobi have some great ideas.
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    Hahahaha, I can hardly see any snow in my yard now. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!
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    Just thought I would pass on a handy website that combined nearby cities into one group, and then also displays from eBay. i use it all the time vs craigslist directly, I scroll through, and it lists different ads in a group for one city, then the next furthest city, and so on.... http://www.searchtempest.com/
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