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    Nice hearing from you Wigwag. It's going well considering all the Covid drama I just hope to be back to work soon. The UTB was an awesome giveaway it definitely brought traffic to the fourm.
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    Guys what’s up!!!! Hope u lol have been doing good and and your family’s are healthy thru all this craziness. Man it’s crazy how time flies and life just passes by... I try and pop in every so often but yea u miss the good old days on here with u guys...
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    Hey Der Folks! It's been awhile since I hung out here, dosen't seem to be too active anymore. Hope the crew has been well. Remember the good ol' Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaways? Those were some good times eh? My DeWalt DCN660 20V Finish Nailer - Voted on by the Crew is still working great! -Steven
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    Sounds like the switch if that’s where it came from. All motors even brushless will eventually fail, too. In drills it’s not worth the cost to replace. Especially when you are limping along on old NiMH batteries.
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    Get a flat disc style sandpaper attachment. Then attach to that. If it’s plastic epoxy will work. If it’s metal need something more substantial. Also depending on what you are doing go with an impact or drill/driver instead and epoxy your thing to an appropriate diameter socket.
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    Had seen this from an unreliable source before, but now I think we can safely say it's coming: Just did a little poking around and can't seem to find much info, I believe that date meant to say Spring 2017 LOL ..
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    Its Arrived !! I found it in store @ Home Depot on Saturday 5-30, the employee there told me they got the first batch on Friday. I have already put it to work! I got about 3-1/2 bundles of shingles @ 6 nails per shingles on the included 2ah battery. Speed is decent, it for sure wont replace pneumatic speed though.
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    Keyless chucks wear out. Replace. Most of the Dewalt ones are made by Rohm. Their web site lists chucks by brand because they make them for everybody. I’m kind of partial to Jacobs but on power tools Rohm is the way to go. Changing is simple. The big trick is breaking the chuck loose off the shaft. There are several YouTube videos showing you how to use an Allen wrench and a vise.
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    I'm confused, you mention you love the tool then later call it a pos?? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T377A using Tapatalk
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    I went with the 7-1/4" DeWalt. The portability and the fact I have the battery platform was the deciding factors. Saves space and makes all the cuts (slider) that my 10" did.
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    New house means new garage build. The first picture is my primary workbench Pegboard is from Wall Control The second picture is Barrina lights from Amazon. I think they are an amazing addition to the garage.
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    Sweet!! Yea I can relate to ppl stealing crap. Back in 87 I had a 86 trans am, had it for about 3 months got ripped off. 1 year later my work van got ripped off in front of a police station when I went inside to pay a parking ticket!! Both true stories. Got the van back 3 days later and had a bullet hole in the door and a woman was shot in it, but she ended up being ok. Trans am was never found. Needless to say I catch anyone stealing anything, I WILL shot them. But back on subject, a belated happy birthday and that certainly is a beast you got there!! [emoji106] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-T377A using Tapatalk
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    I got this just yesterday. Decided I absolutely love it. Which is especially funny as I’m pretty sure I said somewhere in this forum however long ago this was first getting announced, I thought this was going to be too “niche” of a product. Certainly at least for the US market, where I happen to live. But although a second miter is probably not something most people are going to really ever think about, I’m now of the mind that if you do, something like this is basically perfect. Not long after buying my 12” slider I realized how awesome this little miter would be for cutting a lot of the small plastic pieces I frequently do in a lot of my projects. I already never really enjoyed cutting them on my previous 10” or 12” miters before, but especially with the Makita’s sliding rails obscuring visibility of the workpiece during left-angled bevel cuts, cutting small plastic pieces became a decidedly undesirable task. And then I happened across someone posting how much he liked this 6.5” on social media, and suddenly this little tool started to make a lot of sense. None of that’s probably interesting to anyone here, though. But I will say, more generally applicable, this little guy makes mitering little things a lot more fun. It’s size makes it a lot easier to feather into small cuts, and the much lower rotational inertia during cuts takes out a lot of the trepidation I previously have had cutting “brittle” substances like plexiglass. Wood is of course trivial to cut through for such a small saw. The accuracy is pretty solid right out of the box, at least for my one sample. Set next to a digital protractor, the factory miter detents of 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees are all calibrated well enough that any error is not visibly discernible to within a tenth of a degree. One thing anyone contemplating this miter should probably be aware of though, is how the detents are handled is pretty atypical. There’s a knob you loosen to allow the miter to swivel, and then it moves in and out of the detents via a completely internal mechanism. Very interesting solution and I’ll have to see how that works in the long term. Perhaps it’s their attempt to address the oft-reported issues people have with their aluminum detent plates on their larger saws wearing out rapidly. They must really not like the idea of steel detent plates which are status quo for so much of the industry. The biggest limitation I see with this particular implementation though, is there is no way I have noticed to toggle the detenting off, in the event I need an angle just barely off a detent, say 24 degree or whatever. I’ll have to see how often I come across that as an actual limitation in practice. My guess is most people won’t. I think that’s the biggest design idiosyncrasy. Pictures at bottom are just some plexiglass trinkets I slapped together as initial testing for this little saw. Basically to view cell phones free-handed (like while eating, etc).
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    So last year my truck was stolen and my Milwaukee 1/2 impact wrench along with many other tools was stolen by some rat bastards!! My Bday was Friday and I didn’t have a chance to post till now but my amazing wifey and amazing children got me this!! Man I’m so happy lil by lil I’m getting my tools back it just sucks we have to spend twice on these... on the brighter side this is the new beast with 1400lbs of breaking power!!
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    Surprised myself picking up Makita’s 6.5” miter saw. Going to go into more detail on it over on the Makita-specific area, since a full discussion of it would belong over there anyway.
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    I had the same problem. What worked for me was this: - Empty the nailer - Put in a fresh battery and turn it on - Pull back the slide that keeps the nails in with one hand - Depress the safety nose with the other hand, make sure to keep your fingers clear - Dry fire the nail gun The piston should shoot out and then back in and the gun should be back to normal
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    As a lawn contractor I have tried stihl, shindawia, Tanaka, and echo( not the ones home Depot sell). The best ones I have found and have used for years are Redmax. I currently have 3 whips, 2 edgers, 1 multi tool, 2 backpack blowers, and a hedge trimmer. The way that the engines are made creates more power in my opinion. They are balanced prefect for me. Last summer I tried the Dewalt 20v for the hell of it. I could not stand it. The balance was way off, it was too top heavy. Meaning the trimmer head wanted to come up as I was using it. Husqvarna owns Redmax. They have also rebranded some redmax whips as Husqvarna. No matter what brand you chose buy the one that is right for you. If you dealer allows you to try them out in their yard do so. Take your time and don't rush into buying one just because you need one. You could also try looking on Craigslist for a used one at some savings though you won't have any warranty. Or look for anew older model at your dealer that they want to get rid of cheap. Best of luck
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    I saw someone who claimed to have asked Dewalt PR and his words were they responded that they have “no plans” to bring it stateside. He didn’t post the actual response though, so I don’t know if they really worded it that exact way.
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