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    These Subcompacts are out of control! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new DeWalt compact router came in today, thing is tiny and it's quieter then I thought it would be Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Got tired of not having a hook on my reciprocating saw. Put on a hook made for hitachi air gun. Hook cost $12 on ebay.
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    I’ll be tied up for a while and will not be checking in as frequently as I do for a while. We had a new addition to our family and my daughter, Lillian, decided to come to us early like her Big Brother William. We will be in the NICU for a while, diagonally across from Williams NICU room but my beautiful Wife and Daughter are getting better. Reach out to @Eric - TIA if there are any issues if I don’t respond to requests. Thanks, Chris
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    Source: toolsbydesign Model: XSH06Z
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    Once you go to the 4 port even the single yellow chargers become obsolete
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    Summer availability for USA and November launch for Canucks if memory serves. Piques my curiosity for a compact 4.0 as well.
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    The last part of your post better describes Milwaukee. In the meantime they offer OPE on 3 platforms, and offer no edger while Milwaukee offers no mower. Can’t please everyone I guess.
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    I picked up Dewalts new cordless sander. Seller made me wait for awhile so they gave me a free 2.0 battery for my trouble. Didn’t have the manual so I’ll be looking for a file online
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    I don’t understand why dewalt never put one on to begin with Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Ha! Sometimes. Old hospitals. Life safety circuits such as exit devices, fire alarm control panels, BAS systems, partially powered security systems, nurse call control panels. Never know 100% what’s been put on what circuit/panel during countless renovations since the ‘50s. These things are a.... “life saver” (sorry couldn’t help it...). Real “life support” (not life safety) medical equipment typically has an included battery backup/UPS that will maintain life support for minutes or hours depending on the equipment and age. I would have had to rethink using these if they were discontinuing with cause. In all honestly, 75% of the time it’s powering some doctors fridge or a computer/printer/copier that just “can’t” go down... I will say it has prevented abandoning several outages due to someone’s “unacceptable unforeseen outage” and has saved its own cost several times over in temporary power provisions.
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    hi walking around in a HD Ryobi powerdays to come soon i stumbled over the Ryobi power adaptor 120V AC power source for the cordless tools Dewalt "messed up " again we have bben waiting so long for such an adaptor for the Dewalt flexvolt platform (single adaptor) really disappointed that dewalt did not launch yet; not even rumors does nobody from dewalt product management read these forums ? instead they bring a atomic tool line which nobody needs ! =====> what do you guys all think cheers
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    Uh oh Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I usually just hang it by its battery, but I'll probably copy your setup here. I like that. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Been searching for good ones I could rely on and trust. Tried the Stanley and a few others and always found that something was missing. I've recently found the Holy Grail: Vogel 5m and the Hultafors Talmeter 3m [emoji322] Absolutely perfect in any and every situations !
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    i agree. craftsman is just a name. thats it. as of late, craftsman was just rebranded chinese tools. stanley black and decker paid big for that name, but there is nothing behind it. i'm not sure why stanley is wasting their time with that brand. take lowes for example, they removed most stanley tools, just to rename them to craftsman, like there'd be a waiting line for people to buy them. consumers arent stupid.
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    New garage fan from Menards. Very powerful. I put it on low and still feel it across the garage. Already been using it during my hand planing. [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Dewalt should have delayed releasing the Atomic until they could design a suitable impact driver. They did go with the right form factor on the drill in my opinion, emphasizing a little more on short vs narrow relative to the Makita subcompact. I’ll be interested in seeing a performance comparison test sometime. But holding the Atomic impact in my hand, I’m incredulous even seeing how they could think labeling it Atomic made any sense.
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    Got 2 more 12" Yost parallel clamps and a drill press spindle sanding kit. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    This beast may yet replace my X2 Makita. Curious to see Canadian pricing when it eventually makes its way North. Deals can be had with enough patience so it may be a while for me yet.
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    Got the rockler dust right expandable hose a d dust right fittings. Should make going from one machine to another easier. Also got a dfm tool works dowel plate. I've actually used dowels in quite a bit of my projects. Will be nice to use wood that matches. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Not sure when this will be available in North America but looks pretty nice.
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    Yea the atomic series or at least the impact seems to be a pretty epic fail. I was hopeful too because I've always liked makitas approach at sub compact tools but I'm not in that battery platform. I was also kind of excited to see dewalts 12v line up get revamped but if they're the same size as the atomic with just a 12v battery I would think dewalt would be nervous about releasing them after the atomic flop.
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    Thanks we use a big beast router as well framing. Had my hopes up but I guess I’ll wait for the FlexVolt router that is rumored
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    Finally posting in this thread because last December I picked up a 2018 F150 Platinum FX4, Max Tow, love the 36-gallon tank and all the bells and whistles...too bad it doesn't have the 2019 Limited's 3.5 EB HO engine!
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    Felder has recently announced a new attempt at flesh sensing tech in table saws called Preventative Contact System. Is it better than SawStop or Bosch Reaxx? I think so. They use electro magnets to lower the blade. Also has an approach feature where if an unexpected fast approach occurs the system will trigger. There is no consumable parts and therefore requires no maintenance in fact to reset the blade you just press a button on the control panel. If/when the system triggers you won't be out a bunch of money because you had to replace parts on the tool or have an expensive medical bill. I doubt it will come to North America. I expect you know who will be suing Felder the moment the saw with this tech goes on sale. https://www.felder-group.com/fg-en/pcs.html
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    They have been great for me. Adding a 3rd rack in between my next jobs
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    Yep. I see no reason to pay the premium for the van system personally.
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    Hey boys and girls! I love this forum, a lot of interesting information could be found here! So I decided to take part in it and I am looking forward to communicating with you. My name is Vinko have 30 years and I come from New York
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    Because they read reviews and watch videos that tend to prove otherwise? 🤔
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    I’d like to know the answer to this as well
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    The Circular Saw Blade buyer Guide.... You may have walked into a major hardware store such as Home Depot and seen a wall of different circular saw blades, all different looking and all different pricing as well. The amount of different blades can be daunting if you don't know what your looking at or for. I will cover some of the basics to help understand what the different blades are used for. There are different circular saw blades that are designed to cut different materials and to work with different types of saws. There are a few things to consider when picking a blade: Make sure the blade is suitable for what you will be cutting cut. Make sure the blade physically fits your saw. Make sure the blade falls into the ratings of your saw. Here are a few specifications you should check. The capability of your saw is determined by the blade diameter and type, maximum RPM....sizes may very from one saw to another but to go over some of the sizes: Handheld circular saws accept smaller blades, 4-1/2 inches to 7-1/4 inches in diameter. These are usually carbide-tipped. Tile saws use 7-inch or 10-inch diamond blades. Table saws and miter saws use blades 7 1/4", 10" inches or 12" inches in diameter. Like those for handheld saws, these blades are commonly carbide-tipped as well. Metal-cutting saws, also called cutoff saws, take 14-inch silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive blades. The hole in the center of the blade which is called the arbor must fit the arbor or shaft of your saw. If your saw has a diamond shaped arbor many blades come with a knock out to fit this shape. Revolutions per minute known as RPM is a rating the blade can spin safely, you should never use a blade rated for less than your saw produces in RPM's. Most blades have Blade Diameter, Arbor Size, number of teeth and kerf information printed on the blade along with Maximum RPM. There are few different style blades available to use and they all have a name which are as follows: Standard Circular Saw Blades Rip-Cut Blade, Crosscut Blade Combination Blade. Framing Blade Plywood Blade Standard Circular Saw Blades: Wood or wood composites are generally cut with the standard circular saw blade, speed type and finish of a cut is determined by the amount of teeth on a blade. The more amount of teeth on a blade the finer the cut, the less amount of teeth the faster the cut. The funny looking cuts into the blade found around the rim prevents blade from warping when it expands and contracts while cutting, they also help with reducing vibrations and help create a straighter cut. Rip-cut blades: Have fewer teeth (16 to 40) used for cutting with the wood grain (along the length of a board), deep gullets are found on this type of blade for fast chip removal. This type of blade produces a very aggressive cut. Crosscut blades: Generally have more teeth around 40 to 80 these blades are designed for clean cuts. This type of blade is used for cutting across the wood grain (across the face of a board), with smaller gullets separating the teeth. Combination blades: This blade can make rip cuts and crosscuts. Because they are designed with multiple groupings of teeth separated by deep gullets. The group of teeth usually have one tooth for ripping and four for crosscutting. Framing blades: Here is a blade made for speed and clean cuts are not as important as a clean cut usually used for rough carpentry they tend to have 24 teeth. Plywood blades: You will want minimal splintering while cutting most plywood so these type blades are designed with many finer teeth ranging in the amount of 100 or more.. Thin-kerf: For less material waste, this style blade have a narrow profile for faster, easier cutting. Hollow-ground blades: Help keep the blade from becoming pinched in the work piece these type blades have a body that's thinner than the teeth. Gullet : Is the depth of a tooth or the cut away for the blade itself to remove waste such as sawdust and chips.
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    Just a couple used ebay tools. I wanted the jig saw for a little home project and the metal saw is just for a back up.
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    Some pics and product info on IG, toolsbydesign.
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    My bad, yea in the US metal saws have different arbors than wood saws. I don't think I would want to use a wood saw to cut metal either but I know Diablo makes a metal blade for most of your common sizes and they can spin at like 11000rpm.
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    Like the FV string trimmer. Big battery, small charger. Probably to keep the price down for the homeowner buying his first FV tool. The gateway tool. Anybody that uses FV for a living already has several fast chargers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New house means new garage build. The first picture is my primary workbench Pegboard is from Wall Control The second picture is Barrina lights from Amazon. I think they are an amazing addition to the garage.
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    The storage bed is finally finished and my 4 year old loves it. I originally planned to get it finished last month but some shop upgrades slowed the build down a little. The rear drawers will be used for long term storage. The bed completes the set for my son. The set consisted of a bed, chest of drawers, night stand, and hamper. Instead of using drawer pulls on the drawers I routed in a handle pull like on the hamper. This does two things. 1. It ties the hamper and bed together and 2. It keeps my kids from ripping the handles off, skinning their shins, or using them as steps. Overall I'm happy with how the bed turned out. The drawers slide easily and my son can get in and out without much issue. He will hit a growth spurt shortly I'm sure anyways. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Yea all of the IR impacts look nice and I've been tempted many times but different battery platform along with the price tag has kept me from trying one.
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    Bad ass...1400lbs !!!! I want one !!!
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    Hi boys and girls. Ryobi just added a third and fourth all electric riding lawn mowers. This one is a 42" zero turn model. 75 Ahr. SLA/AGM batteries, but there is also a 100 Ahr model. Same as the 75 Ahr unit, but with bigger batteries like the other two riders. Large dollars, but the direction is there. This one is based on the same electronics as the prior two electric mowers, so it should be good performer. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-42-in-75-Ah-Battery-Electric-Zero-Turn-Riding-Mower-RY48ZTR75/308040422
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    I too can confirm that the rolling toolbox is specifically designed to "click" in the open position, one might think the resistance they are feeling as they open the lid is the lid hitting the handle but that is not the case it is actually about the latch open. The first time I got mine I felt the resistance and out of caution looked behind the lid to make sure it wasn't hitting something but once I noticed it was clear I pushed a little harder and it clicked in the open position, just as you would want. The attached photo shows the lid in the open/latched position...
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    Not my daily but it is my weekend babe as the wife says lol! This is where all my tool money has been going lately.
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    How about a 60 in flexvolt widebelt sander? Powered by 6 batteries. 4 to power the sander to 240 v and 2 to power other electronics, depth adjustment, compressor and conveyor. worlds first cordless 3 phase 240v tool?
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