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    Happy new Year to the Crew! Starting in 2016 we will have a giveaway for forum members every month. All you have to do is be a forum member and live in the United States. If you don't live in the USA you can use a forwarding service as we only will send to a US address. The more you engage the better chances you have to win. Look for a post next week on what will be Januarys forum giveaway! Thanks for being a part of the crew!
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    Tool Buying Guide.... Tools have been around for a very long time helping people everyday from just being there to show manhood to down right making a living. Everyone has to start somewhere, some people are lucky to have other people in their lives to help with this part of life by showing them the ropes. I'm going to go over a few things you should think about if you are ready to have tools be part of your everyday life for helping with self accomplishment or profit. There are many brand names available that tend to show off their flagship tools, with ads that tend to make the tougher jobs look simple, that is all well and fine if you have experience with tools but what if you don't. If you are ready to dip into the tool world and have very little to no experience here are a few things to think about. You can start out with basic hand tools like a hammer, tape measure, and a hand saw but now days we all want convenience as well..... so power tools are usually the way to go. Many brands offer corded power tools in pretty much every shape or form but taking a step further are cordless power tools. Now in saying that many brands have most all cordless power tools needed to do almost every tasks. Some manufactures cater to different area's of the work force, not all brands offer all kinds of tools in every field, think about what you might want to do with your new tools now and in the future. This is important because it can reflect on what brand to buy into. This without saying there is nothing wrong with buying into more than one brand or battery platform but you may want to do this in the future. There are also different power in tools mainly in the volts you see advertised. 12V and 18V/20V are the most common, most tool companies offer many tools in both power ratings. These tools are very different in size and power, the 12V options offer adequate power to handle most things with a compact size as well. The 18v/20v versions are usually the power houses of the line of tools offered. So the question is do I need one or the other or both, well this is where it can get tricky, the 18v/20v versions of the tools are not only larger and heavier but usually come with a larger price tag as well. Again it is not wrong to have or want both but if you are just starting out, the larger more powerful 18v/20v is usually the way to go to get started. Another thing is all the talk about brushed or brushless versions of tools, not all tools are equal not all brands offer all tools in both versions. The newer technology is the brushless tools and they usually come with a higher price. Is the brushless style needed? well not totally. They will however offer slightly more power and battery run time but that is not saying a brushed version is not good. If you are just starting out most times the best economical way to buy your tools are in combo kits, you will receive multiple tools that are mainly paired up with a drill/driver and an impact/driver, Note about impact drivers: Although most manufactures introduced the impact driver not all that long ago and deem the new tool to be the drivers of all drivers they don't play nice with every application. As impact drivers tend to pound or hammer when driving, an impact driver is still a great tool for many applications however for some delicate driving a regular drill will do a better job. Some of the larger kits will tent to include a reciprocating saw, circular saw along with a light of some kind. These kits generally come with 2 batteries ranging in power ratings of small compact 1.5 ah right up to 5.0ah batteries and a matching charger. You may think I'm never gonna need these extra tools that are included in the kit but when you add up the costs the more in the kit the cheaper the individual tools become, so in saying that once you do own them and you find you don't use them there is a good chances someone will purchase them from you to help offset the original cost. Do some research, think about what you will want to do, find a big box store that have these different brands on display so you can get a feel for the tools in your own hands, just like seeing a fancy sports car, it may look great but not always are they comfortable for everyone to drive. All different tool companies come with all different warranties for their tools, some are very different from one another some are better than others as well. This can reflect on what brand to buy into but it shouldn't. I am not going to go into what brand is best or what brand to try and avoid but I would stick to brand names that are known. I hope this helps by giving you something to think about before jumping into the tools world.....Good Luck!
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    For those of you who don't visit Tools in Action or our YouTube page, I just want to let you know that next week (Dec 21- Dec 25) is our giveaway week. Some people in the forum might be picked to win something. Just wanted to make sure you check either page to see if you won. If you didn't win something this time around, don't worry. We will have plenty of giveaways where you will have a chance to win. Good luck to everyone.
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    Milwaukee has the Sawzall, Hackzall, Inkzall.....why not have a BENCHZALL..... standing height in the front and sitting height on the other side .................
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    Last spring, a guy on CL was selling a bunch of metal boxes from the Milwaukee 10 1/2" circular saws. At $12 each, I bought up as many as would fit in my van and brought them home thinking I would use them as tool storage. Well, I finally got around to building some shelving in the garage to give them a proper home. Presenting the Milwaukee Wallzall! Now if only I could find some magnetic sheets in the right color red, I could cover up the "10 1/2" Circular Saw" label with an actual printed label of what's in each box. That would be an awesome backdrop for a red tool family portrait.
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    Well.....in my "New Shop Underway" blogosphere thingy I eluded to something really crazy going on. I found out something really crazy on Thursday. Well...... Im going to be a daddy.
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    So Samantha and I had a surprise yesterday. I was finishing painting the nursery and Samantha was out raking. She came in and her water broke. Two high speed ambulance rides later we found ourselves at Maine Medical. Our hospital recognized that our lil one was coming in hot and heavy at 32 weeks. So they shipped us off to a NICU ASAP. Samantha gave birth to our son, William Lawrence (Will) at 415 am. Our son is in NICU, but they just removed a breathing tube and he is starting to push air with assistance. He's beautiful. A prayer wouldn't go unheard of but he's amazing. Samantha, true to nature, walked down to the NICU with me four hours later! This is our first....and the first Kelby grandson. My Mom is super stoked.
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    We are starting our member giveaways up again and we are starting it with something cool. You may have seen our post on the TIA, but if not, here is the deal. We are giving away the new Milwaukee M18 Radius Light with One-Key. One lucky winner will be able to have a cool new light for the job site. If you are not familiar with this light, you can check it out at Milwaukee Tool. So how do you win? You have to be a forum member to enter this giveaway. For this month we are letting the Crew decide which forum member wins the light. Which ever forum member has the most votes on Nov 30, wins the light. You can cast your vote two ways. Either enter your vote below to make a public vote. If you would rather hide your vote, go a head an either private message John Glassey or Mondo1310, which I would like to thank them for their help with the giveaways. Let the voting start and good luck to everyone.
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    Hey guys. Man I miss you guys. As some of you know, I had a pretty rough go for a stretch. I'll spare everyone the the boring details, but long story short, things in my neck of the woods kinda fell apart. Eventually I fell into untreated depression. I neglected myself to the point I became physically ill. Nerve pain, throwing up, couldn't get out of bed, and so on. My family stepped up and forced me to see a Doctor. I had dropped to 140 pounds, was only taking in 400-500 calories a day, and my traditionally perfect blood pressure had dropped to 80/45. They basically gave me the option to get myself straightened out or not live to see next Christmas. I took the medication for awhile, but I couldn't handle the way it made me feel. I'm doing good now. Now that I understand the problem, I've learned to deal with it. I'm starting to get back to my normal life and slowly starting to put weight back on. My situation isn't much better, but my outlook is. I have to admit, finally getting over the hump and posting here again feels pretty good.
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    I can't believe it I actually won something for the second time......wow gonna have myself 9.0Ah battery and rapid charger
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    Good Day Crew! It arrived, my Forum Member of the Month Giveaway! A BIG thanks to the crew for voting for me, Dan and Eric for creating a great place for us folks to hang out, and DeWalt for putting up the prize. Looking forward to putting the nailer to work. Video coming soon. -Steven
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    little back story, My father passed away just about 2 yrs ago now (82yrs) and he had a love for woodworking, taught me all I know. He owned a construction company while I grew up and every chance he had he was in his woodworking shop tinkering on some kind of project. Back in the late 60's about 50 some years ago he built some shelving with good old 2"x 8" lumber, this shelving unit he built was always inside so it was just bare wood all the time it was in use. He built it with the good old fashioned hammer and nails. My brother and I was dismantling the shelving unit to make room and I started looking at it and thought, there were hammer marks that he made while putting it together here and there ...what better way to preserve this little part of him and to be in my shop......... so I decided to make a bench top with the same wood he used at one time hammer marks and all. Here it is ready for a sealer and with sealer. now his hammer marks can live on.........
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    My son just started cub scouting a couple of months ago. He is a late starter to this and joined the den over half way through in the year. About two months ago, they asked for volunteers to host the woodworking requirement for the Bear rank kids. I jumped at the opportunity since I love my shop and teaching kids about woodworking. Everything was all pre-cut for the kids, so it was just hammering in some finished nails and a little gluing........we snuck in some battery operated drills as well...... Before the kids showed up, I had a ton of shop cleaning to do. I hit up The Home Depot to donate some aprons for the kids and then I bought each kid a hammer and set of safety glasses. The kids were super happy to get their own tools and safety gear. The kids had to complete two projects along with learning about tools and shop safety. Here is the den leader doing the teaching. After that, it was the kids and parents hammering away. We only had an hour to work with and it just flew by. The kids were very happy to complete their first project.....a tool box. It went so well that the den decided to come back for a second week and complete a bird house project. I would do this every week if they wanted to.
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    The Circular Saw Blade buyer Guide.... You may have walked into a major hardware store such as Home Depot and seen a wall of different circular saw blades, all different looking and all different pricing as well. The amount of different blades can be daunting if you don't know what your looking at or for. I will cover some of the basics to help understand what the different blades are used for. There are different circular saw blades that are designed to cut different materials and to work with different types of saws. There are a few things to consider when picking a blade: Make sure the blade is suitable for what you will be cutting cut. Make sure the blade physically fits your saw. Make sure the blade falls into the ratings of your saw. Here are a few specifications you should check. The capability of your saw is determined by the blade diameter and type, maximum RPM....sizes may very from one saw to another but to go over some of the sizes: Handheld circular saws accept smaller blades, 4-1/2 inches to 7-1/4 inches in diameter. These are usually carbide-tipped. Tile saws use 7-inch or 10-inch diamond blades. Table saws and miter saws use blades 7 1/4", 10" inches or 12" inches in diameter. Like those for handheld saws, these blades are commonly carbide-tipped as well. Metal-cutting saws, also called cutoff saws, take 14-inch silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive blades. The hole in the center of the blade which is called the arbor must fit the arbor or shaft of your saw. If your saw has a diamond shaped arbor many blades come with a knock out to fit this shape. Revolutions per minute known as RPM is a rating the blade can spin safely, you should never use a blade rated for less than your saw produces in RPM's. Most blades have Blade Diameter, Arbor Size, number of teeth and kerf information printed on the blade along with Maximum RPM. There are few different style blades available to use and they all have a name which are as follows: Standard Circular Saw Blades Rip-Cut Blade, Crosscut Blade Combination Blade. Framing Blade Plywood Blade Standard Circular Saw Blades: Wood or wood composites are generally cut with the standard circular saw blade, speed type and finish of a cut is determined by the amount of teeth on a blade. The more amount of teeth on a blade the finer the cut, the less amount of teeth the faster the cut. The funny looking cuts into the blade found around the rim prevents blade from warping when it expands and contracts while cutting, they also help with reducing vibrations and help create a straighter cut. Rip-cut blades: Have fewer teeth (16 to 40) used for cutting with the wood grain (along the length of a board), deep gullets are found on this type of blade for fast chip removal. This type of blade produces a very aggressive cut. Crosscut blades: Generally have more teeth around 40 to 80 these blades are designed for clean cuts. This type of blade is used for cutting across the wood grain (across the face of a board), with smaller gullets separating the teeth. Combination blades: This blade can make rip cuts and crosscuts. Because they are designed with multiple groupings of teeth separated by deep gullets. The group of teeth usually have one tooth for ripping and four for crosscutting. Framing blades: Here is a blade made for speed and clean cuts are not as important as a clean cut usually used for rough carpentry they tend to have 24 teeth. Plywood blades: You will want minimal splintering while cutting most plywood so these type blades are designed with many finer teeth ranging in the amount of 100 or more.. Thin-kerf: For less material waste, this style blade have a narrow profile for faster, easier cutting. Hollow-ground blades: Help keep the blade from becoming pinched in the work piece these type blades have a body that's thinner than the teeth. Gullet : Is the depth of a tooth or the cut away for the blade itself to remove waste such as sawdust and chips.
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    I've been putting together a small woodworking / project shop in my 2 car garage. It takes up just about half of the space as shown in picture. I mounted the lathe and the band saw on Harbor Frieght workbenches, then installed drop casters so I can move them around as needed. This also allowed me another full empty workbench for misc activity. A lot of clean up and re-organizing, and this is what I got. I hope to keep it at least half this clean going forward. let me know what you think .... THANKS CREW !!!
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    Got this Friday. Seems much nicer than my old 18 volt Black and Decker Firestorm
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    These are the most recent purchases. I need to replenish the too buying funds
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    Oh self control, where art thou? -
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    ok guys here is my very first shot at a video, it isn't very long but would like feed back please remember this is my first video.....thanks in advance
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    I didn't get any run time with this little fella this evening, but I did at least get it out of the box! It came with the 6.2 LiHD battery, I had heard there may be a chance some of the kits had the 5.2 ah battery. Just looking around and messing with all of the moving parts the fit and finish seems really nice. Everything is very smooth and seems really solid. The saw is pretty light with well placed handles making it really easy to carry. I have to finish framing out my shower niche this weekend so I should get a chance to cut a few 2x4's. Nothing really exciting but should at least get a few cuts in. I ended up getting it out the door at Lowes for $190 ( $347 plus several gift cards) couldn't really pass it up. The 8-1/2" blade combined with being able to slide should be more than I will need. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
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    We have been living in our house now for about 11 years. The garage has always been a bit of a sore spot for me. I've really never taken the time to properly set it up. I have assed hung things up with peg board and added to it as I went along. Oh, I hate peg board. This has led to much of the kids' toys to spill out of their bins and right on the floor by my garage tool box and work areas. I quickly get frustrated if I don't have a trip free area to work in. Last week, I decided to tackle this garage organization issue. I spent a Sunday removing everything from my garage and putting it back one piece at a time so that like items were next to like items. (did I mention that I removed almost all of the peg boards from my garage---free at last!) I was able to finish two of the three walls. On one wall, all of my garden tools, air compressor, Ego equipment, generator, tool box, and work bench now reside. On the wall opposite the garage door now has out lawn chairs, another work bench with top cabinets and some extention cords. That just leaves the kids toys and grill. The grill is a no brainer, shove against a wall. For the toys, I have decided to build a couple 5 foot cabinets, a place for basketballs and one more small cabinet. Since my house was built in 1960 and all the walls are rock lathe with plaster covering it, none of the walls are consistently flat. So, instead of building the cabinets individually and then tying them together, I decided to build it as one single unit as I go. Both ways have their issues, but with the walls the way they are, this way seemed to work pretty well. Here is the wall that I was dealing with. I don't have the time or desire to spruce up the patches and paint, so I will live with it. Here was my work setup for the day. I used three sheets of 3/4 inch plywood for the cabinets. Here is the basic cabinet setup. For the basketballs, I actually used a 5 inch hole saw to cut the recess so the balls won't move around. One the first day, I got the bulk of the work done and put some of the junk out of my way for now. I still need to face frame the unit, add doors and some shelves. I can't wait to have this done, but looking at my schedule for this week, I doubt it will happen any time soon. Let me know what you think or what I should have done differently. I am always looking for ways to improve my storage solutions.
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    I am glad you are taking it. I talked to Bmack about taking it and he wouldn't take it either, he said you deserved it and should get it. I was stuck and had no idea what to do. How do you deal with two nice guys trying to give each other something, but neither accepting it. I have no idea, but glad your taking it. Just do me a favor, please don't stop posting these pictures.
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    So I'm home today didn't go to second job today very happy bout that but as I'm just relaxing on the couch I hear the sound of an impact going off I walk into my garage and find my littlest fixing his bike and to top it off he had the correct socket on so had to get a pic of him, very proud of lil guy