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    Yesterday I woke up to a positive pregnancy test on my night stand - I was floored because I'm 43 and my kids are 15-17-20 - a couple months ago business was doing great and I said to my wife what's the one thing you want that you don't have and she said a 4th baby - how could I say no - this girl has been by my side for 26 yrs since high school and has been an amazing wife and even more amazing mother so today I can honestly say I'm super happy for her.
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    Hey guys. Man I miss you guys. As some of you know, I had a pretty rough go for a stretch. I'll spare everyone the the boring details, but long story short, things in my neck of the woods kinda fell apart. Eventually I fell into untreated depression. I neglected myself to the point I became physically ill. Nerve pain, throwing up, couldn't get out of bed, and so on. My family stepped up and forced me to see a Doctor. I had dropped to 140 pounds, was only taking in 400-500 calories a day, and my traditionally perfect blood pressure had dropped to 80/45. They basically gave me the option to get myself straightened out or not live to see next Christmas. I took the medication for awhile, but I couldn't handle the way it made me feel. I'm doing good now. Now that I understand the problem, I've learned to deal with it. I'm starting to get back to my normal life and slowly starting to put weight back on. My situation isn't much better, but my outlook is. I have to admit, finally getting over the hump and posting here again feels pretty good.
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    About 22-weeks into pregnancy and everything looks good. Except for me, I'm still a mess. ?
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    Pulled the trigger on this yesterday. Had enough with the loud compressor that I had.
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    We have been living in our house now for about 11 years. The garage has always been a bit of a sore spot for me. I've really never taken the time to properly set it up. I have assed hung things up with peg board and added to it as I went along. Oh, I hate peg board. This has led to much of the kids' toys to spill out of their bins and right on the floor by my garage tool box and work areas. I quickly get frustrated if I don't have a trip free area to work in. Last week, I decided to tackle this garage organization issue. I spent a Sunday removing everything from my garage and putting it back one piece at a time so that like items were next to like items. (did I mention that I removed almost all of the peg boards from my garage---free at last!) I was able to finish two of the three walls. On one wall, all of my garden tools, air compressor, Ego equipment, generator, tool box, and work bench now reside. On the wall opposite the garage door now has out lawn chairs, another work bench with top cabinets and some extention cords. That just leaves the kids toys and grill. The grill is a no brainer, shove against a wall. For the toys, I have decided to build a couple 5 foot cabinets, a place for basketballs and one more small cabinet. Since my house was built in 1960 and all the walls are rock lathe with plaster covering it, none of the walls are consistently flat. So, instead of building the cabinets individually and then tying them together, I decided to build it as one single unit as I go. Both ways have their issues, but with the walls the way they are, this way seemed to work pretty well. Here is the wall that I was dealing with. I don't have the time or desire to spruce up the patches and paint, so I will live with it. Here was my work setup for the day. I used three sheets of 3/4 inch plywood for the cabinets. Here is the basic cabinet setup. For the basketballs, I actually used a 5 inch hole saw to cut the recess so the balls won't move around. One the first day, I got the bulk of the work done and put some of the junk out of my way for now. I still need to face frame the unit, add doors and some shelves. I can't wait to have this done, but looking at my schedule for this week, I doubt it will happen any time soon. Let me know what you think or what I should have done differently. I am always looking for ways to improve my storage solutions.
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    It finally came! I'm pretty excited. My wife said it came with a purse. I had to correct her and tell her it was a tool bag not a purse. I'd also like to thank Eric and Dan for making this possible. Keep up the good work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks Dan and Eric for the awesome IR impact ???? Pat was right this thing packs a serious punch. Congrats to the rest of the TIACREW who won great prizes ????
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    Got the new Milwaukee Fuel One key Combo and 2 additional 5.0 Batteries today
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    Thanks to rrich I picked up these for $1 a piece. They're in the Ace ad for $5 but you get $4 off if you have an Ace membership. It was weird, there was some guy standing next to the tape measures trying to get me to buy these online.
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    so I have been putting flooring in at my sisters yesterday and today and a lady neighbor of my sisters comes over to see her while I working .....she see my tools laying around and says my husband is selling off some of his tools as we are down sizing and moving into an old folks home...and chuckles as she say cause we are very old....lol she says if you ant you can come take a look.....so I thought hmm what kind of tools is this old guy gonna have hope he isn't just selling some crap stuff....but I go across the street to see anyway.....well it turns out he had a few good things... 250 piece titanium drill bit set brand new got for his 90th birthday never used it.... 6 extra heavy duty old school pipe clamps with 6 pieces of 36" pipe and 6 pieces of 72" pipes 4 smaller german clamps 10" block plane and a smaller plane with stone so I gather this stuff all up and ask him how much....he says tell you what, give me $60 for the drill bit kit cause they were over $160 brand new and says you give $60 for them and I will throw in the rest ....I said are you sure and he says yes I'd rather them go to good use and you showed some good interest in it all........woot!....
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    Ok here is the deal! That tool was stolen from DeWALT it is their property. DeWALT contacted us nicely and asked us to take it down while they investigate which we did. We could have told them to pound sand. However since they support, advertise and we have a signed Embargo agreement with them it is unwise to not to cooperate with them. We appreciate you guys posting stuff and want you to keep doing it. (Obviously not with this product) once in a while, Yes it might get pulled down do to agreements with the companies. We simply do not have huge legal teams and it makes no sense to alienate the companies that support us. Tools In Action works because we have good relationships with these companies and we respect their agreements. DeWALT is good to us and I want to keep our relationship in good standing. Dan
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    I concur...some of us aren't here for giveaways.
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    Look what arrived! Best Valentine's Day gift ever...well one that doesn't involve a girl and...NM
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    Bought all 17 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    well it's that time again, when my wife has me make things to donate, this time we are donating 100% to The Cancer Society. my wife came up with the design to incorporate the Cancer ribbon to resemble a hummingbird. It has Love, Hope, Strength and Faith around the four sides.
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    Here are a couple of photos. Had a lot of fun testing it out. Very compact for the features you get.
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    Could. Wait. No. Longer... Projects wait for no man... The Beast is in Da HOWSE! Yes, that nail was cut in half... Lengthwise...
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    My grandparents bought a camp on the lake I've been helping them fix it up and clean it out we replaced a couch fridge beds installed new toilet new lights replaced water pump and water lines repaird the deck and roof put in boat lift trimed and cut down trees mulched then there was a huge rain storm and washed out they driveway and put a big pile of dirt in the door way so we had to repair the driveway and will have to fix the road so the water runs into the ditch and not the driveway
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    12 day stint at work and it's Friday boys!!!!! Going to Lebanon Maine over the border to get some dirt and mud time with my brother! And that's why this dude ain't getting no friggin mini van!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo friggin hoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
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    seeings Milwaukee is releasing some yard tools, I figured it was only fitting to get ready......
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    Yesterday I finished up my deck. 1500 screws later.
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    Went to my grandfathers house and he told me he got a new car so I went to his garage and opened it up and it was a Dodge Viper he told me that when it was delivered they wouldn't take it down his dirt road witch at this time of the year it's full of mud, pot holes and ruts so he had to drive it down his dirt road witch is probably about a half mile long. Now I can't wait to go back in the summer time when he will take it out and go for a ride or maybe drive it
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    Congrats to all the winners !!!! This was a fantastic giveaway ... to which I am proud to say I am a forum winner !!!! THANK YOU to all the Tools in Action people and manufacturers that make this possible !!!!!!
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    Finally getting around to posting my black Friday purchases. I know it's a couple of days late, but it is the first day off since that day. Lowe's had the DWS7491RS table saw for $499 and the DWS780 miter saw with DWX723 miter saw stand combo for $599. I know they offer the latter several times a year, but that is pretty much the best price I have seen it at. Throw in the local store giving me the 10% military discount (I didn't think it would apply to black Friday deals) and it came in under $1000 before taxes. The DW744 and DW718 they replace will be donated to the local Habitat for Humanity. The DWS780 will be bolted to the same bench the DW718 was and the stand will be used with my DCS361 for most of the portable work I might need to do. The rest came from the nearby Home Depot, nothing special on the blade prices, but the two saw will probably never see their DeWALT blades cut a board, but I will probably keep them around just in case I ever need to cut some treated lumber. The hole saw kit and Klein kits were black Friday deals and $40 and $50 respectively (Home Depot is where I got that Impression you can't apply black Friday and military discounts together). I had it in my head that if the table saw dropped below $500 or the miter saw combo was it's usual $599, I would buy them. I just wasn't expecting them both to happen. Throw in the unexpected discount and I am a very happy camper.
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    I want more shit than I have the money to buy, place to put, or time to use.
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    Lets show off your collections! I know some guys have some awesome collections here eh um cough bmack Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got this info just passed on by Rossi7x. DeWALT is launching a rugged and waterproof mobile phone on the Android platform. Modelnumber MD501. Check it out on www.dewaltphones.com
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    Got into a project and couldn't find a wire wheel & my small grinder broke .....SO I HAD NO CHOICE .......
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    If it applies... Enjoy the day crew! Jimbo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a smoking deal today I couldnt believe my eyes. Walking inside a HD store down by Boston I noticed a DeWALT 6 gallon Pancake Compressor way up on the shelves. I ask a clerk if he could grab it. He takes it down blows the dust off and scans it and it comes up .01 ....he says they cant sell stuff once it goes down to a penny. I take it and go to service desk and explain I bought a couple before when they dropped to $40......she calls the manager he walks over and shakes my hand and says have a great day. They gave it to me for free.
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    I love Amazon warehouse deals! $140 to my door. Supposed a 1/4" by 1/4" blemish somewhere. Originally $200. Makia XST01Z oil impluse driver. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Jimbo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today is a great tool day.... I bought the Ridgid 10" Sliding miter saw , the Dewalt 7.5" Cordless 20V sliding Miter saw , a Dewalt Heat gun and The the Three Ridgid 22" stackable Plastic tool cases.
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    well guys, I changed the rules a little bit...... because the stories were hard to pick 5 people there will not be 5 names picked for stickers everyone that posted a story by midnight last night with HERE IS MY STORY will get stickers. so you are all winners........So if your username is on the list PM me your info and the stickers you want, if you want different stickers in the package let me know what size and what stickers you want. the package is : 1 sticker up to 15" long and 8" tall 2 stickers 8" long and 4" tall 2 stickers 4" long and 2" tall Here are the people getting stickers: knarlycarl jimbo unclebud marcH mikeyb 77ford01 santi_78342 frazzman stercorarius chadlanthier kruton george frontino t75r please allow 2-3 weeks from the time I get your PM for me to print them and get them shipped...thanks for sharing your stories with the Crew
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    .. Drinking the teal koolaid lol And here's this guy: .
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    Mrs. Conductor came to the realization years ago that parking a car in our garage was a pipe dream. When it's cold, I go start her car for her. It's well worth the sacrifice. Once in awhile she gets pissy about something totally unrelated and gives me the "(insert random friend) doesn't have half the garage we do and she gets to park in it!" To which I usually make some degrading comment about random friend's husband's questionable manhood due to his lack of excessive amounts of tools and forget about it.
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    just picked these up. im curious about the 6.0 battery. charged it up yesterday, off charger it read 12.4 volts, which puts it close to 11 volts in use. what im curious about is info on bottom of battery. 12v-72wh. that would put it around 6.6ah. at 10.8v [cool]. cant wait to try it today. im going to tax the m12 fuel circular saw for sure.
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    Sorry I've been so absent lately y'all, it's been a hell of a month. Well here's the last few weeks of purchases. Loved the kompact so much I picked up an RA! Also picked up some combination inserts for them. Also got a good deal on Amazon for the knipex. Still waiting on the 12" to arrive. Picked up the insulated bit flip, and the Klein 5125 for the helper/apprentice. He loves the Klein canvas bags. They are a classic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    This guy! This showed up today! Thanks Dan and Eric! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    you wouldn't know it but these decals are 23" x 13 feet long......both side of cans..... went on smoother than I thought.....for not being flat....
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    So some of you might remember that I bought a Milwaukee 2755-20 bare tool impact wrench, well I decided to return it for the friction ring version. Later as I was about to order it online I had a change of heart and since I've been going back and forth trying to decide. Well today my decision was made for me, found this 2755-20 with battery and rapid charger for $150 at a pawn shop, left with it for $130 Not even scratches on the anvil, looks like someone took it out of the box and put it on the shelf! They also have a Fuel drill, Fuel impact driver, with LED work light, two bags, charger and four batteries for $199. I think I'm going to have to go back for that...but I really would rather the Fuel hammer drill.
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    Thank you Acme Tools! Just ordered this with a $20 off discount. Can't wait!!!!
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    Hi Everyone, When Eric installed this forum it was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread, blah, blah, blah. It is the biggest pile of crap. So we are changing to VBulletin. It is gonna cost us a big chunk of change but I think it is worth it to give you all a better Forum experience. Let us know you thoughts. This will take place over the next month or so.
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