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    I used to think the same about LCD TV's. They did not have as good a picture as plasmas, had poor blacks etc etc. Somehow the manufacturers convinced the masses they were better and they started outselling plasmas. Eventually plasmas stopped being made because there wasn't enough of a market to make them economically. But if my kid hadn't turned it into a paper weight, I'd still be running my late model 64" plasma.
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    I flagged another group of new spammers today. This is a regular occurrence and what I seem to spend most of my forum time doing. Rest assured, this new group is gone.
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    4 Pole brushed motors have shrunk the gap between brushed and brushless tools. By greatly reducing the losses in the commutator, power and battery efficiency have gone up. Brushless is expensive and relies heavily on electronics. Brushed will outlast a brushless tool and is significantly cheaper to repair. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ya I’m loading up on 12ah..I have too many 9ah...wish it was. 12ah deal....
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    Hello my human friends. It is good to talking to you all about energy consuming tool devices. Please assure everything is normal as we discuss normal human conversation. Please visit my website: www.clickinthisviruswebsiteplease.ohcrap.toolate.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks guys I'll pick one up tomorrow
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    Been a while but there has been some work done. At this point in time all I have left to do is the drawers. I finished putting finish on the entire cabinet and all of the tool holders. The front of the main doors stiles and rails as well as the sides hadn't been coated yet. I made a few saw holders and really happy with how they turned out. I oversized some pieces of mahogany and tigerwood for the saw blades. This allowed the whole blade to be covered and not slice me in passing. The magnets hold the saws to the door and keep them from shifting when opening and closing. I have used magnets a lot in the tool holders and will also put some at the door corners to keep them closed. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Batteries for sure, saws are notorious for high draw. That's the primary tool people pick up high cap packs for lol love my 391 and it's new 577 brother, they're both outstanding with a capable pack
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    I've got 9ah fever I'm going back for 2 more in a couple days
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    This wasn’t a purchase but a gift. My uncle came across some planes at a yard sale. Two firsts, my first Stanley and my first transitional plane. It’s a No. 27 which means it was made between 1870 and 1918 so it’s between 100 and 148 years old. I plan on giving it a very light cleaning, maybe putting a protective finish over, and making it just a display piece.
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    So, what do all of you do during your time off? I'm currently on leave and trying to find stuff to stay occupied with until I start moving next week. The in-laws' house needs a lot of work but unfortunately my father-in-law is slipping into dementia, meaning that almost anything I do to improve the house is met with disapproval as it's not how he remembers it. I've been trying to do a few things here and there but major work will have to wait until the inevitable.
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    I am a fan of the Bosch tool. Hiltiwpg is correct. Especially for pure work, the brush motors can take more of a beating and don't shut down as quickly as a brushless motor.
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    Framers I follow say it’s 2 7/16 and won’t cut 3x in one pass. Canada, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, etc. exist with or without America. You have the military you do because your politicians are in the pockets of weapons manufacturers and you have the exact military industrial complex Eisenhower warned about. He didn’t win the majority vote, and your taxes are low to begin with because your healthcare system is a sham. I find it humorous that there are actually some people that voted for him because of “economic anxiety” though. Americans have a lot to lose. Including your preeminent position on the world stage. USA hegemony is currently being given away to China on a silver platter. Meanwhile the rest of the G7 is strengthening economic ties with each other because the USA can no longer be relied on. CETA, TPP mean the rest of the developed world is moving on without you. Study economics and you’ll realize that tariffs mean every product you get from Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Europe, etc. is more expensive for Americans. Fair trade. Lmao. No one wins in a trade war, except Russia in this case. Enjoy your extra $10 per paycheck with the tax cuts while the middle class in America continues to be eroded. We’ll see if your extra ten bucks covers your tariffs, let alone the social cost you’re paying daily whether you like it or not. Dewalt and Milwaukee were already expanding USA production before Donald was elected. All the profits from Milwaukee still go to China, and your Dewalt stuff is still mostly made in China, Czech Republic, etc. Enjoy cozying up to North Korea though. We’ll see how much Donald learns. For your sake, hopefully not too much. In the meantime my RRSP and TFSA are in for the same rough ride that your 401k and Roth IRA are in for, because barriers to free trade mean my US equities are about to get crapped on. Study economics sometime.
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    We have one. I works great. So good, I ordered another one today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wierd....I have a bunch of 20v 6ah batteries, but all my chargers are yellow fast chargers, I sold all the rest.......I know I’ve messsed up batteries completely draining them over and over...I don’t do it anymore, at 1 bar I change them out....
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    @Bremon....trust me there is no issue cutting..straight..bevels..ripping...or weight...again this is a serious saw,made for serious use, designed for framing everyday....Coming from a guy who hates left blade saws. .i use the makita rear handle everyday and this 577...really is no competition...the 577 is unmatched in any category. I would say it’s strength is power and straight long cuts, I seek it out to cut rafters and stair stringers....the rest of the time the 575 is in my hands...love that saw... I will buy and try the new Milwaukee when it’s out , just to see the hype... i use diablo tracking point blades only..best damn blades for cordless saws,thanks to you...
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    That saw should be used with a minimum 5ah battery. And use thin kerf blades like the diablo tracking point or Flexvolt blades...
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    I’m up to 5 9.0s which is plenty for me; a pair of 12.0s are my goal for summer lol.
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    Yeah the IP56 tools were pricey on release.
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    Any chance these new releases have already been mentioned by others on the forums. Specifically something that rhymes with stouter or random morbital brander?
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    No unless when you say double AAs your talking about ryobi and rigid batteries 😂🛑😡
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    Don’t see how it’s sucks ? Just how the economy works
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    If memory serves, they specifically mentioned beefing up the rafter hook, the saw coming with a dust bag and vac port attachment included, and the new motor being an absolute monster. The cut depth is slightly less than competitors at 2.5” The old Fuel 7.25” is the 2731, this is the 2732 (I know that doesn’t help you guys much since you use a much more logical model number scheme down there).
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    It is a triple hammer sibling. Same base Mechanicals. Not sure if it uses the same motor or not. I'll be opening it up to compared to the triple Hammer I opened up. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk