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    I picked up Dewalts new cordless sander. Seller made me wait for awhile so they gave me a free 2.0 battery for my trouble. Didn’t have the manual so I’ll be looking for a file online
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    Take a screw or brad nail and release the spring from the flap. Takes a few seconds and saves you from shooting four letter words when you are in a hurry.
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    The new DeWalt compact router came in today, thing is tiny and it's quieter then I thought it would be Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Some pics and product info on IG, toolsbydesign.
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    The last part of your post better describes Milwaukee. In the meantime they offer OPE on 3 platforms, and offer no edger while Milwaukee offers no mower. Can’t please everyone I guess.
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    My bad, yea in the US metal saws have different arbors than wood saws. I don't think I would want to use a wood saw to cut metal either but I know Diablo makes a metal blade for most of your common sizes and they can spin at like 11000rpm.
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    Like the FV string trimmer. Big battery, small charger. Probably to keep the price down for the homeowner buying his first FV tool. The gateway tool. Anybody that uses FV for a living already has several fast chargers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New house means new garage build. The first picture is my primary workbench Pegboard is from Wall Control The second picture is Barrina lights from Amazon. I think they are an amazing addition to the garage.
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    I love Ridgid's orange/black scheme, but I do feel extra cool when I bust out my black Ridgid tools.
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    True, that did look the case in the comparison, but the difference will be that the max will be under almost no strain at 3/4", the plus machines will be nearing their upper limit. Also, I've had a couple of reliability issues with my M28 machines of late, so I'm backing away from the brand. The Dewalt machines have so far proven more reliable.
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