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    I just can't get enough of my local Home Depot, granted it is only gen 2 but a smokn deal $198CAD
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    I started my son's chest of drawers and night stand today. These will match the hamper I made in back in March. It will be a cherry frame with walnut sides and drawer fronts. I didn't get a pic of all the wood and me trying to figure out which pieces will come from what boards. From the 8/4 boards I figured out the best layout that would yield me the best excess material. A few cuts got a little close so hopefully I meet all of my dimensions. After layout, which took forever, I cut the pieces out on the bandsaw. I wanted to leave as few pieces as possible so that I wouldn't be wasting wood off the bat but I decided to cut each piece out. Doing this I should eliminate any surprising twist after I let these sit for a day. Wood stress usually happens when cutting thick boards so hopefully if any movement happens it occurs now and not after final dimensioning. Pic of the hamper for example. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Both with suffice and you'll be happy with both. Makita has a larger selection tho. Specially for OPE. And all fat pack batteries ( 3 amp or more ) are interchangeable without any loss of power ( bigger Milwaukee tools need the biggest batteries to function as intended. )
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    Hi again next teaser; cordless router // DCW600B ==> DCW600B - 20V MAX COMPACT ROUTER with B ending and 20V max it must be the North American version Rubber overmold for better controlall metal motor can• Dual LED lights to illuminate work• Variable speed I have "more stuff" you guys need to wait ! but you can start saving up some money !
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    The new CEO comes from JC Penny and is really shaking the tree. Major changes in upper management. It will be interesting to see what happens. I don't know how much of their focus is on tools. Most of the store is other stuff. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Hi Midogrumpy You say you have more stuff! Can you tell us how long we have to wait till you can release more details?? Getting itchy waiting!!
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    If the service center deal if still live, that is your best battery deal. Turn in two ancient worthless batteries from a thrift etc for two 9/3 flexvolt, $199
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    I hope you get it fixed! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here you go Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Wiss is Apex these days, with a corresponding drop in quality. Malco or Midwest is the way to go if you want a good tool. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Rockler is doing a sale through August 30th that has a bunch of different deals. Might be worth looking into. http://www.rockler.com/rockler-promotions/current-promotions
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    Dude. Watch this video. Look at what Nick Offerman uses in his home made slabbing sled.
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    Awesome...great addition to the line finally...
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    In all honesty, you'll be happy with either brand. I only own Milwaukee 18v & 12v and Makita 18v and there's nothing more I need. Milwaukee releases their tools at a faster pace (at least here in NA) so they frequently have class-leading tools in terms of specs. Obviously their reciprocating saws are their bread and butter but their circular saws are also great and when it comes to jobsite lighting, they're in a tier by themselves. They have lots of promos at Home Cheapo but I generally prefer eBay or Acme for red tools. If you only want to invest in 1 platform, I'd give the nod to Makita. You can go small with the subcompact line or go big with their X2 tools. I feel Makita's drills and impacts are the most refined and highest quality available. Milwaukee and DeWalt often have quirks with theirs, such as jaws that continue spinning in the chuck after the trigger has been released, obnoxiously loud brakes in speed 2, high-pitched squeals and difficulty feathering the trigger (the latter two were especially prevalent in the M18 Fuel Gen 2 drill/impact). Makitas can be feathered far easier than any other brand if you're doing precision work. Another thing to note is their standard charger is the most efficient/fastest of the "Big 3" brands. Ergonomically their grips and trigger placements are the best, with only Hitachi and DeWalt coming close. Lastly, there's little to no battery slop. Either way, you can't go wrong.
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    Had a Rockwell POS table saw that was way out of alignment with no way to adjust, Menards took it back and gave us credit for it sooooo.........
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    well here it is DCS335 variable speed LED lights
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    here is abetter pic/ btter resolution of dcs334
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    That's exactly why I kept a set of Ridgids, for framing and porch/deck work.
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    Give it the boot! Ultimate surface and tool protection. Part: 49-16-2553 Price: $22 Order from Milwaukee service center or Home Depot online. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I have been in dire need of a miter station for I don't know how long now. With building my hand tool cabinet I had to move my miter saw to the other bench. Well that just isn't working. There is no dust collection besides the shop vac hose and the Bosch has miserable DC to begin with so it really isn't any help. With my limited space I needed to put my drill press in the miter station as well. That presented some design issues that needed to be addressed. I think I have them worked out though. Since I haven't taken the time to learn SketchUp or fusion 360 yet, I draw out all of my plans. This make me actually math sometimes which is fine. Don't judge my super sweet drafting skills. Thanks miter station will be 104" wide. Ill have slightly over 6' to the right and 2.5' to the left. To the left of the miter station is 3 more feet to the wall. I currently store my planer flip top cart there. There is also a door there. So if a longer space is really needed I can just open the door. The bottom right will be open as that is my crawl space access. It works out for me anyways as I keep the shop vac and air compressor there. Nothing should change there. It will have 4 spaces for drawers. They won't be super wide as I won't have the space. I think they come out to 11", 11.5", and 14.5" wide, plus whatever the final saw space needed is. Yesterday I went and bought three sheets of 3/4" maple plywood. I had one already at home. This will get me the carcass construction and base top at least. I haven't figured out a drawer layout so that will come later. I might keep some of it open for cutoff storage. Today I started to break down the plywood. I broke two down at 24"x36.25". I had maple veneer left over from the armoire build and used it to veneer the front faces. [emoji16] My current bench is 37" and I like the height. I'm 6'1" so it measures out pretty nicely. I used my kreg jig and drilled the holes out for two of the cabinets. I got one of them assembled today before the gym and work. I'll put the other one together tomorrow. If I had a Makita oil impulse impact I would do it after work tonight lol. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I've done used tires before, I feel that if you have a good shop with a good owner, you'll be fine. I luckily have one, he's the best. I just bought new tires from him not that long ago. Sometimes times are tough and in those times a small business owner that is a straight shooter that won't upsell you is your best friend.
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    The only used tires I would use are what they call 90% take offs with a good date on them
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    This is an older photo of my current set up. The only reason I attached it is because it’s on the wodest wall I still have available. I commonly have up to 10’+ hanging on the left side of my saw on the support. I too am going to be building an entire miter saw, storage location with room for my mortiser. The thing is I need a lot of room for longer pieces and have worked hard to keep that wall behind my saw clear... Also, being of similar mind, I went to architectural and mechanical drafting school back when autocad was being introduced....yeah....87-89. Your drawing skills are 🤟 I run all Apple and cannot use Sketchup and don’t know what Fusion is. Cannot wait to see the finished product dude and I just received my plans for the tool cabinet from Finewoodworking. I did not realize they were free (digital) to members of the library. Dohhh!