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    I didn't buy these today, but I finally got around to unpacking them today:
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    I’m a packout guy too... Love them, my Home Depot store recently started carrying the boxes and they have the organizers. I guess they are going to be stocking the packout tool bags as well. I had a couple cases and I just picked up the three piece kit on sale for $199 at Runnings.
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    Working great so far. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone I’m new here, I’m a retired Philadelphia Firefighter and own a small Contracting company that specializes in Marine Construction, Docks, Decks, pilings etc. Although I’ve been doing a lot of laminate plank flooring lately whatever pays the bills, Anyway I live in a very small resort town on the Atlantic Ocean called Diamond Beach it’s just above Cape May Nj . I just purchased a New Dewalt circular saw today model DW358, if you’re scratching your head saying they haven’t made that saw in over 20 years he’s got the wrong number well you’re right and wrong.They haven’t made it since the mid 90’s but I found one today at a Local mom and pop Hardware store so I called Dewalt and since I have a receipt they said I can register it even though some of the replacement parts are discontinued. Just wondering if anyone else has had anything with new old stock and what the manufacturer told you?If anyone remembers Hechinger they were a big box store like The Depot or Blowes! This is where the saw came from originally but when they went out of business my local guy bought a bunch of stock. Check out the pictures and I’ll see you on the high seas! P.S. this was made here in the good ol USA! Regards Captain Jack
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    Very lightly used 1.75hp pcs. I got the industrial base and switched out the pcs base that came with it. The previous owner made an outfeed table that comes off and folds up. A cross cut sled, 2 regular brake cartridges, 1 dado cartridge, and a dado throat plate came with it. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I got the Ridgid MegaMax system -- base tool and heads: reciprocating saw head, right angle drill head, and SDS drill. These are much more powerful and solid than the JobMax line, though the JobMax is still quite handy for smaller jobs. Also picked up a 2 pack of 9ah Octane batteries from HD on a one day sale for $179.
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    Plans are an easy sell. They are a do once and can continue to profit. As far as pricing that is up to what you want. Do you want to sell 10 plans at $20 or 20 plans at $10? I am more apt to place a cheap plan in my cart or multiple as opposed to buying a high prices plan. If you look around at a lot of YouTube maker plans they range from free to $20. The more popular plans like Jay Bates workbench and miter station are $20 but diy Tyler's miter station is $5 or $10. I can't remember but I had bought it. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I have tied a 1/4” poly rope to handle, other end loosely tied around steering column, with a big knot about 15” back from handle, to quickly grab rope. This is to keep you in your seat to lift plow, otherwise, you will be leaning over steering wheel, forcing you out of the seat, which unless in neutral or park, could cause u to press on accelerator causing injury or damage! next will be a way to rotate blade from siting in seat, left , straight, right. Currently there is a 1/2” or so pin that drops down with hair pin clip to hold in place. The Ryobi is so power full, that when doing sidewalks , if Blade is full of snow, it doesn’t Bogg down, it’s like the snow and plowed aren’t even there. Great set up ! 🎉🎉
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    Here is the snow plow,.it works great, but to keep it quiet (stealth mode), I inserted a 5/16” thick hard plastic in between the blade and their wear plate. Their wear plate is a 1/4” thick x 2” painted steel plate, and I figured that would make a lot of noise plowing early in the mornings, I haven’t woke up any neighbors yet!
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    Keep us posted on this. If you're cutting fiber cement with it you should use a dust extractor with it, that dust is pretty abrasive and with the screeching sound along with the blade being hard to turn by hand it could be gummed up with the dust
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    Closed cell foam from Foam N More Inc, glued in place with 3m weatherstripping adhesive.
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    Not sure how these flew under the radar but I'm glad I held off on getting a 9". This paired with a couple 8.0 batteries, milwaukee found another way to take my money.
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    No worries. My plethora of corded tools makes me a confirmed tool troglodyte too,
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    Ordered a new pair of yellow drills, delivered yesterday................... just not to my address! DPD, you suck! Now the long wait.
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    We are being blessed with a little girl, Lillian Grace 😇
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    Looks like my garage [emoji16]. Btw....is the new baby going to be a bit or girl? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    kayakerbob plowed my drive and all of the sidewalks on the street today with his RM480ex and the new front mounted plow from HD. Did a pretty good job and you didn’t hear him at all. Good way to condition those new batteries,
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    I agree that the system is priced high, but, once I picked up a few pieces and started using them I was hooked. The organizers are perfect for the way that I set up my hardware, I feel like Milwaukee was listening to all the complains people had about other organizers. If you are still listening Milwaukee, I really need some flat mounting plates for trucks or walls, or enclosed trailer benches so the packouts can lock in securely when moving. Oh yeah, and a rolling cart without the big tool box on the bottom.
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    That little guy has some torque! I was driving lag bolts, 4 in screws for 4 hours! Blows my 18 volt makita out of the water.