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    Hi not in Europe; boxes are "wll alive" most of the cordless tools (of course that fit in size) are delivered in a TSTAK-II toolbox also the dt70716 carrier is well expanded now with bit sets that fit insinde; also thoughcase(TM) mini is one of "five new boxes / sets one example:
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    Try acmetools Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just got my ac/dc adapter in the mail today. Now I am waiting on 2 free batteries. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Signs are they’ve been working on a brushless OMT for some time, but when it releases I would guess it will probably just be marketed as the “compact” replacement for the current one, even though diagrams online suggest it could be worthy of “subcompact” status. Even though I’m a fan of the line in concept I don’t have many current tools I expressly want a subcompact for. Makita does so well just making their regular tools compact that the subcompacts are often overkill for me. Like why isn’t their 4” brushless angle grinder considered “sub-compact”? I don’t think it even makes sense to go smaller than that. Of the ones already out, I think the one I would be most likely to get would be the brushless recip saw. The circular saw is also pretty compelling except I don’t want blade right, so maybe a blade left model. I could totally go for a subcompact brushless die grinder...that would basically just be the shameless Dremel knockoff I’ve been wishing forever for Makita to make. A brushless sheet sander would probably qualify as subcompact whether or not they would choose to market it as such. Oh and a subcompact brushless screwdriver, based on the subcompact drill, analogous to the drivers they have in their CXT line. That would be pretty swank.
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    I love the Makita sub-compact range and Toolbane's recent post of the upcoming sub-compact bandsaw got me thinking about what else I'd like to see in it. Top of my list is a brushless OMT followed by a brushless angle impact driver. Would also love a flex-click type installation driver and a sub-compact angle driver (if they could manage it). What would you guys want to see?
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    I’m not huge into yards and consequently don’t have a huge yard. But I have huge trees which means lots of leaves. Huge leaves. I’ve mostly gone with Ryobi stuff to handle most of my yard things but this is one tool I think I won’t be able to resist. https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XBU04ZV
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    It'll nor vac pine cones. The vanes in the fan are approx 1 cm apart (1/2 inch), and that three prong blade is more about clearing blockages than chopping hard things like cones. Sounds like you need an old golf ball pick up machine from a driving range! Or an old mower that you don't mind denting the blade on pine cones?
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    I have this. It’s a brilliant tool. There are very few manufacturers making vac/blowers so I delighted that one of them was Makita so I could use my existing batteries. I use it a bit for tidying the garden after the mower, mainly the grass clippings that always escape onto the patio. Its biggest benefit is to vac the guinea pigs hutch, it happily chomps up the clumps of damp wood shavings and hay in seconds. The full power vac mode runs the batteries down quickly (5Ah in10-15 min) but it also has a half power mode that lasts a lot longer. Perhaps 20-30 min. The trigger is progressive with a lock so you can adjust the power to what you need. I’m guessing the timing because I can get two weekends on one charge. It does seem an expensive toy for 10 mins each weekend but it saves the hassle of reaching into the hutch with a dustpan brush, and it pulls grass clippings from the gaps between paving stones which saves having to weed them out when they take root.
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    I would love to see some trade specific tools. Like the Band saw, which they just announced, thanks toolbane. I would like to see something like the Bosch FlexiClick.
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    https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XBP04Z https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XBP05ZB I was just wondering if Makita was still doing anything with their popular subcompact line then they announce this little bandsaw. Nice to see they’re still moving with that lineup.
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    As a result of competition most impacts are too powerful. Sure its great that a guy on youtube can drive a 1/2" lag bolt or take off a lug nut but for driving screws they don't need that much power.
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    This morning I used the driver/bit as you described, and it is much better. The magnetic effect tends to hold the bit in place. However, it is not totally satisfactory, as the bit still tends to escape from its magnetic clutches from time to time. I think what I really need is an impact-ready square driver bit with a notch on its shaft, and use that directly in the driver. Hopefully the hardware store has one. Seems like the Dewalt bit set was a bit of a waste of money for me. BTW, the DFC887 is just too strong most of the time. It has 3 settings: 'weak', 'too powerful', and 'even more powerful'. It is necessary to ride the trigger almost all the time, which is something the manual tells you not to do! What it really needs is to have its 'too powerful' setting toned down a notch or two.
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    20V Max actually IS the same as the 18V nominal standard that everyone else uses. It’s just a difference in how the measurement is taken...Max is when a fully-charged battery is sitting idle while nominal is the battery under load across its entire operating range.
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    It sounds to me like you are inserting the driver tip directly into the drill. You will need to use the silver 1/4” driver in the drill first. It has a notch at the end designed to lock into the impact. Then the tip goes into the driver and that should be held in with either a magnet or a wire ring inside the silver driver.
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    Infos: much info available; you just have to know were to LOOK ! here is just one example cheers
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    I have 3 installed in my garage but I also utilize some of the larger boxes. I think @JakeDewalt 's 7-8 guess sounds reasonable. I personally wouldn't cram all 8 full of screws and then place them all on the same rack. The racks are only rated for 440 lbs. I would go for 2 racks just for that extra versatility. If you get any of the larger boxes you have flexibility in how you want to setup your racks whereas a single rack would be limited. Plus with the racks come with an organizer so if you get 2 racks you will also have 2 organizers.
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    It comes with 5 sets of Arms. I would think with the smaller boxes and additional arms you could fit 7 or 8 depending on weight
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