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    I don't have it yet, but my wife ordered this for me for my birthday: Should see it in a week or two.
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    Picked up some new gear for work!
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    I have one as well as the fuel sawzall, gen1 hackzall, and a m12 fuel hackall. Winter is our slow time so I haven't got to use it a lot but I would say the m18 fuel hackzall is my favorite. It's definately more powerful than the m12 fuel but it's also a quit a bit bigger. As far as that goes it's a bit bigger than the gen 1 hackzall as well but slightly more powerful and it's brushless so I would assume it has better run time but like I said I haven't really got to use it much. It's hard to say if it's really that much better to justify buying it, I guess it depends what your doing with it. In my case I have a tool problem and just had to have the newest one.
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    Last year I purchased the hand tool cabinet plans from fine wood working. It was the only one i saw that hit all of the things I wanted in a cabinet. So last November r I purchased some mahagony for a hand tool cabinet and it has been in my garage ever since. I don't have a lot of band saw experience and attempted to resaw the top and bottom last month that. It went terribly. The blade went off track in the wood and I had to cut the blade. It was a 1/2" blade I believe. I purchased a 3/4" Laguna blade (non resaw king) a while ago and just had no time to start it. I planned to get it started and use a friend's large dovetail jig. He has no time for us to get together so I decided to start and hand cut these dovetails. This will only be my second time doing dovetails. Today I spent about 30 minutes before shift to get the band saw tuned and aligned to the 3/4" blade. I had time to cut one piece so I went for it. I resawed the shorter piece which will be the top and bottom. Amazingly it turned out perfect. I won't have time until Sunday to do the last two pieces (two sides and doors). For the door panels I will be resawing tiger wood. Should look really good with the mahagony. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Got the tails cut out and started on the pins. I got one corner chiseled out. Not the best but certainly not the worst. I probably should have practiced. Not horrible for my second time cutting dovetails though. I think I will go back and re establish the line up just a little. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I finally was able to get some more work done today. I got the reat of the pieces mapped out on my boards. I had just enough. Then I got the dovetails layed out and cut. I used a coping saw for the waste. I thinner blade would be nice. They turned out pretty well so far. My chisels are in dier need of sharpening so I'm done for the night. Don't like to hammer late anyways. Hopefully I will get them chiseled out tomorrow. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    upper cabinets went in without a hitch, all lined up and ready for flooring now......
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    Mahogany's sheen is soo underappreciated. I need to pick some up.
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    more custom work for kitchen cabinets, this plate rack will be mounted above a really long 77" window. At each end will have a 15" x 15" cabinet with a door, and beside that a 15" x 30" cabinet. in order to do this I took a 30" x 30" double door cabinet and cut it up to make 2x 15" x 15" and 1x 15" x 30" by cutting one door in half. ok so all the boring fun taping and mudding is done, time to mock up the custom cabinets I pre built to see how they will all line up. It is imperative that they go on wall clean and square as I will be applying back splash all around and right to ceiling. everything looks like even spaces everywhere. drape them off and slap some paint on the ceiling.... slowly starting to take shape, some paint and trim on one side of area, the bit more to do list is getting shorter and shorter.....
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    Yea I think it's alright to try show how they all perform on the same size battery, but like you say some batteries actually change the performance of the grinder. I think it would be dumb to not at least compare the grinders with the best battery available to the tool. At the end of the day I want to know the best combination of a tool and battery, the numbers don't really mean as much as real world performance.
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    It's really hard to decide. Can you use Metabo / Bosch 7Ah 20700 cell batteries, and then NOT use the 9ah batteries? If we use only 5Ah batteries for all brands, we won't be seeing the full abilities of the grinders. Runtime will be scored on a per Ah to help even it out. Actually you're right, scoring per Ah actually advantages the Hilti because it is 21.6V. I think I'll ignore it in scoring for simplicity, just mention it.
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    You guys should compare batteries based on WH rather than straight AH, or at least mention it. Using 9.0 AH is a little skewed! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I’ve been using my old pairs of pearlzumi winter mtb gloves. They are warm, water resistant, and fit well so I still have a good amount of hand dexterity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have the 20v xr grinder, it's great lots of power I can get about 15 minutes of runtime with a flexvolt battery, the paddle switch can be a little finicky, but as long as you don't need the bigger wheel and have extra batteries it's a beast, if you think you will need the larger wheel on the flexvolt get it I don't have it but have used it before and it has balls Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Great work on the dovetails. Some day I'd like to aspire to hand cut some, but for now, I just picked up the RTJ400 and have been having fun doing them on my router table.
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    Thanks for the input. I will get a couple Hilti bits to try out. I dont do a ton of concrete drilling, but i would like some decent bits for when I do
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    Id love to try out the Oil impulse driver.
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    Been using the impact for all kinds of stuff, it's a really great gun. Takes bolts out of reach truck drive wheels, which are torqued to 170 ft/lbs, super easy. I used it yesterday on a rack kit, to repair a damaged frame. Used the impact to sink a couple of 3/4" Titans into the floor, did it like the floor was made of butter. All of the other impacts we use for that kind of stuff struggle sometimes, sometimes you have to drive the Titan in, then pull it out and drive it back in again...do that a couple of times to get them to sink in all the way. The IR did it like butter, I couldn't feel any resistance at all. I was actually worried that the guys drilled the holes too big but I cranked on the Titans with a wrench to see if they were loose or would easily loosen, they were tight as tight can get. Also grabbed another almost new Flexzilla Pro compact impact, which makes the total of those 5 or 6 by now. Still had the box, high-flow swivel connector, papers, etc.. Don't know what it is about them, people use them and then return them. Never anything wrong with them except being dirty from use...wait, I take that back, one had a busted trigger, but the other 4 or 5 I've pulled have worked perfectly so far. It's all good to me because now most of the guys in the shop have their own. Nice when you get free tools And once again I'm stunned by what we throw away. Just pulled out of the scrap bin yesterday, almost brand new, probably used once, Lincoln Powerluber 1884. 20v Lithium grease gun. I saw the gun in the bin and I think my eyes bugged out, I instantly grabbed my hook to pull it out. Pulled the case out of the garbage, and managed to pull the extra battery out of the scrap bin with a magnet. Perfect condition, not a scratch and barely any signs of use. Had grease in it so it must have been used, but I'll be danged if I can find any problems with it. One battery was close to full charge, the other wasn't. Charged them both to make sure they'd take a charge and that the charger was working. Put a grease cartridge in it and it pumped perfectly. Didn't have the typical sticker on it explaining why it was returned so I don't know what the excuse was, but I don't care. I have one of the 18V PowerLubers that I use a ton, but gave it to one of the guys, I'll use this one now. I'll get pics Monday if I remember to take my phone out on the floor
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    You’ll love it! Much more power than the m12 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    anyone here have the new M18 Fuel Hackzall ? If so is it worth it ? I use hackzalls all the time and love my M12 Fuel ones.
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    I have the standard M18 Hackzall and it works like a charm.
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    Pivoting shoe but no telescoping so yep that's one thing it has over the other hackzalls. If I were in the market for one I would definately pick the m18 fuel or if it was a tool I used heavily everyday maybe it's worth the upgade. I just don't know if I would say it's lightyears ahead of the brushed where it's like you have to upgrade.
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    But it also has that pivoting shoe. Does the shoe telescope too or is it fixed in place like the original? I will admit my only real gripe from the original had to deal with the fact that it didn’t pivot. That’s really useful when you are working.
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    Yea it's still very comfortable as a one handed saw but it's not as compact as you would think. When you see it by itself it looks like they shaved some size off it which they did in some places. But it's still bigger than the gen 1 almost like it's not as wide but they stretched it out and now it's longer.
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    Hello everyone, I want to send Milwaukee 6955-20 (110v ) mitre saw to my friend in Europe ,only problem is voltage.There is 220v ,Is it possible to run saw on 3000 or 5000w step down converter (220-110v) ? Thank you.
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    I didn't realize it was that much larger! I want that shoe on my M12s!
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    Phil!!! How the heck are you bro!?!? Nope don’t have it but I have been very tempted to get it. I really like the non Fuel first gen I had like five or 6 years ago. Actually it was the only Milwaukee tool that I really liked at the time (opinion SLIGHTLY changing)
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    all tiled and grouted ready for cabinets
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    So, I had the non-FUEL M12 hackzall and it was fine for PVC pipe, but that was about it; I was disappointed trying to cut tree branches. Then I stepped up to non-FUEL M18 and was very pleased. They recently had a good deal on the FUEL M12 and getting a free bare tool, so I did that and liked it so much I sold my M18. I would only guess the FUEL M18 is badass, but I haven’t used it to know. My only “complaint” with the m12 is I just don’t have that many batteries.
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    I just received shipping and tracking info from Acme last night for the 2x20v mower. Says I should have it Monday, so that is awesome news. Surprising there hasn’t been much press or previews floating around.
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    Joe, if you just compare specs you'll easily find that the DeWalt line lasers have some of the highest lack of accuracy around. I don't know feet and inches but in millimeters the DeWalt has a possible 3 mm inaccuracy for every 10 meters. ( Compared to 1.5 for most decent lasers or even 1mm for hilti/these Makita ) So for any range larger then a living room the dewalts are way off. Can't even get them calibrated more correctly. Short ranges it'll be ok.
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    You can if you overspec(for safety sake) the step down/up converter but it will be heavy (terrible idea if he needs to move it around) and normally they're pretty loud. They used to be pretty expensive but you can get them for pretty cheap now. I would definitely run it on a GFCI just for the sake of the Chinese converters. Will it really be worth it to ship it to him? It's really expensive to ship to Europe these days.
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    Got a bolt in the fence handle today and started to cut the pieces for the cabinet. I must have miscalculated at some point and don't have enough wood. I have to go into town tomorrow anyways and will pick up another board. This cabinet is getting expensive. On a good side note, I am loving how the mahogany is looking. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    The horizontal connectors attaching the green to the blue vertical and the blue cabinet wouldn’t require access on the right side. That would be the blind side with the little fins that pop out. The cross drilled hole to access and tighten screw in connector could face inwards on either of the green pieces so you would tighten them from the inside between the uprights. When you sit at the desk, especially if you’re “behind” that vertical panel in the center, you’d never see the plug holes. Here's a top down picture of what I"m referring to and a close up cut-away of the connector system.
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    Made some progress this week and also hit a huge snag on the hand tool cabinet First I ripped all the 8/4 mahogany down which went very smoothly. The boards did have some tension and cupped on me. I let them sit a few days and went to my wood store and had them joint the boards again. I planed them today. I jointed the edges and then started to rip some of the pieces down to find all dimension. The case will get hand cut dovetails. I got the case sides cut and as I moved my fence for the last adjustment for the sides, the hand snapped off. I contacted delta for a warranty replacement part. They approved it and will hopefully be here next week. Until then I can cut the sides to length and start those dovetails. Probably will take me all week anyways. Lol So right now I have a whole lot of beautiful mahagony just sitting there. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Hello, I'm doing a blog about differences in modern tooling and their vintage counterparts and why people would rather use them than the modern equivalents. The reverse also applies, if you have a modern tool that you would never replace with an older model what would that tool be and what type of use do you preform with the tool? Background: I'm a college student and for a class I decided to do a project about hand tools. One of my requirements for this project is to do a digital campaign, which I have chosen to do my campaign on tooling. I have a passion for learning about tools and what the differences that go through each iteration of their new life cycle as they are "improved".
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    I don't know if I'd say the Skil would be "settling" really. From the reviews I've read, it's a very nice saw with plenty of power and a decent fence. It doesn't come with a wheeled cart, but if you're embedding it into an island, that's really a non-issue.
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    There's more: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/home/tools/reviews/gmp1328/5-reciprocating-saw-accessories-you-should-own-16074749/
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    Brilliant !!!! looks great
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    line up range hood, install to wall. (I put extra stud supports prior to drywall in approx area.) screw to wall and remove. put screws back in wall, tile all around screws. This way when wall is grouted range hood installation will be easy peasy
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    That's me... total fan boy. I will justify purchasing any tool (especially if it's blue and cordless) in my sick head.
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    The cell voltage is 3.6 vdc. 3.6 x 5 series cells is 18 vdc. In series, the amperage stays the same. In parallel, the current adds up and the voltage stays the same. Higher capacity battery packs are made up of combinations of 5 series cells, in parallel groups of 2 or 3, and in some cases 4 . Hilti uses 21.6 volt batteries as they use 6 cells in series/combinations. The voltage is 3.6 per cell as specified by the cell manufacturer. The “Max” term is used to describe the no-load voltage measurement. The 20V max description is misleading and inaccurate as the battery pack will NEVER deliver 20 volts to the tool under any load. It’s marketing bullshit. Plain and simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think its just an alternate design for the XRH07, the patent was just filed. I have a feeling it will turn out to be a 1 3/4" - 2" hammer. DeWalt has one coming out soon, i'd be surprised if we didn't see Makita come out with one next year.
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    I am a new tool kind of guy with quality in mind. When I went to construction school I wasn't much into tools yet. I basically went to the store and went cheap on the tools I needed. I have replaced a few of those tools due to being insufficient for the job/not working well/breakage but the rest of them have yet to become unusable. Now days if I need a tool I like to research my options so I can try and get a quality option from a pro or higher brand. If I need a tool quick but haven't done any research, I go to the store and do a quick research of whats is available at the store on my phone then buy a good option. Most of the time I research online about a type of tool I need/want then order the one I decide I want. I tend to avoid any brand less than pro because I don't want to take my chances.
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    A few years ago my wife painted an accent wall behind our bed a lightish blue color. The rest of the walls were a tanish brown. She hated it and we just never got around to changing it. Last year she mentioned a ship lap wall of some sort. She couldn't decide on how rustic it should be. Decided on not rustic but able to see some wood grain due to the rest of the furniture not being rustic at all. To keep the cost down I decided to do a faux shiplap wall with 1/4" plywood. Painted the wall behind it white and used Brad nails with trim adhesive to attach the boards. It came out very well. The stain was kind of a pain to get what my wife wanted. I tried white wash and it wasn't white enough for her. Ended up spreading solid deck stain thin and she liked it. Topped it off with a few coats of water based poly. I trimmed the wall with poplar boards and had a seem in the middle of the wall. My father in law has a cnc and I asked him to cnc me a square with an "R" in it. I put a bottom lip on it and it is kind of like a key stone for the wall. Ill get a pic of it later. Of course with the new wall the old trim and color just weren't going to do anymore. We eventually dedicided on our house color which is a true navy blue color. Painted the walls and painted new mission style trim. This also led to us wanting new doors. We had the standard 6 panel door and they were original to the house. I decided to make my own trim as well. This was pretty easy and really like how it is turning out. I got the doors installed earlier this week and got the doors trimmed today. The top still needs to be attached as I needed to get the sides done first to get the correct width for the overhangs and paint the edges. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I found one other video reviewer who mentions he had the same problem, he didn’t show it tho, just says milwaukee sent him another to test and that’s what he used. I wonder how some of these guys get these tools sent to them for testing. Every video is the same stuff in a different garage except one guy who pets his cat and drills in a frozen tree stump in his front yard lol I’d like to see someone actually use these at work and post a video of that. If I were milwaukee I’d say “ here’s the tool, send us back an x-minute long video of u using the tool at work and we will edit and post the video.” Tool reviewers can still do their independent reviews but at least there would be some video out there besides 15 different guys drilling a 3/4” spade bits into a board in their garage. As as far as the clicking goes... I wonder if it’s the brake. I noticed this and if u watch in the video u can hear the drill brake real hard kinda like dewalt drills do. My drill did this too but now that the issue is gone it brakes smoothly-er like any milwaukee drill does.
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    Same deal as Ridgid. The guys who make the good pipe wrenches own the brand, but they aren't the ones who make the home Depot Power tools. TTi does by paying them for a license to use the trademark and slap it on tti tools in home Depot.