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    The Planer is here! Biggest changes: 3mm cut depth, brushed was only 2mm 25mm rebate, brushed was 9mm dual port dust extraction AWS Batt gauge Torque control Quite a lot of changes! My review:
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    As many of you (or at least the few of you that still frequent this site) have witnessed, I tend to be a bit verbose in many of my posts. Simply put, I like to write and consider every outlet to be an opportunity to refine both writing skills and style. It is not always the best form on discussion boards such as this, but I firmly believe that well worded and grammatically correct posts add something to a conversation a lot of times. Well, within reason...often longer posts tend to be skipped over. I'm guilty of this myself in some replies, opting to focus on a sentence or paragraph instead of the entire post. Anyway, I write this now as an attempt to crank open my writing faucet. You see, I made an impulsive decision last week to begin my graduate certificate--not in Construction Management or Business, but in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. As I get older I realize that higher-paying management or executive jobs lack appeal, and that I want to continue to do some kind of public service into adulthood (I'm only in my early 40s now). Well, that is if the military is a public service. If it isn't I guess these past two decades have been spent simply adding to the kill count either directly or indirectly. I digress; I started class yesterday and am currently stuck trying to reprogram my brain from my Criminal Justice undergraduate degree and my military training to the world of psychology and psychopathology of substance use. In essence, I'm writing here instead of completing the Blackboard discussion board post I've been struggling with since 0700 simply because I can make some progress here. So, why substance abuse counseling? To be honest, I've witnessed the effects of alcohol and drugs on too many of those close to me. I've also allowed alcohol to turn me into someone I no longer recognized, caring little about things and staring at the brink of complete ruin. Do I plan to become a counselor? Probably not in the near-term. My philosophy is that earning this certificate will better enable me to function as a law enforcement officer in a couple of years. While not in the job description, police officers sometimes have to act as counselors and remediators, and most lack training in how to empathize with criminals or even the victims themselves. For this same reason, I've been a credentialed military Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for almost eight years, and volunteer to become a Master Resilience Trainer three years ago. Every little bit helps, and the fm2176 that went full throttle into Baghdad in early April 2003 does not need to be the Officer fm2176 interacting with the American public in the coming years. Anyway, back to class. I know this thread is entirely different than most of what is shared in the TIA forums, even here in Pub Talk, but can any of you relate? Have you ever found yourself writing an academic or professional essay, report, post, or anything else while struggling to get started? What about diversifying your professional portfolio instead of honing in on a core capability (I suppose that in the trades this would be akin to an electrician gaining a working knowledge of plumbing, or a heavy equipment operator acquiring a CDL in case he needed to haul equipment).
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    @fm2176 its kinda funny my parents are the ones that use emotes, texting talk/abbreviations, and improper grammar/punctuation and not myself. I'm like you, I prefer to use proper grammar, punctuation, and whatnot as long as I don't make any typos. I try to read the longer posts but as the length of content increases, the amount of content missed can also increase. If someone has a question in a thread, and I can help out, I try to answer to the best of my ability. If there are multiple questions it bothers me if only a portion of the questions are answered and not all. If I can only answer a portion of the questions I will try to let the individual know I do not have an answer for the remainder and if I know how to get to the answer but not the means to do so I try to help them get in the right direction.
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    Nice comparison tests. The torque adjustment struck me as easily discernible. Although it slowed more than expected under light load, as you pushed it harder the degree of slowing down didn’t increase until much heavier loading. I picked up the brushed model about a year ago and then saw this on getting released and wondered if I would be lamenting not having it, even though this is not a tool I need often. I’m impressed with it but not dissatisfied just sticking with the older model I have.
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    They need a 120v dust extractor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Keep us posted with some pics brotha! I’m doing some painting jobs right now I should post some pics to just been so dang busy 😱
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    Christmas/New Year present to myself. Runs pretty sweet. Cuts 3mm, old brushed version does 2mm And this new one has a 25mm (1") rebate, super handy and one of the main reasons I got it. Not available in the states yet, but shouldn't be long I guess. I have done a review on my channel for those interested. Happy New Year!
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    It can't hurt to have both the smaller and the more powerful impact wrenches. As it stands now, I find myself using an impact driver and adapter for running off nuts that have already been broken loose. I found a DCF880 on clearance at Tractor Supply a couple of years ago but passed on it. I have both the Fuel 2763 and 2767, but those are rather large, so eventually I'd like to get a more compact 1/2" impact wrench as well as 3/8" and 1/4" tools. I guess the good thing about having so many different battery systems is that I'm not tied to a particular brand, so I'll likely pick up whatever I find cheap--be it DeWalt, M12, M18, Ridgid, or Ryobi.
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    Yea I’ve noticed it too, this forum has always had its share of spam unfortunately so guys more persistent than others, quite a few years ago we had some fun with a guy trying to sell Lufkin tapes from Apex Tool Group, anyone else remember that one? LOL ah that made me laugh, I miss those day’s around here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1/4 in., 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. Drive Socket Set (200-Piece) https://www.homedepot.com/p/207186810 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I actually picked up the dcf880 on a black Friday deal with a free battery and then I had to take advantage of an end of year deal on the dcf894h.
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    Welcome to the forum. There is a ton of information on it and if you need any advice, plenty of smart people here.
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    I am glad they split the tool line. I love the size and weight of my Makita tools. I honestly can’t believe the ridiculousness of battery sizes now. There exists a point where tools need power beyond 18v limitations. Throwing huge batteries at it isn’t a solution. The motors don’t magically increase in size just because you have a bigger battery. I love my 18v brushless rotary hammer drill, but would rather have a true 36v battery platform, than hauling around massive 12.0 18v batteries that really don’t offer additional performance. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This made me laugh. Makita has been making cordless tools a helluva lot longer than DeWalt and Milwaukee. They'll be fine. Unlike Milwaukee, Makita doesn't rush tools out every other month. These new batteries are compact, lightweight and will be cost-effective. They appear to have been very well thought out. I am looking forward to it. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Just an update after one year of use. I mow 8,000 sq. ft. of lawn and occasionally a 16,000 sq. ft. lawn with my RM480e mower. Electricity cost to recharge the batteries is less than $0.10. I have mowed 40 times so far and the blades are still sharp. I did have one battery fail due to a failed cell that caused that battery to be unable to handle any load. Ryobi replaced the battery under warranty in two days. The batteries slide out on a tray. Maintenance on this machine is minimal and consists of lubricating the steering mechanism occasionally. The powder coated frame and deck are easy to keep clean. The headlights are bright enough to actually mow at night and it’s quiet enough that you could without bothering the neighbor’s.
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    Quick lil Sunday flooring job.... I think I'll pay myself extra 😁
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    Hahahaha, I can hardly see any snow in my yard now. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!
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    I didn't know the light could have calibration issues.
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    Hi, could anyone tell me the M4 length of bolt is required for linking the ems190dc(mitre saw) to the rls02(mitre saw bench) thank you.
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