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    Bosch 3/8" impact wrench. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Hikoki Multivolt battery 5.0ah/2.5ah. I chose this over the 8.0ah/4.0ah for it's smaller size and lower price ($40/22% cheaper). I don't have any Multivolt tools yet, but I've been holding off getting a 6.0ah to use on the 18V reciprocating saw knowing these weren't too far away (for the fuel gauge!). Great to have 36V without the weight. Future Multivolt tool purchases will likely include the circular saw and grinder unless the reviews are saying they aren't very good.
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    Picked up the Makita sub compact circular saw. Very nice little saw! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally found a store who stocks this and picked it up yesterday. Awesome, handy little tool for anyone looking at purchasing. Needs 12.0ah batteries though but it runs well and has decent run time with the 9's. I haven't used it much but it feels less torquey than the cordless 9" Metabo grinder, I find that when the grinder is at full speed it feels more powerful when cutting. The Dewalt is much more comfortable to hold when chopping and wall sawing even though the Metabo has the 3 position handle and rotating arm. The brake is super fast and it actually feels quite well built. I just wish the guard was able to be positioned like a normal demo saw (just pull or push into desired position as opposed to 5 fixed positions). It seems to have a safety mechanism (not sure if mechanical or electronic?) but I had a tungsten circular saw blade on it for part of the day whilst cutting timber and when it jammed it cut the power instantly which was nice.
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    Metabo HTP is coming out with a Multivolt 10 inch table saw. Normal Metabo has a 10 in but it isn't sold over here yet.
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    The last drawer is currently in glue up. I planed and sanded some of the drawer joints. Didn't turn out too bad. I didn't get some of the bottom cherry sides pushed in all the way so there was a decent amount of planing there. Overall happy so far. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Is this new? Just saw this deeper style tool cart at hd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    How did I miss that???? I've been using Makita for years! I'll get my coat....
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    I saw a post about the new Versa Stack. It is Craftsman's Tstak clone. I noticed that the latches have been updated. They have a similar update to what Tough System is getting. The pins are now metal instead of plastic. I think this improvement is a step in the right direction.
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    the way i see it it's not needed i have enough batteries i would never use it i saved some cash on my miter saw by picking the one up without the adapter have not needed it table saw would be the same way
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    Some of the more interesting points: -Up to 2-3x the charge density of current lithium batteries -Substantially reduced risk of flammability or explosion -No concerns regarding memory effects -Expected to last upwards of ten times as many charge/discharge cycles -Much wider operating temperature
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    Great dust extractor. Made by Karcher, same vacuum as the Hilti as Karcher makes it for them too. Model: GAS20-17AH Price: US- $1,499 / Canada- $1,949 (about $150.less than the 300cfm Hilti) Availability: Now Features: 300-CFM air-flow capability HEPA filter – captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns or larger 16 Ft. anti-static hose Powerful 17.5 Amp motor 27 Ft. power cord with standard 20 Amp plug Automatic filter cleaning – cleans filter every 15 seconds for consistent suction power Three-layer heavy-duty filter bag Wheeled metal frame with dumping mechanism – offers easy transporting, stability and emptying convenience Metal castors – built to withstand the demands of the jobsite Fold down push handle – provides jobsite mobility and convenient storage Water-level sensor to help preclude overfilling and a discharge hose for easy drainage. Optional Y-Connect (sold separately) Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Simple fix to a dumb mistake. I managed to move my marking gauge when I did the scribe line on the nightstand drawers. This made the sides short of the face of the fronts. To make this a simple fix I got the depth needed for my router bit from the recess on the front. Then I used a marking gauge to sever the word on the back side. I then took the router and routed out the wood needed to make the sides flush with the front. This worked amazingly well and took no time at all. I also got all of the drawer bottoms cut. I started to sand and sanded all of the interiors of the drawers. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Acme is doing a 15% off deal for 2 days only. Promo code is "CRUSHED" and has a max discount of $150. It is for only one item and one use per customer. It stacks with the tough system 15% off deal which makes it a pretty nice deal if you want the ds carrier which is normally around $180-$200. You can get it for around $130 if you use these deals.
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    Bought the tough system ds carrier. It listed on acme for a tough system 15 % off deal then was able to get another 15% off from another acme deal.
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    So my F-350 is my favorite truck I’ve ever owned. While I have several upgrades planned, I got started on it this week. No way to avoid rust where I’m from. It wansn’t too bad aside from the 5th wheel mount, but what was there was driving me crazy. I took a whole day going over the undercarriage with a needle scaler and a wire wheel, and coating in a rust converter. Came back today and painted it. Also got around to putting the new shocks on the back. Tremendous improvement in stability. Took the bounce out of the rear end. No wonder. The stock shocks were shot. They weren’t much to begin with. Took it 30 minutes to expand back to normal length. Next week will be the front end lift, shocks, and steering stabilizer. After that I haven’t decided if I’m going to do the air lift first or the rear sway bar kit. Planning on buying a 5th wheel next year, taking 2 weeks and heading out west. Camper is around 15k, so I want to have her ready for the task.
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    @sgand2010 could also look into toughsystem. It is similar to tstak but a bit bigger and a bit tougher.
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    The worst thing about the metabo cordless 9" grinder is the case handle. I once had another tool case like this although I can't remember the brand. As in the picture, when you use the handle and put the grinder down onto it's side it squashes your fingers and nails between the handle and the big moulded piece of plastic! With almost 10 discs, the grinder, 6 batteries and tools in the case it sure isn't light! If anyone from Metabo ever stumbles across this, please make a note of it!
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    I used the grinder for several brief periods over the last few days. The grinder definitely feels powerful and as I trusted, the rotating handle works wonders. The grinder has a soft start, it takes a few seconds to power right up and is noticeably slower to rev to full speed with a brand new grinding disc installed as opposed to the slitting discs. Spark guard works as designed. Removal of material is fast when grinding. Those who use different size grinders will know the difference between a 9" and anything smaller and the difference is impressive being cordless. With enough pressure, the grinder does cut out with the overload light coming on (when grinding) but by letting the tool do all of the work it never stopped. You will not get more than 5-10 minutes of hard grinding and that was with the 7.0ah batteries. If ever Metabo make some 12ah batteries, the grinder would be much better. I cut approximately 1 meter of 4mm steel very quickly with a cutting disc and the batteries did not lose any charge. When the 7.0 LiHD batteries went flat, I threw on my old original 4.0AH batteries. Power wise I couldn't actually notice a difference over the brand new LiHD batteries and the 4's are 6 years old. One other strange thing I noticed was that I seemed to be able to push the 4.0's a lot harder than the LiHD 7's without the grinder going into protection mode. I am wondering if there is some additional circuitry in the LiHD's that prevent them from being pushed? Overall, I was very impressed and having the option to use two 18v batteries I actually prefer as opposed to having to buy new 36V batteries and charges. The only issue is we need more watt hours, at least >300 or even 400+. I modified my T536 LiXP husky to have a 14" bar with a standard size chain as opposed to a mini chain and with the 9.4ah 36v battery the power and run time is perfect which is why I think we need much more wh.
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    Finally the Milwaukee M12 Stubby impact wrench(mod:2555) arrived 😊 Also got a 6.0Ah battery.(Both from Redding fasteners)
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    Thanks man, appreciate the welcome. Ok, I hear you. I'm thinking I may just avoid it then as I don't really use 1/2" sockets much at all. Especially if the price of the hex only is cheaper (which is what I would expect!).
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    Dewalt don't even use air cooled chargers. The colour of the tool won't alter the science of the cell so believe me when I say a DeWalt battery at its core will be no cooler than any other under the same load.