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    This is all I bought today I’m cutting the cord
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    Well, we are off to Hawaii today for about a week. Maui in specific. I will be rocking a "Tools in Action" Tee shirt one of the days and will post a picture. Then get ready for Black Friday tool sales. Oh yeah.
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    From that smokin’ hot deal over at Tool Nut
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    I'll bet not as many as oztooltalk Currently have 12 (10 cordless, 2 electric) Be posting this review tonight:
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    Also picked up the tea pot vac, Farm and Fleet and $20 off M18 tools
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    Best wishes for a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! For the crew and their families ......
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a great day. I am going to eat too much, watch football and pass out. Wow, that's like my Sundays.
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    Ordered early Christmas and birthday gifts for myself mainly so I can save some money, make some Christmas gifts for family members, and because I wanted to. I ordered a DW745S table saw with stand from Home Depot for $299. It was between this and the Flexvolt; saving some money, getting a stand, and a larger blade were the deciding factors. That plus I was worried they'd announce a 10" Flexvolt next year and it would annoy me that I didn't wait. Also ordered an Empire 7 in. laser etched rafter square and 4 sets of Bessey H-Style 1/2" pipe clamp fixtures from there. About a year ago I posted about the Wen 8" drill press, and I finally bought it today for $67.79 on Amazon instead of the $72 it was a year ago. Also ordered some toggle clamps since those inexpensive ones from eBay were tiny as hell, a digital angle gauge, some Abranet sanding discs, an Irwin die stock and 1/2"-14 NPT die for threading the pipe for the pipe clamps. Last thing picked up today was a Kreg Precision Setup Bars set so I can setup the table saw and my routers for more accurate usage.
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    Dang you milwaukee, I needed the 2767 impact like I need a hole in my head but I had to have the biggest and baddest to add to the collection.
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    Gaming table is officially done! Very happy with the results. I need to be able to take better pics. Lol Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Vise screw is here! Hard maple screw and nut. My father in law turned it on a lathe and router at his work. Came out awesome. Turns pretty smooth now. Will get even better when I put some wax on it. I laminated the hub with hickory and he cut it to a nice shape to mimick the Acer ferrous screw. I still need to drill a hole for the handle, make a garter for it, and finish it. I still have the gaming table curing the last coat of finish in the garage right now so no making saw dust at the moment. Maybe next week. We shall see. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Since I plan to resaw some 12" wide boards here soon I figured a double decker feather board was in need. I also got my vise screw from my father in law today! Woohoo! More pics and info in my building thread. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Got a few clamps from Menards. Their masterforce brand and they are big and beefy. The 12" one is $10. The 24" are $12. Bessey equivalents are at least $30 a piece and they look exactly the same. FB marketplace find. Unused Freud biscuit joiner for $40. Could have used this a few times for alignment reasons. Also received a package from @Stecorarius. Bosch recip saw and Makita brushless grinder. Took about 5 minutes to clean them up and they look like new. Thanks again! Much appreciated. #tiacrew Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
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    Guess I was so focused on sharing my own plans that I didn't see this thread. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, though, and remember to drive safe if you're travelling!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to the Crew. Have a great day and stay safe.
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    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Have a safe holiday, I hope you all get to spend it with your family. I remember last year, being at NICU, with my Wife and my newborn Son worried sick....now???? I’ve got a family to pig out with!!! Much to be thankful for 😇
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    Was just about to make a thread for this. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!! We're not doing a damned thing, gonna sit around the house and be bored shitless. We did Thanksgiving on Saturday with the wife's family. Tomorrow is a "I don't have to go to work" day...although I still have to go back Friday.
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    I am going to drink too much, pass out, and watch football through the backsides of my eyelids...
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    I grabbed this Sunday at my HD, 18 volt 7-1/4 inch cordless. They had it on clearance for $50.00. I got this for my 20 year old niece to use. She wants to start doing some crafting/woodworking projects and I am not so sure about her using my 12 inch Bosch Glide.
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    The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the planer. Bought a Cutech planer as a starter one, went with straight knives over the spiral head because it was the cheapest model and they have a Thanksgiving deal that makes it only $199 with free shipping. Figured for a 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the Dewalt ones it was worth a shot.
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    Natural blondes are over on the close out shelf in the Home Depot?
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    The 333 gets a slightly longer run time vs the 293 from my testing. Both with 9/3.1ah FV batteries. I was drilling 24mm diameter holes and I got 1 1/2 holes with the 333. It’s runs more efficient with a higher voltage. Also like I’ve mentioned before the 333 have 30mm max capacity compared to the 293’s 28mm max capacity
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    picked up an Erwin pocket level with a 1.5 degree pop out for plumping grade
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    With the table done and gone and me now having my vise screw it is time to try and finish the bench. Between watching the kids today and housework, I was able to get some shop time in. I made the garter for the screw and got it attached. I also attached the nut to the leg as well. The nut was slightly bigger than the leg so I trimmed it to fit. I countersunk the screw holes with a forstner bit as the kreg screws were not long enough on their own. It came out really well. I am waiting on a handle from Lee valley to get here so I will hold off on drilling the handle hole. I can tell it is not going to be fun to drill a large hole through all of this hickory for the handle. Up next is trying to figure out a parallel guide system. I think I am just going to go old school with a guide and pin. I have an awesome piece of hickory that will work perfectly. I like the Jay Bates' approach with the wedge but my bench is mobile and I don't feel like having to deal with moving that as well. I can't wait to see this hickory with finish on it. It's going to look amazing. Also a helpful tip for today. I did this a week ago and did it again today. The piece of wood I used for the garter was too short to run through the planer on its own so I glued it to a longer piece of wood with CA glue. Worked perfectly and the larger piece takes any snipe if there is some. Just make sure to put it in the middle of the longer piece. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    That's mostly the biggest issue most guys have. I think he was surprised when the big tool companies wouldn't license his technology, but it was an issue of cost people want cheap portable table saws they are on sale 89/99 every black friday at hd and lowes.
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    Sthil might be the standard for a cutoff saw, but Dewalt is a mass market tool company someone might be willing to add this to their stable of tools compared to investing in a Sthil setup gas or battery powered.
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    Those look sweet @BMack37 Sowed up a roll for my new wrenches and finally found the only usable part of a Milwaukee tool kit. The fabric. Cost me $3 in needles.
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    I just sold my TXS drill set and I have the rail edge guide set plus a brand new OF1010 up for sale on CL. Never used the 1010, bought a new set a couple of years ago but the 1400 has been my primary router big and small. Been using the heck out of my 1400 and 1617 and have great plans for the 2200. Also sold my Dewalt 12v drills. Loved them but to much stuff sitting.
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    Was waiting for me when I got home for lunch early just now.
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    I have had it for five days so far has been quite nice. It is heavy but I have gotten use to it just like the change from air to the Dewalt 690/692. The rafter hooks useful but leaves the tool at an odd angle Dewalt is better to grab once placed. The batteries have no lights which is odd I grabbed two more at Menards so I can rotate thru the day. It must come with Hitachis basic charger it seems damn slow and the fans loud. The battery does not shoot as many nails as Dewalt gun however I have not used anything smaller then a 6ah flex in the Dewalt so I could be wrong as the Hitachi is only 3ah . The Hitachi hits harder and places nails better then the Dewalt guns it is worth having and I got a great deal from Acme`s 11% sale which was actually 20% so $312 shipped with a second battery included.
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    they need lasers and a drink dispenser instead of bluetooth.
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    This guy arrived the other day. Seems very nice. 100% metal construction far as I can tell.
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    Sort gift from Sears, had to throw $50 bucks in on this little guy. Only using it really to cut wood but a hell of a lot safer than clamping a jigsaw in a jawhorse!
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    Used mine yesterday It’s quiet for a circular saw cuts fine, I love it
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    I have that incra ruler I love it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I picked this up last week. Just wanted the 2 batteries so I would have extra for the Ryobi Airstrike, work light, and inflator/deflator I got. But they had a deal where if you bought the hammer drill you could get the 2 - 4 Ah batteries for free. The drill does not really fit in with all the other yellow cordless tools I own.
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    Customer service can be both good and bad at the locations of businesses, simply depending on who is working the current shift. Many times at the box stores, the available manager is the determining factor. The closest Home Depot to me (30 minutes away) can be a hit or miss depending on the staff. One of their managers is a real dick, and it is like pestering your parents when you were a kid and always getting the answer NO, just because. But there is another manager at that same store that will just bend over backwards, and go the extra mile to make sure you are happy before you leave the store. Some companies seem to have strict guidelines, and others seem like they could give a rats arse, once they get your money. Have to agree that KC is on top of their game with customer satisfaction.
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    Some layout and a finish sanding blocks, should help the finishing of clip boards and other stuff.
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    Pics for reference on size. I was really wanting these. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    And you also seem to be full of shit with your 2 holes. Freshly drilled. Last hole was halfway
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    Had to go and buy some new water hose quick connects and ended up in the sale section again. Bought another set of Milwaukee knives, the larger Coast light(which I hate, it's going back). Empire contour gauge which is a LOT nicer than the General they have at Lowe's that I almost bought. Swanson mini square because I've been drafting up wood projects and have been tired of going to the garage to get my steel ruler...some neat stuff on paper thus far!
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    Made the right one yesterday and the left one today. Just trying new ideas out with the second one...first two projects with the jointer and planer: