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    I bought it to use on an LP siding job, two story house. I wanted it to trim the lap siding to length around windows and make butt cuts, and I wanted the belt hook feature. Pro- Plenty of power. Surprising amount of torque with a 20v battery. The ability to carry it on the belt is handy. Tough enough to fall off the scaffold. Blade left makes it easy to see what you are cutting. Con- Because your hard is so far back, it’s a bit hard to control with one hand. Even using a level as a fence for a rip, the saw wandered to the right, away from the fence. I also used it on a fence, to cut boards down in height. It wasn’t much help there, as the 4 1/2” blade can only cut two boards at a time. In sum- A regular circular saw following a straight edge is better at cutting sheet goods. it offers more control. A fence/rip guide for your saw is certainly more affordable than the atomic. You could do wider rips, as the Atomic has a small shoe and rip guide. The Atomic has Plenty of power for cutting siding or trim boards on a roof, scaffold, or ladder.it could be handy there. It would be handy for cutting in vent holes on a roof. If you’re looking for a first cordless saw, go with a standard 6 1/2 or 7 1/4. Better capacity and control. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My Ego commercial trimmer arrived yesterday. It has exceeded my expectations. The torque is incredible. It doesn't feel powerful but when you do a task that would normally tax a gas trimmer the Ego maintained the same rpm. I couldn't even bog down the thing. The backpack battery took some getting used to but once I got the harness dialed in it wasn't that bad to use. It is built quite well. All metal trigger and all metal motor housing which most if not all gas units do not have. The carbon fiber shaft seems nice. Cut diameter is only 15 in which some say could be larger. I doubt I will switch back to 2-cycle equipment. The pros of the Ego outweigh the cons in my opinion.
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    Hey guys my names Mike for those of you that haven’t seen me on here, u used to be a very addicted forum member but got caught up with some life things nothing crazy just trying to survive like most people but I’m reaching out to meet new members and catch up with some old friends on here so I just wanted to say what’s up and reach out because I really don’t want this forum to get lost in the internet world and be forgotten. I really have a lot of love for this place and really want to try to bring it back to life hopefully u guys that are left can help also. See you guys around!! TIA#1!!
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    Doing good Jimbo man I missed a lot bro a lot peeps gone here man makes me sad...... anyways I’m trying to get back on here and share some future projects I got coming up nothing major but I wanna post and get some guidance form you guys!
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    Yo mike long time no talk bro! I don’t check in nearly as often as I used to, quite a few of us hit up Instagram pretty hardcore. How ve you been? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m not a big fan. It takes some getting used to, ergonomically. When I peel off old siding, I follow a piece horizontally, using it as a guide to rip the board in half. Oscillating tool finishes the cuts at the ends. Then I work downward, pulling boards off. Making the long rip was awkward. Even with the shoe riding the bottom of a course of siding, it wandered all over. Same thing when I ripped a fence board. Part of it is the handle all the way at the back. Another part is only 2 inches of blade makes for a small straight edge compared to 5” or so. It takes some getting used to, for sure. I don’t know that it will do anything the 6 1/2 circular saw won’t do. The belt hook is it’s best feature. It might be useful cutting in skylights or vents on a roof. Handy when sheeting a roof. It might be handy for retrofitting second story windows, cutting back T1-11 and aluminum nail fins. If you have to make a lot of cuts while on a ladder or a steep roof, this might be a good bet. If not, .... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Informative topic. I have the same thoughts too about attic roof insulation. Thank you for providing a good topic here.
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    Hi look what I just founds browsing the web DeWALT DXSTA500LM airmover DXAM-2260 (pic attached) (model number a bit confusing / there is different info on web) Product description The DEWALT 600 CFM portable air mover is a multi-purpose air mover equipped with 3 speeds perfect for drying carpet or flooring. This air mover is the perfect addition to any shop. It's versatility, lightweight and compact design, make it a great solution for drying multiple surfaces. 600 CFM, 1.5 Amp Three Speed Adjustments Special bracket to support blowing at three direction Two power sockets built-in daisy chain function Built-in cord wrapped
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    I’m sure my wife will agree to keeping it on the vanity to dry the countertop. 😂
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    Just an update after one year of use. I mow 8,000 sq. ft. of lawn and occasionally a 16,000 sq. ft. lawn with my RM480e mower. Electricity cost to recharge the batteries is less than $0.10. I have mowed 40 times so far and the blades are still sharp. I did have one battery fail due to a failed cell that caused that battery to be unable to handle any load. Ryobi replaced the battery under warranty in two days. The batteries slide out on a tray. Maintenance on this machine is minimal and consists of lubricating the steering mechanism occasionally. The powder coated frame and deck are easy to keep clean. The headlights are bright enough to actually mow at night and it’s quiet enough that you could without bothering the neighbor’s.
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    Im excited, I just hope they do a little R/D or reverse engineering to take some vibration out of the saw.
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    So, I got tired of charging the stock 10lb lead acid brick in my kid's Power Wheel Jeep, and replaced it with two Milwaukee Red Lithium M18 batteries! I documented the build, take a look and let me know what you think! Cheers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcVdPOUly6Y
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    I forgot that Ryobi's 40V battery looked like that, maybe it's TTI made...Craftsman has had a relationship with them in the past, I think the power tools were AEG rebrands(so Ridgid). It's not unheard of for competing companies to build products for another, Samsung and Apple come to mind as a good example...Apple even regularly sues Samsung frivolously
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