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    Milwaukee is a great marketing company. They’ve put money into making an impressive drill and impact because that’s often what people start with. After that things get more trade-specific. If you’re more about woodworking they aren’t that great. Plumbing and automotive are often touted as their strong-points. I don’t see any point in replacing an entire line of cordless tools with another entire line of cordless tools unless you just have money to burn. Milwaukee is a great company for that, as they’ll have a new “generation” every year or so for you to replace your old one with assuming it’s lasted that long. Just listening to word-of-mouth, it just feels like they’re moving their business model in that direction. Making tools that perform really well for a bit and who cares if it doesn’t last when they can constantly woo you into the next model only a year later.
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    I have worked at a big box hardware store and can assure you, DeWalt tools are stolen daily. ANY DeWalt tool! Most common are cordless hammer drills. Yesterday, some dirtball stole a corded sawzall. I hope they start to prosecute these scumbags.
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    I took back the junk Dewalt and got the Milwaukee M18.
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    A cutting board I am working on. African mahogany, Purple Heart and hard Maple. The grain patterns add to the 3 d effect. This picture shows the peaces still in rubber bands but close to the positions They will be glued together in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Where the F.... is the dcs727? Hello Dewalt. Sub 50lb 10” 60v max scms. We all want it. Hurry the f.... up.
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    Got the top assembled. I just have to work on the base now.
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    Worked on routing out the holes with the lr-32. seemed to work alright.
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    Milwaukee has a solid set of Circular saws that will cut and perform well all day. Best to find out his preference for the sidewinder (2732) or the worm drive style (2830). I use and love the sidewinder but I'm a lefty so blade right suits me perfectly. I would be uncomfortable with the blade left worm style myself, no matter how well it performs.
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    This is the new brushless XR jiggy. Of the reviews I have seen, it smokes the new Milwaukee. Equipped with LED too. I will hold my opinion in the Red vs Yellow war but my red tools are growing in numbers but only in the specialty tool area. I have had a lot more luck with yellow over red in build quality and got rid of everything red about five years ago But....to each their own. It’s like Ford vs. Chevy. Everyone knows Toyota is better. Anyways, these tools were a smart purchase with a surprise 4.0 I didn’t even know came in the package for $174. A total steal. Chris is getting some Ryobi stuff too.....hmmmmm....
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    This setup is working pretty well for drilling into drywall.
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    The embargoes on the new gen 3 Ego mower just lifted today and all the videos are out about this mower. It has dual blade system, new brushless motor with 7 ft lbs torque, updated lights with on/off switch moved to the handle. and new self propelled controls. Comes with the updated 7.5 battery or in bare tool.
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    Out of curiosity, why replace everything you already have? Why not just supplement with, or gradually transition to, Milwaukee? I have both and for most tools, either brand would be fine for 90% of my needs. I personally lean toward Makita; to me, Makita tools often have a higher quality feel, better design (with many notable exceptions), and I've had fewer issues with the tools. Also, X2 is a wonderful system. Unless you are in a particular trade, I doubt you could go wrong with either, but I also don't see how it could be necessary, practical, or economical to switch entirely from one to the other.
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    I recently received an old chest of drawers circa 1940 as a gift from my wife to restore and use. I found an old straightedge, square and this old thing in one of the drawers and I can’t figure out what this is called at all! Please help! https://ibb.co/ydyZvFJ
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    Sorry I know it’s a few days late...
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    Wow I’m sorry fellas don’t know how I messed that up...
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    Interestingly enough the town with the Ace near me is one of the larger cities in Nebraska. 30,000+ people. No Home Depot though. Menards is all over though. There are at least 3 within 50-100 miles of where I live. The nearest Lowes is 2 hour drive via interstate. My tiny town of roughly 3000 used to have an Ace but it changed names/ownership. The nearest Home Depot is roughly 45 miles away.
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    The delta Unisaw we have is 220 vac Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was going through my Youtube feed and stumbled across this video. I have never seen anything like it. The guy shows off an assembly setup specifically design to assemble. cabinets. It seemed to have just about anything a guy needs to assemble a cabinet. I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it. @JimboS1ice @rrich1 @ChrisK @Eric - TIA
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    Enough grain@JimboS1ice ? [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    It’s in bunnings now. I’ve seen the 10.8v drill and 3.0ah battery in bunnings so far
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    Oddly enough, five years ago Lowe's was my preferred store. It helped that it was the only big box home improvement store within 30 miles but I genuinely enjoyed shopping there. It seems as though 2013-2014 was when they finalized their shift away from attracting pros. I missed the Knipex clearance in 2013 due to being in a nice mountainous country with primitive rocket technology. 2014 saw them clear out Wiss and Ideal for Southpaw and Fatmax. Late 2014 was when I started making the drive to HD instead.
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    I thought I was going to let my small set of bosch tools die off but a couple good ebay deals and my addiction got the best of me. I'm kind of impressed with how much smaller the bosch 8.0 is vs dewalt and m18 6.0. But I did find out with the old regular charger it takes 3.5 hrs to charge. Once I drain it I'll see if the old fast charger does any better.
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    #1 mistake: buying TiN. This is a coating that can slightly improve cutting speeds on good quality bits until it wears off. But it will also make a cheap junk bit a pretty gold color. That is what you purchased. Get on Amazon. Search for jobber length drill index. This will get you into some high quality American made high speed steel bits: they will not be pretty gold. An index up to 1/2” will set you back $100. Which is about the same price as buying pretty junk Dewalt sets at Lowe’s. Next step is to Google drill speeds. Chances are your drill meant for wood where there is almost no upper limit on speed is way too fast. Slow down to the correct speed and let the bit take metal at its intended speed. If you get it right it can break your wrist with an 18 V drill on larger bits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just put the first coat of shellac on the birthday box. Sapele has a nice grain.
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    Picked up this piece and another piece of wenge this week. Will make small drawer fronts of my hand tool cabinet this winter.
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    Just read in our local news that DeWalt Power Tools are in the top 5 most stolen items, and judging by the local Craigslist ads it sure looks like it. The top 5 items: True Religion JeansDyson Vacuum CleanersDeWalt Power toolsTideMeat
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