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    What are the chances customer tipped me $150 today, stopped at HD on the way home and they had the new m12 drill/impact combo kit. Had a gift card for $62, plus military discount, I paid $4 bucks. Good day lol
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    I really like how one battery spans three levels of size/performance. Subcompact, Regular and 18x2, smart. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had the corded version of the Dewalt and genuinely hated the slides. They are rough and bind when doing steep bevels. A lot of people dont have an issue with them though, but I would check them out first. Otherwise its a great, if somewhat basic old school miter saw. Never tried the Makita, but I do eye it every time Im in Home Depot. Its certainly a gorgeous machine. I'd buy it if I didnt already have a Kapex and a GCM12, and a M18 2734. Well I'd still buy it if was up to me actually, but my wife would kill me.
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    @marsh942 Steven....you planning on using it as a shop tool? As far as I can tell, the Makita closely mimics my Kapex in footprint and a lot of common designs. That’s great for butting the machine up against a wall and saving floor space, trenching, dust collection etc.... The Dewalt on the other hand comes with a power cord. In the event the batteries are being used elsewhere or run out of charge. Dewalt machine is based on their own tried and true designs. I don’t think you could go wrong with either one. I was really tempted to by the Makita as a second miter.....because you know....I NEED A SECOND MITER SAW.....at least that’s what I tell myself. I totally get the brand loyalty, especially when it comes to battery compatibilty. I will say I run Dewalt and Makita cordless tools in my shop alongside my mostly Festool cordless tools and the whole Flexvolt whining crap about the 20v batteries not running the 60v tools is garbage. They don’t but being able to slap a 60v on my framing nailer makes my outdoor projects go a lot smoother. And my 5.0s run my cordless finish nailer and impact gun for plenty of time. Right now my Makita lineup is shrinking, I love my Makita tools but my selection has gotten down to a cordless chainsaw, sander, recip, impact and grinder. All useful to me. My Dewalt tools lineup has slowly been increased to include a couple of cordless nailers, impact, hammer drill, OPE, grinder and the circular saw. All useful to me. Then I’ve felt a M12 hoodie, and even some Bosch 12v stuff, a vacuum, two flashlights and two jackets, one for my Wife and the other for me. My charging station still has a bunch of different chargers. Drives me nuts but alas, each manufacturer offers great tools. Heck I’m thinking about buying that Ryobi 18v pump. Thing works on two power sources and I can drain my pool cover.
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    Exactly. Bashing your competition usually drives interest in it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pretty much all my HDs are close to a Lowe's and none of them are pulling this...this is just one GM that is trying to drive sales and for some reason thinks it's a good idea to inform his customers that Kobalt has a new(ish) power tool line.
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    Well I mean if you consider 2 many years ago. I've owned an 887. Not noticeably better than the td170 was in actual use. All the flagship impacts are basically the same.
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    If only they'd bring out some quality battery nail guns
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    Neat. Considering going the Makita route for tools this time.
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    Decidedly, I went to Lowe’s today and ended up getting a Wood magazine with an awesome quick and dirty build plan for a compact solid bench. I ended up getting some kd fir 2x8s and got them stacked downstairs tonight. Looks like I’ll finally have a bench in the shop while those beams I bought last year wait till spring for me to make my English bench. I figured this would kill two birds with one stone...get a bench in the shop so I can get back into action and allow me in my current condition to lift these things 👍😇🙏 Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have the top assembled as well as the matching lower portion. Maybe a bench sometime Monday?
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    Nice job Bro.! I got approved to start slowly lifting things from Mass General on the first of February and am hoping I can at least start next week! I got back to work on the 1st of March so am hoping to be able to lift some of those timbers I have , down into the Basement shop 👍🙏
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    Since I finally finished mine a while ago. Maybe@Chrisk can finally get his done in the near future [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I have enjoyed you site for a while now and finally registered. I always check out Eric & Dan as my "go to" source for YouTube tool reviews.
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    This is why people outside of other tool users/enthusiasts don't know how much my TSC55 cost. If my friends or family knew I spent $900 on a saw they would think I'm crazy. With Festool's 10-Year Parts Availability guarantee for spare parts after an item is discontinued I'm going to have my TSC55 for at least a decade. If they were to discontinue it today it would be like paying $90 a year for the life of the tool before they potentially stop having replacement parts. These same people that would question why I would spend that much money pay $2-3 a day for a cup of coffee which is over $900 a year. So $900 for a tool that will last me at least a decade or $9000 for coffee every day for a decade? It's not hard to see which the smarter purchase is.
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    Have any of you guys used the Martinez tools hammers ? I was able to use one yesterday it was amazing. Ordering one today.
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    First impressions of the subcompact Reciprocating Saw and Rotary Hammer. I picked up these guys because I keep going back to the smaller platform. The subcompact drill and impact are perfect for my day-to-day service stuff. I decided to look at the subcompact Rotary Hammer because it seemed perfect for putting up cabinets and running pipe. This thing is tiny. Comically tiny. The design is unreal for such a small tool. The motor/Hammer completely isolated from the handle. The vibration is so minimal. It fits perfectly in the hand is almost perfectly balanced. If you want a little beast for light applications, don’t hesitate. I was about to leave when I spotted the subcompact recip saw. Holy.Sh!t. This little thing is beast. Heavy duty, ergonomic and built to take a beating. If feels like a quality tool. It’s solid. It’s balanced. It absolutely crushed the M12 Fuel. (To be fair, it is 18V and slightly bigger) It is fast and has a longer stroke length than other compact recips and the regular compact 18V Makita recip I already own. Suffice to say, I walked out with both tools and don’t regret it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can’t speak on commercial use but Milwaukee Tool Chests are great for home use. I’ve had mine (350 lbs monster) for a year now and by far meets all my needs.
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    Seriously some brands added cordless compressors finally, but wtf the only cordless inflator was from Ryobi!! Also 18v powered ope is a great option for some people Ryobi is a great 3rd platform to own just because of the crazy.
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    Ryobi just announced they are coming out with some new tools: Ryobi Project Light - P790 and will retail for about $50 SPECIFICATIONS: • Lumen Output: High (lumen output 900), Medium (lumen output 600), Low (lumen output 100) • Runtime: 35 Hours on Low Mode using a RYOBI ONE+ High Capacity Lithium+ Battery • Weight: 1.1 lbs. • Power Source: AC extension cord or any 18V ONE+ Battery Ryobi Drywall Screwgun - P225 and will retail for about $100 SPECIFICATIONS: • Brushless motor provides longer runtime, more power, and longer motor life • Adjustable and removable nose cone for increased accuracy • Variable speed trigger with lock-on feature: 0-4,700 RPM • QUIETDRIVE Technology eliminates noise in-between driving applications while prolonging battery charge during use • Drives up to 3,000 screws per charge • Heavy-duty clutch engages when bit is pressed to the fastener • New and improved MAGTRAY™ magnetic holder for convenient placement of screws and bits • New, innovative, fastener-free belt clip easily mounts to either side of the tool for convenience • LED Light illuminates the work area and remains on after trigger is released • GRIPZONE™ overmold with improved micro-texture for optimum grip and user comfort Ryobi Floating Speaker - P3520 and will retail for about $80 SPECIFICATIONS: • Optimal LED output that changes with the sound of your music • 360° Bluetooth® speaker for enhanced sound projection • IPX8 waterproof • Onboard volume & light show control • 8hr runtime on P108 4Ah battery, 4hr runtime on 2Ah battery • Flip resistant design for an enhanced listening experience • Customize your lighting experience with 3 operating modes: Play Mode, Pulse Mode, Sleep Mode. Ryobi Light - P790 and will retail for about $80 SPECIFICATIONS: • Over 1200 lumens of light output • Multi-point adjustable light head for various applications • Over 24 Hours of runtime using a ONE+ High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery • High (lumen output 1200), Medium (lumen output 700), Low (lumen output 100) • Compatible with all 1/4" x 20 tripod mounts • 360º light head rotation for variety of positions • Multiple hanging options • Part of the RYOBI Lineup of Over 100 ONE+ Tools • Includes P795 18V Hybrid LED Color Range Work Light, Tripod Adaptor and Operator’s Manual Ryobi Underwater Vac - P3500K and will retail for about $180 SPECIFICATIONS: • Battery: 18V • Runtime: Over 50 Minutes • Weight: 7 lbs. • Canister Capacity: 3 Liters Ryobi Sweeper - P3260 and will retail for about $140 SPECIFICATIONS: • Powerful dual brushes sweep up large and small debris, including nails and screws, wood scraps and garbage • Over 2 hours of runtime using a RYOBI P108 High Capacity battery • Rotating brushes effectively clean along walls and edges • Conveniently located foot-actuated power switch • Rear Wheel height adjustment for use on various terrain levels • Transparent tub shows how much debris has been swept • Integrated LED headlights provide improved visibility for a number of applications • Adjustable, pivoting handle and rubber feet provide optimal ergonomic and compact storage • Wide 21 in. cleaning swath quickly cleans a wide area
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    I like that Ryobi doesn’t seem to care about making niche tools. They have made some crazy sh!t and offer stuff I wish Makita would make. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Going along slowly but very well bro! Still have some swelling in the brain and optic nerves but I’m 20/20 and should hopefully be heading back to work next Thursday God willing!
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    All good Chris how are you feeling ? How’s the recovery going ?
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    I feel like the TTI rep would know better. This screams the store is losing sales to nearby Lowes and GM had the idea to compare brands. I wouldn't be surprised if this was gone real fast the next time a TTI rep comes in.
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    Very true. I said in another thread that there's more to impact drivers than torque. Makita seems to be hanging around the 170-180 NM mark and seems to be improving the driver for what it is.
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    I think dewalt is currently on their game and have a very good offering of tools that might even be class leading in some areas but to act like they're light years ahead of everyone else simply isn't true.
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    I realize it’s only the 12v CXT, but it’s close enough! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello all. I have been a long time dewalt user but have seen a few tools from Ryobi that I wanted to add to my arsenal. Not wanting to buy a bunch of new batteries I set out to build an adapter to use Dewalt 20v Batteries on Ryobi tools, WHILE preserving the protection for dewalt batteries from over discharge. Here's my solution:
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    If I relied on my tools to make a living and if I had invested in Festools, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that my tools would be MY tools and certainly not for others to use and abuse. If I break something, I get annoyed, but there's no way I'd let people that just beat the snot out of tools use them. I'm sure I'd be quite unpopular on the jobsite, but maybe that's just me.
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    you should get your girl more involved in the video
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    When I worked in a set shop tools were abused. Most guys were working 70+ hour weeks so they were dead tired and did not care, so tools were dropped tossed left out in the rain on occasion and maintenance was dismal. All of the Festool power tools held up fine, Porter Cable routers are the bomb. Senco and Grex nail guns and staplers held up. After leaving the set shop I bought my own track saw and bring it to work on occasion and let other people use it. The one rule is when you are not cutting leave it on the floor. This way it can never fall very far.... Some of the festool plastic is junk. If I could buy tools without Systainers I would in a heart beat. I once had the track saw sitting on top of the vacuum. when I grabbed the saw it got caught on the hose garage and pull off a chunk of plastic. Really? That should not happen.
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    Does anybody really expect a drill to last 20 years. 5 years is more than good enough to me. By then it's time for a new toy.
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    3/8”, 1/4” and 3/16” are all I will ever use it for. It is perfect for that type of one-handed stuff. I could see the occasional small core bit. It is surprisingly good. The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Rotary Hammer is rated higher for impact energy, but I can honestly say that the Makita is better/faster. The vibration (or lack thereof) is amazing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you really want to buy a tool that will last 30 years I would stay away from anything that requires an app to change the settings. Computer technology just evolves and changes so fast. I can't imagine using a computer from the 80s or even the 90s today and in a lot of cases even if you wanted to things just aren't compatible. This is one of the problems I see with some of the technology that they're putting into power tools. I think in the end it will cut into the long term life of the tools.
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    From my experience of dealing with the aftermath of dealer technicians, diesels are a complete foreign concept to them. They tend to do more damage than good. Factory trained only means so much. You can factory train a monkey and it will do is best the engine with a wrench, it's still factory trained. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    The thick handles are almost obligatory with the pod-style batteries, and they feel cumbersome and awkward in comparison to the slick ergonomics of slide-pack batteries whether 12 or 18 volt. Makita’s older 12V that used pods have that same nuisance form-factor...looks cute in pictures but then you hold it in your hand. Makita ditching the pod-style batteries will probably prove to be the right choice for almost all the 12V tools they decide to make going forward. Pod-style is perfect for Milwaukee’s Dremel clone and soldering iron though. I guess I’ll probably get them whenever Home Despot finally has them both available for in-store pickup. They sure seem to want to avoid giving me what I want though.
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    Good to have you in the forum. I see you are in the Chicago area, so are we.
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    Up until recently really, Festool was primarily and in many case still is a European brand. People bash Festool as being shop tools however they are not shop tools they are specifically designed for construction and carpentry use. At a cost. Mafell is designed for timber work, heavy construction etc. At a cost. Americans are constantly bashing the crud out of these tools rightly wrongly or indifferently and maybe cost is why Mafell is still lagging here with only the one retailer that I know of now. Beats me but the Europeans buys these tools from both manufactures for a load of cash and they seem popular and highly regarded. I can tell you right now, I go and drop $800 on a jigsaw there will be some inflated talk by people wondering why I would do that. But the results speak for themselves. I will tell you that the Festool OF2000, not being sold any longer, is either borrowed from Mafell or the other way around. Just as I said Mafell uses Metabo for cordless drill research and share many design similarities. Ultimately a good half of Festool lineup cannot be purchased here in the USA. And try buying a Mafell cordless drill or some of their other tools here in the USA, assuming you have the cash.....good luck 🤔
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    Sharpening experiment for the blade on my Makita Metal cutting circ saw... and it worked!
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    I couldn’t say no... Damn they are sweet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bosch ps22 12V brushless hex driver (already had the Makita).
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    Soooooo pretty! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    There’s so much more lol You guys should definitely go check out the website
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    I honestly never really bothered to look at Kobalt before but recently I saw a video of the brushless 3/8 impact wrench really impressed me. Its rated at 150 ft-lbs but the video showed it breaking loose lug nuts torqued at 220 ft lbs, which was 5 ft-lbs more than the 3/8 Milwaukee fuel could break loose.
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    Both the pre march 2018 vacs and the post march 2018 vacs are being sold at same time. The premium for the new models could be worse but I expect the new ones reflect the new Festool price increase. I'm thinking about selling my Flexvolt tracksaw to a guy at work. He doesn't have one yet and he really wants one now. Got him to try mine this past week or so and he was impressed to say the least.
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    Agree. I love those little round white rubber things. Great design, simple and effective. All my Dewalt tools rattle and my TD170 doesn't.
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    From the Ryobi website (not the tools one, but Ryobi.com): Kyocera owns Ryobi Group, TTI licenses the trademark for usage in North America, and for Europe, Australia, and New Zealand according to the TTI website..
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    Yes keep an eye out for that and see if it does that , also try swapping the battery like I said as that used to get mine going again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I used to get the exact same thing with my bosch gdx -vec it would all of a sudden do exactly what you have described but if I put it down and left it for 1 minute it would start again ! Also I sold that and bought the gdr-vec which did exactly the same and what it was is the tools electronics was kicking in the circuit protection and just getting a bit confused and then sorting its self out but this only happens on brushless bosch tools and with mine there was a trick to get it going take the battery off and put another on and the drill starts working again and then I put the original battery back on and it works fine still. By the way I did notice it only happened when the battery dropped a light on the fuel gauge ! And it wasn’t a battery issue as I sold my gdx to my friend and the problem continued with him too using his batteries! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I see the one big problem here in America we are a disposable society as where in Europe the view it as a lifetime purchase. How many guy do you know that will buy a tool then a year later when the "new and improved" model comes out they got to have it.