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    got the new gen 3 drill and impact today and a bunch of accessories (my wife is going to kill me) its the 2997-22 impact and hammer drill .haven't gotten to play with them yet but everything looks amazing
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    I received some "unofficial" info ; incl. slide show (sorry, will hold this back a bit) new 12v tools Q2 / Q3 this year 1) let´s start with battery dcb124 2) dcd701 3) dcf801 Impact driver 4) dcf902 3/8" impact more to post when a have some time!
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    Purchased this yesterday. It was my grandfather's who sold in back in '11 before Alzheimer's set in. 1931 Ford Model AA. Inline 4. Whopping 40hp and pretty much top speed of 40 mph. And I will love all 40 of it. It's currently a few hours north of me right now. I went to Chicago for a Lie Nielsen hand tool event and drove 40 min to see it. I paid the man and got the title in hand. He will trailer it down to me when it's nicer weather. The lettering on the side is from when my grandpa had it. It's dark green with black fender and radiator. He purchased it around 1980. Due to his Alzheimer's I can't ask him for sure. It hasn't been ran in over a year so I will need to do maintenance on it. Hopefully I will be able to get it running prior to July. My grandpa and I took it to the truckers jamboree truck show at Iowa 80 truck stop for years. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Actually disregard @Babysaw comments. This is is a forum for members to post. For members that may feel they need to guide, direct or otherwise offer non constructive criticism or jabs I would highly suggest you write your comments on a piece of toilet paper and blow your nose into said notes. Do not use the forum to spread disrespect to other members. Thanks, Chris.
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    I was at the swap meet this morning and found the mid range impact brand new in the box for $80 Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    1/2” Russian birch with hickory handles Took me 4 hours. These are for holding fence supplies. Rabbited ends, undermount 1/2” bottoms.
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    Thanks Amazon prime day. Bosch flexi click for $120! Also a heavy duty surge protector for the miter station and white charcoal pencils. These should make it easier to see on the upcoming furniture builds made from cherry and walnut. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    The Lie Nielsen 5-1/2 and the Ridgid oscillation benchtop were from my beautiful Wife for Christmas!
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    Just got the Bosch Flexiclick.
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    Found this little guy at HD yesterday Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    1000 mile move, new world. Old guys take everything with them! Same size shop, new state, seems I have less room. Must've picked something up during one of the 6 , 2000 mile round trips last summer. Man, what a move. Little pressure washing and a chain saw, looks better. Ran a lot if conduit, air lines, paint, clean, seal, ... and, ran out of money till I can save up for full led lighting.
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    I figured this is the best forum for my custom raised bed project. I went camping recently and put an airmattress in the back of my Toyota. It worked out great other than having no storage underneath. I've noticed the same problem with my ladders/extension poles vs mitersaw/toolboxes etc. So I put some boards across and bought a couple sheets of 3/4 plywood and scribed them to the sides. I split it about one-third and two thirds.
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    College graduation gift for myself. Gonna have to one up it once I earn my Master's.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally mated the DCS374 saw with a SWAG Portaband Table and DeWalt DWX725B Heavy Duty Work Stand. Making my metalworking tools more portable, so that I can set them up closer to where I happen to be welding that day.
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    New entry for Flexvolt and Tstak. Source: toolsbydesign on Instagram
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    I got this Milwaukee M18 heat gun for Christmas. I used it for the first time, the last 2 days on outside corners on vinyl wall base. It is awesome. The weight of the battery makes it very stable when setting it on the floor.
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    DeWALT DCS355D1 20V MAX XR Oscillating Saw Kit The DeWALT DCS355D1 Type 2 20V MAX XR oscillating saw kit I purchased included a N276779 tool box with assorted parts, a 2.0Ah battery, a 2.0A charger and a tool bag. I also purchased a DWA4216 5-piece accessory kit. These two kits complement each other, with both being a great starting point for the oscillating saw. A DeWALT DWST17807 TSTAK II flat top toolbox and a sheet of 2¼" thick Kaisen foam with the perimeter that is custom-cut to the TSTAK toolbox was purchased for this tool. I used a pair of snap knives for my custom foam cuts. The DeWALT N268241 belt hook was purchased separately and added to the DCS355 tool. A M3 0.5 Nylock nut was additionally required for mounting the belt hook to the tool. That Nylock nut was scavenged from another DeWALT 20V MAX XR tool that had two when only one was required. These replies show the toolbox, foam sheet, accessory kits, knives and belt hook. DeWalt DWST17807 TSTAK II Flat Top Toolbox - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201398 Kaisen Foam Sheet - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201399 DeWALT N276779 and DWA4216 Oscillating Saw Tool Kits - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201410 Irwin 2086100 9mm and 2086102 18mm Standard Snap Knives - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14363-wingless-accessories/?tab=comments#comment-201395 20V MAX XR Belt Hook and Tool Holder - http://forum.toolsinaction.com/topic/14432-wingless-20v-max-xr-belt-hook-and-tool-holder/ The plan for this tool was to use the TSTAK toolbox w/ custom-cut Kaisen foam instead of the medium tool bag. I didn't use the DCB112 2.0A charger that came with the kit and instead used a DCB115 4.0A charger from a different tool. The rough layout without the foam is shown. I found an interior toolbox side-wall tab near the planned location for the N276779 blade box, leading me to shift the position sideways slightly to clear that tab. The images show the plan view outline, the blade box draft and the actual foam cut outline. I used a Sharpie and blue painter's tape to permit marking the tool outline. Three device cuts are through the entire foam sheet, for the N276779 blade box, the DWA4216 accessory kit box and for the DCB115 charger. The sidewall cutouts are vertical on the two boxes while some of the DCB115 cutout sidewalls have slopes to match the part. The cutout for the DCS355 tool is through the entire foam sheet at the handle and the battery. The handle cutout is wider than the tool to permit grabbing the tool for removal from the foam. The cutout at the head has different depths and sloping sidewalls to match the tool. For those partial foam removal areas, the sides are cut deeper than required, then fingers are used as a "shovel" to scrape / separate the foam to the desired depth. The result is a "rough" bottom surface. The top black layer was removed from the plug, then placed into the base of the cutout. The 9mm and the 18mm snap knives were ideally suited for this foam cutting. The DCS355D1 kit includes a cut guide block and arm. That cut guide block has three (almost) orthoganal holes that permit flexibility for the cut guide arm. The images show the cut guide arm in the different orientations.
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    That charger is only 4 amp output. It's not fast, that's for sure. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I have been in dire need of a miter station for I don't know how long now. With building my hand tool cabinet I had to move my miter saw to the other bench. Well that just isn't working. There is no dust collection besides the shop vac hose and the Bosch has miserable DC to begin with so it really isn't any help. With my limited space I needed to put my drill press in the miter station as well. That presented some design issues that needed to be addressed. I think I have them worked out though. Since I haven't taken the time to learn SketchUp or fusion 360 yet, I draw out all of my plans. This make me actually math sometimes which is fine. Don't judge my super sweet drafting skills. Thanks miter station will be 104" wide. Ill have slightly over 6' to the right and 2.5' to the left. To the left of the miter station is 3 more feet to the wall. I currently store my planer flip top cart there. There is also a door there. So if a longer space is really needed I can just open the door. The bottom right will be open as that is my crawl space access. It works out for me anyways as I keep the shop vac and air compressor there. Nothing should change there. It will have 4 spaces for drawers. They won't be super wide as I won't have the space. I think they come out to 11", 11.5", and 14.5" wide, plus whatever the final saw space needed is. Yesterday I went and bought three sheets of 3/4" maple plywood. I had one already at home. This will get me the carcass construction and base top at least. I haven't figured out a drawer layout so that will come later. I might keep some of it open for cutoff storage. Today I started to break down the plywood. I broke two down at 24"x36.25". I had maple veneer left over from the armoire build and used it to veneer the front faces. [emoji16] My current bench is 37" and I like the height. I'm 6'1" so it measures out pretty nicely. I used my kreg jig and drilled the holes out for two of the cabinets. I got one of them assembled today before the gym and work. I'll put the other one together tomorrow. If I had a Makita oil impulse impact I would do it after work tonight lol. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    This thing is a beast. Other than the doors feeling kind of cheap, the rest of it is pretty impressive. The handle folds down, which can be helpful when needing to direct the light. My first thought was if there's a power outage in the cold, this gives you heat and a light, but you can aim the light upward instead of having it facing where you're likely sitting trying to get warm. The propane connectors both swivel outward so they're completely horizontal. Makes it super easy to attach the tanks. There are keyholes on the back in case you're using it in a small location on a jobsite or in a shop or garage. Pretty cool little unit.
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    All trimmed out and finished....
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    Was extremely loyal to just 18v Makita tools at first. Now accumulating 4 4.0ah batteries, 10 3.0ah batteries, and 5 1.5ah. My cordless collection is all brushed which includes, 6 1/4 inch impacts, 2 hammer drills, 4 driver drills, 2 jigsaws, 2 6 1/12 circular saws, 2 reciprocating saws, 2 5 inch angle grinders, and 1 multi tool. I'm probably forgetting some. But I got given a brushless Ridgid hammer drill with two 4.0 batteries the one day love it. I was looking for a jobsite radio at Home Depot earlier this year and seen a deal if I buy a brushless impact and hammer drill combo I get the radio for free. So I was like sure, love them both. Impact is insanely powerful, radio gets good signal, puts out good sound but doesnt charge batteries that's the only draw back. So now my cordless brushless Ridgid collection in total equals too, 3 4.0ah batteries, and 3 2.0 batteries. 2 1/4 inch impacts, 2 hammer drills, radio and cordless Hyperdrive 18ga Brad Nailer. I plan on buying many more cordless brushless Ridgid tools they are very durable and really good on price. So all in all my brand loyalty was split into 2 for cordless 18v tools. But all performed beautifully to help me finish this beauty cottage this spring
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    I love Makita. Some new colour love! It’s awesome being to alter/mod your tools! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey folks! Long time no chat, sorry I've been away a lot. Hope you like it!
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    had to so impressed.... pretty powerful little set....
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    Give it the boot! Ultimate surface and tool protection. Part: 49-16-2553 Price: $22 Order from Milwaukee service center or Home Depot online. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Just bought this beast a few months back, so I’m not in the market for a long time: Here’s my take on the diesel argument. The Bad: $10,000 is a hefty option. The additional maintenance cost is real, but overstated. $89 oil change plus $20 in Diesel Exhaust Fluid every oil change. $80 for fuel filters every other oil change, so you’re looking at probably 3x’s the cost of per oil change. To maintain proper load capacity you’ll need Load Range E tires. Those aren’t cheap either, but you can find them that aren’t insane. Diesel is more than gas, but you’ll get better mileage out of the diesel versus an equivalent gas truck, so it’s pretty much a wash. Repairs can be insane if it’s certain things. Reading online will make you walk away feeling like every diesel out there is a ticking time bomb, but in reality (outside of the 6.4 Ford nightmare) the catastrophic failures are few and far between and most trucks I see with crazy expensive proplems are user created either by poor maintenance or tuner mods. The Good: I haul a lot of shit including a 28’ camper (+/- 9500 lbs.) and was constantly stretching the limits of my 1500 Rams, which doesn’t bode well for longevity. I was having to be careful about packing lite, emptying tanks, etc, now I could pull it if it were filled with lead. I traded off several trucks I still loved because of high miles. By the time I had one close to paid off I was pushing 200k and it had to go. With a diesel that “ get out from under it before it dies” mileage is at least double. Dad has a 2017 F-250 with the 6.2 gas motor. Good motor, pulls the camper just fine, but does so @ 7-8 mpg. With the 6.7 Diesel I can pull to Myrtle Beach getting 10 or so through the mountains and 12-13 through the Carolinas all while never dropping below 65 mph and not really trying to take it easy. On flat or mildly hilly terrain I could literally forget it’s back there. There’s a lot of difference in pulling a big load 50-100 miles and pulling one 800-1000 miles. If if you pull loads approaching 10,000+ with any regularity over any real distance and/or you put a lot of miles on your truck, a diesel it’s absolutely worth the extra investment. Otherwise, you’re paying a lot more for capabilities you don’t really need.
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    Time has been spent between this and the hand tool cabinet so its a little slower going. I did manage to get the sanding pad storage completed. Pretty happy with how they turned out. I even have enough space to place another sander on top of the storage giving me 4 placed to put Sanders. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    I added this to my Ego collection. I really like having a bladed edger. It was basically the powerhead with the edger attachment for $129.00 without battery or charger.
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    I finally have one. It's an Ebay purchase from South Korea.
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    After priming and painting it with haze gray deck paint, I had to figure out how to carry taller items/garbage cans/etc. I came with this. Just a couple screws and I can customize it a couple different ways. Even create a lip with the closest beam.
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    FlexVolt worm drive ordered. Was waffling on it and the Makita rear handle but got a much better deal on the yellow one so my wallet did the talking lol.
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    Milwaukee Surge, 2.0 amp battery, a Large Dewalt ToughSystem box, an Easy Wood Large detailing tool for my lathe, a 12x20 piece of granite for my sharpening station and a pizza cutter kit to turn. I’ll throw some pics on later 🤪 Also all of the new1/2” Router bits from Peachtree came in but I haven’t even opened the box yet. My Wife bought me a two person hammock for Daddy Day. She’s awesome. My Son got me an awesome “Dadman” t shirt and a neat book to read him. He loved it.
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    20v bradder. Brand spanking new awesome eBay score.
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    I picked up the new carbon fiber shaft Ego trimmer. I told myself my gas trimmer was going bad. I blame Eric and his review on the web site for pushing me over the edge.
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    @jronman There will be two circ saws released to answer your question. The top tier brand new Fuel and the more budget friendly non fuel brushless. It's been a long time; I would be terribly selfish to not show up here now that I've been able to experience this great journey to Milwaukee NPS from the bug Dan and Eric gave me and when I first started watching their shenanigans! Thanks one and all for the great conversations we have had, I credit TIA for the amazing experiences I've had since I was last here (good grief, how long has it been anyways!!!??) This is just the beginning though. I was privileged to intro the video that just went up tonight and it prompted me to check in here and say hi! Still so hard to believe thanks Dan and Eric!!! (Please excuse the shameless plug lol) I'm always on the lookout for others in the trades to showcase their work, their process, methods, tips and tricks etc. I have had several submit a short video to Google drive, I play it on the channel and everyone loves the feedback they get. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
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    For one down tree and then it'll probably sit for years but that's why I got battery powered instead of gas.
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    @kornomaniac... .well I love the M12 stubby wrench ..I’ll take one...M12 rocket light...I’ll take two....since I’m heavily in the M12line.......I know you guys do your math thing and watt hr stuff and this and that....I run Framing companies....I can say with facts, that the Flexvolt 575 to this day is unmatched by any cordless circ saw in power or ability to perform any job. Not even close.....For “worm drive” the 577 is equally unmatched by any cordless saw today. The makita “worm drive” is a good saw and closer then any other brands. I use it a lot ...but for serious ripping, nothing touches the 577.. We will see what the new Milwaukee HD circ saw does with a HO 12ah on it , when compared to the 575 with Dewalts 12ah(4ah) on , not the 6ah they used for demonstrating...also it still won’t touch the 577... These theories that 162wh is 162wh doesn’t matter voltage...is arm chair quarterbacking...in the real world the existing Milwaukee 7 1/4” circ Saw with a 9ah on it ...Can Not Rip Framing stock without bogging down or overheating, period...fact.....but ....the existing Dewalt 575 can, no problem....it doesn’t matter 162ah stuff...it Can’t do it .....now maybe through science and engineering the New Milwaukee HD circ saw with the HO 12ah can do it....but the old one Won’t... So your still buying a new tool HD platform and a new HO batteries to accomplish what Dewalt Flexvolt currently does.....its the same exact thing Dewalt did....new platform of high power tools and new batteries to power them....spin it any way you want .......it’s the same thing... I’m not anti Milwaukee, they have great tools, some of the best...mechanics, lights, plumbing,hvac, very innovative tools...I love M12...they struggle with construction tools because it’s new to them, understandable....but the hype and bogus competitions they do are BS....the “one tool,one battery platform is a lie, technically true ,but not in reality...it’s a new line of tools requiring a new line of batteries to run them properly......just like Dewalt did, that’s all I’m not anti Makita, they have a great line of tools,vast...some of the best Impacts on the market, impact wrench,no...decent circ saws and very good rear handle saw...I kinda like the new AVT sawzall....I don’t like the batteries and compatibility issues, excellent chargers though.but damn they try hard to be innovative quickly... Chris k got me into Festool, love those tools, my vacs,sanders... I bought into Dewalt first for corded mitre saws, table saws, circ saws for years , they really are top notch and widely used, then the 20v (18v) line of tools, then Flexvolt, framers require tools with More POWA....I love Flexvolt, the tablesaw is awesome, the saws are awesome..great grinder, the compressor works great, the hybrid mitresaw, the best....I’m sure more tools are coming.....Flexvolt is perfect for construction...... I get most guys on here don’t need that power or use it 10hrs a day...everyday. I get brand loyalty and compatibility. Flexvolt is a business decision, not “fan boy” it saves companies time and most importantly, money... We all win with these companies battling it out.. ...one year this tool is on top, next year it’s a different tool, it’s all good. All I want is to make as much money as humanly possible in the shortest amount of time as possible, who ever can do that for my company is the winner......unless I win the lottery, I’ll buy all of you a new tool of choice...as long as it’s Dewalt, ....lol jk 🙃
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    Yet this was a huge complaint people had of FlexVolt. “Bu-bu-bu-but my old batteries wont work on my new toooools” as if you’d want to run a table saw or 12” mitre off ten cells anyway. The difference between systems for a daily user comes down to semantics and marketing spin.
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    I have the corded dewalt and went to buy glue stick refills and saw this. Only 24.00. Have been using it for about 3 hrs now and it’s pretty awesome ! Heat up it pretty quick, has in if switch. Only downside is maybe a belt clip would be nice when working in a ladder but aside from that this thing great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Can't wait for him to cut two or three pieces of wood and tell us how amazing it is.
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    I tracked down zip ties with flags and printed up some labels to identify which bits go into which slots. Here’s the final result.
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