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    Santa brought me the Fuel table saw😍. I have a nice hardwood job to try it out, tomorrow.
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    I thought I was going to let my small set of bosch tools die off but a couple good ebay deals and my addiction got the best of me. I'm kind of impressed with how much smaller the bosch 8.0 is vs dewalt and m18 6.0. But I did find out with the old regular charger it takes 3.5 hrs to charge. Once I drain it I'll see if the old fast charger does any better.
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    Nice hearing from you Wigwag. It's going well considering all the Covid drama I just hope to be back to work soon. The UTB was an awesome giveaway it definitely brought traffic to the fourm.
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    Enough grain@JimboS1ice ? [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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    The new Dewalt 20V blower features a brushless motor just like the current model. The new model has a sleek updated modern look that has more aggressive styling. Cosmetic changes include a new trigger design with the cruise control lever moved to the very top of the handle and submerged. It features a similar turbine design and the battery now mounts directly behind the handle but sideways. The bottom stand is shortened which reduces overall height and the stand has a roll cage design like the ones you’d find on their battery powered radios. The blower tube appears to have a removable and replaceable tip. The current Dewalt 20V blower is rated at 400 CFM and 90 MPH performance so expect the new model to have similar or improved performance. The new articulating head hedge trimmer is part of the 20V line and is coming next year 2020 in the first quarter and it appears to be based on the design of the pole saw but with an articulating hedge trimmer head instead. Just like the original Dewalt 20V hedge trimmer, it appears to be running on a brushed motor. It appears to have the ability to use extension poles for added reach. The articulating head pole hedge trimmer shown is a prototype so expect the final product to look similar but could be slightly different.
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    I bought it to use on an LP siding job, two story house. I wanted it to trim the lap siding to length around windows and make butt cuts, and I wanted the belt hook feature. Pro- Plenty of power. Surprising amount of torque with a 20v battery. The ability to carry it on the belt is handy. Tough enough to fall off the scaffold. Blade left makes it easy to see what you are cutting. Con- Because your hard is so far back, it’s a bit hard to control with one hand. Even using a level as a fence for a rip, the saw wandered to the right, away from the fence. I also used it on a fence, to cut boards down in height. It wasn’t much help there, as the 4 1/2” blade can only cut two boards at a time. In sum- A regular circular saw following a straight edge is better at cutting sheet goods. it offers more control. A fence/rip guide for your saw is certainly more affordable than the atomic. You could do wider rips, as the Atomic has a small shoe and rip guide. The Atomic has Plenty of power for cutting siding or trim boards on a roof, scaffold, or ladder.it could be handy there. It would be handy for cutting in vent holes on a roof. If you’re looking for a first cordless saw, go with a standard 6 1/2 or 7 1/4. Better capacity and control. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DeWALT unveiled the Tough System 2.0 at STAFDA 2019. We already knew it was rumored to be coming but it was officially shown off. We are getting a ds150 equivalent, ds300 equivalent, and a ds450 equivalent at the launch. A ds400 and an organizer are coming later. Back when I saw prototype images I wasn't sure what was new besides looks but there has been quite a few improvements. The lid latches now have an automatically locking feature. It is as simple as setting a box on a 2.0 lid and it's already locked. The front latches also got an update. They look to be a hybrid of the 1.0 latches and Packout latches. The gen 2 boxes also have a spot for a label like you get with tstak. The 2.0 lids also have the ability to lock onto a new half width organizer. The organizer locks into a bracket on the center of the lid and the side latch. You can fit 2 half width organizers on one full width lid. The new organizers have updated bins inside which you can instal dividers in a bin for more customizable organization of small parts. 6 bins come in one organizer. I don't have any information on what will come with the ds150 equivalent. If it comes with bins I would like to see the updated organizer bins included instead of the old bins. I don't know if it has a lid tray or not. The lift out tray that normally comes with the 300, 400, and 450 have gotten a significant upgrade. They are now available in at least 2 sizes same length and width but different heights. They are stackable and lockable. They appear to have foam available for them as well. Normally they rest at the very bottom but tabs can be pulled out to allow a tray to rest on the upper part of the box like the 1.0 tray did. The 2.0 boxes have backwards compatibility with the 1.0 boxes but I am not sure how much backwards compatibility. I only saw the 2.0 stuff on top of the 1.0 stuff and did not see the 1.0 on top the 2.0. I also don't know if the new trays are compatible with the 1.0 boxes. I did not see 2.0 version of the drawer unit, cooler, full width organizer, and tote. I did not see an updated wall rack, van rack, or dolley but they are all compatible with 2.0
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    Guys what’s up!!!! Hope u lol have been doing good and and your family’s are healthy thru all this craziness. Man it’s crazy how time flies and life just passes by... I try and pop in every so often but yea u miss the good old days on here with u guys...
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    Welcome to the forum. Do you have a link or an image showing the expected outcome? Is it something like this?
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    FYI...I figured out my blade was damaged (one broken tooth, one tooth bent) - that's why it was off and chewing up my wood. I replaced the blade and its working fine now.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Planer is here! Biggest changes: 3mm cut depth, brushed was only 2mm 25mm rebate, brushed was 9mm dual port dust extraction AWS Batt gauge Torque control Quite a lot of changes! My review:
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    Your right, it is awesome!! i love how all the accessories store on board. Now I need the stand . I used it today on saw horses.
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    Merry Christmas everyone, sorry I don’t check in as much as I used to, I try to make an effort but life goes on. Hope everyone had a safe and merry Christmas! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Merry Christmas TIA crew!!
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    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Yesterday I unpacked my Christmas gift 😀 and here it is, Makita DLS211 (XSL08 in USA): Saw was *nearly* precisely adjusted from factory, but it could be better, so I spent two hours with adjusting. First I realized that rails are slightly misaligned. After three trial and error atempts and 10 mins it was OK. Next was bevel angle, 0.2° off, moment to fix. Mitre was nearly perfect, but 5cut methods showed some error. I spend long 90 mins finding exact square angle, until 5cut method showed zero error. Now I think saw is very accurate. What i like: accuracy (now after tweaking), power, runtime, smoothness of every movement. Bundled 60teeth Efficut Makita blade is very nice, I'm impressed. Non-sliding fences are OK for me. Laser is what I don't like too much. And yes, she is heavy! 😃 I have to buy wheeled saw stand... Overall I'm very satisfied.
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    Sat at a table(Xmas eve) with my wife, all 3 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws, and our 2 grand babies..... Perfect! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
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    So Dollar Tree must be a Milwaukee supplier lol. Couple t30's for a buck.
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    I have been blessed with kindness. Stuart of toolguyd.com reached out to me to "get rid of unneeded tools"(loose quote). I am thanking him in front of the tool community here and will send him a personal thank you soon.....
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    Got the top assembled. I just have to work on the base now.
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    A cutting board I am working on. African mahogany, Purple Heart and hard Maple. The grain patterns add to the 3 d effect. This picture shows the peaces still in rubber bands but close to the positions They will be glued together in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have just read a FAQ regarding SGT on makita.be, here's what comes out: 1) When asked about the competition offering 9ah and 12ah battery packs, they answer that 18v 12ah batteries would be technically possible, but heavier, bigger, slower to charge and more expensive than their equivalent XGT counterpart. They are talking about 0,7 and 1 kilogram for their 2.5ah and 4ah version respectively. The 2.5ah can be fully charged in 28 minutes. According to them, their 40v 2.5ah weighs just a bit more than their 18v 5ah battery and less than any 18v / 9ah option currently on the market. 2) The XGT charger will require an adapter to charge LXT batteries. 3) They will keep releasing new LXT 36 volts tools, they are aware that a lot of customers are already equipped with 18 volt batteries and definitely can't ignore this fact. They still think that XGT 40v would nicely complement LXT for the most demanding tools. original article (in french ) http://www.makita.be/actualite/avec-xgt-makita-lance-une-plate-forme-daccus-orientee-vers-lavenir-.html?allowCookies=1
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    now on the web site with lots of details also shown some nice pictures ==> also coming to USA https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/polishers-shears-and-nibblers/20v-max-xr-7-in-180mm-cordless-variable-speed-rotary-polisher-kit/dcm849p2
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    I am waiting for these to be available. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Or at least start to invest in other battery platforms. Why. No 21700 or high output batteries. I have 24 5 amp batteries. Makita was giving these limp dick things away. 24 batteries and 4 double chargers and 1 single are not enough to continuously run the x2 blower. Epic fail. Why invest in these high drain tools let alone the excellent rotary and demo hammers if the batteries are limp dicks. Just my 2 cents.
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    Did a little labor day shopping.
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    Welp I'm just about done with a remodel after the client had a fire. We took this house down to the studs and changed the floor plan to open up the kitchen and living room and also increase from 2 bedrooms to 4. I just have to redo to front and rear decks then it's complete.
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    Just put the first coat of shellac on the birthday box. Sapele has a nice grain.
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    Listen It's like when you guy to buy a truck, do you get it in 2 Wheel drive or 4 Wheel drive. Personal I choose the 4 Wheel drive mode ( self propelled ) because it is nice to have it when you need it. If you are powering through high grass, as I did already, squeeze the drive and walk right through a patch of 4 foot grass that hadn't been mowed all year. I will warn you, start on slow speed as the self propelled will run a heck of a lot faster than you can fast walk. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Hey Der Folks! It's been awhile since I hung out here, dosen't seem to be too active anymore. Hope the crew has been well. Remember the good ol' Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaways? Those were some good times eh? My DeWalt DCN660 20V Finish Nailer - Voted on by the Crew is still working great! -Steven
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    Anyone into wood turning, got a lathe last year and have invested pretty deeply into it. Most recent project I’ve made a mallet. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    @reddawg60...erecting metal buildings using a impact? Dude, we have tons of steel in our custom homes and no one is using compact impacts..impact wrenches are for Hd work. A compact impact { driver, as it’s called} is not used for that..it’s intended for screws and small diameter , short, lags, truss loks, timber locks,etc...try using the correct tool for the job.. ....you must be part of the vcg gang...Milwaukee is a joke for framing...you should be using All impact wrenches...
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    I was able to get a killer deal on a Makita power head on Black Friday ($99), but already owned a bunch of Echo PAS attachments. So... I hope everyone can please forgive me; at least it's not red and blue right!?! In case anyone is wondering, the RPMs matched perfect, but no this is not a normal thing to do. Required welding and shimming out Makita's shaft tube as the Echo clamp assembly is made for a bigger sized tube. Works like a champ. Best power head I've used and the smoothest my Echo PAS attachments have ever felt, and there are a lot of Echo PAS attachments too: https://www.echo-usa.com/Products/Pro-Attachment-Series Did some edging and to my amazement, the blade never bogged down at all. Highly impressed with the way it turned out.
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    I spoke to makita USA the other day about this issue and they told be they were working on a new 9ah battery. They weren’t sure on the release date but it is coming they said.
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    This is the new brushless XR jiggy. Of the reviews I have seen, it smokes the new Milwaukee. Equipped with LED too. I will hold my opinion in the Red vs Yellow war but my red tools are growing in numbers but only in the specialty tool area. I have had a lot more luck with yellow over red in build quality and got rid of everything red about five years ago But....to each their own. It’s like Ford vs. Chevy. Everyone knows Toyota is better. Anyways, these tools were a smart purchase with a surprise 4.0 I didn’t even know came in the package for $174. A total steal. Chris is getting some Ryobi stuff too.....hmmmmm....
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    Sorry I know it’s a few days late...
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    I took back the junk Dewalt and got the Milwaukee M18.
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    Those Milwaukee heated hoodies are great. Mine is several years old (I'm guilty of babying it cuz it's so darn nice, and always wear something over it if working so I don't tear it up). Unbelievable how warm it gets. Looking to get the "fanny pack" looking thing that you can stick your hands in to keep them warm. I used to have a hammer addiction too, lol. A few years ago my wife bought me 3 different Stilettos (hammers, NOT ladies shoes, HA!) that I use for different tasks after hearing me hint for years about wanting one. Guys I work with ended up adopting almost all of my other hammers since. Most people think it's crazy to spend so much on a hammer. Occasionally I'll lend one out for a week and then they get it.
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    It is nice and all but another battery platform from the company who said would use one battery for all your tools. Milwaukee said they wouldn't need higher voltage or tools powered by two batteries. m18/m12 battery chargers.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Now, here's another question for you guys? For running just 20v tools, would you recommend the flexvolt 6 or the xr 6.0 for your tools? What gives the better runtime? Most power?
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    Picked up the Makita 118" guide rail fro tool nut. Tool but running $50 orders over $200. Shippjng was only $25. Acme amd other places charge a freight fee over $100. Shipped from Makita and arrived in 2 days by Fed ex semi. Woot! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Yo mike long time no talk bro! I don’t check in nearly as often as I used to, quite a few of us hit up Instagram pretty hardcore. How ve you been? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My Ego commercial trimmer arrived yesterday. It has exceeded my expectations. The torque is incredible. It doesn't feel powerful but when you do a task that would normally tax a gas trimmer the Ego maintained the same rpm. I couldn't even bog down the thing. The backpack battery took some getting used to but once I got the harness dialed in it wasn't that bad to use. It is built quite well. All metal trigger and all metal motor housing which most if not all gas units do not have. The carbon fiber shaft seems nice. Cut diameter is only 15 in which some say could be larger. I doubt I will switch back to 2-cycle equipment. The pros of the Ego outweigh the cons in my opinion.
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    Just an update after one year of use. I mow 8,000 sq. ft. of lawn and occasionally a 16,000 sq. ft. lawn with my RM480e mower. Electricity cost to recharge the batteries is less than $0.10. I have mowed 40 times so far and the blades are still sharp. I did have one battery fail due to a failed cell that caused that battery to be unable to handle any load. Ryobi replaced the battery under warranty in two days. The batteries slide out on a tray. Maintenance on this machine is minimal and consists of lubricating the steering mechanism occasionally. The powder coated frame and deck are easy to keep clean. The headlights are bright enough to actually mow at night and it’s quiet enough that you could without bothering the neighbor’s.
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    Oh gawd.....another hose dragger......
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