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  1. New section for Defects, Recalls, etc.?

    Thanks for the reminder. I have to email them because I want to make sure it's done right. The backend is a little weird when it comes to merging.
  2. Recalls

    We added a new discussion for "Recalls". If you find anything to do with recalls, please post it for everyone to see.
  3. Links

    If you post links to buy or promote your product, you will be banned and the link will be removed.
  4. New section for Defects, Recalls, etc.?

    Sounds good. I went ahead and added recalls. Right now we don't have a post min but will probably add one if it gets goofy. I also reordered the forum. Hopefully, it doesn't mess anyone up. I just put the tools towards the top because that is where a majority of people go. Thanks for the ideas and feedback.
  5. 1000 Posts

  6. New section for Defects, Recalls, etc.?

    I think this would be an awesome idea. We tried this before and it turned into a bitch thread. We spent a ton of time moving post and deleting people who were just complaining about a color etc of a tool. People would come in there and complain about a drill that was 10 years old saying it was junk. We can try again and see what happens. What does everyone think about adding a section called Recalls, Defect.
  7. TIA home page

    I checked the back end and I would have to get someone to code it different as it doesn't allow us to change colors or highlight. I will have to figure out something because the only reason we have the logo point to the forum is a bunch of people said it would be easier to visit the forum home page. I will see if we can do some highlight or something.
  8. Hello from OC California

    Welcome to the crew and the forum. Never used Mafell, but but the history is awesome and heard they are great.
  9. TIA home page

    That's not a bad idea. Do you have this tab to show up on your computer? Just curious because maybe it's not showing up. There should be a tab below the logo. One of the tabs says, TIA Home Page.
  10. TIA home page

    OK thanks for letting me know of this issue. I never knew it was coming up that much for people. I have it set to show once per 100 days. On my desktop, phone etc, I never see it. I did make a change and design it to be less intrusive until we can figure why it comes up all the time for some people. I am sure it works of a cookie and if you're deleting the cookies on exit, that is probably why you are seeing it all the time. Take a look and let me know what you think until we figure out a work around.
  11. TIA home page

    OK, thanks for letting me know. Let me talk with Rob and see why this keeps happening.
  12. TIA home page

    Does this come up every time you visit TIA home page? If so I am sorry and thanks for letting me know. It shouldn't. We have it set to come up once per 100 days. If it's coming up more than that something is wrong with the plugin.
  13. New guy

    Awesome, well you have come to the right place. A bunch of great people here to help out. Good to have you on the forum and welcome to the Crew.
  14. Suggestion for new sub-forum

    Good call. I went ahead and changed it. Thanks for keeping tabs and letting us know.
  15. Hello from Finland

    Welcome to the forum and the crew. Good to have you here. That's awesome you are involved in the trades. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Getting a harbor freight!

    Agree 100%
  17. New Guy from Virginia

    Welcome, Chris and great to have you in the forum and as a crew member.
  18. First cutting board

    That is absolutely awesome. Very cool.
  19. Rename forum section

    Interesting ideas. As usual, I dropped the ball on giveaways. We had some giveaways planned for the forum but got to caught up in the new website design. What do you guys think about merging the two for now? If it gets bad we can take the next step. I can also let new people see the thread but if you like we can stop them from posting in there until they get 15 posts or something along that line.
  20. Forum issues

    I think they do with the new update but I am waiting to install since last time it took down Tapatalk. For now, it's just all activity. If the logo is bright blue, you know there is something new. I will keep you up to date.
  21. Rename forum section

    Good points. Will have to figure this one out. Not sure about bringing back the UTBG. Over the last couple of years, we wanted to spread the tools around instead of one person getting everything.
  22. The new guy

    Welcome to the forum and crew. Good to have you here. We are starting to get a bunch of guys from Australia here which is cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Makita Tv

    Very cool project. Next step is to make it cordless and run off the 18V. Nice job Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Rename forum section

    Here is the tricky thing. We want to reward the real users in the forum, but we also want to attract new people who might be cool and contribute to the forum. Merging them would be great to keep things easy. Just have to decide if we should hide it from new people where they only come on once or twice to chime in to win but never contribute. Let me know.
  25. Rename forum section

    What does everyone think about just merging: Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway Member Giveaways Just call it "Giveaways" of something along that line? In the title of the post, we can put if it's a TIA or member giveaway or someone else.