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  1. Sweet. It's nice to have a great set up.
  2. Great question. I will see what I can find
  3. I think I might have to get this. I use to have a pine tree in my back yard and I could never find one that would power through the pine cones. I wonder if this will.
  4. I would love to see some trade specific tools. Like the Band saw, which they just announced, thanks toolbane. I would like to see something like the Bosch FlexiClick.
  5. Agree, I love their sub Compact line. I would love to see them add a bunch of new tools to that line.
  6. No, you are the second person I know who was looking for parts like that. I never found out if they found them, but for some reason it has been hard to come by.
  7. There should be a small back pin that keeps the arm up. It's either on the back left or right. Depending upon the model, just push or pull the pin and the saw will not be able to come down
  8. I haven't seen an adapter either.
  9. Agree, I would go with the brushless. That's a great saw.
  10. Couldn't agree more. A vacuum would be awesome. There would be a ton of household items I would like to see. I hope they expand the line.
  11. I haven't used one and don't know anything about that brand.
  12. Yes, it looks like the part for the saw are in abundant.
  13. Agree, right now HD seems like the better price. I don;t have any in my local store
  14. I wish we would get some of the cool products over here.
  15. I have no idea. Never seen anything like that before. Looks cool.
  16. That is a cool looking table. My first table I did was a mission style table with oak. I would just jump in and built with whatever wood you really want the final piece to be. Just have some scrap around because if you are nervous about a pocket hole or another aspect of the building process, just practice on some scrap. I would just take your time and have fun with it. The one thing I learned with reconditioned wood is understand what finish you want before hand. I built a Mantle, shelves and more for my house. I took a ton of time building everything. I used old cedar because I loved the way it looked when it was weathered, it has a cool looking gray. However I never thought ahead of time that I would need to finish it because people would set drinks etc on it. When I went to finish it, it was a real pain because it made the wood dark and took away the gray look. I finally found a guy by me who could seal it with a certain chemical and didn't take took much of the gray away. Other than that, have some fun.
  17. I haven't but since it's Stihl, I wouldn't think it would be too bad
  18. have you tried ereplacementparts? I have never used them but have heard from others they were able to find hard to find parts.
  19. You can take the chucks off and take a closer look. Something is defective because if you over drilled a fastener, that shouldn't be enough to break a chuck. Chucks are usually pretty strong.
  20. Eric - TIA

    RBC30Set Not

    No idea but I think you have something nailed down since you hear the spinning. I don't remember hearing any spinning on our when we stopped the engine. Obviously something is not engaging and it sounds like it has to do with the clutch but I have never taking that model apart so not sure what would be causing that.
  21. Great buy, I absolutely love that saw.
  22. I love that bench. I have to add on to mine. Nice job
  23. That is weird. I take it the spark plug wire is in good condition? I am stumped why you are not getting any spark. Have you tried cleaning the inside of the wire that sits on top of the spark plug to make sure there isn't any corrosion?
  24. Sold, i have to pick one up
  25. Very weird. We don't have that over in the states. Looking at the plug, it's not the USA typical 120V plug. It does mimic our 20V drill and I love the 20V drill. I searched and couldn't find anything ether so it's either a specific drill to somewhere in the world or it's just a knock off. If it's legit, I am sure it's a great drill as Dewalt makes some of the best drills around.
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