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  1. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    OK, I think I see now. One end is already cut, you just need to cut it down to size and then shape the end to fit into the post. I am not sure how thick it is but can you use a circular saw and cut the wedge?
  2. Replacing Old Fence Rails?

    I can't tell, does each section have 4 sides or is it 3 sides. Can't tell if it's a 4x4 on an angle and then the ends are cut smaller to fit the posts.
  3. Thanksgiving Plans

    Wow that sounds like a lot. I am kicking back with the family tomorrow, well just me and my boys. My wife goes out with her sisters. The weekend is hockey games and other stuff with the kids.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a great day. I am going to eat too much, watch football and pass out. Wow, that's like my Sundays.
  5. New type of naval warfare?

    That is awesome.
  6. Going to Maui!

    Have fun
  7. Customer Service - Who is the Best?

    I put a post up on Instagram today about customer service at my local Home Depot. I went in there about 7 am in the morning. Pretty empty except for contractors trying to get stuff for the day. Without getting into it, I had a good experience. So being old and grumpy, I am usually used to having crappy customer service wherever I go or even if I have to call a company on the phone. Just got me thinking how customer service has vanished over the years, well maybe I am just an old grump now. Anyways what stores do you visit or call on the phone that actually has good customer service? I have tried to think about other stores but can't name any. Heck even if I go to the grocery store the clerk never says hello or have a good day.
  8. Customer Service - Who is the Best?

    Good point about Ace. We have an Ace by us and they pretty much know everything. We have some very old houses in our town and they are pretty familiar with issues about boiler system, plaster repairs and more. They have seen a ton over the years
  9. Customer Service - Who is the Best?

    That's awesome. I love small towns and wish I could move to one.
  10. Customer Service - Who is the Best?

    Good points. Yes, my local business are usually pretty good. It does suck how a manager can change how a store is run in regards to attitude. You would think the big wigs would really care about this and try to resolve it from a top-down approach.
  11. My wife won us some of tools!

    Free tools are good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Homepage Pop Ups

    Awesome, glad it's not doing it anymore. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Homepage Pop Ups

    Anyone else having issues? We did a scan and found nothing. We are still digging but so far looks clean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Homepage Pop Ups

    OK thanks for letting me know. I will look into this and see why it's happening. Anyone else having issues with the site or the page for pop ups? It's a weird address it's bring you to.
  15. Homepage Pop Ups

    Is this through your phone or desktop? Is it the forum or the frontpage? We don't have a pop up like that. The only thing we have is a newsletter box that comes up at the bottom but only once every 100 visits. We do a nightly scan for virus so it should be clean, but who knows. If you can let me know, I can take a look.
  16. Tapatalk Login not working

  17. Tapatalk Login not working

    Awesome guys. Thanks for your help. So much more helpful with the screen shot.
  18. Tapatalk Login not working

    Can you guys give it a try and ket me know. Should be fixed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Tapatalk Login not working

    I think we figured out what it might be. Hopefully we can fix it asap.
  20. Hello

    Welcome to the forum and the crew.
  21. Tapatalk Login not working

    Does it give you an error or just get stuck?
  22. Tapatalk Login not working

    We updated tapatalk software. So we now have the most recent update for the forum software and tapatalk. Hopefully this helps. If not maybe it's a bug or something. If you can let me know, that would be great. Thanks
  23. Tapatalk Login not working

    OK thanks for letting me know. It has to be something with Tapatalk. Unfortunately, their tech support sucks and never gets back to us. I am going to talk with our guy and see if he can figure it out. Sorry, this is happening but will try to fix it asap.
  24. Tapatalk Login not working

    OK I ran an update for ipboard. Looks like my iphone is still working can you check the android. I don't see an update for Tapatalk so if it's still not working, I will look further into the issue. Thanks