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  1. I love that sander. I own the first and second generations and has been my most used tool the last couple of months.
  2. Welcome to to the forum. It's hard not to get addicted to tools.
  3. Corded or cordless. For corded, I love my Bosch. For cordless, it depends what batteries you all ready have.
  4. The Rolair is a great compressor, but I did the same thing and replaced a different compressor with the Milwaukee. My frame is a little bent but works like a champ.
  5. That is a cool idea and love the cordless solution. The only downside is you still need a vacuum to collect dust, so you are still attached and dragging around something behind you. With most vacuums having an outlet and working side by side with the tool, meaning once you turn the tool on, the vacuum goes on, I am not sure how good the cordless solution is with this tool.
  6. Sweet, how are you liking them?
  7. Eric - TIA

    Bosch PST 50 E

    I don't lknow for sure but after watching a couple of videos, it looks like a T-Shank but no one said for sure.
  8. Eric - TIA

    saw blade

    Yes, you can use after market blades on any saw. In regards to size, it depends what you are doing and cutting. If you are working up high and overhead most of the day and with any 2 x ?, I would go with a 6-1/2 for weight. If you are cutting on the ground and 2 x ?, I would go with a 7-1/4". If you are cutting bigger items such as multiple piece of plywood, LVL etc, I would go with the rear handle saw. It's heavy but will get the job done.
  9. Wow that looks awesome. That rivals most garage set ups. Nice set up. I love being organized, this is a great set up.
  10. Wow, only 4-6 hours. That would have taking me months and wouldn't even look as nice. Nice Job
  11. Agree, Milwaukee always has a steep price. Glad they are expanding the Packout as that is an awesome system. I like the M12 3 plane laser, that's a huge plus.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I feel like they fell asleep at the wheel and have let down their users. I know Stanley B&D is big and probably doesn't want to heavily invest in the Dewalt line, but it's getting to the point where it's frustrating. In the 90's, Dewalt was the one to beat and Milwaukee was more of a joke. Now, the tables have turned. I wish they would give me a reason to invest in their line but as you said, there's nothing there and I don't see them making a push.
  13. Mine had been running good. I have never had to change or mess around with the switch but I would assume that as along as you are holding the switch down and it's running, it would probably be the switch.
  14. I think for the drawings you can contact Makita and they would be able to provide you with that info.
  15. I agree with you guys on for a couple of dollars more but my thought is he is 70 years old and sounds like he is just using it for his lawn mower blades. If he can use a lighter tool and make life easier, why not. Like Biggie suggested, an impact driver would probably do just fine. But I see what your saying framer with for only a couple of dollar more.
  16. I wish Dewalt supported their 12V more. I feel like Dewalt is a sleep at the wheel right now.
  17. You can, they are allover the place. Just search Google. I would still go with an OEM battery.
  18. Wow, nice job that looks awesome. Sweet, it looks like new. How many hours did you have in that? I love that blue.
  19. Welcome to the forum and the Crew. I hear you on the above. Simple stuff takes much longer than expected. I can tell you how many times I lost my pencil or tape. I have been working on my house, I would leave one pencil and tape measure outside by the miter saw, one inside where I was measuring and one in my tool belt. I would still end up walking outside to make a cut realizing that all the tapes are inside.
  20. I would suggest that if you are just using to remove blades, go with the least expensive Dewalt Lithium model. Blades don't require a ton of torque and the lithium batteries will let you leave them on the shelf and not lose the charge. Each manufacturer does have a few models available. Some are brushed, while others are brushless. Then you have compact, mid and large torque wrenches which just refers to the size of the tool and also the larger ones have more torque. To make things even more crazy, you then have hog ring and pin detent. I would go with a 1/2" hog
  21. No I don't have a reference guide from them. I would reach out to them directly.
  22. Sweet, looks good. Wondering why they all blew, yes agree on the socks.
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