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  1. Wondering what everyone here thinks of it, really thinking about getting one and would like some input, thanks
  2. I believe the 2ah battery uses Samsung 20r cells but not sure what cells the 3ah is using... Would the 3ah provide some extra power over the 2ah? I'm guessing the 3ah might be using 30q cells which have 15ah continuous where as the 20s is like 22ah continuous
  3. Like I don't need 2 more batteries but a new 3ah to me be great, good runtime, good power and smaller and lighter then all my other batteries...
  4. I'm just a diy guy... And I have 1 4ah, 4 5ah, 1 6ah and 1 1.5ah... I'd like to have a smaller compact that's more useful then the old 1.5 ah from 2012 lol
  5. Thinking of picking up another battery and can get 2 2ah batteries in a pack or the 3ah and a charger for about the same price... Wondering what the better choice would be, leaning toward the 3ah and selling the charger after since I have 4 already.
  6. Well I just picked up one with the 2018 35 date code and it had the new Samsung cells so if you have anything passed that date code you should have them as well... And that was built in August last year
  7. Hoping it gives that extra juice on impacts, drills etc Grinder will be in the future for sure
  8. Anyone have a clue when they changed over to the 21700 cell in the 6.0 xr, just bought one from a seller on Amazon and said the date code is 2018 35 49
  9. Now, here's another question for you guys? For running just 20v tools, would you recommend the flexvolt 6 or the xr 6.0 for your tools? What gives the better runtime? Most power?
  10. Looking at picking up a new 6.0 and was wondering what kind of difference there is between the 6 and the 5 power wise in high draw tools....Anyone ever notice much difference? Looking to see if I'd notice on the impacts like the mid torque, high torque and maybe the 996 etc... Are they worth the money?
  11. Probably something like that for legal purposes etc I'm not worried
  12. We'll know more later, maybe it's coming for a different spot? The Sydney tools video seems too show it blowing the dust out ahead but I dunno, the dust doesn't really seem too pile up... Need to see what DeWalt says I guess
  13. Lots of unhappy guys online, no dust blower or dust port... That's a bummer
  14. Wonder how much better they are then the 2ah... Trying to decide between 1 3ah or getting 2 2ah
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