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  1. No, I want an impact driver that has the capability / function of disabling the impact mode so it just functions as a non impact driver.
  2. Hi all, As topic suggests; which impact drivers on the market are useable purely as a driver also? Id love to have the benifits of an impact driver when I want it and not all the time! I find that for 70% of tasks there really is not a need for the impact mode, but it certainly has its uses. Im aware of the makita 4 in 1 (very expensive) option, but that seems a big over spend for me. I currently have the 10.4v hitachi twin pack, drill and impact - which in ernest the impact doesnt have enough guts for when its really needed, and the drill only gives 1300 (possibly 1500 i forget) RPM - which isnt adequate enough for anything other than 50mm no8 pilot holes etc. So, I'm looking at the new Stanley FATMAX 18v drill as my main drill, excellent build quality for the price point and considering options to replace my driver. I would love to hear anyones thoughts and suggestions about my options? Many thanks
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