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  1. If I had to provide tools to guys Ryobi would be on the top of the list. If it gets broken or stolen yeah it sucks but your not out the big bucks like major tool brand. Also they just have so many tools. The only time is when you need something big like a hole hawg or bigger saw you have to jump to a bigger brand.
  2. I follow the Milwaukee Facebook group and the hate for Ryobi is only eclipsed by Dewalt. Tool purchasing like trucks dosen't have to be that tribal, buy what you like. If it could be a GM product it would be appreciated they pay the bills.
  3. Like Jimbo said they are people breaking up deals on kits for profit.
  4. DR99

    Used Tires

    The only used tires I would use are what they call 90% take offs with a good date on them
  5. Yep definitely sounds like a battery overloading situation.
  6. I would try to see what they say MKE is pretty liberal at times with the warranty. The aux handle design isn't the best on the Milwaukee drills.
  7. I used to be a huge Aots fan back in the day. Oliva Munn isn't bad looking either.
  8. Well If Sara Jean Underwood is a Dewalt girl than I guess I'm a Dewalt guy now
  9. I think they might need to add another gear to get the rpm's up with out effecting torque
  10. I think the M18 SDS max took like a whole year before it was available and the higher capacity Ryobi packs took even longer.
  11. A few Milwaukee tools have taken awhile to reach the market lately usually they got them out pretty quick.
  12. Do you have any other tools besides the drill
  13. I think Milwaukee might be putting out a dual voltage product because they are running an ad going on about the M18 line and the future
  14. To get the higher amp hours in the pack they had to move to larger cells. Probably battery packs with 18650 cells will be phased out eventually
  15. These are more general purpose vac's while the DWV's are dust extractors they are similar but set up for two different things. I don't think Dewalt had wet dry vac's till now? It's a pretty competitive market verses Ridgid who makes a solid product and lesser so Shop Vac
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