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  1. Well If Sara Jean Underwood is a Dewalt girl than I guess I'm a Dewalt guy now
  2. DR99

    nps2018 thoughts and opinions

    I think they might need to add another gear to get the rpm's up with out effecting torque
  3. DR99

    Milwaukee NPS 2018

    I think the M18 SDS max took like a whole year before it was available and the higher capacity Ryobi packs took even longer.
  4. DR99

    Milwaukee NPS 2018

    A few Milwaukee tools have taken awhile to reach the market lately usually they got them out pretty quick.
  5. DR99

    Recommend me a cordless drill

    Do you have any other tools besides the drill
  6. DR99

    Milwaukee NPS 2018

    I think Milwaukee might be putting out a dual voltage product because they are running an ad going on about the M18 line and the future
  7. To get the higher amp hours in the pack they had to move to larger cells. Probably battery packs with 18650 cells will be phased out eventually
  8. DR99

    New dewalt shop vacs

    These are more general purpose vac's while the DWV's are dust extractors they are similar but set up for two different things. I don't think Dewalt had wet dry vac's till now? It's a pretty competitive market verses Ridgid who makes a solid product and lesser so Shop Vac
  9. DR99

    Blinded by Brand Loyalty

    Ryobi did me fine for many years the only tools that were meh was the saws. Ridgid at the time I was looking had very little in other tools
  10. Well that beard is stupidly long he could be a back up for ZZtop
  11. It's a common problem among all the tool brands now with 3rd party battery packs showing up on Ebay and Amazon. I guess they don't feel its worth the effort to go after them right now.
  12. DR99

    Happy Easter Everybody

    Happy Easter hope the Easter bunny left some tool related treats and you didn't get visited by this Easter bunny!!
  13. It could have been worse but I can't imagine how bad that hurt!!
  14. The mower only runs off one battery pack. To be honest I have ran the snowblower with one battery and didn't notice a huge change in performance but did see longer run time. The one thing I hate about the snow blower is the scraper bar hits ever bump in your driveway and it wears out kinda quick.
  15. DR99

    What tools did you buy today?

    Some one wants to Pump UP the Jam's!!