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  1. Its seems like in general belt sanders have fallen out of favor at the moment. Some of the new random orbit sanders are pretty aggressive with material removal. The only major brand right now that makes a cordless version is ridgid.
  2. Ryobi is weird like that they will discontinue products at a whim. More than likely sales stagnated.
  3. I believe the red clip was just to make it legal for air transport.
  4. DR99

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas TIA crew!!
  5. Are you located in the USA? Because I know international tool prices are a lot more. You would be better off investing in a new lithium ion drill kit over the Holidays with the deals on a new kit over getting replacement batteries on a nicad tool.
  6. This is total pro grade stuff. It was funny reading the Milwaukee FB group and guys angry that have really no use for it anyways not being able to afford it.
  7. I would look into the Makita and Dewalt 12v tools, because they use a 12v slide pack the grips are smaller and thinner. Saws and sanders are more I would recommend visiting you local HD or Lowes to get a feel of them.
  8. You might also want to call Ryobi some of the old blue drills have a recall related to the switch getting hot and melting. Like most recalls Ryobi will replace it.
  9. I would look if the battery contacts on the tool are dirty corroded or bent.
  10. If I had to provide tools to guys Ryobi would be on the top of the list. If it gets broken or stolen yeah it sucks but your not out the big bucks like major tool brand. Also they just have so many tools. The only time is when you need something big like a hole hawg or bigger saw you have to jump to a bigger brand.
  11. I follow the Milwaukee Facebook group and the hate for Ryobi is only eclipsed by Dewalt. Tool purchasing like trucks dosen't have to be that tribal, buy what you like. If it could be a GM product it would be appreciated they pay the bills.
  12. Like Jimbo said they are people breaking up deals on kits for profit.
  13. DR99

    Used Tires

    The only used tires I would use are what they call 90% take offs with a good date on them
  14. Yep definitely sounds like a battery overloading situation.
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