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  1. upcoming grinder comparison - oztooltalk

    It's really hard to decide. Can you use Metabo / Bosch 7Ah 20700 cell batteries, and then NOT use the 9ah batteries? If we use only 5Ah batteries for all brands, we won't be seeing the full abilities of the grinders. Runtime will be scored on a per Ah to help even it out. Actually you're right, scoring per Ah actually advantages the Hilti because it is 21.6V. I think I'll ignore it in scoring for simplicity, just mention it.
  2. Hi All, Mike and I will be doing an 18V grinder comparison in a couple of weeks. Just curious if anyone has any requests / ideas to help us make it better. Below are the models we'll be using. We are using the biggest battery available for all units, but will also be checking for any power drop with more standard batteries where relevant: AEG / Ridgid BEWS18BLX125 - 6Ah Force, & 5Ah Bosch GWS 18V-125 SC - 7Ah ProCore & 5Ah Dewalt DCG405N - 9Ah FV, & 5Ah Hilti AG 125-A22 - 5.2Ah Hitachi G18DBBAL - 6Ah Makita DGA517 - 6Ah Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 - 7Ah Li-HD, & 5.2Ah Milwaukee M18CAG125XPDB - 9Ah, & 5Ah We'll be using a jig that has cuts without much human intervention, which allows us to hang weights from the side handle thread. Runtime test - 20mm solid round bar (will be converted to PER AH) Power tests - 20mm, 24mm, 30mm, solid round bar, with weights as necessary Comfort / Ergo testing - Cutting 25mm SHS and concrete, paint removal with flap disk Draft score weighting: Power 20 Runtime 15 Charge Time 5 Usability 10 Thanks in advance!
  3. Makita vs EGO Surprise

    Super easy for right-handers, almost too easy for lefties.
  4. DCH273 vs DCH293

    i think any of the brushless Dewalt SDS units will be amazing for what you are doing with it. The DCH273 is SUPER compact if thats important to you.
  5. Milwaukee SDS-Max - oztooltalk review

    lol! Tug funny.
  6. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    lol. it's interesting though! we drilled concrete and timber, and drove large screws.
  7. Ineffective hammerdrilling

    Whilst everyone is correct that an SDS unit is MUCH better, at those sizes, any modern hammer drill driver should also be fine for a reasonable number of holes. I've done plenty of 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" holes with regular hammer drill drivers. Dewalt current have the best hammer drill drivers, being the DCD796 (compact) and the DCD996 (premium). If you don't want to buy these latest Dewalt units, I'd recommend you choose between the Milwaukee hammer drills. Here is a couple of our comparisons showing just that :
  8. Triton TRA001B + Kreg Benchtop Router Table

    i can tell you the TRA001 is an amazing router for a table. It's the only one I would have.
  9. Probably a bit of old news, and you can probably pass if you've already watched the comparison. But in case you're interested:
  10. DCD995 to DCD791 Am I mad?

    791 is the bets compact drill around. if you don't use the power of the 995 often, and have an SDS anyway, the swap is worth it. I'd have both personally
  11. I'd love to see a side by side. Certainly Hitachi has the benefit of having seen the Dewalt on the market for several years...
  12. Has anyone got hold of the new Makita 18x2 SDS units yet? I wanna know how they compare to the ones we had!
  13. This gun really seems the goods. Anyone using one?
  14. Ryobi's new circular saw.

    I don't see that the size of the blade comes into it at all. As a younger (righ-handed) person who's done more cutting with cordless than corded, I prefer blade left. I would prefer all saws, regardless of size, blade left.