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  1. This gun really seems the goods. Anyone using one?
  2. Ryobi's new circular saw.

    I don't see that the size of the blade comes into it at all. As a younger (righ-handed) person who's done more cutting with cordless than corded, I prefer blade left. I would prefer all saws, regardless of size, blade left.
  3. Large Cut Capacity Mowers

    and then some, presuming you mow it regularly. I think for light mowing, the 7.5Ah on the SP mower is rated for 50 mins, and it would do that easily I reckon.
  4. yeah its been a bit slow sorry guys. been a tough time of late. things should hopefully pick up again in Feb
  5. Man, they just keep getting better and better at these! Cracking tools. Who's got one?
  6. Cordless Tool Trivia

    OK new question: What's the best brand? . . jk. Which 2-speed cordless drill has the highest no-load RPM? (Make and model)
  7. G"Day from Melbourne - AUS

    Cool and thanks.
  8. Cordless Tool Trivia

    a new charger?
  9. G"Day from Melbourne - AUS

    Welcome MM's. Good to see another aussie. I'm in the south eastern suburbs.
  10. Metabo's range of drills

    No I haven't Jronman. It will be interesting to see if that's true. My first hammer drill comparison had an 90 Nm Metabo that was almost the equal of the 120 Nm Makita. The second one had a 120 Nm Metabo that was hardly (if at all) more powerful. It will be interesting to see if this 1200 in.lbs is the real deal!
  11. What will Makita come out with next?

    lol a telephone charger ....
  12. New Metabo 18V planer

    It's been given Metabo stylings, but it does look like the Hitachi. Wonder if the changes are only cosmetic?
  13. Metabo's range of drills

    I've reviewed (and had in comparisons) 4 Metabo drills. I like them. They don't need babying, very tough tools. Having said that, they excel most in steel, which I don't use much. They seem to be middle of the pack for raw torque / timber or masonry drilling.
  14. Hitachi sold?

    it will, but doesn't become effective for 10 more months ....