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  1. What are your 2018 Tool Plans?

    custom router table
  2. New Pickup Trucks Coming

    Well I won’t be in the market, my 16 Tundra TRD SR5 Crewmax just flipped 10k. I wish I had those LED inserts but alas, my girl is still foxy and gray👍
  3. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Knucks Hockey
  4. I need your thoughts

    The LSA for Ridgid is awesome BUT you have to register it the correct way and it only applies to HD purchases. Ridgid makes great tools.
  5. Try backing out the bit every few 1/4s. You probably had finite mdf getting blocked up in the drill bit and hole. I don’t use my impacts to predictll so I cannot comment on the use of an impact but I can on a drill. Typically in mdf using a drill, I drill a little and pull out, drill a little and pull ou, dri....The same goes when using a drill press, forstners are great for channeling sawdust and chips out of the way. Mdf is supper compressed so it’s characteristics are different.
  6. Retail Schlub in Tool Department

    Welcome aboard dude and on behalf of all tool buyers....good for you. It’ll be nice to have someone who wants to know stuff about the expensive tools we purchase!
  7. Greenhorn here

    Welcome to the forums dude.
  8. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Pumpkin donut
  9. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Blueberry Donut.... mmmmmmm
  10. Just a new guy...

    Welcome to the forums brother. Thanks for your service.
  11. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Glazed donut. Is is this wrong I went to donuts?
  12. Blinded by Brand Loyalty

    No, not really being a fanboy outside of Festool I do not take offense, but the nature of this topic is easy to steer away from the point and people tend to get very impassioned about Country, Politics, Religion and tool brands. Let’s keep focused on Will’s original questions and keep tasked to point. Jokes are often misinterpreted by people and that one would be. No worries.
  13. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Powder donut
  14. Blinded by Brand Loyalty

    Last comment deleted by me. Please guys, regardless of your feelings, keep it on topic.