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  1. OSB + Paint

    If your absolutely going to do this remember OSB has a smoother surface and a rougher surface. Try to keep everything the same side out before painting. My old basement shop had OSB walls that I built for cost reasons. I painted the OSB without oil base primer as @overanalyze suggested and had several bubbles appear. In my case, I didn't care I was trying to make a solid wall that could support multiple shelves. But if for some reason I did care about appearance and felt I wanted to put OSB down (which no matter what, looks like crap) I should have put the primer down.
  2. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    They're both 20v, one is single two is double.
  3. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    The single speed one I am guessing, I have the 2 and still love it.
  4. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    That mid torque impact has my name all over it. Good job @JimboS1ice
  5. Rafter Hooks on Circular Saws

    I hope this comes out for my Flexvolt as an add on. I like having a hook, not necessary but pretty nice to have.
  6. Who else has a tool problem?

    I'm getting persnickety in my advanced years 😜
  7. Who else has a tool problem?

    Haha no lies, love it!
  8. WTF Toolnut?

    I've never considered purchasing one @khariV but like you I'd go with TSO. A lot of this crap goes on in the tool world. Look at Sears screwing the wrench dude.
  9. Makita 10 inch miter 2401b

    That is a screamer of a saw. I have used a friends before and man it howls but cuts like knife through bitter.
  10. Who else has a tool problem?

    I don't lend tools anymore. I've had too many issues and just said...."enough! Buy your own"!
  11. What tools did you buy today?

    Just bought a Bluespruce joiners knife. It's gorgeous.
  12. Cordless Tool Trivia

  13. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    Why do they keep releasing this stuff???? I need another saw like I need a another hole in my head 😖
  14. A good square?

    Yup, I see. Here is an amazon listing from Chappell.... https://www.amazon.com/Chappell-Universal-Stainless-Square-912-S16/dp/B00D425HPE
  15. A good square?

    Hmmmmmm...does this one work? http://chappellsquare.com/products/