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  1. ChrisK

    Dewalt outdoor

    I have a few Dewalt OPE however it is limited to the 20v blower, 20v weed whacker and the 20v trimmer. Great tools, love them but man last year they liquidated the 40v stuff. Not sure where it is. The site still shows the tools as available but...at least they have remained true to the 18v/20v line and still produce 18v tools. I really wanted the new 60v mower but have heard a mixed bag on it. I will say i have the M18 HD chainsaw. Nice machine, lots of power very smooth.
  2. Great choice there! A lot easier and a much nicer tool 👍
  3. Welcome to the forums bro. Are you talking about switching innards of one drill to another and swapping out the skins or do you actually mean the plastic tool case the tool came in? If it’s the skin, I don’t know I’d try that, seems like an awful lot of work.
  4. Welcome to the forums bro
  5. Looks like an adjustable stop from a cutoff machine
  6. Dewalt and Ereplacement parts have it listed as discontinued.
  7. ChrisK


    Welcome to the forums bro
  8. I move my 10” cordless saw all the time both in my shop and out in the field. Most recently using it on a deck build out of my truck. I’m not sure I need a 12” but my 10” cordless is designed to be very portable. It fits nicely in my 4Runner and also on a portable shop bench. I imaging if I was framing homes having a cordless 12” would be pretty sweet but alas that’s not what I ever plan on doing 👍
  9. Welcome to the forums. Which saw do you have? Is it possible that you jumped off the guide? I have the Festool and the base shoe of the saw has adjustable wheels that allow for lateral movement in the guide. Hope this helps,
  10. ChrisK


    Welcome to the forums Jim, nothing from me with the service centers, great warranty though.
  11. Nope shouldn’t touch the blade. Two resolutions, return it or take the blade of and bent it back in place. I wouldn’t spend money on spare parts as you just got it and a another recon unit can be sent out but I would think you can straighten it out. Big thing is if you do, take the blade out, you don’t want to cause damage to the blade or the shaft.
  12. Welcome to the forums dude
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