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  1. ChrisK

    New 3ah compact vs 5ah

    I run the 2.0 s in my Brad and finish guns but only 5.0s or flex volts in the framer. I love my 2.0 s. I might get a 3.0 at some point but...
  2. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

    I got a Florip Toolworks small Dovetail saw and a Blue Spruce dovetail chisel...
  3. ChrisK

    Porter Cable 7538 Production Router

    Dude. Watch this video. Look at what Nick Offerman uses in his home made slabbing sled.
  4. ChrisK

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    Yuppers bro, I have one on the 1400 and 2200 works slick as snot. I wish I had LED’s on them but the dust collection is amazing on my Festool.
  5. ChrisK

    new cordless sander // DCW210B

    Any word on a change in cells in the batteries. Though truthfully my 5.0s last a long time.
  6. ChrisK

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    Cmon! That’s how I sharpen all of my Lie Nielsen and Blue Spruce chisels! Ive got Nerves of steel! Hawk like eye sight! Cat like reflexes! Easy Cheesy.
  7. ChrisK

    CPO does it again!

    So I know there is a lot of angst towards CPO but as usual I scored with them again. I bought the Bosch recon 7.2 jigsaw. Normally well over 200 with a cardboard box. I ordered the cardboard box recon version $149.99 shipped. It came in today with a tiny scuff and in an lboxx.
  8. ChrisK

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    Barrel grip barrel grip barrel grip barr.....
  9. ChrisK

    Cordless rotary tool opinions

    Bosch 12v too. Love it!
  10. ChrisK

    Fuel Jig-Saw Milwaukee

    Yeah it’s true. That barrel grip looks pretty sweet. Would love to see some real use with it.
  11. ChrisK

    Fest...DeWALT price increase

    I have a couple of the airstream battery packs but mostly just the 5.2and 4.2 packs. Airstream is nice but my other batteries work and last quite well. I have the TS55REQ and the HKC (was just doing a job trimming some doors with the HKC and a 55”rail...beautiful). I would love to get the cordless one but I cannot justify it based on my current deployment of tools 👍🙏🤪
  12. ChrisK


    I was really wondering the same thing but decals can be weird that way. Regardless, I would call a service center, find out if they can direct you to serial number location that might be on the motor or something or some tell tale sign that that is an affected saw. Reason being in reading the cpsc report the recall is pretty serious. By calling the Dewalt number they might direct you to a blade guard that could fit the motor housing too that could fit another machine. Also the cpsc report indicated a need to return a saw and replace it from Dewalt 👍 That could be really good!
  13. ChrisK

    To dado or not to dado

    Welcome to the forums dude. Butt joints are the weakest joints. If you are going to join to pieces of plywood then yes, I would dado but I would also use some form of fastener, be it a floating tenon, screw etc. In looking at you rendering it appears that there is no support for the majority of the table so would the metal triangles offer any support? Also, with pocket hole screws there will be an obvious hole left by the pocket which can be filled and blended but the screw itself really does not offer any structural integrity on its own when used in plywood unless there are sides and a shelf or top. Hope this helps, Chris
  14. ChrisK


    https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2008/dewalt-recalls-table-saws-due-to-laceration-hazard Here is the cpsc report
  15. ChrisK


    https://www.ereplacementparts.com/dewalt-dw744-type-jobsite-table-saw-parts-c-1009_2657_2776.html Not sure if it’s still available but the blade guard is listed in the drawing.