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  1. ChrisK

    ToughSystem Trailer BuildOut

    Jake, reach out to @overanalyze about this. He has a pretty sweet set up and Andrew is a great guy who might give you some good insight. He manufactured how own brackets for the work truck they use too. Also congratulations on that trailer, it looks sweet. Any chance you’ll post some pics of the unit itself. I have been thinking about getting one in the next year or so.
  2. ChrisK

    Festool Rumors.

    Oops. Yuppers
  3. ChrisK

    Festool Rumors.

    That’s cool, I use the regular rails on mine too. I have been looking at the medium rail for cutting joists, the positive locks are pretty cool. I have a medium rail but returned it because one of the elastic strings tore off in the rail and just got my money back. I’ll probably get another rail though, they work great when they work great 😉
  4. ChrisK

    Festool Rumors.

    You’ll like it I think, it does not have the dc that you’re used too but I like mine a lot. It’s compact but I have cut a lot of pt with mine using the regular 5.2s and it’s a really handy light weight saw. What size rail did you get for it?
  5. ChrisK

    Festool Rumors.

    Wow, that sucks.
  6. ChrisK

    Blinded by Brand Loyalty

    Don’t worry bro, I deleted all 7 of your other posts and deadlined your links. Welcome to the forums 🤙 have fun spamming us later...
  7. ChrisK

    Problem with New M18 2737 Jig Saw????

    I’m at odds between the Milwaukee and Dewalt. Carvex is still a possibility but for a 150 less the battery free options in red and yellow do add up though I’m still unsure.
  8. ChrisK

    Hilti 12v Hammer Drill

    Hey all, Hilti drill, 2 batteries and a charger adapter (not a charger). New, unused it was a sort of gift that I don’t need. It’s the hammer drill kit with the 18/21v charger adapter you just put the batteries on. Shipping included, USA only. $100. You can buy the charger direct from Hilti for about $35 with shipping.
  9. ChrisK

    Guild modern chest of drawers and nightstand

    Awesome idea bro, that’ll work slick as snot
  10. ChrisK

    Guild modern chest of drawers and nightstand

    They look good though dude. Are you going to fill them or sand them or leave them in place?
  11. ChrisK

    A little TLC

    🙏 every day bro.
  12. ChrisK

    A little TLC

    Travis, I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers being sent bro, I hope you little one is doing well.
  13. ChrisK

    Box joint jig

    Dude, that is amazing. Awesome work bro, clearly blowing me out of the mud!
  14. ChrisK

    It’s been awhile

    Glad to see you back Mike!! Been pretty quiet here lately but the forum is cyclic, so as the weather turns cooler the forum gets warmer
  15. ChrisK

    Broken detent pin on mid torque

    geesh. I got this tool but really ive been using my Dewalt a lot more so no issues I have noticed yet.