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  1. ChrisK

    Miter station build

    No no, I paid for the plans and they came in last week? Haven’t pooped through them yet but they were having a sale so I said why not? I have not seen the video workshop for the cabinet, is that on the site?
  2. ChrisK

    Miter station build

    This is an older photo of my current set up. The only reason I attached it is because it’s on the wodest wall I still have available. I commonly have up to 10’+ hanging on the left side of my saw on the support. I too am going to be building an entire miter saw, storage location with room for my mortiser. The thing is I need a lot of room for longer pieces and have worked hard to keep that wall behind my saw clear... Also, being of similar mind, I went to architectural and mechanical drafting school back when autocad was being introduced....yeah....87-89. Your drawing skills are 🤟 I run all Apple and cannot use Sketchup and don’t know what Fusion is. Cannot wait to see the finished product dude and I just received my plans for the tool cabinet from Finewoodworking. I did not realize they were free (digital) to members of the library. Dohhh!
  3. ChrisK

    Got Robbed

    Do not forget your insurance bro. You might be able to claim it on your auto policy.
  4. ChrisK

    Tool Buying Guide.. (For the Beginner)

    Wow. That’s awesome. First post, link, no permissions......hmmmm......
  5. ChrisK

    Replace laser Ryobi TSS101L miter saw

  6. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

    Milwaukee Surge, 2.0 amp battery, a Large Dewalt ToughSystem box, an Easy Wood Large detailing tool for my lathe, a 12x20 piece of granite for my sharpening station and a pizza cutter kit to turn. I’ll throw some pics on later 🤪 Also all of the new1/2” Router bits from Peachtree came in but I haven’t even opened the box yet. My Wife bought me a two person hammock for Daddy Day. She’s awesome. My Son got me an awesome “Dadman” t shirt and a neat book to read him. He loved it.
  7. ChrisK

    Time Off?

    It’s a State thing 😎
  8. ChrisK

    Time Off?

    Dude. Ain’t that the truth? I just came in from the pool, played a game and am now grilling. I want to ply some more. That game is addictive.
  9. ChrisK

    Happy Fathers Day 👍

    So....being new at this....I definitely have a strong appreciation for my Dad. Happy Fathers Day guys. The job is tough but better than any job I have ever worked and the rewards are endless. Enjoy your families and God Bless...You deserve it!
  10. ChrisK

    Down and dirty router table

    Like it a lot plus great table support. What are you using to hold the feather boards in, are there a few slots in place?
  11. ChrisK

    Time Off?

    Hang out with my Wife and Son, work in the shop, yard work, hike, play bf4, work on the house, ATV. I’m kind of a homebody but I love time with my family. We are starting to take my Son out a lot so we are going all over the place. Today will be a shop day for the morning though.
  12. ChrisK

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Beats me dude, I don’t bother registering tools unless they say Festool on them. Most of them use the date stamp. Exception is Ridgid. Never buy from anyone but Home Depot, ALWAYS register.
  13. ChrisK

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Same with Dewalt. I purchased a flexvolt tool and battery for eBay. The tool worked great but the battery failed. Dewalt graciously took in the battery and gave me a new one because it was date stamped and that is how they determine how old the battery or tool is
  14. ChrisK

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    What I am saying is if you buy off any retailer, a larger brand tool, those tools are date stamped. For instance if you purchase a Milwaukee tool and it is not working for some reason, Milwaukee will generally take the tool in for repair or replacement because they go off of the serial number. Dewalt is much the same. If it is a recon tool it comes with a different warranty and the tool serial number is listed as a recon.
  15. ChrisK

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Normally the larger companies go date stamped on batteries and tools by sn which lets them know how long warranty is for. Recon is different.