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  1. I’ve got the 796 though truthfully I couldn’t answer this one, sorry. Welcome to the forums, maybe somebody else can take a swing?
  2. errrrrrrrr..... no. The “actual staff”. Welcome to the forums dude. Feel free to post as much as you would like. Feel free to “all caps” it up. Do not edit your post. Do not edit your subject title. Sorry for the persnickety comment to your very good post. This isn’t normally how we conduct ourselves on the forums. Now to get on to your query... I have several 60v batteries in my shop and have never seen a boot made available before though truthfully I haven’t looked for one. Maybe try “Etsy”? Sorry! Chris....AKA “THE ACTUAL STAFF”
  3. I have been introducing more red into my shop but not because I am disappointed with yellow, just that Milwaukee has some specialty tools that I really want and their quality has picked up from where it used to be. I’ve got the transfer pump and it is honestly my most used Milwaukee tool hands down with the new chainsaw coming in a close second.
  4. These WILL be mine
  5. Thought I’d give the new Skil 12v a try plus I needed a small vacuum....
  6. I’ve got the Bosch 12v and like the Milwaukee M12 it will accept Dremel accessories.
  7. Welcome to the forums dude
  8. Welcome to the forums bro. Should try Tools in Action videos too...
  9. By guys, sorry I haven’t been active as much, my Daughter was born prematurely and we have been really busy. Regardless... disregard @Babysaw comments and he has been suspended from the forums for a year. Guys, please keep it friendly, seems to me we have had some really rude posters lately. This forum has been getting less and less active and it is sad to see this happen, it has been the best forum on line for years. Consequently for some reason a couple of our members have been out of control and blatantly rude. Though prizes haven’t been a part of the forum for a while the heart of the forum has always been friendly with prizes as an add on bonus. As comments like @Babysaw continue in, I will be banning those posters for a year. I figure our activity has been diminished for quite a while I would rather see less activity posted by decent people instead of inflammatory comments written by trolls. I am not going to lock down this post but please keep it real. Sorry for the typos, I am a bit pissed and hammering away on my iPhone with my fat fingers! Thanks all, Chris
  10. I’ll be tied up for a while and will not be checking in as frequently as I do for a while. We had a new addition to our family and my daughter, Lillian, decided to come to us early like her Big Brother William. We will be in the NICU for a while, diagonally across from Williams NICU room but my beautiful Wife and Daughter are getting better. Reach out to @Eric - TIA if there are any issues if I don’t respond to requests. Thanks, Chris
  11. I think besides the fact that the designer of Sawstop is an attorney...nuff said..that the Reaxx is a similar action as it uses “flesh detecting technology” which is what Sawstop uses. According the Felder infomercial it isn’t the same tech so they might have a fighting chance IF the parent company for Sawstop sues....Tooltechnic Systems. Regardless I love my Sawstop but I still think they are jerks for suing Bosch. That is why we live in such a litigious society....how I love attorneys.
  12. And yet again this forum kicks butt. Thanks for the feedback, I really had a problem spending more coin when I figured it would be better spent elsewhere.
  13. Thanks dude. And that’s the non mobile unit?
  14. Jake, how has the wall unit (non mobile) rack been holding out for you? It’s been a while now and I just got a Pace 6x12 trailer and am seriously thinking about adding the shop rack myself along with some e tracks. Just curious if it’s holding up and not warping or causing issues for you. I am planning on adding one rack and then a place for an air compressor and what not. Thanks dude,
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