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  1. Sorry, I’ve only used variable speed triggers on my recips. Personally I like having control that way kind of like my jigsaw. I am normally able to control cuts with the trigger and more importantly the blade I am using. Hope someone can help you and welcome to the forums.
  2. What the hack?!?! When is that coming out?!?!? LMAO that is what I get for waiting!
  3. Same here Chris, diy that is. I will say the 3.0 is wider and they do make belt clips that’ll fit them in. Whereas you already have backups I’d try the 3.0 , the use a larger high cap cell and work in my nailers really well.
  4. ChrisK

    Purchasing on Amazon

    It comes down to whether or not they are an authorized retailer. I have only bought Ryobi at hd though.
  5. I can tell you I only use the new 3.0 packs and the 60v packs though having extra batteries ain’t a bad thing. I like the new 3.0s a LOT
  6. Hahahahahaha dude sorry but what a funny cap. Did you run that poor guy over?
  7. Primarily ToughSystem and Systainers in my shop.
  8. I cannot comment on the 20v but I now only run 3.0 compacts and Flexvolt 6.0/9.0 on my 20v tools. I sold all of my other batteries. Just a space management decision. The FV6.0 is big but I never run out of juice with those on.
  9. Check out Patrick’s Blood and Gore too. He MIGHT have something on there! He does mostly Stanley stuff but who knows!
  10. What do you want to know about it? Use or value? Sheffield is in England and they used to make the best tool steel (arguably) the fence looks really solid too, how is the blade shape?. Welcome to the forums, Chris.
  11. Welcome to the forums bro!
  12. Hi all, up for sell is a Bosch Flexiclick 12v set with two batteries and all chucks. Appears brand new, with bag and charger. If interested pm. Pictures to follow... $110 Includes Shipping Costs to Continental USA ONLY!
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