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  1. ChrisK

    Dewalt miter saw won’t work in the cold

    Ha. Move to New England. Few hurricanes, fewer tornadoes, the wildlife ain’t trying to kill you. The worse thing is the driving, but I’ve been to Florida and yeesh.... everything... EVERYTHING.... is trying to kill you! Plus...New England has...Tom Brady. Nuff said. As far as the saw? Beats me bro, have you tried replacing the brushes in it? Also, welcome to the forums.
  2. ChrisK

    Flexvolt HEPA Dust Extractor for Tstak

    Awesome! Totally cordless slick
  3. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

  4. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    We are being blessed with a little girl, Lillian Grace 😇
  5. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    With those two table done I will now have room on my floor to actually work. I should have a new picture to post with a clean shop after I run some errands with my Family and get some more shop time thanks to my beautiful Wife taking care of business with our beautiful Son and our Daughter that’s on the way on board...😇 I know the shop shop is a mess but it was really cool cutting down 3/4 ply with an outfeed table...I missed that. Small space but it is a okay, I love this shop.
  6. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    And this complete abomination is my shop as of last night....
  7. ChrisK

    New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Haven’t been getting much done because of a lack of room and no outfeed table. Last night I made two new shop tables from plywood. One is a mobile outfeed table, the other though as of this writing is not quite done (I have to add the lower shelf) is a rolling sanding and storage station.
  8. ChrisK

    Hilti SCW guide rail plate

    Don’t forget you can buy a new edge guard for your rails to zero it out
  9. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

    No worries for me, I have a Rolair in my shop and it purrs like a kitten
  10. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

    Just saw the Dewalt Flexvolt compressor with two batteries deal via Toolguyd and bought the set. Should be in Wednesday with the bonus Flexvolt battery😎
  11. ChrisK

    wingless' Ridgid R4511 Granite Top Table Saw

    I remember Matt Vanderlist getting a granite topped saw from another manufacturer Steel City and he loved it till he got his sawstop. It actually sounds like a really cool table
  12. ChrisK

    Just another new guy

    Welcome to the forums bro 👍
  13. ChrisK

    What tools did you buy today?

    Got this and a Core 6.3 to power it...
  14. ChrisK

    wingless' Ryobi RTS10G 10" 15A Table Saw

    What kind of blade do you have on there, that isn’t stock is it?