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  1. Tool Wax

    It’s the best dude, use it all the time.
  2. XRM08B review

  3. Pretty neat shooting plane Veritas

    Right now I use Japanese stones and have a Worksharp station. Watch videos dude. Many guys have phenomenal videos in how to sharpen and set up as well as adjust the planes. I’ve learned EVERYTHING about hand planes on YouTube.
  4. Hello

    Welcome t9 the forums dude.
  5. Makita Battery cell 20700

    So’Kay with me, my X2 chainsaw running 4.0s cuts pretty much anything that bar can get through so now worries, just a bummer.
  6. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Yeah, I might be one if I chose to go with those new batteries. I like that my Dewalt 60s fit in my 20 slots so it’ll be a shame if I cannot put these high caps in my chainsaw. But then again, I’m young, I’ll get over it 👍
  7. Makita Battery cell 20700

    I got rid of all of my Bosch 18v stuff and most of the 12v. For 12v I have a couple of Bosch jackets, soon to be two flashlights and the vacuum. Most of my newer tools have been Dewalt and Makita. I would love to see Makita come out with the high cap slim packs like Metabo and Hitachi are offering right now. Right now all of my Makita packs are 4.0s and a 2.0 with only the 2.0having the fuel gauge. I’ve had all of my Makita stuff for going on 4 years without issue but I wish I had the next gen batteries. I don’t see a point in replacing them though.
  8. What tools did you buy today?

    Not only cheap but really high quality. You’ll love them. I have a bunch in the shop.
  9. Makita Battery cell 20700

    I’ll try to post a pic in a little bit bro, I’m out wonterizing the pool and having a much wanted Shock Top right now 👍
  10. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Any chance there are pictures forthcoming? Maybe a timeframe on the release date?
  11. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Maybe they’ll be taller like the Milwaukee ones? I have the X2 chainsaw and it’s suck if including use a larger pack.
  12. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    Yeah, I wish I had a need but my Flexvolt circ is a beast enough for me!
  13. Table Saw Input

    You going to get it bro?
  14. Makita Battery cell 20700

    ** disclaimer, I have both Makita and Dewalt as my primaries in my shop ** 👍🤔
  15. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Guys! This is a Makita topic, keep it to Makita. Everyone knows Festool is better than Makita AND Dewalt. You don’t hear me whining about it 😜 Seriously though, I got a concerned email and checked the thread out. Let’s keep it on task, somebody queried Makita, lets talk Makita. If you want to discuss merits of other batteries pros and cons, start a new topic. Besides, when Dewalt gets Dewalt girls like Makita does, then we will be more interested.