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  1. More on saw stop

    I did not realize that SawStop was headquartered here locally in ToiletTown (Tualitin, Orygun).
  2. Makita USA new items

    Dang, I like that 3 piece kit... looking forward to reading tests on the new saw...
  3. Bosch needs some new executives.

    1. Just keeping my options open in case I need a jobsite saw down the road. 2. Barrel grip corded as of right now. I REALLY don't want to get into another battery platform right now. Three is enough. 3. I've had an ROS20. I really liked it. I'd buy another, and I'd like to get a 6" sander as well. But the siren song of Festool is also calling me...
  4. Bosch needs some new executives.

    Don't make me revisit my rant about L-boxxes... Bosch tools on my radar... miter saw routers worm drive circular saw (maybe) jobsite table saw (maybe) jigsaws sanders (maybe) I just noticed there's nothing there that's not at least a couple of years old...
  5. More on saw stop

    What'cha thinking about getting, C-man? I am thinking about tricking out my grandfather's old Craftsman saw but after I buy an Incra fence system and miter, I'm getting, cost wise, to be into an old saw for a big chunk of a new one.
  6. M12 Fuel Ratchet, Packout, ETC.

    Ooh, they actually have an M12 1/2" ratchet? I always wanted the Euro M12 Fuel impact wrench...
  7. Wait, we're all sitting in our recliners on our phones, you're in your garage sniffing screwdriver handles, and WE'RE the clowns? ?
  8. More on saw stop

    It's NPR, dude. They don't really like capitalism or the free market. Someone might not think the correct socialist thoughts.

    Most likely, if I buy any more grinders, they will be Metabo (the made in Germany ones). Probably not going to dive into their cordless stuff... I'm too invested in Milwaukee and Makita.
  10. New Sander

    Buttload of 60 grit.
  11. New Sander

    Yeah, I've been here three years and had never refinished it. I didn't go any finer than 80 grit, as I was getting it ready to sell (and it's a damn deck, it gets stuff dragged across it), but I wanted something a touch more aggressive to deal with slightly warped edges. 14' x 44' deck and I was feeling it in my poor old knees.
  12. New Sander

    Do you still have the convertible 5"/6" Bosch? The reason I ask is I was sanding my deck and the 5" Milwaukee ROS I was using was just a smidge too big to not over lap a few of the boards, and was really itching to buy an RO90, but wonder with the smaller pad if that makes it less ideal for use as an everyday sander. I follow Festool on FB but missed this. I assume it will be an orbital sander VS random orbital, or did those mad German scientists come up with a convertible system?
  13. Best corded miter saw

    Lofty goals, buddy!
  14. Best corded miter saw

    Probably not going to assemble and finish (stain) my harebrained projects though. LOL
  15. Best corded miter saw

    Holy schneikes! Those things better finish projects themselves!