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  1. I pulled the trigger on this today. Went to the store, and they said they don't have any of them in and probably wont again. They almost Sold Out on day one, and the sale ends at the end of the month. So I went online and order it. Should be here in a week. Thanks for talking me into it...
  2. Anybody have any idea if they will come out with an M18 Fuel circular saw, for 7-1/4" blade with the blade on the LEFT? I am really considering one of them with the blade on the Right for now, being that they are at HD with a 9.0 battery for $250. But I will be disappointed if I buy that now and they announce shortly hereafter that they are gonna come out with the same one but with the blade on the Left.
  3. Looking for a precision screwdriver set. One with Hex, Phillips, Standard, Torx. From very small, say Square #1 and Torx #4 on up. It would be nice if it had a ratcheting screwdriver as well. Looking form something pretty good quality, to last a long time. I have a set from Husky, but doesn't go small enough and kinda cheapo. This is mainly for pocket knife repair, or things like eye glasses, watches, electronics etc...
  4. I totally get what you are saying. However, I took my chainsaw elk hunting, two weeks ago, and did quite a bit of cutting with that. And my chainsaw is pretty heavy. I have only had the fuel sawzall for a week, and only used it once thus far... so the opportunity for me was all sawzall. I used a Milwaukee pruning blade that I picked up on my way out of town. Worked pretty good.
  5. Just wanted to post a pic of my: "It_was_time_to_get_a_Christmas_tree_with_the_family,_and_I_didn't_want_to_haul_my_chainsaw_with_me,_and_I_can't_find_my_bow_saw,_or_hunting_pack_saw,_and_the_wife_is_nagging_at_me_to_hurry_and_get_in_the_car_cause_all_the_kids_are_waiting,_so_I_grabbed_my_sawzall_and_a_9"_pruning_blade.JPG" We cut down the top 8 feet of a 10 foot noble fir, and I had my 4.0 AH battery, along with my new m18 fuel sawzall, and it cut through the 6-1/2" diameter base and did a bit of trimming. The battery had three bars when we started and was at 1 after done. Kind of surprised me it took that much juice, but when I thought about it, it was a lot of cutting, and a heavy tree on the blade. After realizing all the weight on that blade, and watching it go through the base of that tree I was pretty impressed. Makes me think I will have to ask the Mrs. for a 6.0 battery to go under my Christmas tree You know, so next year I can cut down more trees, or get he bigger one when we get a new house with taller ceilings.
  6. Ah. Yeah that is a little more understandable. I think I will try the one you mentioned. Thanks.
  7. I have a few m12 tools (drill & screwdriver) that are my favorite around the house (when I don't want to lug around the m18). The m18, drill & impact, have an optional bit holder. here: https://www.amazon.com/Milwaukee-43-72-0550-Bit-Holder/dp/B005KOZRCW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480113179&sr=8-1&keywords=milwaukee+m18+bit+holder Anyone know of one for the m12 line? It would sure be handy for me.
  8. Got it working guys!! Thank you. We have lived in this house for 6+ years and have just always dealt with it not working correctly. My wife thinks I am a genius now. I hope this doesn't come with any new expectations... PS My drawing was a sketch, then scan and upload job. I guess I could have done it on my tablet, but I like the old school way better.
  9. You guys are AWESOME. I knew that the other two lights were to be wired normal but there was a n extra red wire coming down from the main light. I think that is for those other two lights to get the neutral back... Now that I have had lunch I am ready to go for it...
  10. I have an entry way light and there are 3 switches that affect it. Though one of them is not hooked up correct. I have done a bunch of research, and I know what my wires are doing... However I cannot seem to find any type of diagram that is the same. I have sketched it out here. Anyone with some electrical advice... The "P" box is my electrical panel, then it goes with a 3 wire to the light, then 4 wire to switch 1, 4 wire to switch 2, and 4 wire to switch 3. ) Out of the same box as switch 1 comes two other 2 way switches. I believe this is why I have the 4 wire between the entry way light and the first box (that is the one that has me confused)... Anyway I have sketched what I know for sure.... Any help would be hugely appreciated. (I did not sketch Grounds, to avoid the extra lines.)
  11. I cannot count how many times I have used it for things between 25' and 33'. A 33 is heavy, but when that is what you have always carried it is what you are used to. What survey outfit in PDX do you work for? Just curious... For the tree issue, I have been thinking about getting a diameter tape.
  12. In my non wood working life (as in my actual 40hr a week job) I am a land surveyor. I am looking for a replacement for a Surveyor's tape (mfka an Engineer's Tape). These are in feet and decimal feet. I would like one that is 33 feet long, 1/2 a chain for those in the know . I have used the Lufkin tapes for a while, but was hoping there may be some others entering the market? Like Fat Max, or Milwaukee?? I doubt it but I thought I would ask... Or anything besides the Lufkin?
  13. Just picked up the m12 fuel. Great little saw. Not a replacement for a corded circ saw, but way better at the little stuff. Crosscut a few 2x's, cut out a subflooor, cut new subfloor and heat register whole. Great saw. My complaint with my old circ saw has always been the chord gets hung up 3/4 of the way through a sheet of plywood. No chord, no problem.
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