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  1. Jimmijo

    Refurbished Tools

    Most of my electronic items ( laptops, digital camera, wireless router and else) are refurbished/reconditioned items. I hate paying for full retail price for stuff. I always get good deals and luck finding refurbished or display model in walmart. I way rather prefer buying refurbished then used tho and I haven't had any problem for the past (knock on wood:) I bought a couple recond. tools from cpo. No problem and still working strong. Only thing is I found they aren't too much of a price drop compare with buying brand new from my local stores. Besides they are running special like 20% off. But sometime I still find better price on clearance or closed out deal here at the store. Beware on buying used or refurbished tools on ebay. Make sure it is factory or authorized refurbished, Not seller refurbished. It can void your warranty. Also one more thing. Be sure to get your Rigid tools and batteries registered to claim your life warranty in the future. I heard friends were having hard time on dealing with their bad battery exchange with out proper register. Good luck!
  2. I want one of those;)
  3. Jimmijo

    Cordless orbit sander

    Same here, I'm in the market for a cordless sander;)
  4. Jimmijo

    Time to clean out

    I'm up for the dewalt DC385 recip. saw. If it is still available....
  5. Oh. I was a little too late again for some 7 piece Husky ratcheting wrenches; (
  6. Jimmijo

    CPO has DCD771c2r on sale for $87.44

    It is still a great deal for the price.
  7. it's been a busy stressful 3 weeks. finally got 2 bathrooms full remodeling finished. Killed a few of my tool on this project. I might go do some tools shopping after I get paid;)

  8. Jimmijo

    Hitachi Framing Nailer Recall

    Thanks for the info. My Hitachi flaming nailer always shoot double is so annoying. I thought it was just me or it was just being trigger sensitive. Anyway. I'm gonna check out to see what I can do to get it take care of!
  9. Jimmijo

    New 20V Max LED work lights DCL050 / DCL060

    I wish I can order myself a dcl050. Lucky you....
  10. Your price are very reasonable. I would of buy them if I don't have the set. But I already have all 3 of them. I love your magnet mod. I think I'm going to go it on my tools. Many thanks..
  11. The dewalt tools are sold, I meant half trade half sold.
  12. Jimmijo

    The fishman's solution knife by Cutco

    I agreed. The handle will need a little time to get use to. But when I'm pretty much spent $150 for a set of 5 Cutco knife, a pair of scissors and the filet knifes. I think is a good deal still. As I understanded cutco knifes stay sharp for a long time. A friend of mine claim he own the ultimate set for a few years now. He mentioned they still stay pretty sharp. But since the sale rep. is around. He will get his set sharpen. I don't think you can tell the difference yet for 2 months with the loader. Oh. Btw I don't get paid or sell cutco knife. I just got a great deal for a set of cutco knife. And I'm stoked about them and share my personal thoughts about them being very nice and sharp set of knifes I ever own before;) Here is a pictue of the set of 5 with a pair of scissor/shears
  13. I recently met a Cutco sale rep. and he got me hooked on their Cutco knife products. For those who haven't heard of the brand Cutco before. They are one of the best, high end knife company in US. They provide forever guarantee for their knifes and products. Including free sharpening and free replacement with any damage of their products guarantee for life and it is Made in USA! It's pretty much the dream of knife for a cook like myself:) I got a set of 5 knifes set previously and I love them. He called and told me the shipment for my fisherman's solution filet knife arrived today and its ready for pick up. The filet knife is awesome and innovative, so I decide to do a quick review for it and share to all the fishmen out there:) Overlooks of the knife and the 4 in 1case: Inovation expandable blade design from 6" up to 9" of total length, Removeable blade for easy maintainment and cleanning. Ultra sharp blade, ergonomic full rubber molded handle. Very nice feeling! Overall I truly believe this is one of the best filet kinfe I have ever used.
  14. Jimmijo

    Update to DeWALT's 36v line

    Wow... It looks like a very serious tool dewalt made. it must be powerful tool power by 36V...
  15. Jimmijo

    rockwell jawhorse $120

    Man. Great find. I have been looking for one for a long time. I was trying to make the buy. But then it came out $139.95 with a surcharge for $19.95. What the hell is a surcharge? it said free shipping. But then throw in a extra $20 for an extra fee? That's bs...