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  1. Rocket HD

    I know I said this is a must have but at 600 bucks this is more like are you at of your frickin mind.
  2. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    The Packout system looks really nice. Just wish it would have been out a few years ago. I'll be sell off all my tough boxes once I get my trailer finished.
  3. Rocket HD

    This is a must have! It goes from 27" up to 5' 5" that is compact.
  4. Baby!

    Congrats EE you are about to step into uncharted waters. So my suggestion to you is learn to surf and enjoy the ride.
  5. Flexvolt Tracksaw Release date?

    will it fit on the festool track if so may have to take a look at it
  6. Worst Milwaukee Tool

    The M18 Jigsaw is junk. I was hoping they would release the Barrel grip here in the US. I went to use the jigsaw today and just tossed it in the trash.
  7. You can face screw the decking down just pass the drip edge. The lease amount of hole in the metal the better off you are. I Flashing the tops of joists with peel-and-stick membrane it protects them from water and seals penetrations from decking screws. I run this on my ledger then set my metal on top.
  8. Sorry DeWalt, It's you, not me.

    I hear you pain. I was a DeWalt guy for years. Hell I live 15 minuets from their HQ. I would stop by the repair center there and get great deals but as time went on with nothing new and other company's dropping new tools what seam like every week I had to move on. I still have some DeWalt but must of my stuff is 80 Milwaukee and Festool. The only DeWalt stuff that I now is the 12V impact and drill and the new drywall gun with the Collated Magazine Attachment.
  9. Happy Independence Day ??

    Happy 4th crew hope you all had a safe Day! We drove to DC and watched the Bands on the National Mall, Beach Boys, The four Tops, The Blues Brothers and a few others. That ended with a great fireworks show.
  10. Saw stop sold

    TTS Tooltechnic Systems Acquires SawStop. The parent company of Festool buys Sawstop
  11. Bathroom remodel

    Nice work Mike
  12. Job ?

    From the pictures it looks like every repair shop I have ever been in. Organized chaos
  13. Baseboard Project

    They have one for the Bosch and others if you go to Collins tools https://www.collinstool.com/base.php?page=home.htm and hit the contact bottom. I have one on my Bosch and one for my Festool.
  14. Bathroom remodel

    Welcome to my everyday life. I have come to realize that remodeling is more problem solving then anything else.