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  1. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    I see the one big problem here in America we are a disposable society as where in Europe the view it as a lifetime purchase. How many guy do you know that will buy a tool then a year later when the "new and improved" model comes out they got to have it.
  2. Pocket Holes

    I was wondering what everyone's take on pocket holes is. TIA just did a video about them. I have the Porter Cable Jig and the small Kreg Jig
  3. Lowes hard to shop at?

    A bigger joke is their slogan LOWE'S for pro's. I can't tell you how many times I have run in to a Lowe's to get the simplest things like a 1 1/2 trap plumbing fittings wire nuts and find empty shelves. Then trying get someone to find if they have anything is a bigger joke. I try to stay away from Lowe's at all cost.
  4. Makita Wireless Auto Start

    Good idea for cordless tools
  5. What would you like to see next? Packout editon

    Even Milwaukee's tools come in Black Bags and case's in the EU
  6. Heating the garage...

    I just leave the garage door open a couple of inches
  7. Remember When?

    I Remember when Gas was $.25 and we hard the gas shortage and it went all the way up to $.50 and you would have thought the world was coming to and end. I Remember when TV was just black and white I Remember when your parents arm was the only seat belt in the car I Remember when you could go to McDonald's and get a burger, fry's and a shake for $.50
  8. Heating the garage...

    This is what I'm using out in the garage. I was out there most of the day. 25 degrees outside and 70 inside.
  9. New addition to TIA

  10. New addition to TIA

    Nice looking barn door storage unit. And welcome to the dark side. Other channels may rag on TIA but it is one of the longest running and most consistent tool channels on you tube.
  11. New addition to TIA

    It is good to see John Miller in the TIA videos. For those that do not know he was at one time part of Workshop Addict. John is a great guy and will bring a lot to the CREW.
  12. Send a Prayer to ChrisK

    Glad to see that you are home with the Family. Take care of yourself and stay cool.
  13. Sorry to hear the bad news DR my prayers thoughts will be with you and your family. I just happen to catch this so sorry that I'm late
  14. Merry Christmas