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  1. regopit

    Woodworking benches

    Nice work!
  2. regopit

    Broken stator de27107 xps

    If you post some pictures that would help
  3. Welcome to the boards. Enjoy your time here.
  4. regopit

    It’s been awhile

    The BIG MAN is back. Glad to see that you are still around.
  5. regopit

    Problem with New M18 2737 Jig Saw????

    I wish that they would release the barrel grip here in the states.
  6. regopit

    Looking for right hammer

    Over the years I have owed more hammers then I care to think about. My hammer of choice these days is a Stiletto but, for a home owner DIY you can't go wrong with the
  7. regopit

    Festool Cyclone!

    So then it will "work" but not right out of the box. Really seems like they either need to release an update to the mini and midi to align more with the larger vac features. I love the size of my midi but really would like the BT remote feature as well. Our 36AC only comes out on larger jobs. I like the BT also but once again not for the Mini or Midi. It's like they have become the red headed step child. If you want these features you have to step up the the bigger vacs.
  8. regopit

    Festool Cyclone!

    They look nice but the only fit on the CT26 and up will not fit on the Mini or the Midi
  9. regopit

    Hand tool cabinet build... finally!

    Looks fantastic! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.
  10. regopit

    Starting to rehab the casa

    Good luck and keep us up to date with your progress.
  11. regopit

    Why Milwaukee? Why Not?

    Growing up just 10 min from Black and deckers headquarters and service center everybody had their tools. As I got older and started to get into the DeWalt line but after years of watching others release new tools and DeWalt lagging behind I made the switch to Milwaukee and have never looked back. I still have some DeWalt tools but for the most part Milwaukee is my go to line.
  12. regopit

    Big event coming

    lets see if this makes it here this year
  13. regopit

    Reno's Extreme

    looking good
  14. regopit

    M18 Fuel Hackzall ?

    I have the standard M18 Hackzall and it works like a charm.
  15. regopit

    8 gallon dust extractor

    Is this the model that you are talking about. If so you can use it without the bags. But 35 bucks for 5 bags is a lot cheaper then to replace the Hepa and main filter at 150 bucks. The Hepa filter is so fine it will plug up fast. If you are going to spend 600 bucks protect your investment buy the bags.