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  1. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Crew. Have a great day and stay safe.
  2. Upcoming Events

    NAHB International Builders' Show January 9-11 Orlando. Is anybody planing on going https://www.buildersshow.com/Home
  3. M18-Mixer

    This thing is awesome. It went all day on a 5.0 battery
  4. Keeping Jobsite Clean?

    With being a remodeling contractor keeping someone house clean that you are working in is very important. I probably spend a hour or so everyday covering thing keeping floors covered checking the air scrubbers and at the end of the day picking it all up to put back down the next day. When I'm finished I have a cleaning service come in and clean the house. That 150 bucks goes a long way in get referrals.
  5. Milwaukee packout

    It's a game that DeWalt and Milwaukee play. I was a DeWalt guy back in the day but when they started to lag behind I started to move over to Milwaukee and own only 3 DeWalt tools and a large collection of Milwaukee. I have a bunch of tough boxes and T-Staks because Milwaukee did not have anything to compare at the time. So to switch over is out of the question and once I get my trailer finished the DEWalt boxes stuff will be going up for sale.
  6. Milwaukee packout

  7. Rift'd

    Everything happens for a reason WigWag. Keep looking forward and full speed ahead. Glad to see you back.
  8. Milwaukee packout

    I think that I'm going to pick-up one of the packout bags. They are made with 1680 Ballistic Material same as their toolbelt and that thing wears like iron. I have a couple of the Veto bag and they are nice but for less then half I can get a similar packout bag. I think that the molded base is what make the Veto or Milwaukee bag. Most bags you buy the sides hold up but the bottoms wear out.
  9. New in MD

    Welcome to the crew
  10. New guy from New Jersey

    Welcome aboard
  11. OSHA Silica Enoforcment

    The sad truth is most small companies will not comply because they can slip under the radar. I once did a total gut for a house flipper 1 block away from our local OSHA office. I had 4 dumpsters setting in front full of crap and not once in 20 weeks did a inspector stop to see what we were doing. As far as finding somebody to do the work unsafe there is no shortage of idiots to do the work. I bidded on a job not to long ago. The house was built in the 40's . It had loads of lead paint, asbestos, and mold a triple whammy for the flipper. I gave him a price and told him I can take care of the lead but he would have to get someone certified for the mold and asbestos. I drove by the house a few weeks later and saw about 4 guys that hang out at the HD looking for work hauling the crap out to the dumpster covered in dust and not one piece of PPE.
  12. Panel Lift

    You have come a long way over the past year! Great work.
  13. Rocket HD

    I know I said this is a must have but at 600 bucks this is more like are you at of your frickin mind.
  14. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    The Packout system looks really nice. Just wish it would have been out a few years ago. I'll be sell off all my tough boxes once I get my trailer finished.