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  1. hi walking around in a HD Ryobi powerdays to come soon i stumbled over the Ryobi power adaptor 120V AC power source for the cordless tools Dewalt "messed up " again we have bben waiting so long for such an adaptor for the Dewalt flexvolt platform (single adaptor) really disappointed that dewalt did not launch yet; not even rumors does nobody from dewalt product management read these forums ? instead they bring a atomic tool line which nobody needs ! =====> what do you guys all think cheers
  2. hope you got the $20 discount !!! summer20 code
  3. currently im 4 weeks in royal palm beach what store ?? thx mike
  4. new DCB118Y2 Battery KIT nothing exciting; just basic info valid for Europe! DeWALT will launch (Q2; April 2019) a new battery kit / config with the FLEXVOLT 4,0AH battery DCB612 (USA) is identical with the Europe model: DCB548 (EU) the single battery is very pricy! with the new config "it gets a bit better" a) well first of all, all new kits with the premium 4,0AH Flexvolt batteries use the letter "y" means a DCB118Y2 is a battery kit with 2x dcb548 AND a DCB118 charger in TSTAK example2: DCG414Y2 is a kit with 2x dcb548, dcb118 charger, dcg414 grinder in a KIT Box (TSTAK) b) List price (they pretty much keep to it in Europe) DCB118Y2 Battery Set in a TSTAK Box = 552€ incl. tax ☹️ ($620) cheers
  5. found on the web today DeWALT DCFS950 20V MAX XR Brushless 9-Gauge Fencing Stapler Stapler for metal staples for fencing BRUSHLESS motor Sequential mode selector Fast, High / Medium / Low depth selector 15,000 / 14,000 / 13,000 rpm Mechanical fine adjustment of depth Rapid clearing of jams without tools, LED light 10.5 lbs.
  6. what ever happened to the Q1 or now even q2 brochure from Dewalt Denmark ????




  7. what is the model number ! it rests on a flexvolt TSTAK box, so not ATOMIC family release date known ?
  8. info says "available in June2019" let´s see how reliable this is !
  9. well, finally to be released in Europe ! April 2019 this is not the same as US Version battery port DIFFERENT !
  10. •Five position adjustable turret enables stepped or repeated plunge cuts • •Aluminium motor housing can be transitioned quickly to a fixed base attachment increasing the versatility of the machine • •Dual LED lights increase visibility around the router bit during operation for increased accuracy • •Compact, light weight design that increase ease of use and user comfort • •Spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy • •Plunge base incorporates fine tune rod for precise depth adjustment • •Soft start reduces movement of the tool on start up increasing user control • •Electronic brake for added control & safety • •Rubber overmould grips make using the unit more comfortable • •Variable Speed Control to set optimum cutter speed for different materials
  11. well to be released soon ! / finally Europe April 2019 In Europe it comes in a TSTAK Box AND Both bases per standard ! (not in USA)
  12. I received some "unofficial" info ; incl. slide show (sorry, will hold this back a bit) new 12v tools Q2 / Q3 this year 1) let´s start with battery dcb124 2) dcd701 3) dcf801 Impact driver 4) dcf902 3/8" impact more to post when a have some time!
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