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  1. it´s probablly a kick-ass tool ! but not selling / too expensive to begin with ? 2) anyone using this tool ? cheers
  2. how can he have 2 years service ? he means dcs355 !! ?? dcs354 & dcs356 just came out befor BF both are $99 and of course under FULL warranty by the way Merry xmas to ALL ! "my the tools be with you"
  3. midogrumpy


    a lot of service centers have closed down example: Florida only has one center left open in Orlando ! wonder what the future policy will be on service repairs I'm very dissapointed about this move ! a step in the very wrong direction !!
  4. does anyone know more about 12v "inline" screwdriver ? there was speculation and a scheme pice a few months back even model number would help 12v ATOMIC ...... ... now that pretty much of BF stuff is out, I'm wondering when available ????
  5. hi product was announced some time back / now starting to hit the stores part of the ATOMIC product family; Dewalt 20v DCS367 Max Compact Brushless Reciprocating Saw lightweight, compact saw designed to cut in between studs 5/8 in. stroke length and variable speed up to 2,800 SPM Compatible w/ All (200+) Dewalt 20-Volt Max Batteries & Chargers price approx. $149, but aleady saw $129 cheers
  6. now on the web site with lots of details also shown some nice pictures ==> also coming to USA https://www.dewalt.com/products/power-tools/polishers-shears-and-nibblers/20v-max-xr-7-in-180mm-cordless-variable-speed-rotary-polisher-kit/dcm849p2
  7. Hi new product release (Q4-2019) still this year in several EU countries (18V cordless) no info on USA launch; would be cordless 20V max ppt slide show shows release November 2019 DCM848 brushless 125mm dual action polisher DCM849 brushless rotary polisher will post more info once availabledcm848.pdfdcm848.pdf
  8. Hi I have replaced many Does anyone have tips for replacing the latches? I' usa a heat gun for 1 minute, till the latch is good warm then they are eays to pry out call dewalt service, mot of the time they will be replaced for free; shipping is always free I started out with: " seems like a design flaw, they break often; right now just need three sets" by the way, they did replaces all the latches to latch with metal pin; on both the tough system and tstak boxes cheers
  9. Hint: the douple 6AH is on sale at a good price check ACME cheers!
  10. last pic is not what he is talking about the "new find" is about a pole hedge trimmer cheers
  11. where was it spotted ? at a show ? or at a dealer/demo days ?
  12. @ Przemek(Poland) do you live near a factory of dewalt ? what is the name of the town ? do the have an outlet shop at the factory site ? thx mike
  13. Hi Q4 brochure / also called onsite flyer are starting to "hit" the market & internet applies to Europe countries; never seen one for USA well anyway a few new tools listed & shown some even a surprise to me don´t have much time; will follow with more info circ. saw 18V (20V max) DCS572N (N = Bare) compatible with rail system ! 5.500 min -1 speed - 58 mm / 44 mm max. depth (90° / 45°) - 54 mm / 40 mm max. depth (90° / 45°) cheers !
  14. approx. $140 TSTAK compatible Durable 7” wheel Commercial grade foamed PU insulation 3 day ice retention IP54 Load capacity 66lbs/30kg Lid top with 2 can holders Integrated lid bottle opener Cooler volume 30 quarts (7.5 gallons), 28.4 L Rust protected metal bottle opener Telescopic handle
  15. Hi this hit me a bit by surprise often I have some insider news => new product TSTAK cooler TSTAK Rolling Cooler
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