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  1. received "unofficial mail" today from reliable sources



    Unfortunately  DWST1-81055 (DS295 / 3-drawer) is no longer going to be launched

    and the launch of DWST1-80123 (DS290 / 2-drawer) has been delayed until 2020


    no comments or reason given



    (but I also have "good" news; several 12v tools to be released next 3-4 months; check my other posts)




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  2. The AUSTRALIAN onsite flyer has just been published



    no surprises

    The flyer has prices ; Australian $, of course





    as a sideliner: for some Europe& UK the barrel grip jigsaw DCS335 should be available "Second week of Feb;"


  3. from todays press release:

    FLEXVOLT® 60V MAX* 2-Inch Brushless SDS MAX Combination Hammer


    "LAS VEGAS, NV (January 22, 2019) – At World of Concrete® 2019†††, DEWALT® introduces the new FLEXVOLT® 60V MAX* 2-Inch Brushless SDS MAX Combination Hammer (DCH773), the industry’s most powerful cordless 2” SDS MAX combination rotary hammer"


    to mention:

    this is also available in a kit with 2x 12Ah Flexvolt batteries (means 4,0Ah in a Flexvolt tool , press release a bit misleading)


    will anyway, what we have all been speculating for:

    12ah batteries in a kit use the letter "Y"


    ===> DCH773Y2 will include two 12.0Ah batteries


    19.4 Joules*** and 290 RPM



    should we start a seperate topic for World of Concrete® 2019 ????


    anyone going ?

    anyone know what Dewalt products will be shown ?


    3) in the press release they also mention a cordless 20V max DCH263

    1-1/8-Inch SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer


    not sure if we have to post info like:

    World of Concrete® is a registered trademark of Hanley Wood Exhibitions, Inc



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  4. @Big Adam and All

    yes you are right


    my mistake with posting the link

    it is the new 2019 "big catalog"


    as mentioned there is also the onsite brochure

    it is NOT listed on web yet


    the onsite brochure/catalog has all the mentioned cordless tools inside

    inclunding the sander, led dcl074, jigsaw dcs335 etc


    sorry for confusion

  5. the onsite brochure is NOW online !




    more countries to follow !



    look for seperate posts


    I physically held the cordless router yesterday

    EXCITED; really runs smooth, variable speed

    one effect was at the lowest rpm the router was sent down on normal table

    ==> stood still ! , spindle was obviously turning, router itsself stood still !


    b) aslo physically held the barrel grip dcs335, also niche

    nned to find more time to write about it

    ==> has a"dust blower" , always on, no switch lie the dcs331




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  6. they have not posted the brochure on the web site yet

    I have a paper hard copy brochure 

    official name: onsite News & Promotions / January -  April 2019



    maybe they are waiting for some other European countries (maybe central marketing) to be in-sync with the web post


    maybe they are waiting for the worlds largest construction show, starting next Monday

    to distribute the flyers to public visitors first



    anyway, I will meet several product managers at the show

    (also for some insider news)


    for example:

    unofficial word has it that a cordless heat gun is "on it´s way"

  7. well many countries (Europe) are starting to release their new onsite brochure

    ( I posted before)

    First one just now available


    UK / no really big surprises

    (UK is one of the brochures that does not list prices; many other countries do)


    here are the major tools / items listed:


    • dcs335 barrel grip jigsaw / cordless
    • dcd470 Flexvolt right angle drill (never saw a post on this tool in the forum)
    • dcb548 12Ah Flexvolt battery (USA has a different model number for this)
    • dcv586 flexvolt "Extractor" (vacuum) TSTAK case
    • dcr011 Speaker
    • dch733 Flexvolt Hammer / SDS-max / 13,3Joule Hammer Energy
    • ds290 / 2-drawer Toughsystem box
    • ds295 / 3-drawer Toughsystem box
    • DT70716 TSTAK modular storage, several mini case that will fit here (Flextork Bits, etc..)
    • DCS690 Flexvolt cut-off-saw
    • DCW604 1/4" router / cordless (USA might have a different model number)
    • DCW210 125mm random orbit sander (USA might have a different model number))
    • DCL074 AREA Light (LED) / tool connect / 5000 Lumens ! (never saw a post on this tool in the forum)





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  8. Well, they have been on the market for a while (Europe); very nice

    I have also bought several inserts like


    • DT7961 DT7962 DT7963 (watch out for the model # ; "crazy" manufacturer DID NOT change # ; they are also used for tic tac variant !


    I also see a "tease" pic for this CADDY ; one can assume a Toughsystem variant will also be released


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  9. I have all the Q1 2019 info on stuff to be released (seperate posts to follow)

    These are the model numbers for EUROPE; TWO Variants

    N = B in USA; means Beare tool

    list prices

    approx. ; UNCONFIRMED !

    N =440 €uro

    T2 = 675€uro

    Q1 DCV586MT2   Dust Extraction Extractor 54v   Brushless 2 6.0ah TSTAK 54V XR FLEXVOLT M-Class Dust Extractor With 2 x 6.0Ah Batteries
    Q1 DCV586MN-XJ   Dust Extraction Extractor 54v   Brushless Bare   TSTAK

    54V XR FLEXVOLT M-Class Dust Extractor - Bare

  10. always browsing the web; just found press release


    cordless radio DCR010 / Bluetooth



    With dual 3-inch woofers, the 12V/20V MAX* Jobsite Bluetooth® Speaker delivers premium sound with powerful bass and loud volume. The speaker is compatible with 12V MAX* and 20V MAX* batteries (sold separately) and comes equipped with a standard detachable power cord to operate off of a 120V wall outlet.

    It can also be used with a FLEXVOLT® Battery for extended runtime (sold separately).


    Available where DEWALT products are sold in October 2018, the 12V/20V MAX* Jobsite Bluetooth® Speaker will come bare for $99 MSRP (DCR010).


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  11. press release is out on web site




    The 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Router features an all-metal motor that provides durability on the jobsite.

    Controlled by an electronic, variable speed motor, the router maintains speed under load. It is equipped with soft-start to minimize start up torque and an electronic brake to reduce bit coast down time when the unit is powered off.

    With dual-LED’s the router helps light dark work areas.

    Other features of the router include an adjustable quick release clamp for smooth and secure actuation, quick release tabs for simple base removal, a depth adjust ring for fast accurate depth settings, an easy-to-use spindle lock with a large button, and a 12-position ratcheting lock.

    The stable D-shaped base provides edge profiling and radius referencing.

    The router is also plunge-base compatible.

  12. PRESS release is out on web site


    The 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Jig Saw offers precise cuts, a powerful motor, as well as a variable speed trigger and variable speed dial to control the saw’s speeds. This premium saw also features a 1-inch stroke length, 4-position orbital action, a keyless lever-actuated blade release, a keyless bevel change, a LED to illuminate work surfaces, and a no-mar plastic shoe cover. In addition, an integrated dust blower provides efficient dust management.

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  13. H guys


    another cool find; just browsing the web again;

    5 Gallon Water Cooler (not compatible with TSTAK or Toughsystem)


    price approx. $129 (unofficial)

    This is a DEWALT 5 gal. Water cooler. Water cooler is easy to transport, contains front press-button dispenser, and is in great condition. Capable of holding 5 gallons of liquid.


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