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  1. north1

    How do you guys store bare tools?

    Here a few tool bags and "some" necessary plastic carrying cases. Plaston made etc. I have to say that, I'm not a fan of sortimo lboxx or systainer. That blow molded insert takes up so much space, I sold all the lboxxes I had. The batteries and charger are in one carrying case or bag.
  2. north1

    Angle Grinder - Suggestions?

    A good corded grinder if you do not already have one. They are lighter and smaller but still powerfull compared to the battery brushless version.
  3. north1

    New Recip

    I knew that something like this was coming, really nice features!
  4. north1

    New decision

    12V brushless drill. It is very good + Torque ( in real life) + switch, electronics + bit holder / belt clip + compact design + the shape of the battery + handling + run-time ( 2ah battery)
  5. north1

    What tools did you buy today?

    I bought some new reciprocating saw blades . 6TPI Bim Wood 9 / 12 " , 14 TPI bim 9" metal blades , 200mm / ~ 8" wood/metal progressive TPI ( never used these progressor blades )
  6. north1

    Makita Brushless 36V Chainsaw With Movie !!

    Better late than never , Makita "rear" handle 36v. Does anyone know the power ,chain speed and runtime? This is my cordless..
  7. north1

    New 12V (10.8V) brushless

  8. north1

    New 12V (10.8V) brushless

    I've always liked the Bosch 10.8V ( 12v) drill drivers.
  9. These are quite popular here because it is versatile and a lot of different brands/models available.Prices starting from + 200€ ( 200€ = $220) I have a Stayer saw ( induction motor)
  10. north1

    Just seen the new bosch 18v circular saw

    Blade on the right side ( and stays there) . I'm right handed and I prefer the blade on the left always,it is more versatile and easier for me.
  11. These are good, sturdy design. ">
  12. north1

    Diablo Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

    Diablo + Milwaukee pruning (Swiss Made ) Bosch is the OEM,good quality Bosch is the largest producer of recip saw blades, jigsaw blades etc
  13. north1

    Thoughts on Bosch 18v -and red

    They make great tools , corded/cordless ,power tool accessories . btw .. 18v recip saw is equipped with a fully variable speed trigger ,durable and smooth running, long lasting professional power tool is much more than just a brushless electric motor.
  14. north1

    what is your dewalt interest

    This forum needs a better name. Like DewaltForum.com