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  1. you have the dcs577 saw? its got a pretty tough plate.
  2. F#ck, at least give the right model number. i'm wasting my time trying to find this thing. its a dcs369.
  3. you cant shoot paslode roundrive nails in that gun??
  4. framer


    unless space is a serious issue for you, why not just buy a seperate miter and table saw?
  5. any grease is better than no grease, but i think any grease that contains moly will be good.
  6. you're not trying to shoot ringshank nails i hope.
  7. whats the point of keeping 40v now, when 60v are out?
  8. i dont even pull out a radio anymore. i just use wireless headphones now. so much nicer. play and stream from phone without anybody else able to listen.
  9. yeah, i wish SBD would quit wasting resources on craftsman. not sure who they're trying to appeal that brand to. pros wont buy it.
  10. i'm impressed with all the new tools milwaukee is coming out with.
  11. Let's ask Dewalt to settle this! 🙂
  12. You really think it costs Dewalt much more to make the yellow charger? I doubt it.
  13. Perhaps Dewalt figures a person with a blower is just going to charge at end of day and leave overnight, so a slower charge would be healthier for the battery.
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