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  1. DeWalt 20v 9.0

  2. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    you're in the middle of nowhere! looks like kansas is the closest service center to you. i would just ship it to them.
  3. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    Just find a service center and contact them direct. You don't even need a receipt since the battery is so new.
  4. Flexvolt Battery Won't Charge

    happened to one of my batteries, but a little water had spilled on it. dewalt will swap it. find a service center.
  5. 20V Framing Gun Issues

  6. While waiting for new Dewalt tools

    whats that green stuff doing there?
  7. 20V Framing Gun Issues

    Verify that the piston driver is going all the way back up after firing. Could be weak return springs. I think they are easily replaced.
  8. DEWALT DCN650 Finish nailer

    I like the small nose piece on this and the 18ga nailer. But with the extra pressure(vs pneumatic) required to depress it, it is very easy to leave indent marks on soft pine.
  9. 20v Caulking Gun Yay or Nay

    How come? Siding need more support??
  10. 20v Caulking Gun Yay or Nay

    It's the best subfloor you can buy. It is real hard and dense and doesn't swell. Used to frame lots of multifamily units, and have installed thousands of those sheets!
  11. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    I'm buying this Pronto. Who will have it first?
  12. DEWALT Radio

    i wouldnt say negligible. there is no bass in the dcr radio. i was so dissappointed that i returned it, because i didnt really need another charger or 3 way. lol
  13. i hate dewalt bit sets

    dewalt is always coming out with different combinations of bit sets. they for the most part use the same style cases, with the horrible inserts that makes it a pain to re-insert bits. they lay them out to look pretty in packaging, but they suck to use. i actually bought some milwaukee shockwave bit sets, and the cases alone are worth buying them for. easy to remove and install bits. sorry, but i;m a bit anal about bits, and hate them being disorganized. pic i found online showing how the bits pivot out.
  14. 20v Caulking Gun Yay or Nay

    you caulk nail holes? that shrinks and leaves divots.
  15. DEWALT Radio