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  1. framer

    FlexVolt blower DCBL772

    dang. just bought one.... that looks a lot more compact.
  2. framer

    20v Rotary Laser Red Vs Green

    how you like it?
  3. if the wheel is heavy or the motor slows down quickly, the wheel inertia loosens the nut. does the motor slow down quickly when you shut it off? perhaps bearings are going out. are you using the wrench to tighten the nut?
  4. turn it off while the disc is applied against a surface.
  5. framer

    Dewalt Angle Grinder

    i'd look at the DCG412N also. its a older design and cheaper, but still a nice grinder.
  6. framer

    Dewalt DCD996 Led voltage?

    do you have a multimeter? measure the voltage.
  7. framer

    20v Rotary Laser Red Vs Green

    green lasers are more visible and brighter. a lot.
  8. framer

    6.0 xr build quality

    i've got a bunch. never had an issue. are your batteries falling out of your tools??
  9. framer


    and dont disharge them too much.
  10. framer

    Freud blade on the 20v (18v) mitre ?

    i think part of the problem is that the blade doesnt go as far back past the fence as typical miter saws. and the blade is sorta cutting at an upward angle near the fence.
  11. framer

    new cordless router // DCW600B

    i wonder if it will have enough power to run a panel bit to cut out window openings in plywood or osb.
  12. framer

    Collated nails

    oh man. 😃 you put the next clip of nails in behind the remaining few, and they get pushed in and shot.
  13. there is a threaded hole on top and bottom of the saw dust exhaust port. would be nice to have some kind of deflector. because this saw shoots the saw dust too far!
  14. this DCS388 reciprocating saw is so hard to set down on anything but a flat surface. when framing and up on a ladder, or on a roof, or walking through trusses, there is no where to put this saw. i've tried to be careful, but dropped it onto concrete today from at least 10 feet up. fortunately no damage. add a hook! or can i retrofit one?