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  1. in my opinion is the new Flexvolt DCS577 worm drive circular saw. the thing is well thought out and has tons of power and the battery lasts a long time. thank you dewalt.
  2. saw home depot has a deal. buy the new compact 3.0ah battery plus charger, and get a free sawzall, circular saw, or grinder. 119 for all. not a bad deal.
  3. framer

    12AH battery

    heard where?
  4. framer

    20V or 60V Grinder

    60v is very powerful and heavyduty, but the 20v is lighter.
  5. framer

    12AH battery

    wow. thats a lot of runtime.
  6. framer

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    what length and type of nails are you shooting? what are you nailing into?
  7. an unclamped chuck spinning with no load will act weird with the brake. sounds normal from what i see.
  8. does it do it with the chuck tight?
  9. framer

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    with this nailer, you cant use the lower amp hour batteries. you should use at least a 4ah battery. and dont try shooting 3" ring shank nails. aint made for that.
  10. framer

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    what battery are you using?
  11. framer

    DeWalt equivilant to Milwaukee ECX #1 #2 bits

    all my tools are dewalt pretty much, but i prefer the milwaukee bits. better bits and way better cases.
  12. framer

    20v Framer Dropped and Broken

    broken spring would dryfire, because it pulls the firing blade up after shooting. you check the power switch? 1 vs 2?
  13. framer

    Time to talk about reciprocating saws

    i have the 60v and 20v, but prefer the 20v since it is lighter and has the 4 position blade. plenty of power with the 20v. 60v is a monster, but too heavy.
  14. framer

    What Model?

    dw974 dw975? check ebay for shells but why throw money at such an old drill?
  15. framer

    So any new tools coming soon?

    It's cheaper to make one radio and then just make multiple adapters depending on which country it's sold.