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  1. yeah, i wish SBD would quit wasting resources on craftsman. not sure who they're trying to appeal that brand to. pros wont buy it.
  2. i'm impressed with all the new tools milwaukee is coming out with.
  3. Let's ask Dewalt to settle this! 🙂
  4. You really think it costs Dewalt much more to make the yellow charger? I doubt it.
  5. Perhaps Dewalt figures a person with a blower is just going to charge at end of day and leave overnight, so a slower charge would be healthier for the battery.
  6. have done that, and as you know, it barely grabs, unless you're on something thin. been there, dropped it! 😂 i'm going to put a hook on my new flexvolt blower too. anything else that could use a hook? 😀
  7. people's life depends on these?!
  8. Maybe lowes is pushing to expand the craftsman line since they are the worst of the big box store Lumber yards, and are hoping craftsman will bring people in the door.
  9. Got tired of not having a hook on my reciprocating saw. Put on a hook made for hitachi air gun. Hook cost $12 on ebay.
  10. i agree. craftsman is just a name. thats it. as of late, craftsman was just rebranded chinese tools. stanley black and decker paid big for that name, but there is nothing behind it. i'm not sure why stanley is wasting their time with that brand. take lowes for example, they removed most stanley tools, just to rename them to craftsman, like there'd be a waiting line for people to buy them. consumers arent stupid.
  11. framer

    Gus Zernial

    have you tried a strap wrench? it wont damage the chuck.
  12. wow. but i'd hate to see the price.
  13. what could you even plug in that? a radio??
  14. yeah the sound is definetly different. .like a turbine i like the shape. easier to store in van.
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