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  1. Mmm. Huh ?

    i just dont understand the point of bluetooth on batteries and tools.
  2. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    damn, keep taking my money dewalt!
  3. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    only complaint i see is the smaller blade which cant cut a 4" slab.
  4. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    Oh wow. I want that radio. Hopefully it has good sound like the old tstak radio, and not like the no-bass sound in the dcr025.
  5. Flexvolt problem

    please tell me what other battery brands that you can charge at 26 degrees.
  6. Flexvolt problem

    you can use the flexvolt when its cold, you just cant charge them. and i'm sure all other brands of batteries are the same way.
  7. Flexvolt problem

    according to dewalt: http://www.dewalt.com/dewalt-dna/featured-articles/best-practices-for-battery-life 5. DOES THE OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE AFFECT BATTERIES? HOW?Yes. If the batteries are too hot (105°F or higher) or too cold (below 40°F), the batteries will not take a full charge. Attempting to charge batteries outside the 40°F-105°F range can result in a permanent loss of run-time. When batteries are being charged and discharged, a chemical reaction is taking place, and if it is too hot or cold the chemical reaction is disturbed causing a loss of run-time.
  8. Flexvolt problem

    Is this documented somewhere? I find that hard to believe.
  9. DCL079 Tripod Light

    so its just a small table i can clamp stuff to. in all my years of framing and trimming, i dont think i've ever had this need.
  10. local store is clearancing them out. seems like a great price. with one battery and charger. but what can i drill with it? seems like its geared towards electricians and plumbers.
  11. Dewalt rear handle monster

    I actually prefer the 20v version. The flexvolt is darn heavy. And I wish it had the 4 position blade holder.
  12. Flexvolt Miter Saw

    those tools have been sitting for a while at some stores. so eventually they cut the price to move them.
  13. Dewalt rear handle monster

    got my saw today. havent cut anything yet. sure is a beast. my only complaint is that it is a bit heavy.
  14. DCL079 Tripod Light

    my store has it in stock, but the website doesnt list it. the store has the table in the front along with all the other holiday tool specials they just setup.
  15. Dewalt rear handle monster

    wow! tomorrow i'm finally getting one delivered. can't wait.