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  1. nah. maybe give it to my dad!
  2. you buy it at home depot? got a store sku? i dont see it on their site.
  3. damn, and i just bought the old style...
  4. framer

    Thanks DeWalt!

    what happened to your switch? i've noticed with mine that if you turn the saw on, you have to let the switch down gently, because if you let the switch drop, it will shutoff. has done this since new. assumed it was normal.
  5. framer

    Thanks DeWalt!

    2005 battery??
  6. switch only the brushes wires?
  7. really? i dont see it on their site.
  8. i use mine to nail aluminum soffit. it should nail through the other stuff you mentioned.
  9. what kind of staples does this use? and who would exactly use it?
  10. framer

    Dewalt Atomic

    oh nice.could that cut metal? any info on the miter?
  11. dang. just bought one.... that looks a lot more compact.
  12. if the wheel is heavy or the motor slows down quickly, the wheel inertia loosens the nut. does the motor slow down quickly when you shut it off? perhaps bearings are going out. are you using the wrench to tighten the nut?
  13. turn it off while the disc is applied against a surface.
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