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  1. i agree 100 percent i too have the issue, since i got into the m12 fuel, i hardly ever grab my big dewalts.
  2. i have a bunch of tstak and toughsystem boxes that hold all my dewalt tools. tstak i dont buy anymore, good shop box but doesnt hold up on job site for me, only complaint i have on tough system is the plastic latches, mine are broke, other than that i like them, they have the best best racking system going. i recently got into the packout system when i got into the m12 fuel sysrem, all hard cases, the quality seems better than the other two, love the way they lock together, best system going for that. like other people have said, all have pros and con. tstak are best bang for the buck, followed by tough system. i dont find the price of the packout that insane, the quality of the box is awesome. if they had a racking system like the tough system, it would be the only box i would buy
  3. i cant agree more, i have most of my fuel 12 volt tools re-bought, they do 80% of my work now, you put the six ah battery on and you you got one hell of a small tool the only time my dewalt 18 volts get used now is when im driving 3 inch screws or more, big lags, or drilling large holes. yeah, the 18 are getting smaller but you still have to have that big brick on the bottom to get the full potential of the tool. the 18 volts are too much gun for alot of the work we do. we on working on a composite deck now, with one inch decking, most of the screwing is hidden fastners [ small screws], but there are are some areas we have to use 2.5 inch plugged face screwing, my partner has to put his fuel 18v on 3 or 4 setting to have any real speed benifit over my 12v fuel.on 4 he was maybe 1 second faster, on 3 it was less than a second, if that is important, 4 setting could not be used he lost all "feeling" for the screw. home depot has the dual battery makita grinder on display, i couldnt help but laugh, that thing is so huge it should have wheels. dewalt has the right idea on there big saws, battery or plug in, thats a deal maker for me,
  4. was talking to milwaukee sales rep at home depot last week, he mentioned a new battery, big ah, and table saw coming out,
  5. i have both rockets great lights both have metal collars, those look plastic on the dewalt? the older rocket is battery only, the newer one is ac too, love that feature, plus it charges, will take a serious look at dewalt when it has same since i have alot of dewalt 18/20 volt tools.
  6. i stopped at a stewarts shop for coffee around 10pm, backed into a parking spot, came out, got in my truck and noticed my tailgate down after i got home. didnt notice it when i got back in, dont know if taken or lost, i always make sure that tailgate is secure,there was an empty gallon paint container rolling around in back, never fell out
  7. after losing my entire m12 fuel collection, 8 tools, 12 batteries, 5 lights, 4 chargers, two tool boxes, driving home recently late one night in upstate ny, on some very bumpy roads, and not knowing some 50 miles later after i got home, i find myself buying what i already had. with help from the tool guy at my local home depot and milwaukee sales rep. who got permission from his boss to donate a double pack of xc batteries, which i thought was really cool, im slowly rebuilding. take it from me, make sure your TAIL GATE IS LOCKED
  8. lol i havesame problem, for the longest time i bought nothing but dewalt,the tool guy at home depot called me the bumble bee , i was nothing but yellow and black, but then i smartened up, i was buying dewalt just for the sake of buying dewalt, and shut everybody else off, you cant do that today, i make a living with my tools, if i need a certain tool and if it happens to be better than something dewalt has to offer, so be it, i dont care if its red, blue or green. im still loyal to dewalt more than anybody else, and when it comes to buying a new tool i look at dewalt first. When i first started out all my tools were milwaukee and porter cable corded tools, usa made, that s what got me started on dewalt tools, when black and decker brought that name back, they were usa made. dont get locked into one color, your only going to short change yourself on all the great tools that are out there today
  9. my brothers son in law has been working with me alot lately, he is going to start his own business, my brother and i are going to get him a 12 volt system for xmass. he was always a 18 volt kind of guy, but sense working with me he has been grabbing my m12's and he wants them, my brother is a bosch guy, so he gave him a couple of his bosch 12's to use for awhile, he really liked them, that is until he started to use my m12's, so we are going to get him the gen 2 m12;s, nothing wrong with your choice
  10. im not so sure about the size factor, the m12 fuel with the 6ah battery is a kick ass tool, still smaller than 18 volt, and with dam near the same performance, i can drive 3 inch screws all day with it. yeah the 18 volt is going to be a second or two faster, but at the end of the day you might save 10 minutes. the new super compact 18 volt tools are funny to me, if you want the run time that 18 volt offers than you still have to stick a big brick on it. dont get me wrong i still use my dewalt 18 volts, deck framing, heavy construction, i bought into the 12 for cabinet construction, interior trim work, etc. but i seen the power of these little guys, that their role got expanded. todays 12 has gotten better just like todays 18. iv seen so many guys pull out the big guns and either strip out or snap off screw heads. they are famous for doing it on door hinges. just my opinion but the 18 volt is not a do-all volt, im really happy i have both
  11. i too bleed yellow and black but i got into the fuel m12 because dewalt just didnt have anything, i love them im using them more and more, milwaukee took a big chunk of dewalt money from me
  12. that fuel ratchet is on my list, nice
  13. my m12 fuel system has pretty much been my go to tool, my 18/20 volt dewalts dont get used like they used too, i have no problem with driving 3 inch screws, or small lags, i tried my buddies super compact makita 18 volt with 2ah battery, and my m12 fuel with 6ah battery, no contest, i did not like the compact 18 volt. i bought into the m12 because you could see the handwritting on the wall with dewalt 12 volt , i love the two battery styles, when im climbing ladders ill throw the little 2 or 3ah in the handle, when i need longer run time, ill use the the 4.0 or 6.0ah battery. best of both worlds. of course there is also times when only the bigger tools will do.
  14. i have to admit i have a bunch of snap on but those are really nice looking
  15. had to pull the trigger free 9amp battery
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