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  1. I got mine three weeks ago from Home Depot
  2. Can't comment on that at this time but it will be this year
  3. I was told q3 this year supposed to be compatible with more heads than the Milwaukee
  4. Has anyone else heard when the release date for the new threader is ??
  5. It's nice sound quality is right there with the toughsystem and you can use the 60v batteries finally
  6. Got my dcb104 today
  7. Tstack radio is now on website
  8. Coming soon 20v air pump. Tstack radio, and more
  9. Must be a new inverter close in there giveaway the new one has a handle
  10. 9" concrete saw powered by flexvolt spring 2018, wheelbarrow, and riding flexvolt lawnmower somepoint
  11. New dewalt drain augers on there website now
  12. The model from Europe looks closer to the dch293r2 here in the US than other that is a sds max instead of sds plus
  13. DeWALT : La révolution est en marche...: http://youtu.be/YG_iJbD7l1U
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