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  1. Latest small project

    Nice job. How did you get started with that.
  2. Makita vs EGO Surprise

    I'll stick with the EGO.
  3. Printer Stand

    Yeah I have three of those things.
  4. Printer Stand

    I was going to make a stand to go over a center channel speaker and put the TV on top of it but due to a complete mind fart screwed up the numbers and it was so far off I turned it into something that will now hold my printer in the bedroom. I put a couple of drawers for storage of paper and whatever. You are only as good as you mistakes someone once said.
  5. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    Nice job Chris. Keep posting the pics, I saw the bench and wondered how it would be. Don't have any room for more in my little shop.
  6. Workbench Showoff

    Here's the little shop I work in. Three benches I built and one was purchased.
  7. Workbench Showoff

    Very nice job. Did you make the threaded shafts for the vice or was that something you bought?
  8. Millwakee tool chest

    I don't think that Husky or Milwaukee or DeWalt advertise their boxes for commercial use. They are for homeowners all the way. If you are looking for commercial use don't go to Home Depot or Lowes, that's not going to cut it.
  9. Does anybody really expect a drill to last 20 years. 5 years is more than good enough to me. By then it's time for a new toy.
  10. How is that new line feed working out? Is it a real improvement on the bump feed?
  11. EGO is the way to go for outdoor yard work. Great customer service too
  12. Boardgame/toy/craft armoire

    Looks nice
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    I didn't buy this but I got it free in the mail. Seems like a cool knife.
  14. I need your thoughts

    What kind of speaker is that in your post? Looks pretty good
  15. Remember When?

    Can't remember many cars getting 35 mpg back in the day. Not in my day anyway.