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  1. Long-Gone Retail Chains

    Oh yeah. "Bestbuy" took "Circuit City" down. "The Good Guys" was another one the was killed by Best Buy.
  2. Long-Gone Retail Chains

    Handwriting is on the wall for both of these old war horses.
  3. Long-Gone Retail Chains

    We had stores called "Whitefront" that were replaced by Target. Of course my first credit card was from Wards. Can't forget good old Mervyn's either. Sears and Pennys are going to be gone soon.
  4. Getting a harbor freight!

    We are getting one down the street in the next couple of months. Nice option to have. They do have some things that I like. They sell locking wheels for carts that are a good deal and I always have a few cheap HF paint brushes on hand for touch up that I just use and throw away.
  5. Table Saw Guides

    Might be just enough to get you started and hold you over for awhile. I'm guessing you will be wanting a new saw soon. Have fun and be careful
  6. Behind the Scenes TIA

    You are a generous guy Dan. Great garage too.
  7. Who else has a tool problem?

    Like they say "one tool is never enough"
  8. Who else has a tool problem?

    Like they say "one tool is never enough"
  9. Craigslist scammers

    I've had the same kind of response.
  10. Home Depot

    HD deals are a hit and miss to be sure. Just have to be lucky
  11. Costco Pants

    Would you use those for work?
  12. Lock your doors............

    Pretty much no question that he did it.
  13. Greetings from Ireland

    Welcome dude, always been a fan of Jill
  14. Lock your doors............

    OJ is out!
  15. Knotty pine door

    How will you be hanging this door? Nice job.