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  1. I figured that the cells and output was different, but was surprised they were still on market, often cheaper than the 5.0 batteries.
  2. What is the difference between Milwaukee 48-11-1860 and 48-11-1865 6.0 batteries?
  3. BR800x...so hard to find.....sooooo sweet!
  4. I got it... 25 1/2 in.
  5. How tall is the rolling packout box including the pull handle when it is stowed away? I would get into to this system if the rolling box fit in my pick up bed with tonneau down!
  6. Bought this for battery alone, already have the blower, well worth it!
  7. So who has the "in spec" jigsaws?
  8. My fav imho was the original m18 radio that also accepted m12 and 110....and it sounded the best.
  9. Talked to toolnut rep and he said he thought it had to do with the cutting on an angle was inaccurate.
  10. My order got cancelled from toolnut for the new D Handle 2737 Jigsaw. I called and they said there was a problem with the saw and until Milwaukee can figure it out they are cancelling the orders. He said it had to do something with the cut accuracy???? I called Milwaukee and just talked to a customer service rep and they said they knew nothing and it was supposed to be released tomorrow. Anyone know anything?
  11. New Jig-saw 2737 for $186 preorder at tool nut! https://www.toolnut.com/milwaukee-2737-20-m18-fuel-d-handle-jig-saw-tool-only.html
  12. 5.0 batteries are $99 each when you buy the 2 pack to....so why bother buying 4.0 10 for 999?
  13. I wish they made a fuel drywall gun!
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