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  1. Bigmikez


    Welcome aboard the crew
  2. Sorry I know it’s a few days late...
  3. Wow I’m sorry fellas don’t know how I messed that up...
  4. https://www.toolnut.com/checkout/cart/
  5. Saw this on Stuart’s sight https://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/dewalt-dcl043dcl050?sscid=c1k3_2i5tn&cm_mmc=Affiliate--SaS--377553-_-619300&affsource=1&utm_campaign=377553&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=sas
  6. Picked up the dewalt air inflator and a couple of goodies not to bad but I was hoping for more 😂 I really wanted the husky bench but couldn’t bite the bullet
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all my fellow TIA brothas!!! Be safe everyone it’s crazy out there already!! And I wanna see some pics of tools everyone picks up!
  8. I’m really debating on getting the husky mobile tool bench
  9. Anyone have a Black Friday tool list there gonna be shopping for? I’m planning on a couple tools but really have my eyes on the husky mobile work bench I really want that bench
  10. Welcome to the crew!!
  11. Bigmikez

    GIE 2019

    Yea I saw video Dan posted but the new 18” chainsaw looks like a new addition, that nexus new model wow that would be great to have I just can’t justify the mu la there asking for at the moment with my financial advisor a.k.a WIFEY lol!
  12. swwweeeet!!! I can’t wait! I have there corded version which is a heck of a great machine but having a cordless one would be awesome also!
  13. Bigmikez

    GIE 2019

    Can’t wait to see footage of the new ego tools!
  14. Hope some of the crew can win some of these prizes
  15. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/m12-contest?utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=email-batch&utm_campaign=contest-M12-2019&ud_emh=f1045e906ec8ef5e002504d51adfc3aa1039c7ed30953406d34c6298be24ba70&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURobU5ETm1NREZqTjJObCIsInQiOiJ2RlhUMHAwZ2Y1czJqN2RPMW5VRkdGeTdrS0dmamZqZmVNOUdFNm0yczU1aWVOS2dyR1RSajAyK1dURjZHN3FnSFh1OFVxcEpXR2JUSzhGd1JkSyt5bVdSTk1TVUFYQjNNWDVoNXhQZ09ITHU5b1BaaU5GOXdqXC9tS2JcL1wvQUlONmlKQ2RhN2pBV3VHZlJUbUNGUTQrMHc9PSJ9
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