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  1. 2x20V lawn mower

    Man I love my team yellow but then again I love my Ego mower can wait to see some reviews on it
  2. 1/2" Impacts

    oooo those are nice 👍
  3. Makita Tv

    That's badass dude!
  4. Toolaholic

    Welcome to the crew dude!
  5. Awesome review! I only got one word......BEAST!!!
  6. Craigslist scammers

    Lol my bro inlaw fell for something like this years ago and he did cash a big check but dumbass got in so much drama and trouble over that lol! Good times???
  7. flexvolt jumpstart

    Ha! That's pretty cool dude
  8. Baby!

    Hey Big Congrats man to u n wifey!!!!! babys are a blessing man take care!
  9. Ryobi Tools

    Wow that's crazy dude!! So how much are the other brands? Like for instance Dewalt, malita and Milwaukee?
  10. Greetings from Ireland

    Welcome to the crew!!
  11. hello, new to forum

    Welcome to the crew K! U definitely went the right route going with Ego I have the mower and it's amazing, I will be adding more later but been on a dang budget lately....dang responsibilities lol!
  12. State Champs and moving on

    This is awesome dude
  13. Wow Metabo is awesome!! Dwain Thank you for sharing with us.
  14. HF Clones

    Just seen this email today
  15. Large Cut Capacity Mowers

    Ditto with my buddy Mr.Chrisk Ego is amazing brings a smile to my face every time I use it