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  1. See that this morning also not a good thing for them at all
  2. Doing good Jimbo man I missed a lot bro a lot peeps gone here man makes me sad...... anyways I’m trying to get back on here and share some future projects I got coming up nothing major but I wanna post and get some guidance form you guys!
  3. Hey guys my names Mike for those of you that haven’t seen me on here, u used to be a very addicted forum member but got caught up with some life things nothing crazy just trying to survive like most people but I’m reaching out to meet new members and catch up with some old friends on here so I just wanted to say what’s up and reach out because I really don’t want this forum to get lost in the internet world and be forgotten. I really have a lot of love for this place and really want to try to bring it back to life hopefully u guys that are left can help also. See you guys around!! TIA#1!!
  4. Bigmikez


    Dude I figured that but I was to scared to look stupid 😂
  5. Bigmikez


    Man iM not sure....
  6. I’m gonna stop by and check these baby’s out!
  7. Bigmikez


    Welcome to the crew!
  8. Awesome you got it figured out! What ended up being your solution
  9. Welcome to the crew!
  10. Thanks for the update bro that’s awesome news!
  11. Thank you sir I missed this place and all you guys!!
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