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  1. DeWalt Seating solutions

    Nice freakin set up there dude 👍
  2. DeWalt Seating solutions

    Would be awesome to use at the shop and at home, I’m going to be eyeing that rolling seat for sure would come in handy when buffing lower parts of the vehicles
  3. Greenhorn here

    Welcome to the crew!
  4. Retail Schlub in Tool Department

    Welcome aboard the crew, here you will find all the info and guidance you need dude!
  5. Just a new guy...

    Welcome to the crew dude glad to have ya!
  6. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Maple donut 🍩 mmmmmmmm and Bro no its not lol!
  7. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Crumb donut
  8. New one from UK

    Welcome to the crew!!
  9. Beginner

    Welcome aboard!
  10. Hi All. New to the site. Ready to converse.

    Welcome to the crew man!!
  11. New addition to TIA

    Awesome work dude now I gotta click out of here b4 wifey sees and get some crazy ideas 😉
  12. New addition to TIA

    Welcome aboard the crew John!
  13. What's up guys, twistedtools checking in!

    Welcome to the crew dude! Your going to find a lot of knowledge from some great peeps, I’ve learned lots since being apart of the crew.
  14. The new tripod light...

    Looks better in yellow anyway 😉