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  1. Bigmikez

    To The Crew

    Merry Christmas bro I haven’t been on here much just trying to find a house has been so time consuming but other than that I stop by to see what’s going on, anyways before I blab I’m more. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL THE AWESOME TIA CREW HERE!!!
  2. Bigmikez

    It's been a while

    Whats up brotha!! Welcome back! I was gone for awhile and just recently came back, feels good to b back
  3. Bigmikez

    Happy Thanksgiving TiA

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my TIA crew!!!
  4. Bigmikez

    Just Joined

    Welcome aboard dude!
  5. Bigmikez

    Woodworking benches

    Very nice!!
  6. Bigmikez

    Milwaukee 52" workbench peg board

    Welcome to the crew dude
  7. Bigmikez

    What do you drive?

    Not my daily but it is my weekend babe as the wife says lol! This is where all my tool money has been going lately.
  8. Bigmikez

    It’s been awhile

    Thank u carrol I’m happy to see you here bro I hope all has been good with u and family!
  9. Bigmikez

    A little TLC

    No way bro! I will b sending my prayers his way!
  10. Bigmikez

    What tools did you buy today?

    Let us know how u like it, I’m thinking about picking one up for mechanic work
  11. Bigmikez

    Box joint jig

    Looking good bro!
  12. Bigmikez

    It’s been awhile

    Glad to b back Bro! I bet I missed out on a lot of jimbos tool deals 😤
  13. Bigmikez

    It’s been awhile

    Thank u bro glad to see you here!!
  14. Bigmikez

    It’s been awhile

    First off crew I hope you all have been great! It’s been awhile a long while... life has been stupid busy with work school selling our home and struggling to find another one. It’s gonna take me awhile to catch up with you guys I really missed you guys I hope some of the old crew is still on here and to the new peeps I just wanna say what’s up and hope to chat with you guys soon on here. I haven’t done much tool buying sadly but I’m hoping to do so in the next few months and that’s where the crew comes in lol! Anyways guys I’m happy to be back I’m gonna look around and see what’s up! TIA#1!