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  1. Hope some of the crew can win some of these prizes
  2. https://www.milwaukeetool.com/m12-contest?utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=email-batch&utm_campaign=contest-M12-2019&ud_emh=f1045e906ec8ef5e002504d51adfc3aa1039c7ed30953406d34c6298be24ba70&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURobU5ETm1NREZqTjJObCIsInQiOiJ2RlhUMHAwZ2Y1czJqN2RPMW5VRkdGeTdrS0dmamZqZmVNOUdFNm0yczU1aWVOS2dyR1RSajAyK1dURjZHN3FnSFh1OFVxcEpXR2JUSzhGd1JkSyt5bVdSTk1TVUFYQjNNWDVoNXhQZ09ITHU5b1BaaU5GOXdqXC9tS2JcL1wvQUlONmlKQ2RhN2pBV3VHZlJUbUNGUTQrMHc9PSJ9
  3. Man whata fight! Just wondering if anyone else caught the fight? The heavyweight division certainly is on fire right now
  4. I’ve been saving to get the edger attachment for mine but I might just have to add this to my Christmas wish list
  5. Hey rich nice to see ya on here bro yea I have some projects coming up nothing major but I will share as much as I can also bro hope to mingle more with any of the new guys and learn more from you guys
  6. Welcome to the crew
  7. I know man social media really took a toll on this place but hoping some peeps will still stop by and say what’s on here... really miss the old days on here
  8. Carrol WHATS UP BROTHA!!!! Oh man glad to see you in here I’m good man hope you have been great bro!!
  9. I just saw that today also wow how they failed on that one.... could’ve been a great line
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