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  1. glass

    Brushless multi tool

    If you can handle the fat grip of the makita the tool is awesome, high power but low noise and vibration.
  2. glass

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Dewalt = most power but also most weight, clunky and less runtime and less cutting depth. I own both Makita and Dewalt. The Makita is better in almost every way. The Dewalt has a cool parrallel guide and nifty dust collection attachment so for heavy demo and hard rips maybe it’s better but for all else the Makita is better. My 2 cents.
  3. glass

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    My paslode framer has never let me down. And it’s light.
  4. glass

    Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    I did the opposite sold the flexvolt got the cordless Makita. I just do not need a rough framing saw anymore. I plan on getting the 1219l for the shop and big projects. Although I wonder if they will make a cordless version. I find these brushless motors powerful and smooth. I like them better than the corded. The dewalts a good framer and crew saw. Simple and tough just not smooth enough for my high standards and has poor dust collection when needed.
  5. glass

    Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    Well everybodies perception of smooth may vary. The slides on these and the 780 are a known issue.
  6. glass

    Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    I disagree. The Dewalts rails are so sticky deflection is guaranteed on long bevel cuts. Plus it’s got a bushing that if tight enough to eliminate play one cannot slide the saw. The Dewalts a framer or rough outside trim. The makita is a finish saw, love the true soft start and I am surprised by its power.
  7. glass

    AWS Tools

    I think this is a case where Makita s approach stinks and festool’s approach is much better. I will be installing the $80 attachment to my ct 26. Hello Makita I will NOT be buying was tools or vacuums.
  8. glass

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Note if you have a festool extractor their module will work with any tool.
  9. glass

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Ls1219l up on website. 65 lb monster. Probably best suited for shop or large trim jobs.
  10. glass

    Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    The one caveat about the flexvolt miter saw is that it sounds rougher and louder when hooked up to ac, begs the question will it last running on ac. It seems smoother and more powerful when on batteries. I admit the 2.0 batteries are a disappointment. On a side note I feel the rear handled circular saw has more power with the 3.0 batteries than the 2.0. Runtime on the 2.0 is down right embarrassing.
  11. glass

    Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    I would not say dust control and weight are the flexvolt worst features. It’s not heavier than most 12” sliders and dust collection is average. It’s biggest flaw is the same as the 780,the slides are not as smooth as the other top saws and jib screw to adjust the slop in the slides cannot be tightened all the way to eliminate all the play because than one cannot slide at all. The makita and festool have lineer ball bearings on both rails not just one like the dewalt. The Dewalts other rail has only 1 small pair of bushings. If one does few steep bevel cuts this issue is not so bad. Just my 2 cents.
  12. glass

    Sub compact reciprocating saw

    I highly doubt the kind of work you do, property management requires 3.5” nails too often. Paslode shoots 3 1/4. For big beam work like production nailing of 2lvls ie 3 1/2” it is better suited to pneumatic. For the record the industry standard hitachi nailers only shoot 3 1/4”. Gas has never been an issue for me as the dates are incredibly long, it’s more of a hyped problem on boards like this.
  13. glass

    Sub compact reciprocating saw

    I really do not understand the want for battery only framer, the current paslode is so solid and light. The dewalt needs to be bolted to the wood to sink a nail and the Hitachi is too heavy and big to be even a boat anchor. I mean wants the point of cutting the cord if the tool weighed so much. I have speed on the dewalt battery trim guns. One has to hold them to hard to the work for them to sink the nail.
  14. glass

    Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    And yet Makita 18v x2 consistently outperforms flexvolt. It’s not a battery that cuts the wood. So that’s why I stay invested in Makita, the tools are better. Yet there are some Dewalt tools I like.
  15. glass

    Subcompact Recip and Rotary Hammer

    Who cares if it’s the tool or the battery. The fact is Dewalt is not better in every category. That’s all I am saying. It seems to me that there is a fellow who posts here that no matter the tool Dewalt is better than Makita. I find that laughable. It’s pretty much been found out by personal experience and by plenty of on line comparisons that flexvolt has tons of power but lacking in run time. That being said I like the dewalt I have, dhs 790, dcb 1800, right angle drill, grinder, dcs577, etc... .