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  1. Mmm. Huh ?

    That way that guy doesn’t have to learn the right way. It’s just programmed for him. Smart tools dumb workers.
  2. Flexvolt problem

    Ok I give in. I loaded all my batteries, dewalt and Makita into 2 bags. Inside every cold night to charge or not 😁✌️
  3. Flexvolt problem

    No problem. Check out his post after the video review of the dewalt framer on the work shop addict site. Sorry guys I called as I see it.
  4. Flexvolt problem

    So what do you do if it’s 25 out. Buy a special heater bag for your batteries. Makita says their batteries are good to -4. Who cares how powerful flexvolt is ignite cannot take the cold. I like many of Dewalt’s tools but they got to work. I just replaced my dewalt impact with the Makita xdt12. Man the Makita is nice.
  5. Flexvolt problem

    The battery heated up quickly and charged. It’s a too sensitive to cold in my mind. The batteries should work for me I should not work for my batteries.
  6. Flexvolt problem

    Rookie? So I live in New York. I guess flexvolt is for warm weather only. I am expected to work below 32. It was 26 not -26.
  7. Flexvolt problem

    I left a 60 volt battery in my truck overnight. It was in need of charging. It was 26 degrees when I got up this morning. Note it was not over drained I was using the flexvolt circular saw and it ran down to one bar and stopped once. Tried to charge it. No go too cold. I think this is a weak point of dewalt batteries. Might have to have more makita 18v x2. As a side note the 3 bar indicator on the dewalt batteries stinks. 4 bars is much better.
  8. Dewalt rear handle monster

    It’s like being a double agent
  9. New Makita LS1019 10" slide saw

    Well mine cuts perfect. Make sure the blade is parallel to the slide bars. It is fixable if the blade is not, i my opinion.
  10. Dewalt rear handle monster

    And I work for makita too. I like both systems. The makita cordless track and router are debomb. I like the flexvolt table saw, the miter is a great framer and outdoor saw, the right angle drill is a beast along with the grinder. I lust after that made in japan 4 speed impact by makita. These tools are so good by both dewalt and Makita it makes festool irrelevant.
  11. Dewalt rear handle monster

    I like my flexvolt recipro saw except no hook. I find it much better than the fuel.
  12. Dewalt rear handle monster

  13. Dewalt rear handle monster

    That depth guide sure likes under built on the dewalt monster. The makita looks beefier. An6 thoughts ?