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  1. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Depends on ones needs. All around crew saw, personal trim saw etc...
  2. Just to add. I like the dewalt saws too. Other flaws of the makita are i5 takes several turns of the front knob to loosen the bevel adjust, small bevel scale and the detentes on the bevevel are a pain, not simple like the dewalt.
  3. Our saws are used by a crew. Some just use detentes some tighten down. Either that saw was defective or was abused. If you are slamming thru the detentes I am sure you will have trouble. Like I stated the Makitas for finish. The dewalts are more for framing and exterior work with stickiy slides jump start and lower power Dewalt motor. No saw is perfect not even the kapex.
  4. This saw is at least 6 months old. Gets everyday all day by a crew. Absolutely no play in detected. You either got a lemon or someone used the saw very roughly. I will say that in models past I find the Makita to be finish saws and the Dewalt saws are more rough and tumble.
  5. glass

    HKC55 Thoughts?

    Nope. It’s underpowered. Especially on bevel cuts.
  6. There are like 5 of these makitas on my site. Yes all had the rails misaligned but all where easy to adjust no problems with the set screws being too tight. More likely your detente plate is too far forward than worn out. Guess what, the dewalt plate is stainless but the pin that drops int it is..... you guessed Aluminium.
  7. glass

    HKC55 Thoughts?

    It’s too underpowered to be useful.
  8. glass


    Makita rear handled is lighter than the dewalt and narrower and better balanced. Dewalt rear handled saw is 14 lbs with 9 amp battery. Makita is 12.4 with 2 5.0 batteries. Please stick to facts.
  9. glass


    Actually the Makita rear handle has plenty of power. The dewalt has more but it’s not needed. The dewalt is too heavy unbalanced and it’s short battery life is a bummer. It’s a real disappointment. Actually it falls in boat anchor status.
  10. glass


    Good old Dewalt. Flexvolt tools are supposed to stop working before battery is too far drained. Let’s see do not charge them up after use if you are not going to use them right away. How long is too long to store a fully charged Dewalt battery, a day, a week, a month, a year. Maybe Dewalt needs a redesign.
  11. Yes but, would 2 21700 cell 4 amp batteries weigh more and out perform 2 5 amp 18700 cell batteries? The question is can Makita make longer run time batteries without the weight and bulk of the Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries.
  12. Hitachis multivolt advantage is plain and simple, the ac adapter. It makes things like a sawzall and skilsaw much more useful.
  13. glass


    I find the td171 to have the least slop of any impact driver. Bits are super snug. When I pull the trigger the bits definitely wiggle less than the other brands. I think some edge it on power but smooth smooth it is.
  14. 21700 cell batteries. Please now. 3 replacing the 2. 6 replacing the 5. Makita is already close to the top with yesterday’s batteries. If they could squeeze 2 8 amp batteries into the x2 tools it would be amazing. Even 2 6 amp 21700 cell batteries would kill it.
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