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  1. Or drag out a 20 lb 100’ dt cord....
  2. glass


    Where the F.... is the dcs727? Hello Dewalt. Sub 50lb 10” 60v max scms. We all want it. Hurry the f.... up.
  3. Jironman. We talking cordless bub
  4. Fool. 4 and 6 amp 21700 cell batteries preform better. And are not bigger. 12 amp batteries are a devils advocate response. Be real Do you own stock in Makita or are you a professional apologist.
  5. How far behind is Makita on batteries ? Festool just released a 4 amp 21700 cell battery. If you are behind Festool you are in the dark ages.
  6. It’s funny when a company makes a poor decision. There will always be the apologists. Nothing wrong with xgt. Just make more powerful batteries for lxt. Some tools can handle The slight increase in weight like rotary hammers, blowers, miter saws, chain saws, lawn mowers. I think any of the single battery lxt tools would benefit from a 21700 5.5 amp or 6 amp battery. furthermore xgt is just like metabo hpt 36 volt line without the ac option. Additionally these tools max at 4 x 36 = 144 watts. 9 x 18 = 162. So right off the bat the competitors have more juice. Which means more run time. Those Bosch and metabo batteries look good. Maybe once they catch up on the tool front it’s time to leave Makita. For me it’s a waiting game. As my Makita tools eventually wear out I will evaluate and more than likely branch out. I find the Makita batteries to have marbles while others have heuvos.
  7. glass


    Just like Makita better make 21700 cell batteries Dewalt better bring the dcs727 to the USA.
  8. And Dewalt makes 20 v batteries with 21700 cells
  9. Note I am not bagging on xgt Looks cool. I am bagging makitas lack of support to all of us lxt adopters. Their tools rock. Now get us the high demand batteries. I am a customer heavily invested in Makita. I will divest Probably would take at 3 other manufacturers to cover what I like about my makitas.
  10. I already have tools. They are makitas. They last. I just want better batteries. I do not need more power. More run time on high drain tools. Blowers vacuums skil saws sawzals rotary drills chain saws. Etc. get it got it good. Your not listening.
  11. And for the record listen to this Makita, yep 1 big battery makes the tool heavier. guess what in case you have not noticed so does putting 2 batteries on a tool. Just make the damn lxt batteries with the 21700 cells and shut the hell up. Stop over thinking it.
  12. The beginning of the end for Makita. It will take a few years but this path will set them back relative to the competition.
  13. Framer joe you come across as arrogant. Please do not get upset but the more you forcefully insist Dewalt is the best the weaker the argument. The louder you scream the less believable you are. The tool with the most power is not always the best. For instance rear handled circ saws. You like the dewalt. its power is unmatched. The Makita has more power than corded(enough for most). It’s lighter, better balenced, has more capacity, and better run time. I think people can make their own decision on which is better. I like some Dewalt like the few routers(elu) made in Europe. The table saws with their rack and pinion( although some competitors have better non slipping versions). Personally I do not like dewalts impacts too much wobble in the chuck. I like dewalts drills. I have a couple of smart point nail guns that are good bang for the buck. I do not like the battery nail guns too much recoil for finish guns. Some areas Dewalt can improve upon, batteries that fit tighter, actually make some flexvolt tools that have a corded option besides one, soft start to their flagship scms and finally get rid of the bushing on one of the rails and have 2 sets of guide bearings like real saws have to eliminate sticky rails, it’s a framer. They finally seemed to have upgraded the pathetic cordless multi tool. Why not make the flexvolt compressor a quiet compressor. I hope they get us USA folks the dcs727(hope for no guide bushing in one rail).
  14. glass


    I saw one today at my tool stores. Did a test cut and checked the saw out. My Initial thoughts are, disappointment. They saw did sound good and the motor ran smoothly. Rails where smooth and turntable turned smoothly as well the detentes seemed solid enough. But the over all feel in terms of fit and finish was closer to the current 10” crap of a saw by hpt. The saw is retro but they held onto all the wrong retro things, no bevel past 45, no 60 degree miter, laser that disappears when the blade is lowered in stead of shadow line, I wish they had adopted Dewalts simple flip out bevel stop system. But it is light and portable and if it cuts accurately with power some may buy it. It looks like a $500 saw with the fancy battery and converter. They could sell a shit ton at $650. So please move production to China and try again.
  15. glass


    Heard the dw717 is discontinued. Should we expect the dcs727 soon in USA
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