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  1. TD171D

    I find the xdt170 and the dewalt 887 very close. The main difference is the makita is smoother(less vibration), less wiggle in the chuck, and quieter. For this it just feels better in hand. Also Makita battery fits snugger in impact, less wiggle and batteries charge faster. I also find Dewalts cold weather performance to lag behind others.
  2. So any new tools coming soon?

    Do not hold your breath for all the 60v x2. Like vacuum, table saw, etc
  3. Flexvolt Batteries

    Better than that overpriced festool garbage.
  4. Cordless M class extractor?

    Plug it into Dewalt power station
  5. Sub compact reciprocating saw

    I find it easy to hold. Pretty smooth. The stroke is shorter than a full size sawzall.
  6. Whats next in the Hitachi/Metabo pipeline?

    Would be cool if hitachi and metabo shared a battery platform.
  7. Sub compact reciprocating saw

    I bought it. So far I like it. It’s like a sawzall but a jig saw. My first use was finishing the cuts on stair stringers. I actually found it accurate and a joy to use.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Christmas. Whoops
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry christmass
  10. Mmm. Huh ?

    That way that guy doesn’t have to learn the right way. It’s just programmed for him. Smart tools dumb workers.
  11. Flexvolt problem

    Ok I give in. I loaded all my batteries, dewalt and Makita into 2 bags. Inside every cold night to charge or not 😁✌️
  12. Flexvolt problem

    No problem. Check out his post after the video review of the dewalt framer on the work shop addict site. Sorry guys I called as I see it.
  13. Flexvolt problem

    So what do you do if it’s 25 out. Buy a special heater bag for your batteries. Makita says their batteries are good to -4. Who cares how powerful flexvolt is ignite cannot take the cold. I like many of Dewalt’s tools but they got to work. I just replaced my dewalt impact with the Makita xdt12. Man the Makita is nice.
  14. Flexvolt problem

    The battery heated up quickly and charged. It’s a too sensitive to cold in my mind. The batteries should work for me I should not work for my batteries.