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  1. glass


    Makita rear handled is lighter than the dewalt and narrower and better balanced. Dewalt rear handled saw is 14 lbs with 9 amp battery. Makita is 12.4 with 2 5.0 batteries. Please stick to facts.
  2. glass


    Actually the Makita rear handle has plenty of power. The dewalt has more but it’s not needed. The dewalt is too heavy unbalanced and it’s short battery life is a bummer. It’s a real disappointment. Actually it falls in boat anchor status.
  3. glass


    Good old Dewalt. Flexvolt tools are supposed to stop working before battery is too far drained. Let’s see do not charge them up after use if you are not going to use them right away. How long is too long to store a fully charged Dewalt battery, a day, a week, a month, a year. Maybe Dewalt needs a redesign.
  4. glass

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    Yes but, would 2 21700 cell 4 amp batteries weigh more and out perform 2 5 amp 18700 cell batteries? The question is can Makita make longer run time batteries without the weight and bulk of the Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries.
  5. glass

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    Hitachis multivolt advantage is plain and simple, the ac adapter. It makes things like a sawzall and skilsaw much more useful.
  6. glass


    I find the td171 to have the least slop of any impact driver. Bits are super snug. When I pull the trigger the bits definitely wiggle less than the other brands. I think some edge it on power but smooth smooth it is.
  7. glass

    What will Makita come out with next?

    21700 cell batteries. Please now. 3 replacing the 2. 6 replacing the 5. Makita is already close to the top with yesterday’s batteries. If they could squeeze 2 8 amp batteries into the x2 tools it would be amazing. Even 2 6 amp 21700 cell batteries would kill it.
  8. glass

    12 amp batteries

    Do they fit on the battery generator.
  9. glass

    Makita Battery cell 20700

    I am a pro. Makita please make hd ASAP but keep light and compact NOT like Dewalt and Milwaukee. No giant batteries.
  10. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Here’s the thing. Everyone has different work flow. I would never buy a miter saw without the following feature(for the record the Dewalt does this best). Being able to hold the blade guard up with my thumb while making a critical cut like a long bevel cut or removing a small slice. It prevents any hang ups. The kapex and Hitachi blade guards are elegant but too close to the blade. They always eventually catch and bang or cause frustration and get removed.
  11. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Known kapex issues since release grinding of miter lock unable to turn table fixed. Leaks grease from arbor. Table not flat. Table flexes if bolted down. Premature wear of blade guard mechanism. Motor weak. Motor burns out. Ridiculous safety trigger. Bevel lock plastic handle breaks. I could go on. That said it’s got great dust collection, it’s light, and the bevel scale is fantastic. There is no doubt many of us do great work with all these saws. I have a lot of festools. I find the kapex relative to other festools and other brands to be just plain weak. Yes my opinion. I remember when that little Hitachi came out. Like a revolution. Build whole houses with little bugger. It cost more back than then most saws today and Inthought it was a deal.
  12. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Parallel blade test ls1219l after adjusting. Better yet.
  13. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Parallel blade test dws780. Pretty darn good but not perfect
  14. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Whatever. Dewalt koolaid😁there are plenty of dws780’s out there with non parallel blades and sticky slides and jump start and less power than Makita. That being said there are tons of guys doing great work with Dewalt saws. All saws have their strengths and weaknesses. I agree that the Makita should ship these saws with the blade parallel, but this is the only saw I have ever owned that the rails can be adjusted. My 36 volt and 12” are now spot on and kick but. If I ran a large crew and did a lot of framing I would stick with the big dewalt, as it’s tough, simple, light for its size and the price specials make it virtually disposable.
  15. glass

    Flexvolt track saw

    I find the Makita to have mucho power. Even more that the festool Ts75. The only thing that could be better is if they copied the festool rail adjuster knobs. The Dewalt looks fine and the plunge motion never bothered me, just wish it had a stop at 45.