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  1. X 2 blower and chain saw are killers. But all tools would help. I have only one 6 amp battery they are expensive and hard to find. They also add little benefit as they are the same size cell. And yes no need for giant 12 amp batteries. But how about 3, 6, 9 or even just 4 and 8. Go the Bosch route. I like the Bosch batteries but their cordless has been lacking but catching up. Hitachi has a lot more proving to do after becoming the cheap crap brand of Lowe’s for years. Looks like at nps19 Milwaukee is making a push but years ago I had way too many failures with them. Investing more in Dewalt, well... I am still sore about what they did to elu. They continue to lower the quality of the dw625 and 621(only 2 of the best routers ever made) and offer no new accessories for them. They actually discontinued the dw615 which is better than the Festool of1010 if they just made some dc for it and other attachments. But there is more profit in selling that new cordless router(It’s good but I just cannot stand that the ring on the body where one naturally grips it always turns). Oh man I am in some mood ☠️
  2. Hey Makita. Maybe you do not care. I own many Makita tools. It’s my go to brand but... if you do not come out with high output batteries I am gone. To another brand that has high output batteries. So get off your ass and stop coming out with tools and drop everything and come out with batteries with heuovos
  3. Well I jammed it up for a second, my fault, but I cannot believe how quickly it smoked. No overload protection, just stopped and a puff of smoke and done. I am surprised how quick it was. Makes me think that these new brushless motors are delicate and if the electronic overload does not kick in the smoke quick.
  4. I think it’s a good move but Makita neutered the saw by reducing its capacity. Probably so it does not out sell the track saw.
  5. glass

    Makita Miter Saw

    Depends on ones needs. All around crew saw, personal trim saw etc...
  6. Just to add. I like the dewalt saws too. Other flaws of the makita are i5 takes several turns of the front knob to loosen the bevel adjust, small bevel scale and the detentes on the bevevel are a pain, not simple like the dewalt.
  7. Our saws are used by a crew. Some just use detentes some tighten down. Either that saw was defective or was abused. If you are slamming thru the detentes I am sure you will have trouble. Like I stated the Makitas for finish. The dewalts are more for framing and exterior work with stickiy slides jump start and lower power Dewalt motor. No saw is perfect not even the kapex.
  8. This saw is at least 6 months old. Gets everyday all day by a crew. Absolutely no play in detected. You either got a lemon or someone used the saw very roughly. I will say that in models past I find the Makita to be finish saws and the Dewalt saws are more rough and tumble.
  9. glass

    HKC55 Thoughts?

    Nope. It’s underpowered. Especially on bevel cuts.
  10. There are like 5 of these makitas on my site. Yes all had the rails misaligned but all where easy to adjust no problems with the set screws being too tight. More likely your detente plate is too far forward than worn out. Guess what, the dewalt plate is stainless but the pin that drops int it is..... you guessed Aluminium.
  11. glass

    HKC55 Thoughts?

    It’s too underpowered to be useful.
  12. glass


    Makita rear handled is lighter than the dewalt and narrower and better balanced. Dewalt rear handled saw is 14 lbs with 9 amp battery. Makita is 12.4 with 2 5.0 batteries. Please stick to facts.
  13. glass


    Actually the Makita rear handle has plenty of power. The dewalt has more but it’s not needed. The dewalt is too heavy unbalanced and it’s short battery life is a bummer. It’s a real disappointment. Actually it falls in boat anchor status.
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