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  1. dilloncorr


    Ah. Duh. That’s what I get for responding too fast and not thinking!! I have been wondering why they don’t make a dedicated flexvolt charger charging at 60v? Seems like it would charge faster... or is this another poor understanding of electronics on my part?
  2. dilloncorr


    And trip all kinds of breakers.... just sayin’
  3. dilloncorr

    Dewalt Flexvolt DCS690 mini cut off saw

    How does it work on cutting concrete? We demo/modify a lot of “ 4” “ housekeeping pads (meaning 2x4 forms) in hospitals where noise, gas/diesel, propane, and tie-ins for 220 or 480V just aren’t worth it. I have been considering getting one of these but my supers are CONVINCED that there’s no way it’ll handle cutting HK pads. (Keep in mind they’re makita fans.... working on that!)
  4. dilloncorr

    Never seen these batteries

    Interesting combination of ah. That would be perfect for General contractors.... never have enough of the 2 ahs but an sds isn’t really practical with the 2ahs. I’ve been buying the guys 2ahs and flexvolt 9ahs for small tools and high draw tools respectively. We use the power packs as backup power sources in our older hospitals all the time so it’s worth the extra weight to have plenty of 9ahs hanging around... this might convince me Otherwise...
  5. dilloncorr

    DeWalt 20v Cable Stapler

    You need to re-evaluate “need”. I have no “need” either... but i might some day??? Better to be prepared. BUY IT!! I know i will.....
  6. dilloncorr

    Highest drain tools

    60v chainsaw. Hands down. I cut up a 45’ long branch varying between 18 and 12” that came off a giant old oak at my wife’s grandpas house yesterday. About 30 cuts, bucking hard. Then had to take down a couple small 4-6” caliper trees that were smashed by the monster. Probably another 25 cuts or so. Went through 5 x 9 ah batteries and a 6 ah. Some charges went much longer than others (guessing wood density and how straight the cut was?). One cut in particular taking off a branch from the main was two passes (only 16” bar) from downbranch and two pass releif cut from the truncates end. That cut alone ate up a 9ah battery. So complaints about battery life aside, it was the first time I’d used the chainsaw on anything more than small stuff playing around. I brought my gas saw along thinking that the cordless just wouldn’t keep up. Holy cow was I wrong. I never even opened the case on my gas saw. Flex volt completely blew me, my father in law, and grandpa away. I’m totally sold on this things ability to replace 75-80% of gas saws. This saw is a BEAST! The Old 20v grinder can really do a number when cutting cast iron or old plaster... but nowhere near the chainsaw.
  7. dilloncorr

    Latest Rep Gossip

    I missed something?? Table saw is dead?
  8. dilloncorr

    Latest Rep Gossip

    So I spoke with a rep late last week about upcoming tools as my company is considering buying into a new battery lines. Thought I would pass along the gossip that they let loose and see what the insiders here had to say... or not say.... I asked about bout the next version of the power station (since we bought recently- must be time for a new mode!). The reps (4) said that there is NOT a new version coming any time soon and they stopped Developement on a multi-output outlet design. 4 port fast charger only this summer/fall. New version with minor changes to framing nailer. More tough system options- but they didn’t have a cooler with them so they could have been referencing this. Battery powered full size shop vac, they didn’t know any details (even voltage). Bigger blade concrete saw, timing unknown. More lighting options. 12 AH kits Accessories “out the wazoo” (not sure how to spell that last one...) At least one “Big surprise”. Honestly it it seemed like they were trying to make it seem like they have exciting stuff coming but seemed underwhelmed themselves.
  9. dilloncorr

    2018 Dewalt event?

    I’ve been waiting too. Just can’t wait anymore.... oh well. It’ll work as is. I really wanted to buy the 12ah to put on it but that will be July so I can’t wait for that either...
  10. dilloncorr

    2018 Dewalt event?

    So I just bought two power stations for work. You’re welcome, that pretty much guarantees a power station2.0 will be released soon!
  11. dilloncorr

    Ok, so what does Dewalt have up their sleeve ?

    Winch is a GREAT idea. Add a chain fall style lift for use with standard chains. For sure. Maybe a duct hoist, even if it needs biiiiig batteries
  12. dilloncorr

    Ok, so what does Dewalt have up their sleeve ?

    120v shop vacs with dust extraction connection for tools (either tool connect or Bluetooth or something we haven’t seen yet). Preferably a dual filter weigh self cleaning function? 60v small hepa vac similar to the current one but with much more suction? 120v 30-40” box fan? The full 9” concrete/demo saw that was promised? 120v Backpack vac similar to the 40v backpack blower? 20 or 60v Flooring stapler that can handle 3/4” flooring? 120v roto router with camera head? (Hey if we are wishing why not!) 120v riding lawnmower? (12ah x2 has to be getting close!!!) 120v tile saw? 120v tabletop drill press? 120v standup jack hammer? Fluid transfer pump? I wish someone would come out with a powered suction cup for lifting... not that it hard to use the manual ones, but it would be much faster for setting large tile to just bump a trigger/button then my truly out there wishes would be for a 208/220 power station for a welder or floor sander (or just even put those items on 4x60v batteries or make them work on 120/60). There are SO many times we don’t have 220v and our life would SO much easier with it... I’m tired of paying electricians an extra to run me one temp outlet!!!!! I think it would be great if they can figure out a way to include integral charging from a secondary cord for the 120v tools. Battery powered, battery running low? Plug in the cord into the second hole and bang! You’re working on cord power and simultaneously charging the batteries already on the unit
  13. dilloncorr

    Can someone tell me the difference.

    https://www.protoolreviews.com/buying-guides/best-cordless-circular-saw-shootout/30463/ great comparison. I would say go flexvolt... and then you have an excuse for more tools!!
  14. dilloncorr

    so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    You’ve been getting shorted concrete.....
  15. dilloncorr

    DCS7485 on a DW7440RS?

    So it’s not too bad to retrofit. The holes in the base of the stand are BARELY too small. Almost makes me wonder if someone forgot a “fudge factor” and the thickness of the powder coating. The bigger problem was that the base on the saw has angled holes but the stand is built for vertical bolting. Get rid of some washers (who needs those anyway, amiright?!) and the stock bolts fit. Torqued the hell out of them and good to go!