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  1. owengboyle

    What do you want in the UTB 8

    Hello, I'm new to the tool forum. and not really sure how all this works. I've been following TIA for a wile. love the videos the tool fights ect. I have been switching all my cordless tools to Milwaukee, last year someone broke into the shop I worked at and stole all our tools, I had all Ridgid tools but I have been replacing them with Milwaukee. both 12v and 18v. I do mostly finish work and cabinet. I would love to see Festool products in your giveaway and in your reviews. Hope I figure out hoe to sort thru all the comments and dif. feeds under the same topic?
  2. owengboyle

    Cabinet Shop

    ya nice shop! the cutouts on the door you make thwm on the CNC ?