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  1. What pegboard hangers did you use for your pliers?
  2. I'm not sure. I like the drill, but this really makes the drill feel cheap.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. Rather than looking into one of the lower quality vises that rotate, I'll pick up a higher quality (Yost), normal vise.
  4. Thanks guys!, I'm not on a tight budget, I just don't have the need for a super high quality piece. Dan, that vice looks like it fits the bill nicely. I was considering the Bessey 5.5" from lowes because it has the feature where the whole head rotates around. I haven't used a vise with that feature but was thinking it would be nice to have. Your thoughts?
  5. Coppertone

    Bench Vise

    Good Morning fellas, I'm looking to get a bench vise for my new shed and have found many conflicting reviews/recommendations. I think I'm set on a 5" standard bench vise from a brand like Bessey from Lowe's. I'm not looking to spend a whole lot. Any recommendations or reviews?
  6. I'm new, too, but welcome!
  7. That battery looks an awful lot like my Porter Cable 18v lithium batteries...
  8. Thanks guys. I went to Home Depot today and all of their display models have the same "looseness" as mine. Interesting....
  9. I'm interested in a drill press with the same criteria as well. Has anyone checked out the Rockwell RK7033, or Wen 4210?
  10. Greetings, First off, I'm really glad I found this forum to converse with other tool folks. I look forward to learning a lot and contributing in ways that I can. I picked up a Dewalt DCD 790 Drill yesterday and immediately upon unboxing and slipping on the battery, I noticed that the battery fits very loosely and wobbles. If I shake the drill in my hand, the battery wobbles and rattles. This happens with both batteries. Is this normal? My Porter Cable 18v impact driver has two springs and the battery "snaps" on and is held firmly in place.....no movement at all once on. Is my dewalt missing said springs? Thanks in advance!
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