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  1. Makita x2 giveaway

    Thanks JMG! I could use some of those.
  2. Loving school right now!

    Congratulations! Been a long time since I was in welding classes, but I certainly enjoyed them. Also, they came in handy at work.
  3. So of course it happens again

    As Tug said, many (too many) of us know what it feels like. Sorry for your loss.
  4. Interesting short history for TTI

    Very informative. We are and have been for a long time now, in a global economy. I don't know of many companies that have products that are 100% from any one country. Even those that manufacture here get their steel, electronic components, etc. elsewhere.
  5. Nice work table design

    Interesting. Not sure how long term use would affect it, but a nice idea.
  6. Reno's Extreme

    That would be a nice return. I hope that will be the case.
  7. Reno's Extreme

    Good to hear from you again! Does it still have tube and knob wiring, or was it ever wired? I assume it was at some point. Plaster and lath is a joy to demo as well. Good luck with all the renovations. Guessing a mask company is benefiting from your efforts.
  8. Baby!

    Best wishes!
  9. DeWalt 40v String Trimmer

    Do not put too much grease in the gearbox. Too much is as bad as not enough. Plowing through quality grease at high speed will put undue stress on things and eat up power. Learned the hard way many years ago.
  10. Butt ugly

    Interesting. Only practical for fairly local work. Would be good on a farm/ranch, etc.
  11. Flag stone patio

    If you are willing to put in a lot of effort and time, use a hand held tamper. I used to do stonework and the only time we would use a hand tamper is in a small spot that was impossible to use our powered one. Lot of work to do it right. Base is the most important thing!!!
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Used to be simple to get a tour of our local nuclear power plant, but not anymore. Back in the day you could drive in the gate, past the cooling tower, and just look around. Took making prior arrangements to actually get inside, but was not hard. Nowadays it is like a fortress.
  13. Wiha Ultra Driver $20 from KC Tool

    No surprise they are out of stock! Thanks.
  14. My small shop

    Great job on everything. Not all of us can afford big yellow and red, but we manage anyway!
  15. Can I replace EU plugin with USA plugin?

    Most of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc. uses 230 volt 50 Hz with the two pin plug. So if that's what it was designed for, you won't be able to just put a US 120 volt plug on. Hopefully the seller was on the level and it is designed for US specs..