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  1. Has anyone used the new nailers yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB5ucULlx6I&t=4s
  2. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    Dewalt DCN690 gen one perhaps and DCN692 gen two? I would give you 100 for a dcn692 not trashed
  3. DCN890 concrete nailer

    That clear case is cool for a demo.
  4. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    This looks like it will be great.
  5. DCE400

    Pretty sure the M12 version cost me 399 and it works very well. Only problem with it is on one inch fittings it really has to work hard.
  6. DCC2560T1 Flexvolt Air Compressor

    Glad I skipped the Ridgid Version however would of liked this unit to be larger perhaps 120v at 4 scfm
  7. What's the life expectancy of the cordless nailers?

    My first DCN692 stopped firing at 30000 nails sent it to dewalt for repair 175 bucks later it only really fires 8 penny any larger wont sink. The older DCN690 has at least 35000 nails no issue. When they break do not bother with repairs just get a new one. Anyone with the dewalt guns can check how many nails its shot by switching to single fire mode and holding the trigger, each flash on the lights is 1000 shots. The guns are great anyways well worth having if your framing every day use a coil nailer on a compressor.
  8. DCE400

    Looks nice I will replace the M12 version I use now. It is for PEX-A all we use.
  9. new DCN680 Brad nailer (at least in EU)

    I have not used a paslode and it is bulky however unless doing shoe in a corner under a kitchen toe kick I dont have a problem with its size.
  10. new DCN680 Brad nailer (at least in EU)

    New 18 gauge gun is very nice, did all windows and doors without issue.
  11. new DCN680 Brad nailer (at least in EU)

    The new Dewalt 18 gauge gun showed up today took longer then expected. Fired about 10 nails just to make sure it was alive, shot very nice. I puled out the old hard case from the original 18v XRP gun and using a sharp razor knife made it fit the new gun like a glove with its tiny ass 2AH battery attached. Actually have a small trim project to use it on this weekend two doors and seven windows should be fun. The ridgid 18g I disliked since new will now sit on a shelf as backup.
  12. Dewalt 20v multitool issue !

    Could not disagree more the two cordless dewalt multi tools we use are worked hard very often. They replaced corded bosch units on the truck. The MTP 100 piece blade set from amazon are decent blades and its nice to only lose $2 a pop when you dull one.
  13. Milwaukee's Future?

    We own the apartments behind the current project and drag a single cord 150 ft for a compressor or chop saw/table saw. Just do not care to charge batteries at the same time to prevent tripping the breaker or voltage drop damage.
  14. Milwaukee's Future?

    For the last three weeks my 4 man crew has discharged nearly every battery on the tool truck each day. That is 10-6ah flex volt 5-5ah and 8-4ah. House demo/reno has my garage charge room busy every night. I have only two 2ah that were from kits which I have never used look like little babies.
  15. Couldn't pass this beauty up...

    It is a nice saw however I have only used it corded, no since using batteries when powers just a cord away.