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  1. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    I see the design with the look of a stihl and others because that's the best way to use a hand held saw to cut straight at distance in concrete. A grinder style would mean your damn near crawling to cut rather then bending over. This looks correct and a larger version seems likely in the future.
  2. New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    I have had it for five days so far has been quite nice. It is heavy but I have gotten use to it just like the change from air to the Dewalt 690/692. The rafter hooks useful but leaves the tool at an odd angle Dewalt is better to grab once placed. The batteries have no lights which is odd I grabbed two more at Menards so I can rotate thru the day. It must come with Hitachis basic charger it seems damn slow and the fans loud. The battery does not shoot as many nails as Dewalt gun however I have not used anything smaller then a 6ah flex in the Dewalt so I could be wrong as the Hitachi is only 3ah . The Hitachi hits harder and places nails better then the Dewalt guns it is worth having and I got a great deal from Acme`s 11% sale which was actually 20% so $312 shipped with a second battery included.
  3. Flexvolt problem

    The tools warm them up enough to charge in the cold just don't leave all batteries dead at the end of the day. I am right on the Indiana/Michigan border, never had a problem with frozen dewalt packs however some tools work much better once warm.
  4. New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    My order for the Paper Tape version should show up on Tuesday. Acme dropped the price down to 390 with an extra battery and also have an 11% sale going on right now. As the freeze hit this area hard yesterday its going to be cold tested as it will live in a KUV truck. Videos I have seen so far have made this look good lets hope it will be.
  5. Dewalt 12 volt tools are going away

    I was happy to buy the 12v green laser one hell of a handy tool. Other then a new battery which they will still have in the future I would never of bought another item in the 12v line anyways.
  6. Dewalt rear handle monster

    Just pulled mine from its box lucky to have a Saturday fedx drop off as I would not of been around to sign for it on Monday. Will be fun to use as I hated the other flexvolt saw side winder blade placement just could not get used to it.
  7. Dewalt rear handle monster

    Nice find at tool nut likely to spread to other sites as well. I look forward to acme sending my Bare tool version it has shown up as pending a few times on the old credit card but disappeared again, with luck it ships soon. Battery wise I am in fair shape 12-6.0ah and 5-9.0ah
  8. I also picked up a 60v on clearance at depot for 350 with a extra battery. Very nice saw as most say worth a look at your local store for a deal as well.
  9. New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    The dewalts do work better when warmed up first when sitting frozen on the truck all night 690/692. I am gonna get one of these paper tape hitachi guns perhaps next time a 15 or 20% sale pops up at acme. This Hitachi might be a damn fine gun however I am Dewalt biased so it will have to be good for them to get me to try anything else they might offer.
  10. Very little info other then a parts picture https://www.ereplacementparts.com/craftsman-31527680-inch-electric-hand-saw-parts-c-158286_171666_171725.html\ Just get a replacement cord from a big box.
  11. BOSTITCH 20v Cordless nailer

    That xrp nailer was perfect.
  12. BOSTITCH 20v Cordless nailer

    Figured it would be a clone but great to see. My 18gauge Dewalt nailer broke very low usage one small window/door project then one full house trim out around 5000-6000 shots. I am with a replacement already as I really like the tool.
  13. BOSTITCH-BCF28WWM1 Spotted on Acme a 20v 28 degree 3 1/2 wire weld nailer. Very similar to Dewalts battery framers since they are from the same company but the wire weld nails are different. They also have a paper tape version and a 18gauge brad gun. We need to see some testing done with all of the battery only Framing nailers some people on this site should make it happen. http://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/bostitch-bcf28wwm1
  14. What tools did you buy today?

    Did you buy the 60v table saw on clearance at Home depot? I picked one up for $350 with an extra 2/6 battery. I had planned to wait on a 10" version but a quality saw that cheap had to grab it.
  15. My wife says I have a problem

    Menards had those Spyder recip blades on clearance for a buck each about 4 months back. I cleared the shelf and have about 20 8" and 15 6". Until the post above I forgot about that purchase but have now located the bag full to give a trial this coming week.