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  1. JRS5565

    new DS295 Tough System Box, three drawer

    I would love to know if flexvolt 9/12ah will fit in the two drawer and if so how many?
  2. JRS5565

    Home Depot

    If your on the lookout for a Makita Rear handle Saw or Dual Batt Recip Home Depot in the Auburn/Fort Wayne Indiana area have marked them down to 249.00 per Kit and still have the free 2 pack of 5.0 with the deal.
  3. JRS5565

    Big event coming

    Looking forward to what will come from this show. I will guess a cordless framing nailer will be shown. And for the big news hinted at from e-mails A new higher voltage line not compatible with m18 so people have something to bitch about and decide they have to switch platforms as they are so offended.
  4. JRS5565

    DeWalt 20v framing nailer

    I got a hitachi its nice I hate the different battery platform and still use the dewalts often.
  5. JRS5565

    20v Framer Dropped and Broken

    99.99 Is not bad I sent it in and the guaranteed repair cost was 199.99 max and they ate every bit of that with poor results. I Will no longer fix other then the springs.
  6. JRS5565

    20v Framer Dropped and Broken

    Might be better to just get a new one the service center hosed me on repairs.
  7. Thirty years good lord if the tools still serviceable when that battery fails I expect they will fix it if you pay.
  8. I wish they would just make the home owner brand tools like this with powered by dewalt. Heck all the odd lower brands and even the good ones like bostitch. I dont think anyone would be unhappy when buying a lower brand tool and it seems like that would point them to normal branded dewalt stuff as they would have a battery already.
  9. JRS5565

    New Dewalt 20v Max Miter Saw coming???

    Perhaps he is cutting something really hard as that little 7 1/4 miter is really great for smaller projects where the flexvolt slider is not called for.
  10. JRS5565

    new DS290 Toughsystem Box / 2 drawer

    I would love to see how many batteries each will hold could be a great base box for the power station. I never got into any of the container systems. The 12' KUV box truck has loads of storage which is great to work out of, and I have always just used 3 of the 22 inch one touch boxes to hold/tote my batteries.
  11. JRS5565

    What are your 2018 Tool Plans?

    I hope to go the full year without buying a new tool other then to replace something broken. Spent over $8500 on tools this year so I am setup pretty good. It is near 2am however so I don't hold myself to this post.
  12. JRS5565

    Favorite tool you acquired in 2017

    The Dewalt DCS577 man I love that sucker.
  13. JRS5565

    Something I was curious about...

    CPOoutlets has the Dewalt DCC2560T1 on a one day (12-3) sale Discounts drop it down to $224.99 Another fast charger or battery I do not need but suspect when they do sell a bare tool of this the price will be about the same. Guess I can try and sell the battery and charger on ebay. Good luck if you needed this compressor.
  14. JRS5565

    FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    I see the design with the look of a stihl and others because that's the best way to use a hand held saw to cut straight at distance in concrete. A grinder style would mean your damn near crawling to cut rather then bending over. This looks correct and a larger version seems likely in the future.
  15. JRS5565

    New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    I have had it for five days so far has been quite nice. It is heavy but I have gotten use to it just like the change from air to the Dewalt 690/692. The rafter hooks useful but leaves the tool at an odd angle Dewalt is better to grab once placed. The batteries have no lights which is odd I grabbed two more at Menards so I can rotate thru the day. It must come with Hitachis basic charger it seems damn slow and the fans loud. The battery does not shoot as many nails as Dewalt gun however I have not used anything smaller then a 6ah flex in the Dewalt so I could be wrong as the Hitachi is only 3ah . The Hitachi hits harder and places nails better then the Dewalt guns it is worth having and I got a great deal from Acme`s 11% sale which was actually 20% so $312 shipped with a second battery included.