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  1. Thanks, BMack37! Those rivets look good... and are certainly very affordable. I like that! However, I was thinking something like one would see used in the motor sports arena... like on custom race vehicles. Any ideas?
  2. Thank you, Wingless! That's a great site... though a bit overwhelming to me. Could you make a suggestion? I'd be using these rivets for both plastic and aluminum. So, two pieces of plastic some times, and other times, two pieces of aluminum. The material thickness would be 1/8" or less per piece. So, I'd like a rivet that would be suitable for both materials... and a press that's simple and inexpensive.
  3. I have the common pop riveter that leaves a nice looking flush rivet head on one side and a long and ugly protrusion on the other side. I would like a riveter that will make nice flush rivet heads on both sides. Can someone tell me what this is called and direct me to where I might buy one? Thanks.
  4. Thank you all for the additional replies. DeWalt finally got back to me with a nice reply. They offered to send me a new nut if mine is worn but suggested I send the grinder to their service center in Salt Lake City. They offered to send me a return label. The nut isn't worn in any abnormal way for such little time I have on it. I'm going to inspect and tinker with it some more before doing anything. One thing I have observed is that the grinding disc that came with it seems to have a slight wobble to it... as it isn't balanced as well as it could be. I wonder if that could have something to do with it? After all, it is with that particular disc that the nut keeps spinning off.... though I think the cut off disc I have used on it came off once too... though I can't be 100% certain of that. Will keep you all posted as to the outcome. Until then, any other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks. I thought I was being clever for doing that too. Unfortunately, it didn't make a difference. This thing has me baffled! I wish DeWalt would get back to me....
  6. The motor doesn't seem to slow down any quicker than it did when new...or any quicker than my other grinders. It runs smooth... and has about an hour on it or less.....so I don't think the bearings are going out. And yes, I'm using the wrench. Makes little difference how much muscle I put into the wrench either.
  7. I'm not familiar with nuts with clutches in them. This one just has a plain ol' nut. Nothing fancy.
  8. I started doing that towards the end of my last session with it. Works but is a pain in the rear having to retrain myself to use a grinder like that. Shouldn't have to. I contacted Dewalt but have heard nothing back.
  9. Thanks. Hope I can figure this out as the grinder isn't of much value to me if the disc comes off every time I shut it down. Very frustrating.
  10. I really like this grinder. However, after roughly only an hour of use, it has developed this habit of the grinding disc spinning off...AFTER I stop grinding and place the tool down. As it is decelerating, I can just watch the nut spin loose...spinning its way right off the grinder. It didn't do this when I first started using it. I thought that perhaps I had something on wrong. I've looked and see nothing obvious. I'm not new to this. I have a Makita and Metabo grinders as well. No problem. I've also used a variety of other grinders over the last 30 years. No problem like this before. I keep thinking it has to be something simple yet I see nothing. I tighten the nut as tight as I can with the included allen wrench. Makes no difference. I'm using the grinding disc that came with it. A cut off disc doesn't come off as often but...it does some times. I have no issues using sanding flap discs on it. Anyone experience this before? What's the solution?
  11. Funny as I came here to the forum for the same issue with the same jig saw. I haven't contacted Bosch as I figured they'd tell me what they told you. I'm very bummed as I haven't used this saw hard nor have I used it a lot. And I like it. Did you find an answer to your question? Or does anyone reading this have any idea what might be wrong?
  12. Thanks, guys! What is it about the Metabo that makes it the best?
  13. I've had a Makita 4" grinder since 1984 that's still running strong. In need of something larger, I borrowed a friend's older Metabo 6" with twist handle. I like it so much, I don't want to give it back! Super smooth, not too big, and perfect power A grinder this size will make my life a lot easier and open doors to how I do many projects. After using this twist handle, I've made up my mind that feature is a must for me. I looked at the 7" Ridgid at Home Depot and it feels good in hand. $129. The reviews seem a little mixed though. I can get a new 7" Metabo W24-180 for $189. This is a tool I would not use day in and day out. But I appreciate quality and a tool that runs smooth... yet I am not a man of large means. Is the Metabo worth $60 more than the Ridgid? Any insight and/or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Thanks. I did just that this morning. Made myself a guide that screws to a 10' long 2x4 which will be my compass. The decking I am cutting runs over some joist I don't want to cut so I also built a wood spacer for my jig saw so that it will only cut 1.5" deep. The Carvex looks nice. I have a pretty nice Bosch with some agressive cutting blades. Shouldn't take too long....I hope. I'm gonna get naked if this works as smoothly as I hope! Thanks for all the replies, everyone!
  15. Thanks for that! I haven't tried plywood but I can see how it would work being that it's so thin. The depth of the 2x6 is what's getting me. If someone could do that, I'd love to see it! :-)
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