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  1. Reno's Extreme

    thanks guys, one man show here so slow but sure.... well the plan was to get the flooring installed, but wouldn't ya know it after I laid out 8 or 10 tiles down my wife says....hmm don't like it??? so back to the drawing board or actually the store to go pick out different tile......in the mean time I figured I make a jig to install the handles/pulls whatever you call them......not pretty but worked flawlessly. I made it to be left or right top or bottom. (Note to self clamp a backer board so holes don't get blown out....)
  2. Reno's Extreme

    upper cabinets went in without a hitch, all lined up and ready for flooring now......
  3. Reno's Extreme

    all tiled and grouted ready for cabinets
  4. Reno's Extreme

    line up range hood, install to wall. (I put extra stud supports prior to drywall in approx area.) screw to wall and remove. put screws back in wall, tile all around screws. This way when wall is grouted range hood installation will be easy peasy
  5. Reno's Extreme

    thanks... back to kitchen side with some back splash work..bit to go yet but that is enough for one day
  6. Reno's Extreme

    more custom work for kitchen cabinets, this plate rack will be mounted above a really long 77" window. At each end will have a 15" x 15" cabinet with a door, and beside that a 15" x 30" cabinet. in order to do this I took a 30" x 30" double door cabinet and cut it up to make 2x 15" x 15" and 1x 15" x 30" by cutting one door in half. ok so all the boring fun taping and mudding is done, time to mock up the custom cabinets I pre built to see how they will all line up. It is imperative that they go on wall clean and square as I will be applying back splash all around and right to ceiling. everything looks like even spaces everywhere. drape them off and slap some paint on the ceiling.... slowly starting to take shape, some paint and trim on one side of area, the bit more to do list is getting shorter and shorter.....
  7. Angle Grinder - Suggestions?

    not sure about bosch grinders for cordless I do have a Milwaukee Fuel grinder and coupled with a 9.0ah battery I can't be any happier....here is a shot 3 stages up on scaffolding grinding cement window openings......don't even realize it has a battery....
  8. Reno's Extreme

    and the drywall begins.....
  9. Reno's Extreme

    a touch more custom work for kitchen cabinets, plate rack for above window.....laying it out, sizing it up and putting a frame around it. this will be installed between 2 door cabinets and left open
  10. New Shop Underway....Part Deuce!

    sweet dixie lookin good bro...
  11. Cherry and walnut Laundry hamper

    I completely understand, however in most cases I pin it from back side '
  12. Cherry and walnut Laundry hamper

    sexy looking thing you made there, good job! btw I use a 23g. pin nailer in stead of any 2 sided tape
  13. Reno's Extreme

    dry fitting before drywall to mark stud location, looks like it's not straight but it is just sitting on a box for proper height....
  14. Reno's Extreme

    in the mean time, another custom item needed for the far side of kitchen/dining area, will need a small corner cabinet to house some electronics and wires ect ect not sure if I am going to add backing or just mount it directly to drywall. A Bamboo top will be added to match the rest of the counter tops in the kitchen when it gets installed. Again film will be removed and a matching pull like the rest of the cabinets will be added..
  15. Reno's Extreme

    so all insulated, vapor barriered and accustaseal, if that is a thing.... all ready for drywall.....