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  1. comp56

    Miter station build

    not going to lie, the picture of mine isn't gong to help with any kind f plans for you but might give some idea's
  2. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    New counter depth side by side completes our new kitchen, it fits like a glove, thankfully I had my measurements correct seeings I just bought the fridge....lol
  3. comp56

    Fess up to your latest bonehead mistake

    I screamed at the garbage can at the A&W drive through for about 4 minutes until I noticed the order station was another 10 feet ahead.....
  4. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    little more trim work, didn't want to drywall angled part of stair case with corner bead ect ect so I took some red oak and made a cap. Will be staining it just dry fitting first...
  5. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    Now that the kitchen is 99.9% complete, (just waiting on new fridge) I'm bored......so I'm making new bottoms for the chairs, don't care for the round bar my feet rest on so I took some red oak and made some new ones trying to match theme of the table....
  6. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    Well my Kitchen reno is complete, 97 days of not having a kitchen sink is incredibly inconvenient but that is all over with now. The next order of business was to make my wife 6 ft tall, I did this by making here a 1 foot step stool from left over counter top. Seeings she is very petite 105LBS @5 ft 2 inch if she is jumping, it didn't need to be over built. It doubles as a plant stand when not in use too.....
  7. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    finishing up with some kick plate or toe kick what ever it is called, I didn't like the typical black plate that came with the dishwasher, seeings the kick plate I will be installing is high gloss like the cabinets the black factory plate would not look right, I didn't want a brake in the line even if I painted the factory one white. So I got a little creative by kerfing out the area where the dishwasher sticks out to match the factory thin plate. so instead of this look I get a clean straight line....
  8. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    all plumbed in, little trim work and I can have a long awaited spaghetti dinner........lol
  9. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    all done but sink faucet and some baseboard trim........
  10. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    sanding up with 320GT before sealing instead of going with the traditional 45 in the corner I just spliced a piece right along side seeings the seam is so hard to see it worked out great. the seam is actually in the middle of the picture.... went with a natural satin finish also got tall pantry and pull out put in place new sink or replacement sink will be here Wednesday so will be getting that plumbed in then.....I'm taking tomorrow off......lol
  11. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    good and bad news...so it turns out fine dust from sanding counter top splices created a super fine covering in the area. It turned out I had sink on floor and it got covered in this super fine dust, well because of this I discovered the sink has a couple hair line cracks in 2 corners.......I bought the sink online almost 5 months ago......(sale what are you gonna do) anyway Kudo's goes out to Amazon.ca as their return policy is 90 days however when I explained that I hadn't installed it yet they said no problem sent me a shipping label to return cracked sink (no charge) and placed an order for a new sink 2 day shipping.....
  12. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    Not sure if anyone has worked with bamboo counter tops? It not being wood per say but is very close. Needless to say while I am splicing the counter and cutting the hole for sink I will pass on a tip: this stuff is harder than hard maple and will burn if a poor or dull blade is used.....A high tooth count blade is also best....also a very sharp splinter free cut can be achieved...sink in the hole, now the sanding and sealing begins......
  13. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    so the ad said "11 Red Router Bits" $50 never used.... ( no picture) I call her and ask what brand they might be she didn't know.....had t take a chance..........
  14. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    final tweaks and adjustments before base cabinets get nailed down.... funny back splash doesn't look like it goes far enough on microwave side but it is the angle of picture....