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  1. When or when not to use impact wrench/gun

    never use your finger to get a stuck nut out either .......not my finger
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    well it is not really new but the package was sealed, I found it among some of my father's stuff......boy I should take some time to go through all the boxes.........I would guess he bought this in the 90's........if it is any consultation I now know I have some woodpecker....lol oh and some old school sawhorse brackets.....
  3. Combo bench top sanders

    I happen to have this model from the 90's, it was never plugged in when I found it........works great
  4. Heating the garage...

    cold? you guys don't know what cold feels like......your cold is our T-shirt weather..... try -44F without wind and see how your garage feels like.....
  5. Remember When?

    I remember being able to talk to someone without the fear of never talking to them again because you might offend them.....
  6. Schaeffer Oil Products.

    I may be thinking different than some of you that live in a warmer area year round bu I know in the winter here hot and cold with steel causes condensation regardless if you have synthetic oil or not. I've used this method for almost 50 years and hasn't failed me yet.....
  7. Schaeffer Oil Products.

    I'm old school use good old regular 10w40 in summer and 5w30 in winter, don't buy into this synthetics just change your oil at regular times as for cold weather, we live in probably way colder area's in winter than most of the USA. we plug in our vehicles when its cold and that's it. not so much a problem now with fuel injection to flood a car/truck but in winter check your oil and if it smells like gas change it....
  8. Reno's Extreme

    ok entire upstairs reno complete, part 2 coming soon kitchen gut job......
  9. Reno's Extreme

    made some floating shelves out of 1.5" thick bamboo, these were then stained in a dark espresso and rubbed sealer applied..... just a few touches that need to be finished and the entire upstairs will be complete, rock bed next then Done! side note: good thing I only put free standing faucet in back side for picture the other day as wife wanted in front not back.....so I picked it up and moved it in front she almost came un-glued.....lol now it is all plumbed in and fully functional, no moving it now...haha
  10. Reno's Extreme

    I got some fixtures installed today now that it is getting close the wife has a fire under my arse....
  11. Reno's Extreme

    thanks T75R, no wet saw just my good ol Milwaukee Fuel grinder with a diamond blade worked like a charm.
  12. Reno's Extreme

    well waited about 48 hours before I grouted, (the longer the better. I say)...anyway the chocolate grout turned out nicely. during the next few days I will remove the haze while it is curing and work on installing the door and trim then finally start hooking up the fixtures toilet vanity tub ect ect not sure what everyone thinks is best for doorway transition, I always go half way each so when door is closed you can't see other room's flooring. on a side note: wife is getting happier everyday goes by....
  13. Reno's Extreme

    thanks dude, I do it pretty much by feel, and a straight edge and applying the same amount of thinset evenly helps too... One trick is to spread the thinset in one direction one way and not in circles like many people do. I also run my finger against last tile edges to remove thinset before I place next tile down. when placing tile I place it about 1/2" from both edges and slide it while pushing down to proper gap thickness.
  14. Reno's Extreme

    ok all ready for grout.....did I mention these porcelain tiles cut nice if the cut is straight but not so nice in a circle......