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  1. Reno's Extreme

    Ya lots of fun, no wiring was updated awhile back so it has current (no pun intended) wiring but is getting replaced just the same new windows new insulation vapor barrior drywall new wall location ect ect everything 10 windows all ranging from 30"x60" and up to 59"×59" if it wasnt for the location of this house I would just sell it and buy a cheap stapled together shifting and warping house somewhere in a new subdivision so I can fix it in a few years....lol NOT! I was advised that every dollar I spend on this house I could see $6.50 or more in return
  2. Reno's Extreme

    ok guys haven't been around been super busy with second stage reno's, entire top floor (third floor) of our house is getting gutted, 7 trailers full so far I guessing 2 more 1903 house a lot more work than just drywall.......update will come soon as rebuilding gets underway....moving walls ect ect
  3. Gift as a thank you for work crew

    $100 Home Depot Gift card so they can grab something they may need just like my kids when they turned a certain age they wanted gift cards
  4. First cutting board

    face board versus end grain boards... end grain boards will self heal better suited for cutting face gran boards will cut grain and will stay cut face boards are more suitable for less cutting and more serving.'
  5. Lock your doors............

    the justice system is flawed look how many people were put away that were actually innocent? look at that other case with a young mother who's daughter was killed and everything pointed to her but she was found not guilty....Casey Anthony. she didn't have lots of money.......... one other famous case was the boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Bob Dylan song
  6. State Champs and moving on

    both my daughters were never on a team that advanced very far but they enjoyed themselves just the same....I can only imagine how excited your daughter is.....
  7. State Champs and moving on

    sweet deal, both my daughters played hardball my youngest daughter had/has an arm on her she played third base but every girl they put on first was afraid to catch her so she moved to center field.....one year she got 14 outfield assists
  8. Shop Mate Planer

    I'd venture out to say it weighs enough to need 3 men and a hairy assed boy to lift it. probably around 40lbs....not only that but you need to be fully awake to use it if not it will wake you up!....
  9. Shop Mate Planer

    oldie and heavy duty...
  10. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    empty houses
  11. Sanding upgrade

    I've had a Delta with pretty close to the same features might be a 6" disc but have sanded more stuff than I can remember.....paid for itself 500 times over...great to have congrats...
  12. Amazon Deals Permathread

    thanks dude but I already own a 9-12-4R
  13. Sorry DeWalt, It's you, not me.

    what you need and what you want comes into play here, if a company I have invested into has the tools I need or the tools I want. I'm not gonna lie I have some tools I wanted more than I needed......I'll be the first to admit i have been a Milwaukee fan for several years way before the cordless era but even they don't make some of the bigger tools I have needed over the years. I have come to realize it is the tool that matters not the brand....
  14. Delta Grinder Belt Sander

    So cleaning the shop came across this in a box brand new never been plugged in ...funny I meant to look in the box for a couple years just never got a round to it....glad I did ......