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  1. 5 Bedrooms 3 bath 3,100sq ft.....
  2. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    ya wife didn't like the rusty look from the grey and rust combo so it was only fitting to go completely black. the livingroom colours will be in the grey/dark silver family when complete so it will all tie in together. here is the next livingroom project. We wanted to add some build-ins, our livingroom is 14ft x 19.5 so we can afford to lose approx. 12 to 14 inches off one end for build-ins. It will still be 14ft x 18ish ft. while thinking of different ways to do this we were inspired by the new remake of Magnum PI there was a scene where a lady is sitting at here desk and the build-ins were behind her. My wife caught this and wanted a closer look. so I figured to lay it out to see how it would look. I would be building a 14ish by 14ish square near end of wall I would be clading it with ledgestone the same as the media wall kinda like they have with stone. However because of the nature of the square I don't want people think it is a chimney going up that wall so unlike the TV show scene I will be cladding the square but will incorperate 6 shelfs part way up from floor and part way down from ceiling. They have a sliding ladder which we will not include, I will build the framing and drywall it all and then wood shelves between the frames kinda like they have. the yellow is just my lay-out for measurements to make sure everything will fit properly.
  3. comp56

    A little TLC

    fuckin Cancer... hope all goes well .......prayers sent
  4. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    I'm so used to taxes I don't even think about them any more........the money I've paid in taxes is staggering over the years.....
  5. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    All trimmed out and finished....
  6. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    so I'm talkin to a guy I know about what I was working on, with the stone wall,ledgestone ect ect.....he says have you bought it yet?, I say no not yet.....he says he knows a guy that just finished building a house that has a bunch in his garage and was talking about selling it. I got his number......retailed for $32 a square foot buddy had just over 125 sqft. says give me $300.........umm duh, couldn't pay for it fast enough. get it home and really don't care for the light grey redish colours so I took my trusty flat black spray paint out. and well it turned out to look exactly like the black ones in the store..... first thing I made a border for a guide then added extra drywall screws for the added weight.... got a good start today, painted about 40 pieces and installed a few on the wall.....
  7. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    success very happy with the out come so far
  8. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    furthering the project, I have wired the livingroom completely, before I install drywall against the back wall I made up a wall plate for all the wires that come out of the wall to hook up. because I'm using banana plugs I made it recessed and flush with drywall. I also labelled everyting so it is easier for anyone/everyone.....not gonna lie you prabably could buy one but I couldn't find a 3 gang
  9. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    well yet another project for the house, this time we are covering the media wall with silver stone, and instead of having 3 small speakers hung on the wall like in the before picture. I made a speaker cover, took a 2x6 and cut it up to fit the 3 speakers left, center and right painted it black and covered it with speaker mesh now it can go on the wall with a cleaner look
  10. comp56

    New from Northern Ontario

    welcome to the forums, Northern Ontario you say eh, I'm also from Northern Ontario
  11. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    picked up a nice punch set, and a few tungston deburrers....
  12. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    picked this angle die grinder, love using it for detail sanding, came with a bunch of new pads. don't think buddy used it more than 5 minutes. paid a whopping $20
  13. comp56

    Milwaukee Cut off tool

    Coming in September......
  14. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    I just can't get enough of my local Home Depot, granted it is only gen 2 but a smokn deal $198CAD
  15. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    it kinda does with the single hammer, drill and screw selector right on the same ring settings just like the M18