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  1. Reno's Extreme

    insulating and vapour barrier before drywall, then also installed a couple bigger windows 13 windows so far but didn't take pics of all of them
  2. What tools did you buy today?

    love me some 50's colours, Neptune green would be awesome for that vise.....
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    there is just something about older vises
  4. FUEL vs Non-FUEL

    I can't compare it to any kind of DeWalt tool but I can say if I start the day with a fully charged 9.0Ah battery for the grinder the last thing I think about is looking for a battery all day. And yes there seems to be a bit more power when a 9.0Ah is used. If the 60V Dewalt is better than this Fuel grinder with a 9.0Ah battery then that DeWalt 60V must be awesome...
  5. The Good Bad and the Ugly

    we had an issue with Loews a couple weeks ago when installing new sub flooring, I bought 16 sheets of tongue and groove 23/32" but they only had 5 in stock so at the time I took them home and started installing them. Then 3 days later Lowes called and said the remaining sheets are in so I sent my son to go get them and told him to carry them up to the top level of the house, so him and his friend carried them up. The next day with out thinking I went to install the next sheet that my kid picked up. oh boy they are not 23/32" they are 19/32" look the same but slightly thinner.....so I call Lowes I read off the tag numbers and everything is the same but the sheets are thinner. He asks to give him a few minutes and he would call me back. so about 20 minutes goes by and he calls and says umm well there was a mistake in labeling they put the wrong tag on the wrong sheets come down and he would have the right 11 sheets ready for me. I told him I'm not about to load the 11 sheets that I have here and bring them back today by myself ( 2 levels through my house) he says can I use the thinner sheets? I said it's possible he said then don't worry about them and just keep them and there will be no charge for the right ones.
  6. A little about myself

  7. The Good Bad and the Ugly

    The Bad..... woke up this morning wife says we might need a new dryer, I look at it and sure enough, the stainless steel drum is all cracked around the outer edge near door. natural gas dryer was about 9 years old no sense getting it fixed so we go on line and look at Lowes and Home Depot, don't need a real fancy one so look at close to entry level models. The Good.... Oh look Lowes has a sale on (20% off ALL appliances) hmm ok look at Home Depot and sure enough they have a model the same as Lowes but $75 more. ok let's go to Home Depot and price match it.. The ugly.... we get to HD and go straight to appliances, young guy there is looking at the ceiling bored out of his tree.....I ask him Hi do you have model XXXX in stock if not I would like to order one. He says one sec and walks away.............................15 minutes later I see another employee walking down the isle and ask him can you find someone to help us as he was carrying a walkie talkie he says sure............15 minutes later again nothing.......so I say to wife let's just go to customer service and just order it......well we get there and there are a couple people in front of us, so while we are waiting we see the second guy telling the first guy about us and look right at us but do nothing..........( we were only about 20 feet away) .......then the second guy comes close to the customer service desk and the young girl working asks him if he could help her out by dealing with us ...........as he comes even closer to the desk I say I would like to order a gas dryer I know the model number blah blah blah..........he freaks and yells this to me ......STAY RIGHT HERE I WILL GET SOMEONE FROM APPLIANCES TO HELP YOU BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T ORDER WHATEVER YOU WANT WHEREVER YOU WANT THERE ARE SPECIAL FORMS FOR APPLIANCES> >>>> IT IS PRETTY HARD TO HELP YOU IF YOU DON:T STAY STILL.... I'm talking yelling this at me like I was a 8 yrs old kid, I say you know what you little #$%^$, we came in here almost 45 minutes ago now to buy a dryer knowing what we wanted and between you and the airhead partner of your are both useless waste of time. we will go to LOWES go $%#^& yourself. get outside I phone the general manager of the store as we drive across the parking lot. I explain to him about how the guy screamed at me and he said please come back and I will deal with you personally........take a look at the invoice....
  8. FUEL vs Non-FUEL

    well I put my FUEL grinder to the test last few days cutting out for new windows, with a 9.0ah battery on it I didn't even think about battery power or lack of with a battery. standing on top of scaffolding 4 sections high cutting 3/4" cement with a diamond blade. I don't have any brushed Milwaukee tools all of mine are Fuel and I do strongly believe they are worth every extra penny......I may not be using my tools for making a living like some do but my time is worth something to me and having tools that work is too
  9. Laguna buys SuperMax

    Laguna buys SuperMaxSuperMax Tools acquired by Laguna ToolsSeptember 19, 2017| Latest News SuperMax Tools acquired by Laguna ToolsSt. Paul, Minnesota – September 18th, 2017: SuperMax announces it has been acquired by Laguna Tools, Inc. Laguna Tools is an Irvine, California-based manufacturer of advanced CNC machinery and award-winning bandsaws, tablesaws, edgebanders, and other woodworking equipment.“We were looking for the right partner to help expand our sanding products and to offer a broader range of products to our customers” says Bill Schroeder, President of SuperMax Tools. “Laguna Tools is clearly the leader in the industry. This is truly a win-win for both companies and their customers.”Recently SuperMax has brought the new 16-32 drum sander to market, a prime example of the value and quality consumers have come to expect from the famed sanding company.The acquisition is effective immediately.
  10. Reno's Extreme

    some more windows in, have 5 on this floor installed now ...
  11. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    thank everyone, it isn't easy
  12. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    that's to bad, my brother had 2 different danes but got tired of only having them for around 6 yrs.
  13. Its about time

    someone should teach this fella in the video how to cut wood...what a poor video. your cutting approx. 7.5" why push through it let the blade cut the wood. I realize the newer saw has more RPM but the old saw will still cut especially with someone that knows how to use a circular saw
  14. not sure if this is good I haven't ordered from them yet. https://www.mywoodtools.com/products/k5-pocket-hole-high-precision-dowel-jig-kit-drilling-free-gift