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  1. comp56

    Milwaukee Cut off tool

    Coming in September......
  2. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    I just can't get enough of my local Home Depot, granted it is only gen 2 but a smokn deal $198CAD
  3. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    it kinda does with the single hammer, drill and screw selector right on the same ring settings just like the M18
  4. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    had to so impressed.... pretty powerful little set....
  5. comp56

    Fuel Jig-Saw Milwaukee

    about time.......
  6. comp56

    Free Stickers From Milwaukee

  7. comp56

    Porter Cable 7538 Production Router

    In Porter cable hay days, they made some pretty stellar routers, probably the best around at the time. The router you have is no different. this model router was first available in around 1994, but don't let that discourage you back then they used heavy duty copper windings which gave it incredible power, weighing in around the 17 lbs mark this is no DIYer router, it is a commercial grade production router. Nice gift.......
  8. comp56

    Milwaukee @ Lowes???

    son of a birch tree, I kinda thought it looked a little different but ok then not the Milwaukee I'm thinking of funny they can get away with the same name, I'm going to start making windows and call my company Microsoft Windows Inc.
  9. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    yes I did but with way better picture quality......
  10. comp56

    Milwaukee @ Lowes???

    when did Milwaukee squeeze into Lowes......sneaky https://www.lowes.ca/dollies-hand-trucks/milwaukee-2-in-1-red-steel-folding-convertible-truck_13227847.html?utm_source=Facebook&amp;utm_medium=paid&amp;utm_campaign=DPA-AllProducts
  11. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    I just happen to have a Samsung 32" TV /Monitor with a white bezel that fits like a glove. Now I can go from live TV or online with a couple clicks of a wireless mouse....
  12. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    well I originally planned for a matching door to house the electronics in this little floating cabinet, however after using it for some time I noticed between the laptop and the cable box it was creating more heat then I wanted. Not a huge amount but laptop fan kept coming on. So I went with a different approach. I removed the door, I made small wood frames and covered them with a couple layers of stainless screen, painted them black and bingo air flow and concealment. Top section houses the google home assist, don't need to see it so it works perfect. These panels are just press fit so they can be removed to gain access
  13. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    thanks Chris, ya wife is happy that's all that matters....when it boils down to it. plus I get to eat....... between my poor eye sight and small buttons on the microwave I'm lucky if I don't burn TV dinners so I need her to cook
  14. comp56

    Reno's Extreme

    added a cupboard above the fridge and a side panel to hang some frying pans
  15. comp56

    What tools did you buy today?

    not gonna lie, wasn't going to get one of these google assistants...but I'm sure glad I did ......