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  1. Makita USA new items

    And a possible reason why it was released in the us now: Sometimes Makita Japan pushes old stock to their subsidiaries. 2018 will give us a new brushless 18v one hand chainsaw. If there is still ALOT of stock of this accessoire left then it gets distributed around the world to try and sell as much as possible before the new model hits.
  2. Makita USA new items

    This thing is like almost 300 euros in Belgium :/
  3. Makita USA new items

    And, knowing Makita those accessoires are of doubtfull Quality.
  4. Disgruntled Milwaukee user

    Seems very much like a troll account ?
  5. Makita Battery cell 20700

    7 days battery life in these tags....
  6. Help in router choice

    Corded DeWalt will be great. If going cordless consider the new Makita
  7. Makita DTS141 Problem

    If it is on the highest setting and that isn't some cheap screw in very dense hardwoods that shouldn't be a problem. Then you'll have to get it fixed.
  8. Dewalt 3ah slim pack ??

    4 amp 20700 cells should be by the end of 2018 ( for Bosch atleast) so very possible
  9. Future Makita Batteries and the illusive 6ah

    Same here in Belgium can just order em. Expensive as fuck tho
  10. Dewalt chain saws

  11. Makita Battery cell 20700

    @Ned Do your makita batteries overheat? On what tools?
  12. Any feed back on new 20v brushless grinder

    Makita hypoid saw was also quite good if I remember correctly
  13. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Any social media/pr/helpdesk member is't ever going to Know stuff up front or be allowed to talk about it of course
  14. Future Makita Batteries and the illusive 6ah

    Bosch has had 3 amp 18650 cells in their 6 amp battery for one and a half year now ? No problems whatsoever
  15. Future Makita Batteries and the illusive 6ah

    Did you check any older x2 tools like the rotary/brushed circular saw/hedge trimmer. I think these do not have any space between the batteries. I can check Monday at work