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  1. Ow oops I totally knew that. Brain fart Thank jronman ! Indeed the new 20v Max/6ah is the better idea !
  2. In a brushed motor absolutely totally correct. Modern brushless motors not so much
  3. There is no larger w/h potential. Thats an illusion. The only limit is the actual size you wanna make your battery. A flexvolt 54v/2 amp battery is thesame size as a Makita 18v/6 amp or a Milwaukee 18v/6 amp. All three of these batteries have 10 cells, thesame capacity of 108 watt hours and thesame psysical size. Manufacturers can as easily make a 54v/10ah battery as they could make a 18v/30ah battery. Both those batteries would need 50 lithium cells of 3 amp each , both could have exactly thesame psysical dimensions and both batteries would have 540 Wh of energy available. Now I agree we'll see the larger power demanding tools on higher voltage platforms. But that not out of technological limitations more because people believe that a 54 volt tool would be vastly superior to an 18v tool ( altho real life proof and my explanation above shows otherwise )
  4. Sub Compact Jigsaw

    Have to say I do sell quite alot of Jigsaws. Think about thesame number as I sell circular saws
  5. Well you're thinking the wrong way there. Voltage doesn't matter all that much for modern brushless tools. There's a bigger marketing advantage then a power advantage in going 54v ( like flexvolt ) or 58v ( upcoming Makita OPE) . Modern brushless tools hardly give a fuck about what voltage they are getting. The total capacity/total energie your batteries have in more important and a better way to compare modern batteries. Makita 18+18v ( gonna take 6 amp batteries as an example ) have a total capacity in watt hours of ( 36v x 6amp ) 216 Watt Hours. DeWalt flexvolt is 54v * 3 amp ( remember it's 54v nominal and not that 60v marketing ) which gives us 162 Watt Hours. Milwaukee uses a 18v 9 amp battery which also gives us 162 Watt hours. Unfortunately it's not as simple as I have said above because there's a few extra things to consider: higher voltages ( like flexvolt ) give you some percent efficiency advantage. Bigger lithium cells ( like in the flexvolt 54v-3ah ) can cope with higher loads alot better. And the Makita setup has 20 lithium cells that share the load where the Milwaukee or flexvolt setup have to share a load on 15 lithium cells thus improving efficiency under load. TL;DR As it currently stands I believe Makita and Flexvolt to be able to provide thesame performance in runtime. Makita from a higher capacity and more cells. DeWalt from higher voltage and bigger cells. Milwaukee's Max output is a tad behind.
  6. Only available info is a 58v battery. Starting with a trimmer/brush cutter and a dual battery backpack blower. More is not known yet of upcoming Makita OPE platform
  7. Some new Bosch tools

    All due to be released in Europe in September/oktober. Wednesday next week I get to play with them
  8. New Sander

    Not at the beginning. Only the normal batteries for now
  9. AWS Tools

    Not for now no I'm hoping on either a Bluetooth battery, a Bluetooth add-on that goes between the tool and battery or either a small button that you can stick on the hose/tool that activated the Bluetooth vac with a button push
  10. AWS Tools

    Very strange indeed. In the Netherlands the plunge saw with AWS has been available since a few days
  11. Track saws

    Yeah of course I used both' ! I had to test the cordless when it came into my store Honestly the corded will suit you fine the cordless can just be pushed a little faster while still getting excellent results. If you are not bothered by the cord, no reason to pay extra then
  12. Track saws

    The Makita cordless also has the highest rpm out of all saws. It'll give you the best cut quality. And here in Belgium it is supplied with a better quality blade then Festool ts55 or tsc55
  13. Hitachi sold?

    Of the sale didn't include the name Hitachi so they are required to change it
  14. Best Tools of 2017

    Makita dls110 cordless X2 10" mitre saw
  15. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    The exception being the 18g Brad nailer Piece of shit
  16. It was already shown in australia/instagram with a few pictures and a small video a few months ago but now we have confirmed specifications: Exact same stats as corded model HR4013C ( Which was chosen as best SDS Max in Toolboxbuzz SDS Max rotary comparison http://www.toolboxbuzz.com/head-to-head/best-sds-rotary-hammer-drill-head-to-head-testing/ ) 8 Joules of hitting power: gives it 30% more power then Dewalt and Milwaukee cordless SDS Max offerings. Makita AVT for lowest vibrations in its class. AWS - Auto Wireless System : Get cordless Vacuum auto On/Off function withh upcoming Makita Vacs
  17. What tools did you buy today?

    Have em both in the store. Will put em next to eachother the Bosch just looks huge is comparison
  18. What tools did you buy today?

    Just get the Bosch 1250DEVS 6" dual mode sander. Just as good as Rotex and dust collection is just as good as well. Well it's noticably heavier, alot bulkier, works slower. Haven't tested dust collection so couldn't comment but seeing as the Bosch you mentioned is like an 8 year old design I kinda doubt the dust collection is up there with a rotex :/ would need to check it but would really surprise me :x
  19. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Not the simplest for an outsider @comp56 I'm out of ideas so you can ask the next question
  20. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Thank you what's the full name of an ' oz' ?
  21. Cordless Tool Trivia

    No idea what 5oz is but about half a little in total on 1 battery ( 3 times it's tanks capacity is 0.45 litres
  22. Some new Bosch tools

    Only the brushless grinders really. There's Abit of a power bump on the recipe but on the grinders it's noticable alot
  23. Some new Bosch tools

    Hahaha sorry that's the Dutch way to write it
  24. Milwaukee M18 Battery Run Times

    Bit of an impossible question
  25. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Assuming it has the power of 9 inch grinder. Sure why not ?