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  1. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Yeah that also happens. For sync lock to have a slightest chance of having a meaningful impact Makita would have to throw a absolute shitload of marketing for the term " sync lock' . Even my grandmother should know of the term, else there hasn't been enough marketing that potential thieves know about it. Makita should provide free big ass stickers to put on your van so it's visible from afar that batteries are sync locked. And no means to hack the batteries/controller should exist ( and everything is hackable ) Don't see it really working
  2. Makita Battery cell 20700

    Thieves just crack open a van and take everything that's inside. They wouldn't give a fuck if some of the batteries inside might be sync locked. There's still alot of tools inside any van they want to break into.
  3. 36v reciprocating saw

    It's indeed a corded replacement.
  4. Metabo makes the best grinders. Period. Worth 60 dollars
  5. Makita Battery cell 20700

    I just dont see how it's gonna prevent theft. Thieves don't have the time to check if batteries could be ' sync locked'. They'll just grab everything they can in a van/garage and worry about sync lock afterwards
  6. What will Makita come out with next?

    Nope !
  7. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    Hehe sounds familiar. I've corrected many mistakes on the Belgium Makita website
  8. It was already shown in australia/instagram with a few pictures and a small video a few months ago but now we have confirmed specifications: Exact same stats as corded model HR4013C ( Which was chosen as best SDS Max in Toolboxbuzz SDS Max rotary comparison http://www.toolboxbuzz.com/head-to-head/best-sds-rotary-hammer-drill-head-to-head-testing/ ) 8 Joules of hitting power: gives it 30% more power then Dewalt and Milwaukee cordless SDS Max offerings. Makita AVT for lowest vibrations in its class. AWS - Auto Wireless System : Get cordless Vacuum auto On/Off function withh upcoming Makita Vacs
  9. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    And we'll that also an ancient inefficient drill a more modern drill would have done better
  10. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    Well you are staying facts based on your ( as it seems from your replies ) very limited knowledge on what exists in cordless tools and what the possibilities are. Your 18mm drill example was a good example. 6 year old tech with a bit size higher then the intended use. So the problem is more with your expectations of 6 year old tech. 6 year kinda means ancient on terms of cordless powertool. If you would have done your 18mm drilling with say, a higher end milwaukee SDS or the flexvolt SDS your experience would have been alot better. Because those are new tools with high capacity batteries which have gone a long way since Makita introduced their dhr243 in 2012 You can complain that Makita should get a move on and update their cordless SDS and you are totally right I don't know what part of Europe you live in but in Belgium ( I'm a Makita/Bosch/Festool dealer myself in Bree, Belgium ) cordless tools outsell corded for the professionals. It's hobbyist who, most of the time, do not want to pay the extra for the cordless option. It's the pros who kinda hate the cords that buy cordless gear. Even more important: people ( also pros ) have to be informed about a tools capacity. If someone comes into my store and needs to drill 18mm holes I will never ever present him the dhr243. That's not the right tool for the job. An occasional hole now and then, sure. But that's the max. The newer 9 inch grinder Makita makes.( 2000 watt mind you ). It's a very powerfull tool with a small runtime. That doesn't make it usefull for everyone but there are also ALOT of tradies who need a grinder this size now and then. For them the cordless 9 inch option is an excellent idea. I've not had any negative remarks on the 9" grinder yet because all the people I have sold it to know what to expect in the runtime department.
  11. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    And you also seem to be full of shit with your 2 holes. Freshly drilled. Last hole was halfway
  12. Makita TM3010C Multi Tool...no power?

    Did you check the things we mentioned ?
  13. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    OZtooltalk are gonna post a very extensive comparison review this weekend of all high end SDS plus and SDS Max cordless drills currently on the market. They have included runtime tests I believe. This review will show us if cordless SDS Max tools have a chance
  14. Makita DHR400 SDS Max Cordless X2 Rotary Hammer

    If that's what you want to believe, go ahead. Maybe you'd want to retry your 18mm test with something else then a ancient drill design ( close to 6 years) and an ancient battery ( 8 year old ?), With a drill size actually within the intended range of the drill you are using. It willgive you a better perspective on things.
  15. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    That's because you do not tighten your chuck correctly. After tightening you have to do 1 click in the opposite direction to ' lock the chuck. Try it... Every decent drill has a chuck that works this way
  16. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Correct ! ' U' stands for the AWS wireless Bluetooth function The missing 'H ' is 3 amp batteries Your turn @Jronman
  17. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Seems to be thesame as Every as far as I can tell
  18. Cordless Tool Trivia

    No K in Belgium I believe sorry :). E is a blow molded case. You have a link to a Makita tool with a K ?
  19. Cordless Tool Trivia

    Nope sorry. H is a rather old one. You'll find this on more budget tools. U is a brand new one. Makita at stafda this year should give it away !
  20. Flexvolt problem

    Well you said so yourself. You charge your batteries inside at the end of the day inside where it is warm. thats the correct way to go No lithium batteries like being charged in the cold/freezing. If you would be charging your batteries back up outside in the winter you'd be killing em. If they're dewalt, makita or milwaukee matters not.
  21. Some new Bosch tools

    12Ah battery is end of 2018
  22. Some new Bosch tools

    All due to be released in Europe in September/oktober. Wednesday next week I get to play with them
  23. Power Tool Quirks and Oddities

    I have a Makita Cordless/corded hybrid Fan that my girlfriend tends to use troughout all summer. If you plug it in with the adapter it doesnt switch to the corded adapter. It'll first drain the battery even it is is plugged in. Stupid !
  24. Tool Fails!

    Lol how the hell do you so that