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  1. Makita DGA900 - 18v X2 - 9Inch Grinder

    Came in today at work The new 9 inch cordless grinder by Makita. First impression was better then I Expected ! Much better balanced then a corded grinder. It's a very strong tool. Really had to lean on it with my whole weight to get it to stall. In any normal use this thing will not bog down.
  2. XPH vs DHP

    Xph07 and dhp481 are thesame tool. Different sticker on em
  3. Show me your Makita collection!

    Hello Guys ! Very interested here in what Makita gear you guys are running If yo can spare me the time for some pics ! I'll go first: There's the ventilator ( really love it these days ) Cirk saw DHS670 DHR243 BL rotary hammer with the vacuum attachment An older BDF452 Combi dril King of all impacts DTD148 Brushless grinder DGA504 The compact recip saw DJR183 Track ( for use with the cordless cirk saw ) The radio Heated jacket for the winters =)
  4. Makita USA new items

    Can't wait for those to arrive. Massively good saw
  5. XPH11ZB Subcompact Hammerdrill/driver

    Same here D W. No special marketing. Just some more teal coloured tools
  6. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Well testing tool durability would be extremely hard and costly to do for reviewers wouldn't it ? It would take hundreds of hours of simulated work to get an idea on durability. There is no way anyone has the time for that. Every brand/tool also has a lemon now and then. If a reviewer would be testing a tool for durability and it breaks down after 10 hours. Will he declare the tool to be a POS ? To be factual he would have to get a second model, a third model, etc... And use them all for thesame time to check if he had a lemon the first time or the tool has a durability problem. Would be the best option if reviews could incorporate durability but don't see how that could realistically done
  7. 12v 23ga Pin Nailer

    It has thesame power as it's 18v brother dpt353. Amazing tool
  8. Makita USA new items

    They are expensive as fuck in Belgium :/
  9. M18 Miter stopped working

    Bad electronics happen. With brushless motors that seems to be the only thing that dies. Has replaced burned out motors I think
  10. 10.8V now 12V worldwide

    Completly disagree on that point. It's the variables in real life use that makes any input like for example, framer Joe, completly useless to me. He is very explicit in claiming that the flexvolt has a longer runtime then his crews using the Makita. Yet this week alone 2 people in the Makita talk group on Facebook have purchased X2 Makita saws to replace their flexvolt because of lack of runtime. You know what this means ? Personal testing is flawed and based on too many variables ( and a good dose of fan boying). Neither framer Joe nor those 2 guys in the Makita talk group have probably done a fair comparison and their views are flawed because of variables introduced on their real life work and experience. Only a controlled environment ( with a selection of different tests ) gives us a fair comparison in my opinion. But that's just my opinion ! Too each his own !
  11. Hitachi multivolt

    Found something new online. Hitachi Presented a multi voltage battery in Japan much like the flexvolt. Can be either a 18v/5amp battery or a 36v/2.5 amps. A new impact driver and circular to benefit from the multivolt batteries in 36v modus. Seems they are completly compatible with everything. http://www.homemaking.jp/product_info.php?products_id=167033&osCsid=1a7f521fc2fbc6e167da0136d206cb05
  12. Makita USA new items

    Huge ass case indeed
  13. Makita USA new items

    Don't think anyone on the planet has an answer on that yet
  14. Makita DGA900 - 18v X2 - 9Inch Grinder

    It's a different tool. 1 handed grinder vs a large 2 handed beast.
  15. Makita USA new items

    It is rather compact I'd say
  16. Makita USA new items

    Thesame vibration as the Djr187. I tried it out today lovely machine ! Its thesame machine and performance as the djr187 but then in a compact form.
  17. new DCCS620B 20V max chainsaw

    Maybe a seal that was seated wrong?
  18. Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    The Makita I posted a pic of has 8 joules
  19. Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    Drilling anchors. 16mm /20mm/24mm goes a shitload faster with an SDS max then a normal SDS.
  20. Will brushed cordless tools become obsolete?

    It's also big and heavy as fuck
  21. Advice needed, DeWalt vs Milwaukee SDS plus

    Yeah that's the first black and white picture. Brushless version with added option of a vacuum unit ( like the single 18v has ). Belgium had a pre production unit and the rep didn't come to our store with it. The asshole
  22. Makita DGA900 - 18v X2 - 9Inch Grinder

    Yeah we sell Bosch accessoires no Makita discs in the store ^^ It's big but it really balanced the tool out. Gets Abit in the way when grinding. But like most Makita grinders you can flip the head 90° if you like
  23. Makita DGA900 - 18v X2 - 9Inch Grinder

    Belgium prices so keep that in mind. € 329 ex.vat. for bare tool. If you want to compare it to something else that's around the price of a bare tool 18v X2 rotary hammer or the bare high torque impact wrench