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  1. Strange. That is what the closed off compartment is supposed to counter
  2. The problem is with your protool. A 1 inch impact wrench that only outputs 280 is completely wrong. 1 inch electric impacts get around 1000 Newton's. 280 is what a small compact cordless 1/2" gets. Somewhere that print on your protool is wrong
  3. I'm no fan of Milwaukee torque numbers but I don't think they ever exeggerated numbers 5 times as big 😛
  4. Ow seem ok to me. They always seem to think up some jig to make it an honest comparison
  5. @kat Reviving old thread but I believe a fully charged Makita pack gives 20.2 volt. I have the new model battery tester at work. I'll check tomorrow
  6. Tought that wasn't out untill 1 december?
  7. Correct tool: high torque angle drill. Makita X2, flexvolt, holehawg. Convenience tool but don't cry if it dies prematurely: any heavy duty drill from any manufacturer
  8. Sorry I meant soon also DeWalt dealer. Not ' soon also DeWalt has a drill with that tech '
  9. Only sds+ rotary dhr280/281/282/283. Sds Max dhr400 also just got it in Japan. No drill driver's yet
  10. kornomaniac


    Did you need both the flexvolt batteries and half the charge on the metabo for 1 cut ? O_o
  11. kornomaniac


    Ow sorry didn't notice the number changed ! Carry on then
  12. kornomaniac


    Hilti impact wrenches are old and ' meh ' tho 😛
  13. kornomaniac


    Sounds more like an impact wrench job y
  14. I'd say skill builder and workshop addict are very biased also. Real tool reviews is just an annoying cunt. Oz tool talk are the only good guys you named there 😛
  15. Cordless polisher is also on the wall.
  16. Then we're both opiniated hypocrites if that solves the discussion for you
  17. I made a general remark about a tools purpose. You're the one going all defensive? You tend to do that alot on these forums really ? There are people with different opinions than you.
  18. Damn it. Could you all stop posting about defective DeWalt batteries just after I have signed off on a 20000 Euro investment on a DeWalt display in the shop 😛
  19. Ah you don't have that metabo tablesaw yet in usa ? That explains why noone of the reviewers ever compared the flexvolt or Milwaukee to it. It kicks both of their asses
  20. No he is quite literally talking about a 1000 and 2000 ?
  21. This is meant to clean up after your ass after you have drilled some holes at a customer's place. Aws Would only make it more expensive and people will use it for dust extraction on tools for which it isn't strong enough
  22. kornomaniac


    Looks like a fuck ass heavy lump of a saw....
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