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  1. Attachment to many of the cordless tools use quick connectors now. The cordless sander, flexvolt miter saw, tracksaw... tools used inside that a bag would not collect dust well enough. So the portable vac is useful and a more secure connection is desirable.
  2. While waiting for the Tough System vacuum to be released, if it ever will be, I modified a DCV580H that I had on hand to accept the universal quick connector. Cut off the end of hose because it’s glued to the attachment and screw on a DWV9000 ($19.75). Then use a DWV9170 ($11.99) to adapt the existing wands with a male quick connector. I use it for job sites without power for my chop saw and to clean stud bay corners. Dewalt has a decent assortment of vacuum attachment but very little guidance on what works with what.
  3. If it’s the same as the 40V, which is also a 16” bar, it’s an R56 chain.
  4. I’ve done a bit of bright smooth shank +3” .131 just fine with a DCN690. I tried ring shank 3” .120 but have had issues sinking the last 1/2”. I’m going to try 2 3/8” .113 ring shank and see if that’ll sink flush.
  5. I’m sure my wife will agree to keeping it on the vanity to dry the countertop. 😂
  6. Well, yes. But the point is that all things are not equal. The batteries are vastly different sizes.
  7. Not so. Even with a high amp hour 60v pack, just look at the size of a 40v battery. It simply holds more cells. Maybe if you compared a 12ah 60v to the 4ah 40v it would be comparable...
  8. That’s fine... and I would have gone full blown 60V, except they released 40V a few months before Flexvolt was announced. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Are the 40V tools being phased out already? The Dewalt website looks like it’s removed the product line.
  10. Sarbatche

    Dewalt outdoor

    I have most of 40v tools despite not being a landscaper. I appreciate the runtime. I may have gone for the 60v analogs if they had existed when the first 40v tools came out. Only complaint with the mower is that it’s a push mower and not driven.
  11. I have 3x 2-drawer boxes in my garage...🤔 I really need the 3-drawer more though.
  12. Cordless Belt Sander Cordless Pressure Washer (40v) Cordless Magnetic Drill Press Cordless Coil Roofing & Siding Nail Guns Cordless Biscuit Joiner Cordless (Tough System?) Coffee Maker Tough System Vacuum
  13. Great pictures 👍 If there was a tough system vac I would already be posting my own pics!
  14. I was digging through Woodpeckers OneTIME tool archive and remembered this discussion never produced a resolution. Woodpecker seems to recycle their limited tool releases about once a year. https://www.woodpeck.com/one-time-tools/track-square.html
  15. Mine was delivered yesterday. I second that the doors, and especially the door latches, feel cheap. Otherwise, it’s a nice piece of gear. My better half is already hot on selling the electric space heaters in the garage. It would have been nice if the light, and maybe the fan, had different settings. Press the button a second time and the light dims, for instance. I’ve never messed with propane heaters. Does anyone leave their tanks connected during storage?
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