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  1. Bremon

    FlexVolt blower DCBL772

    Had one and sold it. Even the gen2 Milwaukee is better. This new one might have a shot at taking the crown from Ego and Makita. The 60v is good compared to the little dust blowers that all brands seem to have clones of. Probably. The OPE kits are generally 400+ CAD. Some occasional crazy deals pop up though.
  2. Bremon

    FlexVolt blower DCBL772

    Sacfasteners on IG posted a teaser of a new blower coming out May ‘19. In-line design. 600 CFM apparently. Interesting battery placement. Hopefully way better balanced and lighter than the current FlexVolt blower, which is pretty poor in my opinion.
  3. Bremon

    Feedback on mid-torque DCF894N-XJ

    One of my favourite Dewalt tools. Got the hog ring version; sold off my Fuel high torque and mid torque. The Dewalt has plenty of power, and the modes on it are perfect for my usage; larger fasteners and lugs, shocks, etc. on my truck. The bizarre looking nose cone helps get into odd spots, as does the angled battery placement compared to the Fuel.
  4. Bremon

    New Makita 12V Max CXT Inflator

    And seeing as I’ve never seen a CXT tool on a site I can’t imagine many people getting one. 18v would have been another story M12 and 20v Max are fairly ubiquitous which makes their inflators a smarter choice. Not to mention I already thought the M12 duty cycle was poor; this Makita is even worse.
  5. Bremon

    New Makita 12V Max CXT Inflator

    Like a high volume mode to inflate air mattresses, etc., and not using a trigger. 12v is a mistake because the adoption rate for 18v LXT compared to CXT is probably in excess of 3:1.
  6. Bremon

    New Makita 12V Max CXT Inflator

    18v with more convenience features would be a home run. 12v is a mistake.
  7. Bremon

    Cordless Drill XPH03

    It’s getting hot because it’s a brushed drill that’s working it’s ass off. Next step if this isn’t working out for you is buying a decent impact wrench, or buying a gas augur and spending more time fishing.
  8. Bremon

    6.0 xr build quality

    My 6.0 XR are Japanese. They have the worst buttons. My 3.0s are Korean. Crap buttons and the packs themselves fit tools way too snug. My 9.0s are all Japanese except one is Chinese. The Chinese one is the newest and seems to have the crappiest button, but one Japanese one has a trash button as well. Seems like a crapshoot thanks to a bean counter design.
  9. Bremon

    6.0 xr build quality

    Dewalt batteries have the worst build quality of the big 3 for sure. That said, they’re usually the cheapest. The release mechanism is straight up trash compared to M18 or Makita. Makita has by far the smoothest engagement, so they feel premium despite the plastic housing of Makita feeling the cheapest. Never had a problem with the M18 mechanism either, and like the rubber overmold. I have Dewalt tools I have to fight to disengage batteries from, and my 3.0 compacts need to have the slides sanded down because they’re slightly too wide; it takes a ridiculous effort to pull them off some tools like the inflator (while the XR6.0 and flecvolt 9.0 slide on and off fine).
  10. Plenty of plumbers can tell a story about a big right angle drill giving them a kiss when it binds. Add a ladder to the mix and multiply the fun. Doesn’t take much to hit a nail and have your drill let you know about it. The handle on my 996 is pretty pathetic for leverage. The 791 doesn’t come with a handle at all. Prior generation Milwaukee handles weren’t al that difficult to break off. Gen3 Fuel and the flagship Makita are better in that regard though.
  11. Bremon

    Dcs355b question

    So I finally checked. It’s plastic. A metallic grey painted plastic. They went the GM route...release it with features and then slowly de-content it while hoping no one notices lol.
  12. Bremon

    Dcs355b question

    Quite certain mine is metal but I’ll have to double check.
  13. Bremon

    What will Makita come out with next?

    There’s also updates to the metal cutting saws (sideways batteries like the sub compacts) and finally a collated attachment for the screwgun.
  14. Bremon


    Yeah I’ve built projects at work with hundreds of 6” screws; got an 887 hot enough to burn skin but never hot enough to make the impact quit. Only Dewalt we’ve ever killed was old brushed trash that was abused. Hopefully we can be kept up to date in the Hilti forum when they release new cordless goodies like the new FlexVolt mud mixer, DCD470 FlexVolt super (duper) Hawg, 20v goodies like the new heat gun. But hey; they’re getting a new rear handle years after everyone else so that’s cool. At least Makita is an alternative with a real range (like the updated metal cutting saws, paddle broom attachment for the ope motor unit).
  15. Bremon


    50% capacity in 9 mins for 4.0 slims and 15 mins for 8.0 fat packs. Output is 16 amps. Input to the charger is less. Just like Dewalt’s 4 bay output is 8 amps per bay but charger only draws 8 amps total from the wall for all 4 bays combined. The Bosch probably sucks 4 amps out of the wall.