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  1. Tough System Wall Rack Questions.

    Tapcons are fine. Re:breaking a bracket...pretty sure I read that these were not intended for trailer setups, so having decent weight in them and then hitting a pothole could be problematic.
  2. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    At one point people didn’t associate Nintendo with video games, or Tiffany’s with jewellery. Times change, perception changes with it. Your opinion of this tool is valuable in this thread, but your sample size of one makes it basically weightless where it concerns the mass marketability of this product. It’s not a gas replacement, and doesn’t seem to be meant to be one. Guys who need to cut less concrete are better served by having battery compatibility with their existing tools rather than a cordless Stihl which can be used to power... mitre saws? Table saws? Sawzalls? Drills? Anything outside of lawn equipment?
  3. I use the stock FlexVolt for ripping down stuff I don’t care too much about. It’s a competent blade. I have a variety of Freud Industrial and CMT ITK for it. Be aware that the FlexVolt blades are stupid thin, so the Freud Industrial thin kerf will cut run time. Beauty blade though.
  4. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    I’d argue this is a bigger gaffe than the table saw; that table saw does everything you’d want in a table saw short of run a dado stack. This seems much more limited.
  5. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Yeah, agreed, seems like a 9”, I went with what the sticker said lol. I’ll edit the original post.
  6. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Agreed @Framer joe, usually when I see them on site they are used by people trying to see how many causes of cancer they can rock out simultaneously 😂. Thsnks for clarification on the dust solution @Hugh Jass
  7. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Coverage from various tool reviewers at STAFDA covered Dewalt’s reveal of the new 60v Max FlexVolt cut-off machine. Model DCS690 Availability Spring 2018 Pricing TBD Blade size appears to be 9”, though the label says 12”, intended for diamond wheels or abrasive wheels. Concrete cutting, rebar, etc. come to mind for applications. As others mentioned in another thread, I’m not sure what sort of power these will have, I know I see a lot of gas beasts on site. My understanding is you can hook up water or dust extraction (scratch that, just water it looks like) to this? Hopefully someone else can chime in, I have no personal experience with cutoff machines.
  8. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    It fits the 9.0, so yes. Sounds apparently as good as the toughsystem. Can wait.
  9. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    Instagram. @toolsbydesign
  10. Running this and my mitre more this past week. Nothing to add to the conversation, just want to reiterate how awesome that pair of tools is.
  11. so whats next in the dewalt pipeline?

    @The.Handyman posted a post of the new TStak radio that accepts FlexVolt batteries. I want. I want. I want.
  12. New 0880-20(2017 Re-Design) M18 Wet/Dry Vac

    That’s a really nice redesign. My 0880 has the pos holder.
  13. M18-Mixer

    Really like the adjustability / ergonomics on that thing. Seems like a great solution if you regularly need a mixer.