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  1. The new tripod light...

    Pretty sure I could buy two dewalts for the price of one hybrid/charger Rocket though. At least in Canada, they’re a massive ripoff. The nice thing about the Dewalt is it has put the fear of God unto Milwaukee and the OG Rocket is now cheap as chips comparatively. Big price drop in crappy Canadian dollars.
  2. Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    The 2.0/6.0 batteries are a stopgap embarrassment regardless of tool. Flexvolt mitre is more powerful on batteries, I have no doubt. It isn’t limited by 15 amps of current. That saw has heaps of power.
  3. So any new tools coming soon?

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was less considering the toughsystem music charge output is 1 amp.
  4. What will Makita come out with next?

    The track saw is the best tool purchase I made last year, and I made some amazing tool purchases last year lol. It was my first Makita tool and now I’m a believer in what @kornomaniac preaches.
  5. Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    I have no complaints about the slides but don’t do a ton of steep bevels.
  6. So any new tools coming soon?

    They’re cheap, lightweight, and a smaller footprint. Everything a DIY/hobbyist or finish guy would love. They’re quite popular. Especially since you can get multiple of them for the price of a single Systainer. I just recently started branching into TStak to compliment my piles of ToughSystem.
  7. Makita 10” 36v or FlexVolt 12”

    I love the idea of rails forward and the Makita apparently has great dust extraction. That said, I dislike that it’s battery only, I own and love the FlexVolt. The dust extraction and weight are it’s onky weaknesses.
  8. So true. I keep hearing rumblings of yet another Dewalt framer update but haven’t seen anything concrete out there. Can’t believe media event season is nearly upon us again though. We could be mere months away from a new yellow framer. Or red ones even lol.
  9. Great video Dwain, this thing looks like it smokes my Dewalt 692.
  10. So any new tools coming soon?

    https://www.mississaugahardware.com/product/dwst08241-toughsystem-high-van-racking-storage-solution This? Pretty sure it’s been out for at least a month in Canada. The low height version as well.
  11. Tough System Wall Rack Questions.

    Tapcons are fine. Re:breaking a bracket...pretty sure I read that these were not intended for trailer setups, so having decent weight in them and then hitting a pothole could be problematic.
  12. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    At one point people didn’t associate Nintendo with video games, or Tiffany’s with jewellery. Times change, perception changes with it. Your opinion of this tool is valuable in this thread, but your sample size of one makes it basically weightless where it concerns the mass marketability of this product. It’s not a gas replacement, and doesn’t seem to be meant to be one. Guys who need to cut less concrete are better served by having battery compatibility with their existing tools rather than a cordless Stihl which can be used to power... mitre saws? Table saws? Sawzalls? Drills? Anything outside of lawn equipment?
  13. I use the stock FlexVolt for ripping down stuff I don’t care too much about. It’s a competent blade. I have a variety of Freud Industrial and CMT ITK for it. Be aware that the FlexVolt blades are stupid thin, so the Freud Industrial thin kerf will cut run time. Beauty blade though.
  14. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    I’d argue this is a bigger gaffe than the table saw; that table saw does everything you’d want in a table saw short of run a dado stack. This seems much more limited.
  15. FlexVolt DCS690 cutoff machine

    Yeah, agreed, seems like a 9”, I went with what the sticker said lol. I’ll edit the original post.