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  1. Running List for Dewalt Tool @ TOUGHINSOUTH Event

    We'll see how improved it is before I decide whether I'm interested or not.
  2. 1/2" Impacts

    The 888 is mediocre. Had one and sold it. It doesn't compare well to the Fuel line at all. Fuel impact wrenches are still where it's at for performance I feel.
  3. Flexvolt Rear Handle 7-1/4" Circular Saw

    It's "direct drive" and supposedly has 33% more max output than the FlexVolt sidewinder...it should haul ass.
  4. Soooo so far nice,but....

    Today's it man. I am a bit underwhelmed as well. The best stuff leaked early. Rear handle saw, mower, and possibly compressor are on my wish list, most other stuff either didn't wow me or made me angry (retcon on the rafter hooks! lol, but that's me being selfish.) otherwise it feels like we saw everything bedore. Happy to see a toughsystem drawer unit that doesn't suck.
  5. Possible cordless die grinder

    Makes the single speed M18 Fuel look archaic.
  6. Rafter Hooks on Circular Saws

    Dewalt screwing over early adopters...imagine that. The FlexVolt sidewinder is also getting updated.
  7. Hope Dewalt has something like this in aug

    If the improvement for this saw off of the 7491 is the same refinement that the DHS790 has over the 780 it's hard to imagine anyone being disappointed ??
  8. Hope Dewalt has something like this in aug

    Table saw supposedly is getting bumped to a 10" 120v max hybrid solution. I'd be shocked if we don't see it revealed next month. Supposedly based on the DWE7491RS.
  9. What happened to the framing nailer?

    The Fuel guns use a sealed nitrogen canister, to the best of my knowledge. Not a replaceable gas canister like Paslode, maybe thats where the confusion is coming from, but they sure as hell aren't flywheel tech like Dewalt's.
  10. 15g Fuel Nailer

    Yep, I've said many times table saws are likely the most dangerous and intimidating tools in the shop. Making one more rickety doesn't seem very innovative and seems like it could disrupt the way your appendages are attached to your body.
  11. Makita cordless tracksaw

    Not yet, still undecided on this vs a corded Festool. Or, if I win the lottery, a cordless Festool lol though I hear that has less power than the corded version despite two batteries.
  12. Fiber Cement on the Miter Saw?

    FlexVolt blades are amongst the thinnest kerf you'll find anywhere though. Some CMT ITK is similar but both are thinner than the 3/32 that most thin kerf are.
  13. Makita cordless tracksaw

    Interesting. Hadn't seen that kit, only the DCS520T1 kit, which doesn't have the track.
  14. Makita cordless tracksaw

    The FlexVolt kit doesn't either.
  15. No, because there are ten cells to draw from. If there were only 5 to draw from, then you'd have shorter pack life and more overheating warnings if you used the compact on various types of saw or grinder. As for brands of cells, most manufacturers use multiple brands; depends on who they get the latest batch from for the best price and who can keep up with demand. Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.