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  1. Bremon

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Clipped head are code in my neck of the woods. I know framers who didn’t know you could shoot full head out of a nail gun. Very much a “your mileage may vary” thing lol. You’ll never see plastic around here because of price. I do agree that Dewalt seems to be working at a snail’s pace lately. The lack of FlexVolt announcements especially make me roll my eyes and think “well, platform flavour of the week might be coming to an end”, even though I know it isn’t. Seriously though. A steady drip of goodies builds more confidence.
  2. The 2804 is the same size as the brushless compact Dewalt, the DCD791. It’s insane. I want to wait to see what Dewalt has in the pipe but a 2803 is in my sights. The chuck was explicitly described at NPS18 as not being a Rohm but it’s supposedly a nice one lol. “Milwaukee-designed”. They’re quite proud. We’ll see.
  3. Bremon

    Oceania Release for v36 Rear Handle Saw and DTD171

    Probably just that specific unit. The M18 Fuels I’ve had and the 887 Dewalt sink 6” for hours with no real problems (unless you touch bare skin to the housing. The brushless Makitas at work never skip a beat either.
  4. Bremon

    new Jigsaws cordless brushless (Europe)

    The Makitas are well known. Speaking about the “current brushless” in the Dewalt subforum is where the confusion comes from. I have the barrel Makita. Soft start sucks. Hopefully it doesn’t stick around
  5. Bremon

    Pre orders?

    One of the stores I follow in Canada received all the High Output kits today, except the table saw.
  6. Bremon

    New rafter hook?

    It’s like talking about using a screwdriver when drills became the norm. Two anecdotes; my 577 came today. So far so good. Got a parcel from Dewalt yesterday. I had emailed them inquiring about what they could do for us early adopters with no rafter hook on our 575s now that they have an updated model. The parcel they sent me...is a rafter hook. Of course, it doesn’t fit the body of my OG 575, but...I guess I’m still fairly impressed that they at least tried to help and didn’t charge me for it lol.
  7. Bremon

    New rafter hook?

    And to go back to the 6.5...that atrocious brick.
  8. Bremon

    Dewalt 18v mitre led shadow line question

    It’s supposed to give a shadow the thickness of the blade, waste on the left or right shouldn’t matter. Sounds like it’s worth popping the blade off and investigating.
  9. Bremon

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    I’ll have to see what Prime Day has for Dewalt deals lol. The M18 chainsaw is too dear for me.
  10. Bremon

    Why Milwaukee? Why Not?

    It’s flexvolt with a 10 cell pack instead of 15.
  11. Bremon

    New Pickup Trucks Coming

    Yeah, diesel is absolutely the Internet darling of pickup truck forums but I’m convinced it’s just the usual elitism you find in many communities over many products. Does Festool have a place in your shop? Absolutely; in specific cases. Is it the be all, end all? No. Diesel pickups are much the same. The Tundra is a nice truck. Toyota doesn’t put as much love into it as they ought to, in my opinion, but it’s pretty sharp looking and quite capable. The Taco is a handsome truck but isn’t nearly as beefy as the competition. Tundras retain value quite well too, so if you’re the type to keep something 4-6 years, you’re golden. If you keep it a decade or more GM has real longevity imo.
  12. Bremon

    2x20V lawn mower

    Much more reasonable. My opinion is it needs to come with 9s.
  13. Bremon

    2x20V lawn mower

    He was stalling it out in grass that was long enough to hide a dead body in lol. That said; clearly the 5.0s it comes with are insufficient, the charger it comes with is a joke, and the kit itself was obviously put together to hit a pricepoint. The mower itself clearly has some design flaws, unless heating your batteries to fry your eggs on is actually a feature in Dewalt’s eyes. I have about 1000 square feet of lawn to mow, and I don’t let it grow until it looks like a marshland. The mower is probably aimed more at someone like me.
  14. Bremon

    What tools did you buy today?

    That 996 is a beauty, you’ll love it. Pretty proud of myself; sold my brushed, lightly used 3/8 M12 ratchet a few weeks ago, snagged a deal on a new Fuel 3/8 ratchet for half price. Upgrade cost me about $20 USD lol.
  15. Bremon

    New Pickup Trucks Coming

    Are we getting any manual diesels in North America? Ford hasn’t ruled the diesel mill out for the NA Ranger, but hasn’t confirmed anything. Manual pickups haven’t been common in pickups for years. I don’t find the numbers coming out of them that impressive. They’re big, but like I said, the upcharge on them is enough that the fuel economy savings are a long way out. The 3.0 Powerstroke looks reasonable but it’s only advantage over the eco boost seems to be fuel economy. Possibly engine life, but we won’t know that for a decade-plus lol. The F150 Powerstroke is a $6300 CAD uptick over the 3.5 Ecoboost, which is $650 more than the 5.0, which is already a $1525 premium over the base 2.7 Ecoboost. A $2300 box to tick for a premium engine is significant, but I would do it. An $8600 engine option? That’s absolutely stupid, and you might as well buy a Powerstroke Super Duty at that point. My opinion of course, but you really get a lot more truck on the same wheelbase with a Super Crew 6.5 box than the same F150. The price premium in a Colorado/Canyon for the baby Duramax is $5755 CAD over the 3.6 V6. That’s just insane to me. I don’t have anything against diesels; they are fun to drive. I’ve spent the better part of a decade driving diesel work trucks. I know how much ridiculous torque they have, and how much fun they can be. My issue solely stems from the rationale that for an individual, the power numbers can be found elsewhere, and the fuel economy is not going to be advantageous enough to overcome the increased cost of ownership over the timespan that most people own a vehicle. The fuel economy can be quite impressive, but DEF isn’t free either lol. Napkin math tells me with diesel cost on F150 (using historical real world mileage on the Ecodiesel, because that’s the only one with a paper trail so far) breaks even at about 250,000 km, but at that point you’ll also have spent about 980 dollars on DEF. So push that mileage figure out some more. That’s also basing the cost of gas and diesel at the same price, and it’s been a long time since diesel has been consistently cheaper than gas here. If you’re like my dad and drive a pickup 580,000 km in 10 years I’m sure diesel makes sense. I drive more than most people I spend time with, and my ‘10 has 265,000 km on it and I don’t think I’d have broke even yet. Half ton diesel I’m not convinced. HDs; absolutely. Gas mileage on the work truck 3/4 ton I had would bankrupt some people lol. I’m interested in doing some napkin math on the Colorado/Canyon. I feel like the little trucks might have a case to make since the NA V6 is not great by any means and the premium for the baby Duramax is smaller. Give me some time and I’ll get to it later today.