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  1. Bremon

    Latest Rep Gossip

    It’s been as good as confirmed for ages by reputable sources.
  2. Bremon

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Pretty sure it’s out this summer. Not positive though. Glad I held off of Makita and Milwaukee.
  3. Bremon

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Pretty pumped to see that update. I’m sure many will be pleased to be able to fire full head nails out of a Dewalt with this thing though. Code doesn’t care about clipped here though; we don’t have to batten down the hatches on a regular basis.
  4. Bremon

    Latest Rep Gossip

    It’s been mentioned here and there on the internet for weeks if not months by people who are well connected that a cordless router is coming. That’s been in many responses to complaints of a nice teal router with no yellow alternative. 10” 60v mitre and 10” 120v hybrid table saw are both dead in the water from what I’ve read due to new regulations on table size for both tools relative to blade size. A 10” would be a full size table saw rather than a 10” compact and the regulations are why the cordless 10”’ Makita is a fat pig like the FlexVolt lol.
  5. Bremon

    Latest Rep Gossip

    Hopefully the big surprise isn’t the cordless router that seems to be an open secret. 12 ah kits will be nice. That alleged shop vac better be 120v Max and use the mitre adapter now that the dream of a table saw seems to have gotten the Old Yeller treatment.
  6. Bremon

    DCS391 skill saw dies super fast

    Yes. The serial number on the tool includes a manufactured date that’s generally the week and year ie 4617 or something like that. I rarely keep receipts because I only lose a few months of warranty. Receipts are more important to me on Dewalt and Makita because of 3 year warranty rather than Milwaukee with 5.
  7. Bremon

    Finally a barrel Grip Jigsaw to NA

    OP means “finally in USA” I’m assuming. They’ve been in Canada for ages and plenty of Americans imported them from here. I picked one up for a good deal months ago and still haven’t used it lol. Then the M18 version was announced which would realistically suit me a little better.
  8. Bremon

    What tools did you buy today?

    Nicely done! I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t just grab a 2860 as well; it’s so much cheaper than a 2861. Dewalt pricing is the same way; pin detents must be selling like crap.
  9. Bremon

    Impact Wrench Boots

    Definitely worth the money. Especially since the high torques are pretty hefty so it’s easy to ding them up by knocking them over, etc. and the heavy stuff gets used on suspension etc. a lot.
  10. Bremon

    Impact Wrench Boots

    I use the boot on my 2763, and when I buy a mid torque and some Fuel ratchets I’ll get the boots for them as well.
  11. Bremon

    What tools did you buy today?

    Found a deal on a Surge. Had sort of rolled the idea of an impulse driver around for th past day lol...was leaning Makita but found the Milwaukee for about half what the Makita would cost me. Red it is.
  12. Bremon

    Milwaukees from Canada to Australia

    Yes. The batteries are the same, the chargers are not.
  13. Bremon

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Apologies guys, I’ll keep my opinions on that matter to myself from now on. As to the matter of hand; until I get my hands on one I have no reason to believe the 577 can cut 3x in one pass. Dewalts own specs state that it can’t (though their specs have been wrong before). Like @Jronman I haven’t used it yet but multiple accounts I follow on IG have stated as much. More of a problem for the people with only one saw since the 575 will cut 3x because it supposedly has slightly more depth.
  14. Bremon

    Why DeWalt? Why Not?

    @aabee I think they’re quite committed to 20v Max. I agree that their naming conventions are stupid, but 20v Max is their largest line and gets tons of new tools. It’s not that much different than the path M18 is taking forward where there are basically tools before and after the High Output batteries; the old batteries will still run the new tools but in realistic terms the new more powerful tools are meant to be used with the new more powerful batteries.
  15. Bremon

    DCS577 Rear Handled Circ Saw Australia

    Framers I follow say it’s 2 7/16 and won’t cut 3x in one pass. Canada, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, etc. exist with or without America. You have the military you do because your politicians are in the pockets of weapons manufacturers and you have the exact military industrial complex Eisenhower warned about. He didn’t win the majority vote, and your taxes are low to begin with because your healthcare system is a sham. I find it humorous that there are actually some people that voted for him because of “economic anxiety” though. Americans have a lot to lose. Including your preeminent position on the world stage. USA hegemony is currently being given away to China on a silver platter. Meanwhile the rest of the G7 is strengthening economic ties with each other because the USA can no longer be relied on. CETA, TPP mean the rest of the developed world is moving on without you. Study economics and you’ll realize that tariffs mean every product you get from Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Europe, etc. is more expensive for Americans. Fair trade. Lmao. No one wins in a trade war, except Russia in this case. Enjoy your extra $10 per paycheck with the tax cuts while the middle class in America continues to be eroded. We’ll see if your extra ten bucks covers your tariffs, let alone the social cost you’re paying daily whether you like it or not. Dewalt and Milwaukee were already expanding USA production before Donald was elected. All the profits from Milwaukee still go to China, and your Dewalt stuff is still mostly made in China, Czech Republic, etc. Enjoy cozying up to North Korea though. We’ll see how much Donald learns. For your sake, hopefully not too much. In the meantime my RRSP and TFSA are in for the same rough ride that your 401k and Roth IRA are in for, because barriers to free trade mean my US equities are about to get crapped on. Study economics sometime.