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  1. Yet a kit on sale while reselling the battery and charger generally represents a much better deal than a bare tool. All Dewalt chargers that aren’t fan cooled at this point are basically obsolete jokes.
  2. Summer availability for USA and November launch for Canucks if memory serves. Piques my curiosity for a compact 4.0 as well.
  3. This beast may yet replace my X2 Makita. Curious to see Canadian pricing when it eventually makes its way North. Deals can be had with enough patience so it may be a while for me yet.
  4. Bremon

    Dewalt outdoor

    The last part of your post better describes Milwaukee. In the meantime they offer OPE on 3 platforms, and offer no edger while Milwaukee offers no mower. Can’t please everyone I guess.
  5. Is this an ironic joke post or are you serious? You’ve never ran a mitre on a site? You’ve never dealt with cords on a site? You’ve seen people work on one site for decades? You believe cordless tools don’t have more power than corded at this point? Your post is irrational.
  6. Likely still coming. The one that was previously mentioned was a prototype of memory serves so it didn’t give me the impression it was an imminent release; just in the works.
  7. Pretty sure these chargers are still passively cooled which is pretty bizarre if true. Hopefully I’m mistaken.
  8. Had one and sold it. Even the gen2 Milwaukee is better. This new one might have a shot at taking the crown from Ego and Makita. The 60v is good compared to the little dust blowers that all brands seem to have clones of. Probably. The OPE kits are generally 400+ CAD. Some occasional crazy deals pop up though.
  9. Sacfasteners on IG posted a teaser of a new blower coming out May ‘19. In-line design. 600 CFM apparently. Interesting battery placement. Hopefully way better balanced and lighter than the current FlexVolt blower, which is pretty poor in my opinion.
  10. One of my favourite Dewalt tools. Got the hog ring version; sold off my Fuel high torque and mid torque. The Dewalt has plenty of power, and the modes on it are perfect for my usage; larger fasteners and lugs, shocks, etc. on my truck. The bizarre looking nose cone helps get into odd spots, as does the angled battery placement compared to the Fuel.
  11. And seeing as I’ve never seen a CXT tool on a site I can’t imagine many people getting one. 18v would have been another story M12 and 20v Max are fairly ubiquitous which makes their inflators a smarter choice. Not to mention I already thought the M12 duty cycle was poor; this Makita is even worse.
  12. Like a high volume mode to inflate air mattresses, etc., and not using a trigger. 12v is a mistake because the adoption rate for 18v LXT compared to CXT is probably in excess of 3:1.
  13. 18v with more convenience features would be a home run. 12v is a mistake.
  14. Bremon

    Cordless Drill XPH03

    It’s getting hot because it’s a brushed drill that’s working it’s ass off. Next step if this isn’t working out for you is buying a decent impact wrench, or buying a gas augur and spending more time fishing.
  15. Bremon

    6.0 xr build quality

    My 6.0 XR are Japanese. They have the worst buttons. My 3.0s are Korean. Crap buttons and the packs themselves fit tools way too snug. My 9.0s are all Japanese except one is Chinese. The Chinese one is the newest and seems to have the crappiest button, but one Japanese one has a trash button as well. Seems like a crapshoot thanks to a bean counter design.
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