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  1. Panasonic already uses the Dual Voltage name for their 14.4/18v compatible tools.
  2. dmz2084

    6 year warranty

    You need to register within 4 weeks of purchase to extend warranty to 6 years from the standard 2 years (1 year commercial or professional use). More details can be found here https://webapp.bosch.de/warranty/locale.do?localeCode=en_AU
  3. He's talking about cellulose acetate.
  4. That is the motor rpm not the head rpm. The trimmer attachment model EM400MP has a gear ratio of 14:19 so the head rpm is about 7150 rpm.
  5. Hitachi Multi volt 36v 6 tools
  6. Ave found otherwise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTqv4mfKYEE&feature=youtu.be&t=2014
  7. I think the Multivolt (36v) Hitachi version will still beat it.
  8. Nope, they promoted that feature.
  9. That has been mentioned in promotion but you are close the the specific detail.
  10. Name something unique (not used by other Brands or used in other Bosch battery packs) about the construction of Bosch Eneracer/Procore battery packs not mentioned in its promotion.
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