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  1. Do those big concrete saws even have blade guards on them? As far as the idiot with the chain saw - I can't tell you the number of people that I've seen using chain saws with zero protective gear and every one of them will defend themselves by saying that people that are hurt by chain saws are the ones that don't know how to use them. *sigh*
  2. Festool Connect 2017

    That cordless sander dust performance really is quite impressive.
  3. Bag or bagless

    Like most shop vacs, you can run the Festool dust extractors with or without the disposable dust bag installed. The bags aren't cheap, but you don't buy into Festool to cut costs. Personally, I always run with the bag to cut down on mess when changing time comes, but then again, I've got a dust deputy on top of my CT36, so I've yet to have to change the bag on the DC itself.
  4. Zoro September coupons

    Does Zoro actually sell anything for competitive prices to where the 20% off would be a good deal? Every time I've checked something on their site, it's been so overpriced that the discount almost brings it down to the price you can get from any number of other online retailers.
  5. Rocket HD

    From the promo materials, this light, like the bucket light, is targeted for utility workers that probably don't buy their own equipment. I'm guessing you're right that they're not expecting to sell as many, so they're more expensive. Now, why they'd think that the average home owner wouldn't want a crazy bright light that collapses down to nothing, lasts all night long and is waterproof, is beyond me. This one is pretty much everything I want in a portable light for doing work around the house in the dark corners.
  6. Rocket HD

    Definitely tools. You only have to buy one phone every two years. When was the last time one of us went two years without buying a new tool?
  7. DeWalt Power Planer leaving streaks

    I love the Eureka Zone stuff. I always wanted to get into their system. Recently, however, I've come to the realization that I'm just not as much into tinkering as I was when I was younger. I have so little time to enjoy my hobbies that hacking together a solution from a box full of parts just isn't the fun that it was back in my 20's when I'd swap out speed crystals on my video cards to squeeze a few extra MHz out the chips. As I watched more and more of the EZ videos and read posts on their forums, I kind of got the impression that there's a lot of hacking that goes on to get the most out of the EZ system and I honestly just don't have the time anymore.
  8. More on saw stop

    Perhaps, but there's always the contingent of people that want freedom above all else and bristle at anyone (especially the government) telling them that they can't do something. Whether it's riding a motorcycle without a helmet, building whatever you want to where ever you feel like building it or screwing a circular saw underneath a board and calling it a table saw, there's someone who wants to do it. Sometimes these people get away with it for a long time and then think that there are no consequences, but other times they end up with massive TBI from hitting their head on a curb, missing fingers from their "invention" or entire cities that are under 4 ft. of water because they paved over all of the prairies and wetlands that would absorb excessive rain. I'm not going to pass judgement on whether we should or shouldn't have mandated active protection tech on table saws, but there are lots of people opposed to it on a fundamental and personal level and just as many that are in favor of it because the rest of society eventually pays the price for some people's "freedom."
  9. DeWalt Power Planer leaving streaks

    In theory, yes you could. The problem is going to be that routers are designed to go up and down / back and forth, are built to include an adjustable base and have bit depth setting capability. There's just no easy way to do this with an electric hand planer as it only goes in one direction and has to have the front base plate at the correct depth. You would essentially have to mount the planer from above on a jig that could set the depth and then run it across the wood. The depth setting component would itself probably be more expensive and complicated than buying a consumer grade planer. I admit that I don't have tons of experience building these sorts of jigs and I image the mounting of the planer itself would be problematic unless there's empty space to screw into the body of the tool without hitting something important inside, but I am quite certain that it could be done.
  10. New tool releases from Milwaukee

    You sure? This certainly looks like it was shot in their garage and not at NPS.
  11. OSB + Paint

    I really wish I could use baltic birch - it's got so many more layers than the plywood I can usually get but most everything I build is for little people and I don't want to use plywood with formaldehyde in the glue. I've found one decent yard here that sells some nice maple faced plywood that's formaldehyde free but it's not BB.
  12. Home Depot

    A few months? Do you have a buddy that works there to squirrel it away so no one else swoops in and buys it?
  13. OSB + Paint

    I really wouldn't build anything out of MDF. It isn't very strong structurally and will swell up if there's any humidity at all, even if laminated. I can't tell you how many kids cabinets and cheap shelves I've replaced because the MDF had swollen or doors had torn off with use. I'd go with plywood if you can and save the headache.
  14. Rocket HD

    It doesn't look like it'll plug in or charge batteries. Some pics and specs: Unmatched Performance, All Day Runtime. The M18 ROCKET Dual Pack Tower Light with 1 Key can get light to any environment on any terrain with its 3 leg position options, whether you need quick deployment, or maximum stability, or need to get the light off the ground with its 7 second setup and 5 ft. 5 in. deployment height. It also offers maximum portability with its stowed 22 in. size perfect for carrying long distances to a scene. Its rotating light head offers 5400-Lumens of high output light and can run up to 26 hours with its dual battery design giving users the ability to use 1 or 2 M18 batteries. It can withstand the harshest environments with its sealed battery design making it waterproof and dustproof. The Dual Pack Tower Light is 1-Key capable allowing users to track and set runtimes for unmatched customization. Its high quality LEDs never need to be replaced and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 5400-Lumen up to 26 hours of runtime 7 second setup 5 ft. 5 in. extension 22 in. when collapsed Waterproof and dustproof Dual battery design: use 1 or 2 batteries 3-leg positions: stowed, tripod, 180° 1 key capable 3 output modes for optimal brightness and runtime High mode: 5400-Lumen for up to 7 hours with 2 M18 high demand 9.0 batteries Medium mode: 3100-Lumen for up to 12.5 hours with (2) M18 high demand 9.0 batteries Low mode: 1600-Lumen for up to 26 hours with (2) M18 high demand 9.0 batteries Includes: 2120-20 M18 Rocket dual pack tower light, (2) M18 redlithium high demand 9.0 battery pack, M18/M12 rapid charger, shoulder strap
  15. Rocket HD

    I don't really even know what this is but I want one!
  16. M12 Fuel Ratchet, Packout, ETC.

    It always has been. My guess is that the 3/8 is used more, so they want to make the price of entry a bit lower, but I really have no idea if there's any actual difference in the tool itself other than the mounting point.
  17. WTF Toolnut?

    I was on Toolnut the other day and saw an ad for this spiffy track square. It reminded me of another one that I've been eyeing for some time, but the other one was blue and from a company with a strange name that I couldn't remember. I honestly thought that a company had licensed the design from the inventor and gotten it into some online retailers to expand their sales - good for them I thought. I even went so far as to put one in my card to order. http://www.festoolproducts.com/insta-railsquare-festool-makita-track-saw-square.html Then I got to thinking... was this one cheaper than the blue one? Let's go look. So I go back through my history and find the original. https://tsoproducts.com/tso-products-guide-rail-squares/grs-16-guide-rail-square/ Looks pretty much exactly the same, right? Yeah, well that's what I thought, so I did a bit more digging and what did I find? The Insta RailSquare (black one) is pretty much a rip off of the GRS-16. GRS didn't register a trademark / patent in Canada, so they STOLE THEIR DESIGN, changed it slightly (added a useless ruler) and are now selling it as their own product. There are several discussion threads over on FOG saying the exact same thing. TSO even commented saying that, the design isn't authorized and that it was their fault for not being able to provide scale up production fast enough to meet market demand. I know people aren't fans of Sawstop and their patents for the tech they developed / legal strategy, but this is blatantly stealing a product. I'm even more disappointed at Toolnut for picking up this tool and selling what is a rip off of someone else's good idea. If they wanted to do the right thing, they should have LICENSED THE IDEA from the inventor and paid them a royalty, not just made the same product and claimed it as their own. Sorry, but I'll pay $20 extra for the Made in the USA original and not this blatant rip off. I'm seriously contemplating pointing my tool buying budget away from Toolnut in the future if this is what they stand for.
  18. Milwaukee Tools experience

    This. When I was starting out, what made the difference for me was the 5 year warranty that Milwaukee offers and their eRepair program where they pay for shipping both ways. I got burned in the past buying a bosch drill and having it crap out after a year and a half of sitting on the shelf in the garage only to find out it only had a 1 year warranty.
  19. Radios unfortunately only have a 1 year warranty. I guess they expect them to be thrown off of the roof of a garage or a really tall ladder, not that anyone would do that around here...
  20. Sounds like the switch is either lose or has a bad connection. I can't tell from the picture, but is the switch integrated with the circuit board? If it's not, it is possible that there is a screw or connector behind it that has come loose. Your other option would just be to have it fixed under Milwaukee's e-repair program. It doesn't look like it's been abused, so I'm pretty sure they'd just replace it for you free of charge.
  21. What tools did you buy today?

    Warning, do not click this link if you lack impulse control (like me) https://www.amazon.com/Klein-Tools-J2000-9NECLX-Limited-Anniversary/dp/B073FLRWJM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1501254336&sr=8-1&keywords=klein+pliers+limited+edition
  22. Shaper partnered with Festool

    I'd love to get one of these - I just need to figure out what else I'm NOT going to do / buy after I spend $1,500 on this spiffy high tech router.
  23. Kreg clamps

    They have a rotating flat plate that won't mark wood unless you really crank it down. I use them on pine all the time without marking.
  24. Would you trust this air compressor?

    If you're worried, you can always take the drain port out and stick an inspection camera inside to see if it was drained regularly or if it's about to explode.
  25. Pack out prices

    I fixed your statement so all of us can use it to justify spending more money to buy tools to organize our tools.