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  1. So any new tools coming soon?

    I haven't really seen any other companies that have sanders that can compete with Festool for DC. I believe that others have rotary sanders as well, but not too many dual-mode like the rotex line - maybe just Bosch?
  2. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    Testing these tools to see the maximum upper end of how much torque it puts out, while interesting in an academic sense, seems a bit silly to me. I can't imagine that anyone that regularly operates on 200 ft/lb torqued nuts would ever use something that takes 15 seconds to remove it, so the fact that the Kobalt can technically remove it is really only useful in the case of a "oh crap, this is the only tool that I've got so I really hope I'm not out of luck" situation. I'm happy to be proven wrong, but personally, I'd step up to a more powerful tool if something took that long to break free.
  3. Home Depot getting aggressive!

    I like how they've given the display the full infomercial treatment with the blue side being all beat up and rough looking.
  4. Upcoming Tools 17-18

    I also don't remember seeing a backpack version of their chemical sprayer, so I think that may be new too. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-ONE-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Backpack-Chemical-Sprayer-2-0Ah-Battery-and-Charger-Included-P2840/303585241
  5. Upcoming Tools 17-18

    And the pool tool parade continues... UNDERWATER VACUUM!!! https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-18-Volt-ONE-Underwater-Stick-Vacuum-P3500K/302771925 I will so be getting one of these. I've gone through endless D-Cell battery powered pool vacuums for my kids kiddie pool.
  6. Upcoming Tools 17-18

    Another new one from Ryobi. This one looks like they were listening to the guy who gutted a bunch of old batteries to make a tool storage system. The Ryobi Tool Lanyard https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-ONE-Tool-Lanyard-2-Tool-P922/303325962
  7. Upcoming Tools 17-18

    Ryobi UFO! Actually, it's a floating pool speaker, but it looks like a UFO! Available in March. Who's getting one? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-RYOBI-18-Volt-ONE-Floating-Speaker-Light-Show-with-Bluetooth-P3520/302771339

    Back in the day, I used to do a fair amount of hardware hacking and thought nothing of jury rigging wires to charge NiCd batteries but with the advent of exploding, fire-starting lithium-ion death-cylinders, I have remarkably little interest in DIY charging.
  9. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    If I relied on my tools to make a living and if I had invested in Festools, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that my tools would be MY tools and certainly not for others to use and abuse. If I break something, I get annoyed, but there's no way I'd let people that just beat the snot out of tools use them. I'm sure I'd be quite unpopular on the jobsite, but maybe that's just me.
  10. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    There is a very simple solution for this - sell your systainers. People regularly get close to full price for new, unused systainers on EBay. If EBay isn't to your liking, I'm sure there is more than one crew member that would happily take them off of your hands. Either way, you can get your Festool fix and not have to pay for the systainers.
  11. I might take another look at Bessey clamps when these come out if I can lay my hands on some. I really and truly dislike the existing Bessey K Body clamps. The release mechanism in the lever on the ones that I had was always sticking and really difficult to engage and release without picking up and moving my entire work piece, which of course moved things enough that everything shifted out of alignment. I ended up selling them and switching over to Jets.
  12. The stuff we throw away at work...

    I'm confused. I thought you had said that you were told to trash it? How are you still using it in the shop if they told you to toss it because it was "dangerous"?
  13. Lee Valley also has free shipping going on right now until Feb, 21. (not that anyone needs another reason, but there it is.)
  14. Need help shopping for tools

    This sounds ridiculous, but it absolutely happens. My father got a 1 year old pit bull puppy that was way too friendly and within about a month, someone had stolen him from the yard when my dad was inside.
  15. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Forgive the ignorance, but why would you do this? What makes the PS32 body better than the flexi click?
  16. Differences between these rocket lights?

    I have one in for warranty service now. I wonder if they will replace the collars with metal ones. I hope so! When mine broke, within a week of buying it and only on my second time using it, eRepair said that the damage was "normal wear and tear" and "not covered" however, they replaced it with the metal clasps "for customer good will." Why they couldn't just say "yeah, those plastic rings were crap, our bad" is anyone's guess. Go figure.
  17. Need help shopping for tools

    My vote is Ryobi with a side of "lock the crap out of your tools every time you turn your back."
  18. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    The dual doweler is also supposed to be awesome and puts the domino to shame for precision.
  19. Boardgame/toy/craft armoire

    Wow, that looks amazing. I’m generally not a huge fan of painted wood, but the finish is quite nice. What did you use to paint, brush, roller or sprayer?
  20. Festool vac ..ct midi hepa 574787

    Ooh carvex accessory kit... don’t suppose you’d want to split them up?
  21. What tools did you buy today?

    Officially embraced yet another battery platform, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood Festool junkie.
  22. Build a pin router?

    Veritas makes an arm that you can attach to any router table that you might consider. I rather doubt that you'd be able to construct a solid router mount out of aluminum extrusions, though you could probably use it to create the arm portion.
  23. Milwaukee 5616 Router Edge Guide

    The MPower CRB7 is supposed to fit with a few minor modifications. It has lots of different attachments available in addition to the edge guide. I've got one on my Bosch and it works really well. Base http://www.m-powertools.com/CRB7-MK3-combination-router-base.htm Mods to get it working on the 5616 https://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/g_crb7-router-jig.html
  24. Pocket Holes

    I like them in general, but with a few reservations. I really, really hate the fact that the tend to make the pieces move just a hair when you put the screw in. For a project a year or so ago, I was using pocket screws to attach the face frame to a shelf and the damned things kept shifting 1/32" no matter how hard I had them clamped down. This wasn't a problem when it made the frame proud of the shelf, but when it shifted the frame to be below the shelf surface, it was significantly more troublesome.
  25. Found a flexvolt miter saw for $100

    This doesn't work so well on big ticket items where the serial number is printed on the packaging. I know a guy that tried this and got busted because it didn't match up. I have no idea if that was just a particularly attentive return desk person at HD, but I've never been tempted to try this out.