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  1. khariV

    EBay Deals Permathread

    Another 15% off of $25 (up to $50 max discount) sale from EBay. The trick here is that the "deals" that are listed from the front page are kind of crappy. However, if you click through to the deal page "15% Fun in the sun", you can search eligible deals and find some killer deals. Here are a couple of things I've found that are eligible for the promo: Makita XTR01T7 18v Router kit (w 2x5.0 AH batteries) - $289 Makita 5.0 AH batteries (2 pack) - $92 Milwaukee M18 Fuel Hackzall (bare tool) - $99 Milwaukee M18 Fuel Mud Mixer (bare tool) - $143
  2. khariV

    Milwaukees from Canada to Australia

    The batteries are interchangeable between EU/Aus/US M18 and M12 tools. The chargers are not so you would need new chargers.
  3. The title says it all... For the woodworkers in the crew, how do you keep track of and store your router bits. I bought a systainer with a foam insert that I'm planning on using to store the bits, but I'm having second thoughts. Specifically, keeping track of the specifications of the bits once they're stuck into the little foam holes. Does anyone have a good way to keep track of this to tell the difference between a 5/16" round over bit vs a 1/4" bit? I guess I could come up with a map of which bit goes into which hole, but that seems like you're one sloppy clean up away from chaos. I thought about color coding the bits and the holes with something like nail polish, but I don't exactly have access to lots of it and going to Target to buy thirty bottles of nail polish isn't really high on my list of fun things to spend money on. Building a special drawer insert board with holes / labels might work, but I'm a little short on storage space and drawers (i.e. I have none in my garage). What ideas have you guys seen or built to solve this problem?
  4. khariV

    Which would you buy?

    I second the "Take a look at Ryobi" suggestion. Ryobi makes some really great homeowner / DIY guy tools at a great price. Their batteries are regularly half the price of Milwaukee's and they are slowly coming out with a number of brushless models as well. Ryobi also has a lot of variety in oddball tools that the professional brands likely won't ever come out with (pool vacuum or chemical sprayer backpack anyone?).
  5. Peachtree Woodworking is having a router bit sale on Stone Mountain router bits for $5.99 each. https://www.ptreeusa.com/rtr_router_bit_stone_mountain_sale_599.html I don't know much about these other than they're made somewhere in Asia and middle of the road quality, or so people seem to think. For $5.99, it might be worth picking up a few for rarely used profiles or oddball sizes but I still like my Whitesides and Freuds. Anyone have experience with these?
  6. khariV

    One+ Pin Nailer and Narrow Crown Stapler

    I've got both and can recommend them without reservation. They're of course larger and heavier than their pneumatic counterparts, but I've never had trouble with either sinking pins/staples even into oak. Zero problems here, so I'd say go for it.
  7. khariV

    Driving small sheet metal screws with impact driver?

    The non OneKey 2753 has a self-tapping screw mode. I've never used it on sheet metal, so I can't tell you how well it works, but I believe it starts out fast and then slows down after a second or two. I don't think there's any torque sensor that specifically stops the rotation when the screw bottoms out.
  8. khariV

    Stolen tools

    These days, it seems that leaving your tools anywhere that you're not actively watching is like putting a giant blinking "steal me" sign on them for dirtbags that troll construction sites. It's too bad it's illegal to booby trap a lock box, though I imagine a deer camera bolted to a pole with a big sign that says "Smile!" might be a deterrent.
  9. khariV

    Fess up to your latest bonehead mistake

    Good reason not to wire the trigger down when in bump fire mode?
  10. khariV

    What tools did you buy today?

    $39 for a 50' parallel clamp is a pretty amazing deal. I think Jet's go for almost $70. I might have to give these a try to see if I like the new design better than the old one.
  11. khariV

    Keen Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe

    I really like my Keen Pittsburgh boots, but you should try them on if you can. One thing that bugs me is that there is slight heel lift on my right foot, even when I'm using a heel lock tie. I might try a different insole, but overall they are very comfortable otherwise.
  12. khariV

    Hand tool cabinet build... finally!

    The mortises for the hinge plates might be a wee too deep. Without modifying the wood any, you could try mounting the hinges with a super thin shim underneath so that they sit maybe 1/64" proud of the surface. That might solve the problem of the wooden door pieces hitting the sides when the hinges are closed. If that solves the problem, planing the edges of the door and/or the sides to a slight angle could have the same effect.
  13. khariV

    1 gallon sprayer

    You could always go with the 4 gallon, backpack sprayer if you've got a big yard. I'm not sure powered pump sprayers are supposed to put out a high pressure spray that'll compete with a compressor. How far does the Ryobi sprayer you've got shoot the stream? The aa cell powered disposable sprayers you get on bug spray bottles will shoot like 6-7', which is really good enough for most of where I need to spray.
  14. khariV

    Watch this saw review and cringe

    Yeah, sorry - that guy is an idiot. Grabbing the end of the thick board as it falls off the end of the table next to the spinning blade is cringe worthy. The stupid little "I know I've taken all of the safety devices off of this saw" acknowledgement does nothing to make it less irresponsible.
  15. khariV

    Makita x2 miter saw

    @joemontague, You ever sell your saw?
  16. khariV

    Why Milwaukee? Why Not?

    I had some bad experiences with a number of NiCd powered drills over the years. Heck, who hasn't. Anyway, when my XRP finally bit the dust (clutch collar got stuck about half way and wouldn't spin to drill mode anymore) I got fed up and decided I needed something better. I was tired of having my tools not work when I needed them and I bit the bullet and started shopping for big boy tools instead of home owner grade stuff. The one thing that pushed me to Milwaukee was the 5 year warranty. I've used the eWarranty service a number of times and it is, hands down, the best repair experience of any company (tools or otherwise) that I've ever had. Now, I'm branching out for specialty tools that Milwaukee just doesn't want to come out with in a timely fashion, but the bulk of my cordless power tools are red.
  17. khariV

    The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Garden Gnome
  18. khariV

    The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    "Fried" is an adjective... (yeah, I know, I'm picky) Chicken Coop
  19. khariV

    What tools did you buy today?

    Those are definitely red. Freud's for $50 - score!
  20. khariV

    EBay Deals Permathread

    EBay has a 20% off deal going now on selected items and there are actually some decent tools this time. The single and double height Milwaukee pack outs are included as are a couple of drill driver kits. Add items to cart and enter “prep4summer” as a discount code.
  21. khariV

    Big event coming

    You have to take into consideration the tools and the tech that are available when you listen to their marketing people trash talking. There's no way that they're going to come out and say "yeah, the new x2 and FV tools are amazing - wish we had that." No, of course they're going to say "we don't need it - we can do just fine with 18V, oh and look at our shiny new biggest and baddest 9AH battery." Now, they can say "we've taken our time to do it right and come out with the new X4 system - uses 4 batteries that are 16 AH each!" (or whatever they're going to announce). Just look at Packout. They took their time and came out with a system that's really nice, really expensive and was really late to the game. Still, there are plenty of people that are buying it. I don't think they're trying to be everything to everyone, but from what I've seen in past years, Milwaukee is definitely not content to be a me too company that announces the same thing that everyone else is already doing. Only time will tell...
  22. khariV

    Makita x2 miter saw

    Oh my... I don't suppose you've got any batteries to sell to make it go vroom vroom?
  23. khariV

    Milwaukee Power Tool Deal Thread

    See - quantity on hand: 0
  24. khariV

    What tools did you buy today?

    Packaging has gotten out of control. I recently picked up a Milwaukee flipper knife from the HD deal of the day and the packaging was so ridiculously hard to open that I ended up gouging the handle on the knife just trying to get it out. I sanded it down smooth, but it still annoys me that it happened in the first place because the plastic was so thick and close to the knife that I just couldn't get it open.
  25. khariV

    Hand tool cabinet build... finally!

    Great work on the dovetails. Some day I'd like to aspire to hand cut some, but for now, I just picked up the RTJ400 and have been having fun doing them on my router table.