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  1. New house means new garage build. The first picture is my primary workbench Pegboard is from Wall Control The second picture is Barrina lights from Amazon. I think they are an amazing addition to the garage.
  2. Thank for the review i am looking into one of these as i write this.
  3. The CNG pack for the red day cab is our truck. it is being fabricated that's not complete.
  4. I have a blue point tool cart for sale in great condition. looking to get 250 out of it.
  5. So I took a trip to the New River Valley Volvo Truck Manufacturing plant in Dublin Virginia this past week. A Little back story is that I am a Fleet maintenance manager for a privately owned grocery company based out of the Pittsburgh area. We run a fleet of Volvo tractors roughly 50% CNG with Westport 11.9 liter CNG engines.We are in the process of trying to become 75% CNG. Fleet size is roughly 205 trucks with 750 trailers. A little side note I walked the line and noticed a mix between Milwaukee and Dewalt tools being used to bulding the cabs and chassis of these units
  6. yellow is addicting. all it took for was a 12v drill driver now i am hooked like a fein
  7. i would love to have some DeWalt stickers
  8. pictures and what are you looking to get out of it.
  9. Yes it has been a terrible year for working outside. i picked the worst year to install drainage and grade yard.
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