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  1. M12. Band saw

    I have the M12 bandsaw and love it, great tool
  2. Happy Thanksgiving !

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  3. What tools did you buy today?

    BMack, how do you like the auto adjusts? Do you think they are close in quality to the Kreg style?
  4. What tools did you buy today?

    Picked up the Makita 18V 5" Orbital sander from Tool Nut. Cost was $100.00 minus the $20.00 Makita promotion. Order on Sat delivered today....
  5. Still here!

    Best of luck Jimbo
  6. 18V 5" random Orbital sander

    Thanks man, I am going to look to pick it up soon, looks like a great sander
  7. 18V 5" random Orbital sander

    Anyone have this sander? I have an older 120v Porter cable 5" and love it, but would like to go cordless and hook it up to my shop vac to make my life easier. let me know your thoughts if any of you use it. Thanks
  8. Second Band Saw......yikes

    Comp, did you buy it used?
  9. What will Makita come out with next?

    Nice new products coming from Makita...
  10. Newest member of the Crew! Baby!!!

    Awesome news Poison. Congrats
  11. Couple new toys

    Very cool
  12. Home Depot

    3 Words..... HOLY SHIT BALLS!
  13. What tools did you buy today?

    Nice pick up Jimbo
  14. Festool Battery

    Very cool