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  1. Jimfish

    New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    Got sick of my dewalt bradders misfiring so bought a framer 15 ga combo. Will give them a run when I get back from holidays
  2. Jimfish

    New Hitachi battery framing Nailers

    My tool supplier is trying to get a demo model in both framer and 15ga for me to try. I'll let you know my opinion if I get to try one.
  3. Turns out guns have done less work than I thought, 1 has had 50 k through it and the other 42
  4. Cheers, I'll see if that works tomorrow .
  5. Maybe, I didn't think so but they get used most days. It's about 40 box's of nails each gun. I'd love to know if you can work out how many nails have gone through them
  6. All good now, 2 guns working again with new driver blades.Local tool shop helped out with a little advice.
  7. In the last 2 days I have broken the driver blade on both dcn 660s that are around 18 months old and have probably shot 100,000 nails each. Pulled the covers off tonight but they seem a bit more complicated to change the driver blade than the old guns. Does anyone have a link to a YouTube video to pull these guns apart.
  8. Jimfish

    Home Depot

    I've stopped using the Fatmax's here in Aus as the springs are now so week they just won't retract the blade at all. It's disappointing as I've used them for years. This thread makes me green with envy as you guys get some smokin tool deals over there. We never get discounts like that in Australia .
  9. Jimfish

    new DCN680 Brad nailer (at least in EU)

    I've found it the same, I had 3 of the old xrp nailers and unfortunately they are just worn out. I have 2 Dcn 660s and both are suffering from the same problems. I have gone back to running air hoses for a lot of my work.
  10. Handyman I think you have summed it up perfectly. I have put probably 30 or 40 thousand nails through the new gun and it is definitely less powerful than the old gun. Having waited for so long for the release of these guns I have been left underwhelmed. I still like the gun but don't believe there has been any improvement on the old gun.
  11. I have now found this happens to my guns after use in areas that are dusty. A blowout of the magazine with compressed air gets it working properly again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Jimfish

    Milwaukee FUEL M18 15Ga Nailer review

    Hi Bremon , I have 2 of the new dewalt 16 ga nailers as well as 3 of the older models and am a big fan of them. I do see a use for a 15 ga as well and was wondering how they compare feel wise and strength wise in terms of depth of drive etc.
  13. Jimfish

    Milwaukee FUEL M18 15Ga Nailer review

    Would it drive 64 mm nails in Hardwood and how do you rate these guns compared to the Dewalts ?