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  1. cut metal roofing

    I would get a circular saw specifically for metal. I have a millwakee brand one an it works great. Few months ago I did several animal shelters an modified some horse stalls. Straight cuts were all metal circular saw. I had a few curved cuts I used my plasma cutter for.
  2. Loving school right now!

    I totally agree. People I went to high school with graduated from college. They cant find a job but still have loan payments. At the same time I had paid training an lots to do. I love my current work but if needed plenty of other companies are hiring. It's not the easiest job but I love it.
  3. Scroll Saws?

    My friend loves his dewalt scrollsaw. It seems to be well built an issue free from what I know. Almost all my work is metal, so I don't need one.
  4. Florida and Texas

    Prayers to all those affected. I went down to Texas the day after to pick up a friend. Also dropped off some donations. Words can't really describe that trip. My work is assisting a industry partner in Texas. I love the overtime, but feel for those who lost their shop.
  5. Helping our huricane Harvey affected crew members

    Personally I don't give to the red cross. I think they do a lot of good, but also have a lot of poorly spent funds. I do think there better then nothing. I went down there shortly after to pick up a friend. She was working there but didn't know many people an lost her apartment. She needed a place to stay an my girlfriend offered our couch till stuff gets sorted out. My moms church found out an quickly put together donations. I left with a rental box truck of diapers, chainsaws, water, etc. Wasn't sure how close I could get to pick her up an were I was dropping off stuff. She was able to get to a shelter an I was able to get somewhat close. Even before getting into Texas it was utility truck after utility truck after emergency vehicle after after united rentals flatbed, etc etc. Getting fuel in north Texas we all waited in line just sorta in silence. A few kind words from people but nobody complained. Even looks of people in cars on the road was just weird.
  6. Do we have any crew members who were affected by huricane harvey, an how so? I would like to help. I can send online giftcard if you can provide me with some sort of proof or send stuff once mail is restored. I just dropped off a box truck of church donations, an picked up a good friend. I am leaving texas today but continued prayers for those affected.
  7. Gift as a thank you for work crew

    What about a streamlight pro tac flashlight?
  8. Costco Pants

    I wish I was only paying 20 bucks for pants. Most of my clothing is flame resistant so it costs more.
  9. Millwakee tool chest

    Lol that was what I was thinking as I called my mom. I have my welder in the middle of the bed an my backseat is full of tools. If I wanted I could of put it on a angle on the side an just tied it down.
  10. Amazon prime deal days

    I ended up buying some flap disks, by benchmark abrasives. I got three packs of ten. Decided to Select the three grits they had available so 40 grit 60 grit an 80 grit. It was 71.97 before deal an after deal it was 56.37. Not the best deal compared to others but still savings. I usually buy weiller or norton flap disks when they go on sale. I am running low so figured ide try these.
  11. Special needs, special tools

    Thanks for the info an offer bmack. I bought a husky 7 piece precision screwdriver set, at homedepot. Sometime soon he will turn handles on his lathe. From there drill an add glue along with insert screwdriver part. It sounds like it will work. I was gonna buy cheapo handles an dill them out. He really likes the idea of turning his own handles, so that's what we will do. If this doesn't work we will look closer at those excillite sets.
  12. Special needs, special tools

    Great ideas. His mother an me are both thankful for the input. Never heard of tronex but just looked them up. He does have some screwdrivers with different bits. I didn't think of it but will look for other bits for those ones. His bit sets dont have small sizes. I started thinking he could turn handles on his midi lathe an insert whatever he wants. That idea sound sounds like it would take care of the screwdrivers. The idea od just buying off shelf screwdrivers an using the handle sounds even better.
  13. Amazon prime deal days

    How many of you are paying attention to prime deal days on amazon? I don't know how much ile be paying attention to all the savings. I will just check on my breaks and lunch during work. If I see something good ile consider it. Nothing I desperetly need so it would have to be a good deal. My girlfriend is all excited about deal days. She will probably buy a whole bunch of stuff.
  14. Special needs, special tools

    Does anyone know of precision tools with standard size handles? Screwdrivers an pliers are what we mainly want but anything helps. My little woodworker friend has special needs. Woodworking is what he loves to do but small tools are hard to manipulate. There are times a easy task for us is difficult for him. It amazes me how he has never let his disability stop him. It may slow him down or frustrate him but in the end his work is amazing. He can do what we do but sometimes he does it differently or slower. He has wrapped small handles with ductape before. Once the handle is normal size he has no problem. Another tool problem is precision pliers. One pair of small pliers I cut apart then brazed to a larger handle pair. Really me an his mom are just looking for ways to make it easier. We know we can't solve everything but just trying to simplify stuff. Any ideas to help him out?
  15. Making videos

    I watched the video from over analyze an enjoyed it. I also ended up watching a couple other truck/van tours. Those videos are what's making me think I should do one as well. I have a iPhone 6s an a iPad Pro 9.7, both in the 128gb version. I tried doing the video from my iPhone. Would the iPad work better for filming? I would think if I go to edit it the iPad would be better. I could just go from my iPhone to the cloud to my iPad. Not really sure exactly what's better. Thanks for the helping guys. I tried google an most of what I read complicates it. I am just looking for the simple version.