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  1. Sawstop table saw or learn to write left handed

    Love and Respect SawStop technology, BUT (hate) the company, and their ethics. I'm in a predicament, I want to replace my Grizzly table saw, that was sold to me, under false pretenses, knowing there was a issue with it, and later sending me out a "FIX". Do I purchase a SawStop, knowing they are kind of a "scum" company, but like the technology, or do I purchase from LAGUNA, a company that I respect? Honesty, the majority of the time, I have the blade guard on, unless I am doing a dado, or a half lap. All I know is, I will NEVER purchase another tool from Grizzly!
  2. Laguna Sander

    Kick back for a bit, and evaluate life.
  3. Congratulations on getting Sergeant! @ChrisK
  4. My wife won us some of tools!

  5. Laguna Sander

    Good Day Crew! Before hearing about my position being eliminated, I bought a couple new toys for the WigWag Workshop. One of them being the Laguna DB12|6 Disc/Belt Sander. This thing is a BEAST! I am working on a review, has I have not seen any out there for this machine. -Steven
  6. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Stop! Hammer Time lol
  7. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Truck Bed
  8. The DOUBLE NOUN game.

    Canyon Fire
  9. TIA impact winners announced

    Sweet Giveaway! Congratulations to the winners!
  10. Oh NO!!

    And........ She has moved from dollar store crafts to using tools... Seriously though, pretty cool Eh! I’m guessing, a consumable purchase in our future. Blades, sandpaper, glue, and other assorted goodies. Ha Ha Ha
  11. Shop Time with Grandson

    Good Day Crew! Thank God for my Grandson! No matter how much life kicks me in the ass, I am blessed to spend time with my little buddy in the workshop. Not only in the workshop, but spending time with him playing Lego, Matchbox Cars, Slot Cars, and General tom foolery lol.
  12. Shop Tours, Yes or No?

    Good Day Crew!
  13. Oh NO!!

    It's a sticker, she is on a "Dollar" store craft adventure. So cool to hear that you folks used that reading. I am hoping she will attempt to take it to the next level, and try using the Scroll Saw. Just hope I didn't open a can of worms, and she starts decorating my Workshop LOL.
  14. Rrich1's shop project builds.

    Right On, looks good! FastCap Screwed me over, with false advertising, and wanting me to purchase all kinds of add-ons on a product I purchased. I have no negative feelings with them anymore, I just won't purchase any of their products.
  15. Rrich1's shop project builds.

    Thanks for sharing, just getting caught up on all the posts. Love seeing shop made projects.