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  1. I have the Dewalt 20V platform. The reciprocating saw is the only tool I'm not happy with. The quick release gets stuck if you do any demo due to drywall/plaster dust. It gets stuck in the open position and you have to either manually force it shut or take time off to clean it out and it's not easily accessible. More demo and the process repeats itself. I've cleaned it and used graphite powder as lubricant but the dust wins. Anyhow it's about ready to call it a day as it's losing power and I can't say I'll be sorry. Maybe it's something electonical but I'm not about to throw away money to find out. I have some Bosch tools. Maybe I'll try their new reciprocating saw.
  2. The rotary hammer drill is far superior. I have a Dewalt DCD996 but only use it in a pinch. If I know ahead of time I'm drilling concrete, the rotary hammer drill is on the truck. I have the Bosch RHH 181 cordless as well as a corded one. On new construction sites often there is no power and I can drill all the 1/2" holes I want with the cordless one. Typically drill about 30 and having a couple charged 4.0 batteries has never been an issue. Prior to buying the corded drill in about 2005, I used a corded hammer drill. The chuck was always working it's way loose and it took way to long to drill the 1/2" holes. With the SDS rotary hammer drill the bits won't come loose and it powers through concrete with 1/2" and 5/8" bits. I don't think Dewalt had a comparable SDS 20V brushless rotary drill when I bought the Bosch. They do now. The difference is night and day.
  3. I have the RHH 181 brushless 18V Bosch SDS. One of the best tools on the truck.
  4. I own the Bosch RHH 181. I am very pleased with it's performance. I would not hesitate to buy another one.
  5. I have the 995. I think it's a fantastic drill. I use it mostly for drilling and occassionally as a hammer drill. For anything more than a couple handfuls of holes of moderate size (1/4" and smaller) I use the Bosch RHH181 brushless rotary hammer drill. Dewalt has one know and I'm sure it's comparable. The rotary hammer drill is a lot faster especially when you get into the 1/2" or 5/8" diameter hole and with the sds bits, they will not lossen up. The 995 is a powerful drill and the only complaints I've seen had to do with clutch setting but I didn't buy the drill to do finish work. I doubt I'll ever you the clutch settings especially the very low settings they seem to be complaining about. I use the 795 for most small to moderate jobs and it's much lighter to handle for most jobs but when it comes to drilling 1/2" holes in wood with a speed bit or auger bit, the 995 shines. To attach sill plates the 995 eats 1/2" holes for foundation anchor bolts through treated wood especially with the Bosch daredevil bits. Your average compact drill just won't do that job very well and wasn't designed to.
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