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  1. they look like nice nailers its a great addition to their line up
  2. 1/2 Makita Router

    looks really good
  3. XPH11ZB Subcompact Hammerdrill/driver

    its the first ive heard about it but I don't follow makita too close. Should be a great tool though
  4. Festool Connect 2017

    those cordless sanders look nice. Ive been wanting dewalt to come out with one
  5. When Dogs go to Heaven.

    Sorry for your loss I know how hard it is
  6. Milwaukee Tools experience

    one place that I worked at had mostly all Milwaukee tools and I've had a good experience with them they are a great tool brand the only problem we had was with a recip saw that we only had for a few days and it just quit on us but Milwaukee customer service took care of it.
  7. Automatic Dust Collection Question

    you could use a remote activated one where you turn on the vacuum by a remote by the miter saw. I have used the flexvolt miter and its an awesome saw.
  8. More on saw stop

    another way for sawstop to make more $$$$$$$$
  9. What brand Power Tool should I invest in?

    I would go with Ryobi simply because of their impressive 20v tool line up
  10. Dewalt dcv584l vacuum for sander

    it would catch the majority of the dust but not all of it
  11. Absolutely BRILLIANT Idea?!?!?

    That's a good idea
  12. A Little Investment In The Community

    Great work I'm sure the kids love it now
  13. powered vise

    That's kind of cool
  14. Makita 18v Wheelbarrow!

    That's cool
  15. Flexvolt track saw DCS520 on HD site!!

    Sweet I've been wanting Dewalt to come out with that