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  1. Cordless Tool Trivia

    backpack blower and pole hedge trimmer
  2. GIE+ Expo 2017

    if dewalts going then I'm interested
  3. Introduce myself.

    welcome to the forum and crew
  4. dewalt paint sprayer

    I'm saying that I like how they have the option to go with dewalt
  5. My wife says I have a problem

  6. dewalt paint sprayer

    I like that graco went with a tool brand that many people have instead of making their own battery its always nice to only have one battery platform
  7. Table Saw Input

    Ive used that dewalt at work and its great I absolutely love the fence and am extremely impressed with it.
  8. The Good Bad and the Ugly

    Its too bad that they think they can treat customers like that
  9. Table for my flexvolt table saw

    looks good I bet it helps a lot with the plywood
  10. Hello from Syracuse N.Y.

    welcome to the forum and crew
  11. New guy navy vet

    welcome to the forum and crew
  12. New guy, army veteran.

    welcome to the forum and crew
  13. Neat Packaging

    smart move on dewalt
  14. Give me my table

    I bet around black Friday and Christmas it will go back on sale
  15. Delta table saw

    Does anyone have any experience with this saw or know if it's good or bad. I've been looking at reviews and most of them seem good just wanted to get the CREWS opinion. or if you have any other table saw suggestions for $600 let me know https://www.lowes.com/pd/DELTA-13-Amp-10-in-Carbide-Tipped-Table-Saw/50081568