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  1. I have both the 572EBL and the M18 jigsaw and I only reach for the M18 for a quick cut or when I'm doing rough work. The 572EBL is far superior.
  2. Excuse my while I go change my boxers! Seriously though, some Russian needs to post a video!
  3. Would definitely love to see the 6.0xc and a 3.0 for my heated hoodie
  4. I use Tajimas mostly but might pick one of these up to try it out
  5. Have this set and love it. Get it guys!
  6. Santi_78342

    New Toy

    Just got back from shooting this thing. I love it! Put 200 rounds of WWB through it without any issues. I might try out some Talons for it, but other than that I won't be changing a thing. I definitely recommend this gun. Now time to clean her up.
  7. When I look at that pic, all I can imagine is Batman using that thing to change the tires on the Batmobile!
  8. Right there with you bro. I have a perfectly fine corded Dremel and now I want this M12 Rotary tools. Thanks Comp...thanks a lot!
  9. I never have a problem with mine. I have never sat down in a chair, or in my truck, and had it dig into me. I've felt it was perfectly placed at about 8 o'clock to combat that issue. Love my hoodie.
  10. Santi_78342

    New Toy

    Yes sir. I live about 15 minutes east of Madison.
  11. Santi_78342

    New Toy

    Thanks guys. Hopefully I can get to the range today because I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow!
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