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  1. bee-man

    Makita 18v Jig Saw

    I also have to agree with ToolBane on the brushless models - pretty much exactly how I feel about my XVJ02Z. Another bone to pick is the stupid power button that times out quickly. WTF? The trigger already behaves like a manual on/off switch since it's not even variable. Why didn't they just put a lock-off button and call it a day? OK, that was my chance to rant about the brushless models... Anyway, cliu, you needn't worry since the model you are looking at is the brushed version. I understand that it's tough to justify the higher price tag for something that doesn't get used as much (at least for the average home owner).
  2. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    I realize Makita had the single 36V; however, I was thinking more along the lines of a new single high capacity 36V battery that fits the x2 tools (like Martin mentioned). There is a lot of wasted space between the 18Vx2 batteries that could be consumed by a single battery. How's about this... a flexvolt type of 72V/36V battery that could be shared between the x2 tools and the rumored new pro OPE line of tools. Just thinking out loud. Only problem is that kornomaniac confirms 58V... Toolbane, I wouldn't be surprised if Makita had played with x3 or x4 prototypes at some point in time. Would be neat to see; however, I think swapping 4 batteries on one tool could be excessive. You know us Americans have to uphold our image of being lazy, lol.
  3. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    That's what I was thinking as well - a larger single pack that fits both x2 slots. One of the challenges I see with this super battery is the level of effort required for battery installation/removal. I could potentially see it incorporating a single push button unlocking mechanism, but the force required to overcome the friction of the current slide-in design would be high (especially if it is a high vibration tool with silicone(?) dampers in the battery well). On my x2 brushed rotary hammer, I practically need a rubber mallet to remove the batteries when it heats up... imagine if that were a single large battery. I know it's comparing apples & oranges, but EGO's 56V OPE tools allows for a one handed battery removal - that's a nice design, but not necessarily ideal for some hand held power tools.
  4. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Are charge times really an issue in the real world? If it were me, I would make sure to have enough charged batteries in queue to buffer and counter the charge times. Now if one chews through a bunch of batteries faster than your charger can charge, then I would think a cordless solution is not ideal. I'm just a home DIYer and realize things are much easier in an environment where you don't have to lug batteries/toolboxes around and worry about theft - in other words, forgive me if I'm ignorant.
  5. bee-man

    Battery Adapter

    That's a good point mtnkid85 since these batteries have intelligence. cliu have you (or anyone else reading this thread) tried using newer genuine Makita batteries with this adapter connected to a high draw power tool? My concern would be that the battery shuts down or throws an error code because it "saw" a high increase in current with no tool connected. Last thing I want to do is brick a new battery.
  6. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Stumbled upon this 36V right angle drill:
  7. bee-man

    Battery Adapter

    cliu, thank you so much for taking the time to post the pictures. I really want that Ryobi hand-held inflator, but I'm currently trying to justify the $45 (inflator + adapter) total cost just to go cordless. The decision would be a lot easier if my plug-in inflator stopped working...
  8. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    That's me... total fan boy. I will justify purchasing any tool (especially if it's blue and cordless) in my sick head.
  9. bee-man

    Battery Adapter

    I am interested in this because there is one tool that I really want that Makita doesn't make... a tire inflator. Ryobi has a reasonably priced inflator, but I refuse to bring a 3rd charger on my shelf for one tool. This looks like the solution at a reasonable price. Can you attach a picture of yours fitted with a Makita battery?
  10. bee-man

    best price for 5.0 or 6.0 ah batterys

    Sometimes, I buy combo kits and part them out to lessen the cost for me and others. With their recent promotions, Makita is giving these batteries away like water. I wish I could help you out but the high shipping cost will probably nullify the cost saved on the battery.
  11. bee-man

    Makita vs EGO Surprise

    stefcl100, I'm happy to hear that my review stuck with at least one person I have since sold the EGO and purchased another Makita x2. I was eyeing and wondering about the newer EGO model with increased CFM and air speed, but after watching the comparison, I am relieved and wondering no more. My mower and string trimmer are still EGO though...
  12. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    I really like Makita, but at $1,079 USD, I have to laugh at their Robotic Vacuum: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-18-Volt-X2-LXT-Lithium-Ion-36-Volt-Brushless-Cordless-Robotic-Vacuum-Tool-Only-DRC200Z/301282159
  13. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Check these out...
  14. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    Oh shoot, that's sweet, but do they have a 36V version? Also, I see a power button... I hope it doesn't auto shut-off too quickly like their current BL chainsaw and jigsaw. That is one of the most annoying "safety features."
  15. bee-man

    What will Makita come out with next?

    I took advantage of the Makita promotion and purchased the Makita XPS01Z track saw kit. I didn't open it yet because the weather is not permitting, but now I'm starting to wonder if should return it and hold out for the XPS02Z. Will they begin phasing out the non-AWS versions? It seems to make the most sense from a manufacturing perspective since I can't see AWS adding that much more cost to justify manufacturing both versions. I also doubt that I will be spending $500 on a freaking vacuum unless they come out with something at a lower price point, but it would be comforting to know that I have the option. Decisions, decision on a luxury purchase.