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  1. TD171D

    They did fix it, on one tool, the brushless compact reciprocating saw.
  2. For those running the Surge impact?

    There is a life span of the oil inside. I've heard of people heating up the fluid from heavy use and losing impacting strength.
  3. Has anyone got the dcf888 yet ?

    The oil-impulse can handle large screws easily, even in oak handrails and newels. It has much more power than you expected or it's rating suggests due to the oil impulse mechanism. I installed some 6" Simpson headlok screws the other day with it.
  4. TD171D

    2 versions of Tek mode now. It has everything the TD170 has and more.
  5. Has anyone got the dcf888 yet ?

    The absolute best for cabinet and install work is the Makita oil-impulse driver. Hands down.
  6. TD171D

    Simply put, B-E-A-Utiful. Straight from Japan, the Makita TD171D Impact Driver. This is the newest impact from Makita and I am very impressed. This thing screams precision! The nicest impact driver I have yet to grasp in my mortal hands. 3,600 max RPM 3,800 max IPM New Dual LEDs give excellent illumination. The slightest trigger press turns the LEDs on. New heavy duty dual ball bearing setup at the chuck to remove chuck/bit wobble. A big improvement over the TD170 impact. New 'mode shift' button above the trigger to switch between the 4 speed modes without removing your hand from the impact. 4 modes for driver control: 1) Lumber Mode (1800 rpm)- Start trigger "slowly" with trigger fully open, tighten at a stroke with automatic speed change "fastest". 2) Bolt mode (3600 rpm)- In forward rotation, the trigger turns ON fastest instantaneously, and in reverse rotation automatically stops when the nut loosens 3) Thick plate mode (2900 rpm)- Reduces screw head skipping / coming out 4) Thin plate mode (3600 rpm)- After screw penetration, detects blow and stops automatically Mode memory function: You can register one mode you use frequently. Select your favorite mode and register at the same time by pressing the button at hand and the batting button. Switch the mode you used and the registered mode quickly by pressing the hand button! More power and shorter than the TD170 impact. Specs: 180 Nm (1593 in/lbs) (175 Nm for TD170) 116 mm length (4.57 in) (117 mm for TD170) RPM: 1100, 2100, 3200, 3600 IPM: 1100, 2600, 3600, 3800 Made in Japan
  7. Aftermarket chuck?

    Not a Milwaukee part. Rohm made it specifically for the odd Milwaukee threading. I was told my manager of Rohm Milwaukee does not want to pay the extra to use their chucks. Everyone else does for the premium drills though.
  8. Aftermarket chuck?

    You can order directly from Rohm. It was sent to me along with an upgraded Rohm chuck for the new M12 FUEL hammerdrill. For review and showcasing on my Instagram channel. @toolsbydesign Haven't got the post put together yet. Just wanted to help you out.
  9. Aftermarket chuck?

    I have the upgrade chuck from Rohm for the 2706 Fuel OneKey drill. Part #1325031
  10. Has anyone got the dcf888 yet ?

    I have it. Excellent customization. Can really fine tune the precision screw mode. I use my Makita oil-impulse driver for most tasks requiring impact precision though.
  11. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Better: brushless motor, more runtime, smaller & shorter body (~5mm), belt clip.
  12. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    Super easy, just take apart and switch front assembly. Slips right off and on the motor drive gear. Easy peasy
  13. Gen 2 M12 drill weight

    I absolutely love my Bosch 12v tools. The ergonomics are spot on. Size is small and light. I have the new M12 FUEL tools and the drill is bulky, albeit powerful. The impact is much better, more Bosch sized. I went one step ahead and created the ultimate Bosch 12v FlexiClick out of a Ps32.
  14. New Makita Impact TD171

    Holy crap! That is fast. Can't wait to get mine in.
  15. World of Concrete

    Power station is bulkier and is a very slow charger. New charger will charge 4x 9.0ah batteries in 90 minutes. That's really nice.